Metal Tech 4×4 Sliders – 5th Gen 4Runner

Step by Step Install of the Metal Tech 4×4 Off-Road Rock Sliders

Article was written by 2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO “War Runner”.

The Metal Tech 4×4 Rock Sliders are a true masterpiece in every sense of the word. These sliders are top of the line in every category of off-road. The Metal Tech sliders are a two-stage rub rail that are designed for straight off-road abuse.

These sliders are designed to fit the KDSS suspension as well as the SR5, Limited (Removal of lower body panel) and all TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road Models. Designed with rear kick-outs, this will prevent rocks and other debris away from your sheet metal.

The sliders begin as a flat sheet of metal that is then laser cut and CNC formed into shape. What’s super badass about these sliders is that they are powder-coated on the inside and outside, making the Metal Tech sliders the only player in the game to do this.

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These fit 2015+ models. These sliders designed to work with the KDSS suspension, SR5, TRD Pro, TRD Offroad, and Limited. With the 4Runner Limited, removal of the lower body panel is required. For the 2014 and below models, you may want to look at some other sliders.

Tools Needed for Rock Slider Install:

  • ½” wrench
  • ½” socket, 10mm socket and ratchet
  • Loctite 271 Heavy Duty Thread Locker
  • Car jack or a buddy’s hand

 Step 1: Remove Plastic Mud Flaps

On the body, in front of the rear tires, remove both small plastic mud flaps using your 10mm socket and ratchet.  4 Screws total, 2 on each side.  The small flaps serve no purpose, out with the old in with the new!

Step 2: Double Check Holes and Hardware

Metaltech Install Step 2: Double Check Holes and Hardware

Now that the useless flaps are off, gather all 12 alloy bolts, 12 lock washers, and 12 flat washers that come standard with the Metal Tech 4×4 sliders.  Each bolt has its own lock washer and flat washer, slide the lock washer on first and flat washer on second on all 12 bolts.

Double check that the frame will accept the standard alloy bolts, and that the holes on the slider frames align with your frame.  As you guessed, 6 go on each side, lay them where you can reach them when your preparation in all life scenarios is key!

Next grab a buddy, or a jack.

Step 3: Align Sliders in Place & Apply Loctite

Metaltech Install Step 3: Align Sliders in Place & Apply Loctite

Now that you know these bad boys fit and your moments away from getting them on, grab your Loctite, jack and or buddy and set each slider on the correct side.  If you’re using a jack, balance the jack on the center of the slider and slowly crank it up to where you can get at least one bolt in on the front and back (tightened enough to hold it in).

If you are using a buddy, both of you sit down with the slider on your lap and scoot your way under the car, lift the slider up simultaneously and put in a bolt on each side (tightened enough to hold it in).

Step 4: Bolt & Tighten Down Sliders

Metaltech Install Step 4: Apply Loctite to Bolts & Tighten Down Sliders

Now that the slider is self-sustaining, you will see that the slider holes are cut in a long position so you can adjust the height of the slider (about an inch).  I would recommend you raise it as high as it goes so you have that much more clearance.

Next, grab your Loctite and apply it on the next bolt, put her in and tighten her up while both you and your buddy pushing up on the slider, once it is tight repeat with the following bolts until you get to the first two you put in.  Remove the first two, apply Loctite and tighten them up.

Step 5: Tighten Bolts in Star Pattern

Next you will tighten each bolt in a star pattern so the pressure is evenly distributed.

Step 6: Repeat On Passenger (Possible Fuel Line Move)

Metaltech Install Step 6: Repeat On Passenger (Possible Fuel Line Move)

Repeat on the driver’s side, you may have to move your fuel line (don’t worry, there’s plenty of slack to pull it out of the way without disconnecting it) so the slider frame could evenly mount against your frame.  Repeat steps 3 – 5 and you are done.

Step 7: Double Check Bolts

Double check your work, make sure all bolts are tight, all bolts have lock washers and flat washer and that your fuel line is not being pinched.

Step 8:  Enjoy!

Metaltech 4x4 Rock Sliders  - 5th Gen 4Runner

Metaltech 4x4 Rock Sliders  - 5th Gen 4Runner

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