Center Console Organizer 5th Gen 4Runner (Review)

center console organizer Tray 5th gen 4Runner

How to Organize the Center Console with a Divider, Organizer & Console Tray

Having a durable and dependable organizer is key. Having things organized in your 4Runner, whether you’re off-road or on-road is important to the functionality of your cabin. Keeping your car organized is so important on the road.

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Whatever mod you end up going with, it is important to keep things organized. Check out our overview and descriptions on each of these additions below.

No Center Console Organizer

center console organizer 5th gen - dirty

Your 4Runner comes with a big open space in the console, leaving all of your tools, and accessories prone to a natural disaster. Have you ever had to take an hour out of your day to clean your console? Yeah, it sucks.

With an organizer, you can keep things clean and organized without having to do annual cleanings just to remember that one pack of gum you bought only had one piece missing.

You can buy one for super cheap or build one with plastic pieces. We opted to buy one of the organizers made by Vehicle OCD™ (Organized Console Device), but I am sure you can figure something out a DIY if you try hard enough. At the end of the day, these things are so cheap that you can probably give yourself more of a headache trying to build something.

Console Organizer & Divider

center console organizer 5th gen 4Runner

This is a simple two-piece plastic divider that locks together and then locks into place and sits at the bottom of the center console. It gives you four different sections to work with, rather than one.

Having an organized center console can mean the difference between a massive headache on a road trip and a pleasant journey when you need your charger, gum, hand sanitizer, pen, paper, portable battery charger, headphones, screwdriver or whatever else you throw in your center console.

Console Tray

center console organizer Tray 5th gen 4Runner

 Center Console Tray for the 5th Gen 4Runner

The tray sits on top of your center console rails and hovers just above the divider The tray gives you two additional sections to work with as opposed to zero. Both the tray and the organizer are made from ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene – Strong at all temperatures, cold and hot) plastic with a basic Matte Black finish.

Vehicle OCD Tray: 

The tray made by Vehicle OCD™ (Organized Console Device) is 2″ deep and there is 1.5″ between the top of the lower divider and the bottom of the console tray. This one is made in the USA. This is going to be the highest quality option you will find on Amazon.

Tray with Cable Pass-Through: 

Your other option for a center console tray is offered by a bunch of resellers on Amazon. It is a little different and offers a pretty cool lining to it. The POZEL, for example, has slots that run verticle, not horizontal like the Vehicle OCD™ tray. All of your power ports are accessible after both of these have been dropped in.

The Safe Mod

Both the tray and the organizer are not compatible with the safe mod. If you are looking for a “safer” option for storing your goods, look into this unit.

The safe/ vault Mod is a well-known and well talked about Mod in the forums, but for around $300 can be a bit pricey. If the price is no problem and you really need to keep things safe, then for sure, this is a great mod. The safe mod works for all 5th Gen 4Runner models (2010-2018+).

Made out of 12 Gauge Cold Rolled Plate Steel and welded together with notch seems, you can seriously count on the safe mod for reliability and keeping your goods safe. This safe also has a 3 point locking system that will reset someone trying to pry it out of your center console. Also, the installation can be done in about 10 minutes. Win-Win in our book.

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Connor Upchurch
Connor Upchurch
1 year ago

I just traded my 2020 tundra for a 21 4 runner I would like the bright clue headlights high low and fog to have the colored circles around them
is this possible? And what do I do? Thanks Connor U

Linux Geek
Linux Geek
2 years ago

I’m toying with using the underneath cubby slot to the lid as a means for stowing my 9MM. It fits inside, I just need to mod some foam type cushion so that when the lid is shut and i need to jam on the breaks the firearm does not slide out of the cubbby. Suggestions???

2 years ago
Reply to  Linux Geek

I keep my ruger 9mm in its conceal carry holster which fits snug in that slot underneath the lif. Allows for easy access while keeping the gun from shifting with hard braking / turning!

James Lanier
James Lanier
2 years ago

I know you would like to keep your links up to date. The tray link to Amazon is broken.

Also, do you no longer promote that stereo system? I don’t see it on your sidebar.

2 years ago

Thanks! Quick and easy install with a real ROI. I recommend this product.

3 years ago


Larry broad
Larry broad
4 years ago

I did a center console upgrade to my 3rd Gen 4runner below the ash tray is a 7 “cubby hole that fits a 3 gauge set perfectly looks like it was put their by the factory 3 2” gauges I used all digital gauges that light up blue looks really nice so I put blue led lights in the gauge cluster man what a difference

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