RCI Rock Sliders Install

RCI Rock Sliders Install 5th Gen 4Runner with KDSS

RCI Rock Sliders Overview, Review and Installation on 4Runner with KDSS

The RCI Rock Sliders are a popular choice among 4Runner owners. These sliders feature a full frame support mounting plate that protects your rocker panels from trail damage. Also, the RCI sliders feature multiple bolt locations so the durability and dependability will be top notch.

These will protect you in most off-road environments as well as idiots in the raking lot that might open their door into your 4Runner. Sliders are always a good option compared to nerf bars or other aftermarket running board options. If you are considering sliders or nerf bars for your 4Runner, we have covered this topic quite a few times.

Like most fabricators that supply products our generation, these sliders are made right here in the USA. These sliders feature 11ga tubing / 11ga DOM, with 1/4″ heavy duty frame plates. These sliders weigh in at approx. 45 lbs. per slider. You can opt for tread plates for an additional $100.

With this set, you also have the option to have them powdercoated black for an additional $150 bringing your total to $845 with top plates and black powdercoat.

RCI Slider Features

  • Dual Purpose Step/ Slider
  • Protects 4Runner Rocker Panels
  • 2″ Square main tubing with 1/4″ gussets on legs
  • Full length 1/4″ steel frame plates
  • Use with Hi-lift jack OK
  • Low profile design
  • Direct bolt-on Sliders
  • Not compatible with Limited 4Runner (removing or cutting plastic trim needed)

Step #1: Remove Brake Line and KDSS lines, 3 bolts.

The biggest pain of any rock slider install is if you have KDSS. You need to start by unbolting your brake line and your KDSS line. Make sure everything is loose and you set your bolts aside. In this step, it will help to have plastic pry tools on hand.

Step #2: Remove the Front KDSS Cap/Cover

For the RCI sliders, you will need to remove the front KDSS cap that is covering your KDSS lines. In other rock sliders, you may need to remove the second KDSS reservoir cap.

Step #3: Jack Sliders into Place & Bolt Down Rear

Jack Up RCI Rock Sliders and Install

Rear Brake Line Cables and KDSS Lines

Once you have everything unbolted, you want to lift using both your jacks and the hydraulic lift. With the hydraulic, slowly lift the rear side of the slider while pulling on the KDSS cables and brake line to slide it in. This is the part where you may want to use plastic pry tools to shove up underneath the KDSS lines. If you can space out the KDSS lines with a plastic spacer, this will make the install go much smoother.

This part is the tricky one cause the lines are super tight and the gap is small. So you have to slowly pull on the KDSS lines or have the plastic spacer positioned correctly and then push up on the slider at the same time so it slides into the gap. The sliders are heavy as hell too! If you can jack the sliders into place, this is also a solid strategy.

Once you have the sliders into place, loosely bolt down the rear section of your driver side sliders over the KDSS lines and brake line.

Also, it is important to note that once you have the rear in place and bolted down, you want to adjust your jack stand on the other end (front) to make the install go smoother.

Step #4: Bolt Down Front Sliders

Bolt Down Front RCI Rock Sliders

Once the rear side is loosely bolted up, you can use the jack stand to jack up the front portion of the slider into place. Once you have the slider in place, you can loosely bolt down the front. If everything looks good and matches up, go ahead and bolt down the entire RCI sliders to the frame of your 4Runner.

Step #5: Double Check Bolts and Reinstall KDSS Front Cap

Double Check Bolts and Reinstall KDSS Front Cap 

Double check all your bolts and if everything is tight and in the correct place, reinstall your front KDSS cap.

Passenger Side Step #1: Unbolt Brake Line

Start removing your brake line bolts. You will need to use new bolts since the old bolt is too short to install back in.

Passenger Side Step #2: Jack Sliders Into Place

Passenger Side: RCI Rock Sliders Install (Jack Sliders Into Place)

Then use the 2 floor Jacks to lift the slider up and install. It is also helpful to have a hydraulic floor jack for lifting up each end of the slider. For protecting your rock sliders from initial scrapes and scratches you can use towels or microfiber towels to place on top of your floor jacks. This will just prevent any unneeded scratches and scrapes.

Passenger Side Step #3: Bolt Down Sliders

Bolt Down RCI Rock Sliders

Once you have your sliders in place, you can start to loosely bolt them down on each side, just like the driver side.

Passenger Side Step #4: Reconnect Brake Line on Passenger Side

Reconnect Brake Line on Passenger Side

Once you have everything bolted down tight, you can then reconnect your brake lines over the sliders. This should just about wrap up the install.

For reference, here is another look at the RCI rock sliders.

Gold on Metal Grey Metalic RCI Rock Sliders

RCI Rock Sliders on 5th Gen 4RunnerRCI Rock Sliders on 5th Gen 4Runner RCI Rock Sliders on 5th Gen 4Runner RCI Rock Sliders on 5th Gen 4Runner RCI Rock Sliders on 5th Gen 4Runner

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1 year ago

Are these sliders rated to support vehicle weight (jack up to change a tire)? Also what colors do you powder coat?

2 years ago

Are these the 20 or 5 degree? I think these may be the ones! Appreciate all the info and co tent you guys provide!

David Charloff
David Charloff
3 years ago

are those the 16 or 17 inch method mr305’s?

4 years ago

Are these the 20 degree angle up or the 5 degree? Really looking to put these on my 4Runner as well. Thanks!

Paul Plewczynski
Paul Plewczynski
4 years ago

What angle are the sliders pictured above for the silver TRD Offroad and the SR5?

jan r ramos
jan r ramos
5 years ago

how many bolts did you have on passenger side? i only have 10 on that side and 13 on the driver. is that normal? also how much torque did you use?

Jason W
Jason W
4 years ago
Reply to  jan r ramos

Yep, I had 2 left over bolts and the same 13/10 you did with KDSS on my 19. They manufacture these to fit a bunch of different models, so you’ll have left over bolts and open holes in the sliders in most cases. Just go with the real snug and another 1/4 turn, likely about 40ft/lbs.

Joe K
Joe K
6 years ago

I installed my RCI Rocksliders (powder coat, no tread plates) about a month ago and love them. They already saved my driver’s side door and quarter panel from a tree when I messed up my line coming down. These are definitely rocksliders and not running boards. I don’t use them to get into and out of my car (though I do use them to load stuff on the roof). Great buy! Plus RCI has 15% off now (mid nov 2017)

Brenan Greene
6 years ago
Reply to  Joe K

Awesome, thanks for the tips. They look like some pretty nice Sliders for sure.

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