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Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats – 5th Gen 

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats - Passenger

Best Floor Mats for 5th Gen 4Runner Husky Liners or Weather Tech. Is there really a big difference?

Recently, we wrote a post on the best 4Runner Floor Mats but still had not made a purchase of our own. We had the stock 4Runner floor mats in our Trail Edition Premium for a little over three years and loved them. However, the time has come to move on and upgrade to something a little more robust.

The rubber Toyota floor mats were great for what we needed, which was average driving, the occasional trail and a coffee spill here and there. Over the last three years, we have loved the factory rubber Toyota floor mats.

If you are using the fabric/fiber floor mats in your 4Runner right now, you need an upgrade. If you don’t want to upgrade to a set of Husky Liners or Weather Tech Floor Mats yet, grab the factory rubber Toyota floor mats for the interim. The factory rubber Toyota floor mats will serve most 4Runner owners peace of mind in knowing they have a little more than average protection from their floorboard and carpet.

Factory Rubber Toyota Floor Mats

There are a handful of factory rubber Toyota floor mats on Amazon that are shipped from Toyota directly, but none of them have direct fitment for the 5th Gen 4Runner. If you are looking for the factory rubber Toyota floor mats, just head into your local dealer. Call ahead of time and have them order you a set so you know you are getting the right mats.

Going a Step Further with your 4Runner Floor Mats?

WOW. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on. The Husky 4Runner Floor Mats are super beefy, incredibly precise and look great! I should have thrown these in the 4Runner a long time ago. They are incredibly impressive.

If you want to take your floor mats to another level, look at the Husky Liners or the Weather Tech Floor Liners. We decided to go with the Husky Liners for our 4Runner for a few reasons. We covered this a little bit in another post on the 4Runner Floor Mats, but we will go into a bit more detail on this post. One of the main reasons we chose the Husky Liner Floor Mats over the Weather Tech Liner Floor Mats was the price. The Husky Liner Floor Mats are cheaper, still made in America and boast so many of the same features. So, why not?

The Husky Liners Pictured Here: 

Why we Bought the Husky Liners

  1. Same features as the WeatherTechs
  2. Husky Liners are cheaper
  3. Guaranteed For Life! Seriously, if you have any problems they will replace them. Period.
  4. They have a better-looking design
  5. Husky Liners sit higher underneath pedals
  6. Husky Liners cover the entire footrest block, unlike the WeatherTechs
  7. Again, they are more affordable

Husky Liner Floor Mats 5th Gen 4Runner

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats - Driver

One of the main reasons why we went with the Husky Liner Floor Mats on our 5th Gen 4Runner is because they have a cheaper price point. These floor mats are also guaranteed For Life! Seriously, if you problems they will replace them at no cost.

What does this mean? If you get a rip or tear on your floor mats, Husky will replace them at no cost. That is awesome. They also have a better-looking design than the Weather Techs. They look, feel and present a little better in my opinion.

As for fitment, the Husky Liners sit higher underneath pedals. The Weather Tech liner floor mats don’t sit as high underneath the pedals which you would think would be a key point to consider during the engineering process.

The Husky Liners cover the entire footrest block, unlike the WeatherTechs. This is key. And, last but not least, they are more affordable. Not by much, but they are cheaper.

What Husky says about The Floor Mats

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats Backseat

  • Prepared: Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats can handle whatever nature throws at them. The rugged and sporty husky weather liners are prepared to handle dirt, sand, gravel, mud, snow, sleet, hail and rain. The Husky weather liners offer unbeatable carpet protection for whatever you can throw them. 
  • Protection: Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats are designed to function. The form fit design process that husky liners has developed will work for your 4Runner. The engineered liners have been designed to perfectly form each liner edge to the detailed contour of your 4Runner.
  • Form-Fit Edge: Husky liner floor mat form-fit edge. Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats have a patented form-fit edge that is raised just above the ridge the woodlands along the door jam which protects your 4Runner from liquids and debris spilling over. 
  • Lock Down Cleats: Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats has precision engineered lock down cleats. The husky liners like many other all weather and all terrain floor mats out there have cleats that help the liner from shifting around underneath your foot, unlike some other competitor floor mats. 
  • Cleaning the Husky Floor Mats: Cleaning is easy with the husky liner floor mats. Just like other all weather floor mats for the 5th Gen 4Runner, the husky liners are incredibly easy to take out hose down, dry off and throw back in. 
  • Guaranteed for life! Seriously, the Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats have a lifetime guarantee. Here’s exactly what they say; “when we say it’s guaranteed for life, that’s exactly what we mean. No hassles, No guff. If you have a problem, will replace it”.

Husky Floor Mats 4Runner – Care and instructions

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats - Driver

The Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats are designed and molded to fit your Toyota 4Runner. The liners are made to take place of your factory floor mats. For correct fit, it is necessary to remove the factory floor mats before installing your new liners. However, do not remove the factory install carpeting.

The Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats are made from an engineering resin that is lightweight and extremely tough/durable. The easiest way to clean your liners is with a damp cloth or sponge. If using a cleaner 409 will work best.

Using Armor All or similar cleaning products is discouraged as these products will make your liners slick and cause your foot to slide off the liner and possibly into your gas pedal or brake pedal, causing an accident. So don’t be an idiot, don’t use armor all on these Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats.

Husky Floor Mats 4Runner – Installation

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats Backseat

For the easiest installation of Husky WeatherBeater 4Runner Floor Mats, move the front seats to the rearmost position. With this done, all factory floor mats must be removed and the liners installed. Note the liners attached to the twist lock fasteners located in the floor pan on your 4Runner. 

There is no step-by-step install for this one. Just remove your old liners and throw these new ones. Pretty simple.

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  • William

    Does anyone have the husky trunk tray? I wanted to see how that one compares to the Weathertech one.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Good question. Yeah, if anyone out there has the husky cargo mat/ tray, share it!! We would love to see some more interior accessories for the 4Runner on here!

  • Brian C

    I have the husky tray in my 14 SR5! Fits well and only had to cut out the inserts where the cargo tie-downs are. I’ll get some pics for you and email it.

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