Spidertrax Wheel Spacers 5th Gen 4runner

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Spidertrax Wheel Spacers Overview for 5th Gen 4Runner

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers 5th Gen 4Runner

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers (1.25″) – Wider stance on 5th Gen 4Runner

If you are looking to push your wheels out a bit further, and widen your stance, the Spidertrax Wheel Spacers are a good option. There is a reason why these spacers are the go-to option. Spidertrax spacers are a quality-made product backed by a customer first company.

WHS-007 (Add two to your cart)

They come in pairs of 2 (one box) and you need 4 (two boxes). 

Whether you are going to install a leveling kit or a suspension system, spacers are something you should consider. After a lift, you start to push your lower control arms down, which pulls your wheels/ tires closer to the body. With spacers, you can push your wheels back out to keep a consistent look.

Once installed, these will give your truck a wider stance. It is also important to note that these might actually increase rubbing in your wheel well. Do your research full before committing to a purchase. Depending on the tire size you are running, and the specs on your wheel will depend on the amount of rubbing if any you will have after installing spacers.

In most cases, you will have rubbing after you install spacers. After you add new tires, you will need to go through the common trimming and cutting in your wheel wells. After you finish trimming everything and solve your rubbing issues, you may look at spacers. After spacers, your rubbing might start all over again.

Wider Wheels Vs. Taller Wheels

With a wider wheel, your rubbing is going to be more severe than a taller wheel. 295/70R17s are going to cause more rubbing than 285/70R17s because they are 0.55″ wider. Also, 33/12.5/17s are .9″ wider than the 295/70s, so these are very wide compared to the 285/70s. Wider means more contact and more rubbing, usually always. That means the tire will contact the fender liners, body or body mount sooner and deeper. Taller wheels like a 285/75R17 are still going to rub but in most cases, it will be less than a 295/70 tire but not always. Factors like make, model, suspension, coils, and UCAs also come into play. You can use the tire calculator to check tire size and then use your best judgment on the size you want to run vs. the amount of trimming you are willing to do.

How does this affect wheel spacers and rubbing?

The wider your wheel, the more rubbing you will have, in theory. Once you add another 1.25″ to the exterior of the well, you are pushing your entire wheel and tire further outside of the well. This will usually make contact with parts of your fenders sooner.

Again, this all depends on the size wheel and tire you have mounted. If you like the wider looking stance, you will make it work.

Hubcentric Spacers for 5th Gen 4Runner

Wheel Spacers for 4Runner

These spacers are hub-centric. The size is 1.25″ and they have designed for our exact bolt pattern. After installation, you should have an additional 1.25″ of space between your brake rotors and wheel.

Alignment? You don’t need to get an alignment after installing. To each their own though. If you feel like it, go for it.

Reasons You Might Need Spacers

  1. Stance/Appearance: This may be one of the most popular reasons why people add pacers. By installing a set of these, it will push your wheels out of your wheel well to give your 4Runner a much more aggressive stance. This all comes down to personal preference. Some people like the pushed out wheel look and some don’t. I personally did not for the longest time, but it grew on me.
  2. Space/Clearance: By getting new aftermarket brake calipers, you may have to push your wheel away from the brake caliper. This all depends on what brand of brakes you get. Some require spacers but most do not.
  3. Offset/Correction: If you have a leveling kit or suspension lift, you may need wheel spacers. Because you are lifting your 4Runner, that will mean pulling your wheels closer to your wheel well, thus causing rubbing. This happens because your UCA (Upper Control Arm) and LCA (Lower Control Arm) are facing further downwards as opposed to outwards, bringing in your wheel and tire. Spacers might help by pushing your wheel and tire back out away from the wheel well. This all depends on application though. In most cases, wheel spacers will cause more rubbing than before.
  4. Rubbing: Some people might think that installing a set of spacers will help prevent rubbing. That is not necessarily the case. When you push your wheels/tires out more, that means they are going to be closer to the fender liners. To prevent rubbing on your inner wheel well liner, remove the inner liner screws, push the liner forward and re-screw your screws back in. This should fix any rubbing on the inner liner. There are also a few other areas that you can trim your wheel well if you are experiencing tire rubbing.

Cons of the Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

Some people are not fans of spacers simply because tire shops will not work on your truck. How can you solve this?

  1. Don’t buy spacers
  2. Get a wheel with a larger negative offset
  3. Buy long travel suspension
  4. Find a tire shop that will work on your 4R

Hub-Centric and Offset

If you are going to buy a set, make sure they are hub-centric to your vehicle, and yes, this brand is hub-centric. Hub-centric means that the load you are putting on your wheels is not on the studs, and your wheel stays perfectly center.

Buying a set of wheel spacers is similar to buying a set of wheels with a negative offset. The negative offset on a wheel determines how far the wheel sticks out from the hub. Have you ever seen those big F250s with tires that are pushed out a couple feet from the actual body? Those are usually -50 to -100 offset wheels. The Fuel wheels on our 4Runner have a -6 offset. This is about normal for a 4Runner unless you want a super “bro” look. Then you want a 6″ lift with -50 offset wheels.

Spidertrax Spacers Installation

We will be updating this post with shots and more details about the Installation and the full on-road review along with the off-road review once we have them on. We have an Icon stage 2 Suspension being installed this weekend. After that gets installed, we will then throw on the spacers.

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers 5th Gen 4Runner

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  • Steven Pineda

    Hi my name is Steven I have 2018 4runner Off-road and I want to put Spidertrax wheelspacers 1.25 just only for stance and looks but my question is does it rub when im driving on the streets or minor offroading?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      With stock wheels and tires, you will probably have some rubbing. When your wheels are at full lock or even just before full lock (especially in reverse), you will probably touch your fender liners. The wheel and tire will be pushed out further, meaning they will come closer to your fender liner, body mounts as well as the 4Runner’s body. A body mount chop is unlikely here (depends on setup), but a fender liner mod will probably be in your future if you put spacers on your 4R. Fender liner mods are easy. Just unscrew your fender liners, punch a new hole further in, push it back and nut it down. Trimming your body and body mounts are again, unlikely. But, you should always prepare for the worst. Every make and model is a little different. Another thing to consider with the spacers is tire shops and your service center. Some tire shops will not touch wheels and tires with spacers. They will get your truck in, call you and tell you to come pick it up. But, some shops are cool about it, they just might charge you more. Also, some people believe that the spacers will cause more stress on your wheel bearings. There is some merit to this but at what rate and time period will this have a “real” effect. We have spacers on our 4Runner, though.

      • John Berkley

        I just put on spacers i have 3″ toytec lift with diff drop and total chaos uca’s it rubbed a little before the spacers. After the spacers it rubbed alot more. Tires i run are nitto ridge grapplers in 285/70/17

        • Vlad

          Hey John, where did you have your rubbing?

        • Seth

          Thanks for leaving that post, I have the same set up and do want more rubbing

  • Vince

    I see that the link to amazon shows sale for one pair. Obviously the sizes are the same front and rear at 1.25 correct?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Yeah, you want to buy two sets of them for your 4runner. Two spacers come in one box, so you need to buy two boxes. They will work for front and rear wheels. The mount directly onto your rotor.

  • Brad

    I currently am running 275/70/R17 BFG KO2’s on a stock 16′ Trail Edition w/out KDSS and have no rub at full flex. Could the Spidertrax spacers cause me to rub by widening my stance? I probably wont do any body modifications or fender liner mods until I lift it and put 33″-34″ tires on it.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Adding the wheel spacers to your set-up might cause rubbing. By pushing your wheel out, you will be pushing it closer to the fender, which may require pushing and trimming of your fender liner. Check out that link for more information on trimming the fender liner and exactly what it takes to run bigger tires and possibly adding wheel spacers. It’s really not that difficult to trim your liners or push your liners back. That post helps clear some things up and covers each area we touched in order to run the 34″ tires.

  • Dustin

    I am anxious to know the results of spidertrax spacers. Have you guys completed the project?

  • Nate

    Hi I’m new to the 4runner scene. I wanted to know if I installed a day star 2.2/1.5 leveling kit on my 2017 sr5 4runner and I get the spacer above if it will rub or do I have enough clearance? I’m running stock tires and rims

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      With that leveling kit along with stock tires and wheels, you will be close. You may clear everything with the stock 31″ tires and be just fine. Hard to say exactly what will happen as I have no experience with that exact kit, stock tires, and wheel spacers. I feel like you may have some rubbing in reverse when your wheel is fully turned, but you might clear everything all the way around as well. Hard telling but I think if there is any rubbing with this set-up, it will be minimal and pushing back your fender liners might be all that you need to do. You should write a post on it and let us know what happens.

  • Vlad

    Hi Brenan,

    I have a question about the spacers with the following setup: trd rims with BFG ko2 275/70/17 and a king 3 inch lift. I assume there should be no rubbing but not sure. Thanks in advance.

    • Jess

      Hey, just curious if you ever added spacers to your 4r? I have similar setup and was hoping for some insight-

      • Vlad

        No I did not, I actually went complely different. I went with Falken 285/70/17 and had rubbing on mud flaps when turning my wheel all the way so if you add spacers you will have rubbing.

  • Ryan Gatewood

    So, I was going to get new wheels anyhow after my lift, so if i get a negative offset wheel, there will be no need for spacers? But possibly still the issue of rubbing, which I may also have installing a spacer on the stock wheel.

  • David

    I have an OME 3″ susp lift on my 2016 4Runner. I added spacers but got the death wobble between 40mph to 60mph. It is a shake/wobble in the steering that vibrates the whole car, had to take them off. HOw can I prevent that from happening?

    • Coy

      Hi David,

      I had the same problem after installing a ToyTec 3” lift on my ‘16 4R. Mine was between 50-60 though. I took my wheels and loosened up the spacers and retorqued them to 85ft lbs. Then I put the wheels back on and made sure the wheels were seated properly and torqued them to 85ft lbs. after I did that, no more issue. Another note…I am not running the differential drop on mine either. If you have it installed, it should only help the problem.

  • Daniel

    Worked beautifully on my 2012 TE with Stock 17s , BFG 275/70/17, the Daytec lift and level kit 2.5 “ front and 1.5” rear.

    I had rubbing on the inside front fender liner in reverse while turning.

    5 minute fix. Pulled the two screws on each side, pushed the liner forward, screwed it back in…. bam …. what a sexy set of upgrades. Slick. No hacking and slashing required. 275/70 KO2 did the trick in combo with the daytec lift and level and these spacers. Install shop commented on the quality and tolerances of these spacers. Great recommendations on this site!!

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