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We started Trail4R.com out of pure frustration with the traditional automotive forum. After years of combing through dead threads, off-topic conversations, disgruntled users, broken images, dead links, and old outdated content – we needed something better. Sure, a forum of sorts but better. Our community was due for something reliable. A place where we could come to expect some consistency along with a friendly face here and there. Instead of a thread starting with a question that ends with no answer, our goal was to create a thread (in our case, a post) that starts and ends with every answer. We wanted something with a series of high-resolution photos and videos that related to that contextual content. Our goal was to create a high level of consistent content that the 4Runner community could rely upon. This would include step-by-step installs, news, reviews, product overviews, trail tips, and much more. Well, we did it. Trail4R.com was created, and today is one of the largest, if not the largest 4Runner communities around.

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Our team of 800+ content creators on Trail4Runner.com and TrailTacoma.com craft in-depth reviews and overviews for parts, accessories, and camping gear. Whether we’re discussing off-road recovery accessories, camping or overlanding gear, our team strives to provide honest, detailed, and insightful write-ups for our users. We have a commitment to our community in staying honest and true with the products we review and that will always remain consistent. Does this sound like your style of content creation? Are you a content creator? Want to get paid for reviewing truck parts? Part-Time? Maybe even full-time? If so, please fill out an application and one of our editors will reach out. We look forward to connecting with you.