11 Overland 4Runner Builds That Will Inspire You

Gopher Dirt (Kelly @Loki Dad), and Acoucke (Ally Coucke)Pictured: @GopherDirt 4Runner + @Acoucke

5th Gen 4Runner Overland Builds That Will Inspire You To Get Out There and Explore

So you want to drive over some land huh?

The term “Overlanding” has seen its fair share of controversy over the years. But at the end of the day, everyone has their own definition, so to each their own.

According to Overland Journal, Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. And, for the most part, I can get behind this.

Overlanding is about the journey, the experience and all the feels that come with it: the late-night trips, long drives, epic views, scenery changes, historical landmarks, snapping photos and all the friendships made along the way. There is something about being in the middle of nowhere with your truck, animals, friends, bright stars and a roaring fire that makes life worth a damn. It’s hard to really explain overlanding (as I think everyone has their own unique definition) and that’s what makes it special.

We’re not talking about camping nor off-roading specifically, but something different. Overlanding can encompass both of those terms or neither and can still have the same meaning. It’s really a fancy word for “traveling, traversing, exploring, wheeling, off-roading, rock crawling and camping” — all wrapped in one.

Whether you refer to overlanding as an epic day trip to the mountains or shipping your truck off to another country to conquer the unknown, then to each their own. The important part is to simply embrace the adventure you take.

Perhaps you are looking for some awe-inspiring 4Runner builds to take you there? Well, we reached out to some of our favorite builds on the gram’ and threw this one together.

In each section, you will find a build list and possibly a description of the build and what that owner likes most about their setup. If you like any of these builds, please go follow their page on the gram’. Hopefully, this should give you an idea of parts you might want to run on your 4Runnr. Enjoy!

Kelly – @GopherDirt

Kelly (@GopherDirt) - 5th Gen 4Runner Overland Build with GFC Tent

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

  • BFG KO2 All-Terrain Tires 285/75/17’s
  • Toyota TRD Pro Matte Black Wheels
  • G2 1.25″ Wheel Spacers
  • FOX 2.5″ Coilovers/Shocks with Dual Adjustable Remote Reservoirs (+3″ Lift)
  • Camburg Racing Billet Aluminum UCA’s
  • Icon 3″ Overland Springs
  • Timbren Industries Active Off-Road Bumpstops (Front + Rear)

C4 Fabrication Armor & Roof Rack


Baja Designs lights

  • S8 30″ Bumper Mounted Driving Light
  • Onx6 40″ Roof-Mounted Driving Light
  • Squadron Pro Ditch Lights (x2)
  • S2 Sport Work/Scene For Camp Lights (x4)
  • Squadron Pro Amber Fog Lights (x2)
  • S2 Sport Amber Dust Light (x1)
  • S2 Sport Backup Lights (x2)

Overland Gear, Storage & Accessories

  • Dometic CFX45
  • Goose Gear Sleeping Platform and Drawers
  • Multiple 12v Plugs
  • Xantrex PROwatt SW 1000 Inverter
  • Rugged Radio GMRS25 Watt
  • Rago MOLLE panels
  • RAM Mount For iPad Mini
  • WeBoost Drive Reach

Under the Hood


  • Ceramic Pro Coating + Paint Correction by Front Range Auto

Heather – @HeatherLeilani22

Heather - @HeatherLeilani22

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • Radflo 2.5” Adjustable Front Shocks with 650lb Springs
  • Radflo 2.5” Long Travel Rear Shocks with Resi
  • CVJ Axle Extended CV’s 9808 Tr
  • SPC Uca’s
  • Dobinsons 749 Rear Springs
  • Dobinsons Panhard Bar
  • Reszfab Upper and Lower Links
  • Metal Tech 3” Bump Stops
  • Toytec Extended Brake Lines (for Long Travel)
  • Toytec Front Sway Bar Relocation Kit
  • No Rear Sway Bar
  • KMC XD140 Recon 17×9 -12mm Offset
  • 295/70/17 BFG KM3

Armor & Roof Rack

  • C4 Fabrication Overland Series Front Bumper
  • C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper (Dual Swing)
  • C4 Fabrication Sliders w/ TRD Pro step plates
  • C4 Fabrication Summit Hatch Ladder w/ 1 Sidestep
  • C4 Fabrication Steel Skid: Gas tank
  • LFD Front Wide
  • LFD Transmission
  • RCI Aluminum LCA Skid
  • BajaRack Full-Length Flat Mesh Roof Rack
  • AutoHome Columbus Carbon Fiber (small) Roof Top Tent

Lighting & Electrical

  • Baja Designs S8 30” Driving/Combo Amber Lightbar
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro Driving/Combo Amber Fog
  • Extreme LED 3” Flush Mount LED Scene Lights
  • Aiden James Customs LED/HID Headlights/Hi-Beams + Interior LED/DDM Lights
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Under the Hood


  • Smittybilt X20 12k Synthetic line Winch
  • Factor 55 Ultrahook Winch Hook
  • Hi-Lift, Hi-Lift Wide Base, & Full-Size Axe
  • Maxtrax
  • RotoPax (2 Gas, 1 Water + 1 First Aid)

Overland Gear & Acessories

  • DOMETIC CFX 50W Refrigerator
  • Dobinsons Rear Dual Roller Drawer System with Fridge Slide
  • Front Runner Wolf Pack Boxes + Expanded Lids
  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear 4Runner Ceiling Attic
  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear XL Tire Storage Bag
  • Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Under Built-In Camp Table
  • JetBoil MiniMo Cook System
  • Solar Lights
  • Milwaukee Tool Kit
  • Camping/Cooking Supplies


  • Gears: Nitro 4.56

Herby – @_seek_adveture_

@_Seek.Adventure_ 5th Gen 4Runner Overland Build

I bought my 4Runner in 2011. It’s an SR5 4×4 and, shortly after taking it home, I converted the trim to the trail trim.

A few years later, I converted the front end to the TRD pro front end which I think provided that muscular look that was complemented by the TOYOTA emblem. I wanted a clean look for the front end, so I used a limited front bumper to provide clean factory cut lines to go along with the Demello aluminum front bumper. I love this vehicle and I plan to keep it for a very long time.

With this 4Runner, I have seen some of the best of what Mother Nature has provided. I mainly use the 4Runner for camping trips on the mountains where it gets most of its miles. The setup is perfect for what I use it for; the ikamper roof top tent is one of my favorite mods and can deploy in less than a minute. The rear swing-out is able to carry extra gas and water along with a full-size spare. In the trunk, I made a custom drawer system to hold most of my camping and cooking gear. On top of the drawer system, I have a Dometic fridge to keep my drinks cold.

My 4Runner now has over 130,000 miles and is still running as strong as day 1. My longest trip with the 4Runner was from Deep South Texas to the west coast and up north to Canada. For my trip back home, I went through Montana and Colorado which I did in 4 weeks and traveled 9,350 miles, visiting 11 national parks. I still have tons of trips planned for this rig, so check out my Instagram to follow all my camping adventures.

2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×4

  • Ikamper RTT
  • Prinsu Roof Rack
  • Extreme LED Light Bar
  • TRD Pro Front Face Lift
  • Demello Off-Road Front Bumper
  • Smittybilt 10k Winch
  • Baja Squadron Fog Lights
  • Metal Tech 4×4 Rock Sliders
  • King Suspension 2.5” Lift
  • Stealth Custom Wheels BR6 17×9 -38 Offset
  • BFG KM3 295/70/17
  • Bruteforcefab Dual Swing Rear Bumper
  • Custom Rear Drawer System

MARQ –  @Latte_t4r

Omac Bartz -  Latte_t4r (Cargo Area Overland Setup on 4Runner)

If you could go for one list on this page, this is a great place to start your build list. – @Trail4R

  • ICONs 2.5 extended travel with delta joint tubular UCA
  • Dobinson C59-749V rear springs
  • Durobumps front and rear
  • Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/70/17
  • SCS Ray 10s 17×9 (-38mm)
  • Nitro Gears 4.56
  • C4 Fabrication sliders
  • C4 Overland Series front bumper
  • Hefty Fab Works rear aluminum bumper
  • Extreme LED 40” stealth extreme series // 30” slim series white/amber
  • Baja Designs SAE wide cornering fogs
  • iKamper  Skycamp 2.0 rocky black
  • Dometic CFX-50 Fridge
  • DFG Offroad fridge tilt slide
  • Front RunnerSlimline II roof rack
  • Expedition Essentials T4RPAM
  • Rago Fabrication modular storage panel

Max – @life.to.the.max

Awning with No Poles on 4Runner

Having a simple and well thought out camp kitchen makes our trips much more enjoyable. We’re perfectly set up for 2 people using our Zarges aluminum case filled with high-quality products. By having only what we need and not a lot of clutter, we can get cooking quickly when we get to camp leaving more time for enjoying our time outdoors.

Tires and Suspension

Electrical Accessories

Exterior Accessories

  • AutoHome Maggiolina Extreme Tent
  • Front Runner Roof Rack
  • Eezi-Awn Swift Awning
  • 4×4 Labs Sliders
  • Shrockworks Engine Skid Plate

Interior Accessories

Camping / Overland Accessories

Christopher – @OverlandAnglers

Christopher Cunanan - @Overland_Anglers

I Purpose Built my rig to suit my needs and family.

The main thing when taking out the family on outings, whether it be to the beach or to the mountains, is first and foremost, the reliability. Having reliable gear is peace of mind when far off the beaten path. Second is comfort. Lets face it, if the wife and kids ain’t comfortable, they aren’t going to have a good time. Lastly, enjoying the moment. Nothing is better than experiencing the moment with your family knowing they will always have a memory of some adventure growing up.

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

  • Icon 2.5 Front And Rear Shocks With Cdcv Adjusters
  • Icon Tubular UCAs
  • Dobinson 701 Heavy Duty Rear Coils
  • Durobumps Bump Stops (Front + Rear)
  • SCS Custom Series Ray 10 Brushed Copper 17×9 -38
  • Bfgoodrich Tires 295/70/17 Km3

Armor & Roof Rack

  • SSO Slimline Front Bumper With High Clearance
  • Coastal Offroad Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper
  • RCI Skid Plates
  • Shrockworks Sliders
  • Frontrunner Outfitters Full Length
  • Gobi Ladder

Lighting & Electrical

  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fogs
  • Heis Lightbar 20” In Bumper
  • Extreme Led 44” Lightbar On Roofrack
  • ARB Onboard Single Air Compressor On @bandiworl.us
  • Switch-Pros 9100 On @Powertrays Mount
  • Sdhq Switch Board
  • Midland Mxt275 Grms Radio

Recovery Gear & Storage

  • Smittybilt 10k Winch
  • Arb Snatch Strap
  • Recovery Boards And Shackles
  • Front Runner Outfitters Wolf Packs
  • Plano All Weather Case

Overland Gear

  • Gazelle T4 Tent
  • Arb 50qt Fridge
  • Waterport
  • Camp Chef Everest Stove
  • Buddy Heater
  • Cot And Pad
  • Rear Cargo Shelf
  • Mt Summit Xl Camp Table

Gene – @drty_t4r

Gene - @drty_4r

My favorite mods are the Goose Gear sleeping platform, Rago molle panel with attic and the Front Runner roof rack. Instead of RTT or ground tent, I opted for a sleeping platform that allows minimal setup time and fits my on-the-go lifestyle.

My full-size drawer holds bare bone essentials so that I can literally hit the trail and not take anything else. Rago molle panel provides good attachment points for a lot of small accessories, and now with the addition of the attic, I’m able to make more room in the cabin by putting some of the bigger items such as sleeping bag, pads, camp stove, etc.

It took me a while to search for the perfect roof rack, and I finally settled on Front Runner Slimline II due to their modular design. You can practically move everything around, add or take out slates as needed. There are a wide variety of accessories available, and they are very streamlined and well thought out.

And of course, I didn’t forget, I love Baja Designs lights! These lights are super bright, shock and waterproof and will definitely outlive my rig.

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

  • Kings Extended Travel + Remote Resis + 1/4” Strut Shims
  • Total Chaos UCA + Spindle Gusset
  • Dobinson Heavy Duty Springs
  • VTX Outlaw 17” Wheels
  • Spidertrax Spacers
  • Nitto RidgeGrappler 295/70/17


Sleeping & Storage

  • Goose Gear Sleeping Platform
  • Icebox with Fridge Slider
  • Front Runner
  • Slimline II Roof Rack
  • Under Rack Mounted Table
  • Kitchen Utensil Set
  • Wolf Pack For Storage
  • Expander Chair
  • Lots of Smaller Accessories

Lighting & Electrical

  • 360 Baja Designs
  • Interior Wifi LED Strips
  • Extreme HID Headlights
  • Precision LED Interior Swap
  • Rago Ditch Brackets
  • Expedition Essentials Dual Battery Brackets
  • Switchpros
  • Dual Odyssey Battery + Blue Sea ACR
  • Renolgy 2x 100wt Solar Panels + Solar Controller

Recovery Gear & Storage

  • Smittybilt Winch + Factor 55 Fairlead
  • Slee ARB Dual Compressor Mount
  • ARB Dual Compressor
  • Molle Panels
  • Rago Wifey Attic
  • Rotopax

Overland Gear

  • ARB Fridge
  • Goose Gear Sleeping Platform
  • Camp Chef Everest
  • Snowpeak Titanium Cookset
  • MSR Pocket Rocket
  • Suaoki Portable Powerbank

Victor – @go.xplre

Victor Nguyen - @go.xplre

I really don’t have much to say, I bought this truck off the lot in 2015 with 1 mile on the odometer. 5 years later, I’m about to tick over 100,000 adventure miles. We’ve taken it on some epic adventures, such as: camped along the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, watched the total solar eclipse in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, driven along the historic Oregon Trail, traveled through the entire state of Colorado and partied in Baja while race trucks flew by. And we’re just getting started!

Suspension, Wheels, Tires and Brakes:

  • King 2.5″ Extended Travel Front Coilovers + CDC Adjusters, 700# Coils
  • King 2.5″ Extended Travel Rear Shocks + CDC Adjusters
  • Custom Valving & Custom Rear Shaft Length For Additional Load/Travel
  • Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
  • Total Chaos Rear Links
  • Wheeler’s Superbumps Front
  • Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops Rear
  • Stoptech Slotted Rotors
  • EBC Yellow Brake Pads
  • Stealth Custom Series Ray 10 17×9.0 -38mm
  • Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/70/R17


  • McQueen Prototype Design 2″ Fiberglass Fenders
  • ARB Safari Snorkel
  • Shrockworks Front Bumper
  • CBI Rear Bumper
  • Bay Area Metal Fab rock sliders
  • RCI Steel Engine/Transfer Case/Transmission Skid
  • RCI Aluminum Gas Tank Skid
  • Milogen Fabrications Maxtrax Holder
  • Milogen Fabrications Propane Tank Mount
  • Autohome Maggiolina/Columbus Roof Top Tent
  • ARB 2000mm Awning
  • Warn M8000S
  • Factor 55 Flatlink
  • Factor 55 Fairlead


  • Custom Self-Built Wiring Setup With Mil-Spec or Marine Components, Separated From OEM Wiring Harness
  • Bussman RTMR Relay/Fuse Box On Custom Powertrays Mount
  • OTRATTW Carling Power Switches
  • Odyssey Group 25 Battery
  • Off-Grid Engineering Battery Tie Down
  • Blue Sea Fuse Box in Rear Cargo Area For Interior Accessories
  • Blue Sea Bussbar + HD Fuses (Power Distribution)
  • Blue Sea Heavy Duty Disconnect (Winch Disconnect)
  • Re-Wired All Winch Cabling w/ 0-2 AWG Cable
  • Re-Wired All Air Compressor Wiring
  • All Wires Wrapped in PET Sleeving or High-Temp Raychem DR25
  • Multiple Blue Sea 12V/USB Outlets Installed in Cabin


  • Kenwood D710GA Dual Band Radio
  • Dedicated Android APRS Setup For Map Tracking
  • Diamond NR770HB/Comet SBB-7 Dual Band Antenna
  • iPad Pro 9.7″ on RAM Mount For Trail Nav


Multiple Rigid Industries Light Sources:

  • Rigid SR PRO 40″ (Front Bar Mounted Under Roof Rack)
  • Rigid SR-Q Pro Flood (Side/Alley Lights Mounted Under Roof Rack)
  • Rigid SR-M Pro Flood (Rear Amber Trail Flashers)
  • Rigid Dually D2 Driving (Fog Lights)
  • Rigid Dually D2 Flood (Rear Bumper Lights)
  • Rigid Ignites (Rock Lights)
  • Xenon Depot HID Headlights w/ Philips 4300K Bulbs


  • Explore4R custom flat hatch platform
  • Rear Seat Delete (Modular, Can Switch Seats Out Independently For Extra Storage/Sleeping Platform)
  • Indel-B 51-Liter Fridge
  • Front Runner Bins
  • Front Runner 10-Galloon Water Tank Underseat Bases
  • Assorted Blue Ridge Overland Bags For Tools, Recovery Gear, Spare Parts, etc.
  • Rago Fabrication Rear Window Molle
  • Milogen Fabrication Ceiling Fishing Pole Mount
  • ArcLight LED Red/White Switchable Map/Dome/Hatch Lighting

Weston – @outworldhq

Weston Miller - @outworldhq

After a decade spent wheeling, traveling and building 3rd gens, I was hesitant to move to the 5th gen. Every week I’ve driven it, I’ve felt a bit more at home and have really come to appreciate the platform.

Right now it’s built out pretty standard but sincerely looking forward to round 2 where I give this truck a bit more of the custom touch like the old 3rd gen. I’m leaving on a 3-month road trip in a few weeks and my goal has been functioning and organization.

The main cookware is the Tembo Tusk skottle and a Jetboil. One main change on this vehicle vs the last was deciding to ditch the dual battery system in favor of the Goal Zero link kit, which allows me to charge my Yeti 1400 while driving. Ultimately I did this to simplify the engine bay/setup and also keep my power portable and separate from the vehicle.

The other change I was trying to avoid was moving up to 35s. I’ve enjoyed how the 285s have performed thus far but one downside of the 5th gen vs the 3rd is the large, lower hanging body. I was so used to my big 3rd gen, there have been quite a few instances of scraping the bumper and bashing the tailpipe. Ultimately the 35s will give me a much-needed boost on clearance, and in my opinion, fit more proportionately to the body.

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

  • 2.5” Toytec Lifts Suspension
  • Total Chaos UCAs
  • 285 General Grabber X3s
  • 17×8.5” Method MR701

Armor & Roof Rack

  • CBI Front Bumper
  • CBI Rear Bumpers
  • CBI Rock Sliders
  • CBI Full Skid Set
  • Gobi Stealth Rack/Ladder

Extra Additions

  • Magnuson Supercharger
  • AlphaRex Nova Series Headlights
  • TJM Snorkel
  • CeramicPro PPF/Ceramic-Coated
  • ARB 63-qt Fridge

In The Garage…

  • Goal Zero Link Kit
  • sPOD Bantam X
  • ARB Dual Drawers
  • ARB Air Compressor
  • 35×1250 Grabber X3s
  • Total Chaos Expedition Series LCAs

Issac – @firestoneadventures

Firestone Overland 4Runner Build

When we opted to build a turn-key 4Runner, we had one thing in mind: for it to be purpose-built yet overland inspired. We love the fact that it can sail for thousands of miles across the country while simultaneously hitting our favorite trails.

Toyota 4Runner TRDpro @firestoneadventures @team4runner

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

  • Dobinsons 3″ Suspension all around
  • Timbren Active Off-Road Bump Stops
  • SPC Upper Control Arms
  • Dobinsons Links
  • 315/70/17 Firestone Tires Destination X/T
  • FN Wheels FX Pro
  • SpiderTrax Spacers


  • CBI Off-Road Fab Front Bumper
  • CBI Off-Road Fab Skid Plates
  • C4 Fabrication Rear Bumper
  • C4 Fabrication Dif Skid
  • C4 Fabrication Rock Sliders

Roof Rack & RTT

  • Frontrunner Outfitters Roof Rack
  • James Baroud Roof Top Tent from Spirit of 1876
  • C4 Fabrication Rear Hatch Ladder

Under the hood

  • Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit + Dual Odyssey Batteries
  • K&N Filter
  • C4 Fab Accessory Tray

Lighting & Wiring

  • Element LED All Throughout
  • S-Tech Switch Panel
  • Blue Sea Electrical For Entire vehicle
  • Expedition Essentials Dash Mount
  • Ram Mounts All Around


  • Warn Winch
  • Dobinsons Tow Strap + Recovery Kit


  • The Perfect Bungee Straps & Bungees
  • Dometic CFX50 Fridge + Slide
  • DIY Custom Drawer System
  • Camp Chef Stove
  • Tembo Tusk Skottle
  • Frontrunner Table & Chairs

Wrap: FrontRange Auto 3M Wrap

Jason – @SwellRunner

Jason - Swell Runner

The Swell Runner Build List:

  • CBI Front Steel Bumpers
  • CBI Rear Steel Bumper + Dual Swingout
  • CBI Full Skid Package (Front, Transfer Case, Tranny & Fuel Tank)
  • Lightforce 40” Bar on Rack, 30” on Bumper, Venoms on Bumper, Rear Upper Rack Lights + Rear Bumper Lights
  • XenonDepot HID & LED Upgraded Headlights
  • Frontrunner Slimline 2 Roof Rack
  • Slee Sliders
  • Nitro 4.88 gears
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 7 Suspension (Adjustable Front Coilovers + Adjustable Dampening All Four Corners)
  • Icon Alloys Six-Speed (x5)
  • BFG KO2 285/70/17 (x5)
  • Smittybilt 10k Winch
  • ARB Drawer + Roller Floor (Fridge Slide)
  • Odyssey Group 31 AGM Battery
  • Odyssey Group 34 AGM Battery
  • SDHQ Dual Battery Kit
  • Wiring To Back of 4Runner For Power For Expandable Power + For Auxiliaries/Accessories
  • Touchscreen SPOD
  • PowerTray Mounting Solution
  • Accessorides Remote Start Solution (+ Cellular)

2018 Turtleback Expedition Trailer

  • 42-Gallon Water Storage
  • Water Heater
  • Full Kitchen with Dometic Sink
  • Partner 10K-BTU Stove
  • Fully-Plumbed Water, Gas & Onboard Propane
  • Dual Group 31 batteries Powering Fully-Wired System
  • Lighting All Around
  • Tons of Aux Power Ports + USB (x8) & 12v (x6) For Film Gear Charging
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension System
  • CVT Rooftop Tent

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on what to consider when building out your 4Runner. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when building a 4Runner and many different goals for each build. Depending on the size of your family, time out on the road and your specific travel style will depend on how you build your 4Runner.

First, take the time to understand how you travel or how you intend on traveling and then plan a build list from there. Winging it is never usually a good idea, but it does work for some. Know your direction, then execute!

Most importantly, go enjoy the great outdoors on a solo trip, with your animals, friends, family, loved ones or all of the above!

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2 years ago

I think its neat to see what people do, but rarely do you see the math. The hobby is expensive because people do buy a lot of what they really don’t need. On the other hand I have seen a lot of people that do use the gear. Its funny because the same folks that bash the “mall crawlers” (geared up and rarely used for its intention) are also the same folks that bash those who people that do use the gear. (e.g. “Wow, you spent all that money and you just beat it up?”) Either way you lose with some folks.

Personally, what I rarely see are folks talking about the journey, talking about the mistakes they made, and how costly it was, even fewer are the budget builds where folks do much of the work themselves. No doubt, getting out and camping on or in your car usually in a different place every night (Overlanding) can get quite expensive. It is pretty dang enjoyable and I rarely do I come across someone overlanding that isn’t personable or willing to share a beer and talk about the trails and adventure.

Nunya Biznez
Nunya Biznez
3 years ago

Wow at the bashing of people that can afford to spend money building their rig. I guess if you can’t join them you can always bash them on the internet! I was already disappointed in humanity so no big rip!

3 years ago

I think much of the over landing concept has become “check out all the gear I have” and not actually camping and using it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Tom

lol. I just love watching overweight dudes on Youtube showing off their overlanding gear like its the most important thing in their lives

4 years ago

All look nice, but predictably just threw a credit card at the internet. I think I saw one without a RTT and none has less than $10K in mods. Too much of overlanding has become about gear porn, and probably why people like me who’ve been car camping since before it was called overlanding are a little tired of the trend.

3 years ago
Reply to  drycreek

That’s just a sour way to be. With good ambassadors of a hobby, newcomers are great for it as it gets companies more into it, lowers the costs and allow people to meet more people. Who cares what everyone new calls it, you weren’t the pioneer of it I’m guessing

3 years ago
Reply to  Jay

Lowers the cost? Nope, it doesn’t.

Jay Z
Jay Z
3 years ago
Reply to  James

drycreek is the same guy in HS who listened to bands before they went mainstream.

Julie torres
Julie torres
4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this! I am waiting for my order from SCS. I got 17×9 Ray 10 -38 wheels & have 285/70/17. I am anxious about such a negative offset & how much of a BMC I will need. Hopefully they come out looking as good as the ones in the pics.

4 years ago

These are pretty cool 4Runners. Really cool to see the different build lists and detailed lists on parts everyone is running. Once I get another daily driver, I will re-gear, go 35s, and throw some full width armor on. Really excited to push my 4Runner off-road. Overland/Off-road, whatever you call it… I just want to go wheel.

4 years ago

Imagine if you branched out to the east coast. A lot of these guys were inspired by more than the local 5th gen California crew 😉 where’s the T40R or Hefty fabs on 37s or even that really ugly Tonka 4Runner? We need a part two 😂

But shout out to the homies that were featured.

4 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Haha now your talking! But yea, lots of great builds out there :cheers:

4 years ago

Ah yes, the infamous cookie cutter “overland” 5th gen. Played out.

4 years ago

Interesting to see so few performance mods considering these rigs are dragging so much extra weight around. I suppose most of them aren’t the daily driver.

4 years ago
Reply to  rstemme

You get used to it, I guess. Or feel there is no need to have that same power as when unloaded. I have most of the listed gear and run quite heavy (bumpers, ladder, roof rack, winch, dual battery, etc). I’m definitely slower than stock, but I haven’t been unable to go anywhere yet due to my weight/speed. You just have to be aware of your slow acceleration, and stay vigilant. If I’m merging onto a freeway, I always do it fairly quickly initially in case the traffic is going really fast. It’s easier to slow down than speed up if necessary.

It really depends on your driving style. I used to be a speed demon and didn’t think I could ever handle driving something slow, but having kids has changed me.

Overall, the biggest detriment has been in passing ability, but even then, I maybe have to wait to pass on 10% of the passes I need to make whereas I wouldn’t have to with a faster vehicle. The maybe minute or two I lose in getting to my destination is really of no concern.

Gen4 T4R
Gen4 T4R
4 years ago

This would be much more relevant if it weren’t the garbage 5th gen. Long live the v8 gen 4!

2 years ago
Reply to  Gen4 T4R

Change is hard.

4 years ago
Reply to  Gen4 T4R

Yeah. Definitely a ‘garbage’ rig that isn’t capable of a thing. ಠ_ಠ

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