4Runner MOLLE Panel Accessories (General Ideas)

4Runner MOLLE Panel Accessories (General Ideas)

5th Gen 4Runner MOLLE Panel Rack Accessories – Gear Inspiration

4Runner storage panel racks for the 5th Gen 4Runner are one of the coolest mods you can customize. Everyone out there with a storage panel rack or a panel seat backing has a completely different set-up. There are no two racks or backings that are exactly the same, after accessorized. This is one of my favorite 4Runner accessories because it is always changing. Also, this can serve as a solid 4Runner off-road accessory because of its ability to hold so many off-road tools and gear.

Everyone uses their 4Runner a little bit different so it is cool to customize your panel with the accessories that you personally use the most on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are many different types of people out there and many different options for mounting accessories. You have the soccer mom set-up, the tactical guy set-up, the overlander set-up, the weekend warrior set-up. There are configurations for almost any person out there.

For starters, I can think of totally different set-ups for the surfer, the camper, the hiker, the biker, the off-roader, the cop, the photographer and many others. Whatever personality you have, you can create something incredibly unique with your 4Runner MOLLE panels.

These panels can be accessorized with small, medium and heavy duty items but they have their limits. Both companies, Rago Fabrication and Orange Boxx Fabrication both have weight limits and constraints.

Let’s jump into a comparison of both companies Rago Fabrication and Orange Boxx Fabrication for the MOLLE panel. We have both of these panels installed in our 4Runner and have had a pretty good understanding of how both of these work. The install process is pretty simple. If you read through the links above, you will get an idea of the install process. So, it is time for the face off? What is the better panel, Rago Fabrication or Orange Boxx?

MOLLE Panels & Mounts: 

Rago Fabrication Storage Panel

There are some ups and downs to this panel. To start, this panel comes packaged and shipped incredibly well. Everything in the box was packaged tight, clean and efficiently. Shipping was fast (6-7 days) but it would be nice if it was faster and on Amazon with Prime. With the nation getting accustomed to two-day shipping, waiting 7+ days for anything is getting old.

You can tell the rack itself along with the brackets and hardware are very nice. Also, Rago Fabrication sends out a ton of extra hardware, probably to prevent people from claiming they got shorted. Can’t blame them. This is also really nice because you can use this extra hardware to mount some of your accessories. Depending on what you are mounting, some of the hardware will work.

What irritates me about the Rago panel compared to the Orange Boxx panel is the space between the panel and the wall. The gap is incredibly narrow which makes for mounting accessories very difficult. In order to mount accessories, you either need to have tiny fingers or remove the bottom two allen bolts to allow the panel some play. This might just be irritating to me because I was accustomed to the Orange Boxx Panel which has a very wide gap, which makes for mounting accessories pretty easy.

Orange Boxx Fabrication Storage panel

Orange Boxx has a solid panel, but the process of getting there was rough (customer service was not so hot). Read our overview of the panel and you will see what happened. At the end of the day, they make a quality product and they absolutely win in the spacing off the wall category. For an overall comparison, I would have to say Rago Fab has a better process and makes a better product. The Orange Boxx panel has been nice, though. Adding to it is easy and can be done without loosening the whole panel (unlike the Rago Fab panel). I am glad we have both of the Rago Fab and Orange Boxx panels on the 4Runner. There are upsides and downsides to both.

Orange Boxx Accessories

4Runner MOLLE Panel Accessories

Below is the list of items we have mounted on our first panel. Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas of what you can mount on your panel. Everyone will have a different selection of accessories, but that’s what makes these panels so awesome, you can really make them your own.

  1. 3D Cell Maglite with Mount Brackets: check out the brackets
    1. Option 1: Maglite 3D Incandescent
    2. Option 2: Maglite 2D LED
    3. Option 3: Maglite 2D Incandescent
  2. Compact Double MOLLE Pouch: Love this little pouch – check price
    1. 2 Bic Lighters
    2. Gerber Multi-tool
    3. Chapstick
    4. Extra pocket knife
    5. Extra utility knife
  3. Tactical Pocket Knife: Check price
  4. Utility Knife: Check price
  5. Medium Tactical Flashlight: Check price
  6. Camera Accessory Case: Check price
    1. Filters
    2. Microfiber Cloths
    3. Memory cards
    4. USB drive
  7. ARB Inflator: Check price
  8. Large MOLLE Pouch: Check price
    1. Glow sticks
    2. Water pen
    3. Extra AA batteries
    4. Extra AAA batteries
    5. Energizer headlamp
    6. Eating tool (spork)
    7. 2 flares
  9. ARB Deflator: Check price
  10. Mini Manfrotto Tripod: Check price
  11. Small-Mini Manfrotto Tripod: Check price
  12. Smittybilt Hatchet-Axe: Check price
  13. Quickfist Rubber Mounting Grips: Small-medium size – check the price

The Maglite Mounting Brackets

The Maglite Mounting Brackets

Maglite makes mounting brackets for the Maglite D-Cell and the Maglite-Mini. Both brackets are incredibly simple to mount on your panel. On a side note, the Maglite-Mini mounting bracket holes are not large enough for a #8 screw. They were not even large enough for a #6 screw. So, if you want to mount your Maglite-Mini, you will need to drill larger holes out to allow the #6 screws to fit. For the Maglite D-Cell brackets, we used #8 screws on this, just fine. No drilling is needed to mount the Maglight D-Cell brackets to the MOLLE panel.

Mounting MOLLE Panel Accessories

Mounting MOLLE Panel Accessories

I went down to Home Depot and got these nuts, screws, and washers. I also got a few other packs that are not seen above but you get the idea. All you need are some Quickfist mounts, nuts, screws, and washers.

  1. #6 Screws – Maglite-Mini mount
  2. #8 Screws 1/2″ – 1.5″
  3. #8 Lock Nuts
  4. #10 Screws
  5. #10 Lock Nuts
  6. 1/8″ x 1″ washers
  7. #10 washers

Rago Fab Accessories

We will be updating this page once we have the Rago Fab panel complete, or somewhat complete. Right now, we only have a few accessories on there.

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6 months ago

Will these panels fit the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

10 months ago

That is LOT of crap mounted onto that panel 🙄

Dominick emerson
Dominick emerson
1 year ago

could you guys make them for a 2003 Ford Explorer two door

2 years ago

Question for the experts… how do you catalog/identify what’s in each of your molle pouches?

Js Suarez
Js Suarez
3 years ago

How did you get the mag lite mounted to your Rago panel?

3 years ago

I’ve gotten the Rago panels installed, but have recently only started thinking about how the curtain airbags will be affected when deployed. Any thoughts on that?

2 years ago
Reply to  Caesar

When the air bag goes off the top bracket bends. I saw a car with one deployed on the Instagram account last year.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jacob

Any chance you can still find the picture?

Rob Ferrara
Rob Ferrara
3 years ago

Wish I saw this article before I placed my Orangeboxx order. On their site it said that the panels were in stock. I placed the order on a Friday and here I am 9 days later and it shows that the order is still processing. Aside from the lack of customer service, is the product a quality one? I’m pretty nervous that I just wasted $280 (25% coupon code.) that’s for the write up. Very detailed.

Jim White
Jim White
3 years ago

What are the clips you mounted the hatchet with?

Jim White
Jim White
3 years ago
Reply to  Jim White

Never mind, it’s right there in the article.

David Callaway
David Callaway
4 years ago

What is your take on the RCR4WD window storage panel? The mfr website is http://rcr4wd.com/rcr4wd—store.html but have to scroll through the store. I just got my 2019 TRD offroad and found your site and snail trail. You guys rock.

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