5th Gen 4Runner Mods Part 4 – Grilles

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5th Gen 4Runner Mods Part 4 – Grille & Front Bumpers

5th Gen 4Runner Stock Grill Kit

Grille Mods & Front-End Options on the 5th Generation 4Runner

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We have a wide variety of grill mods and front bumper mod options. With the change in body style from the 4th Gen to the 5th Gen, Toyota opened up room for improvements.

You can choose a grill kit with a light bar, a custom aftermarket front bumper, a hidden winch mount, or a combination of these.

There are hundreds of options for accessories when it comes to a grille or front bumper.

Some of the most popular options are lightbars, LED fog lights, solid LED light mounts and pods, bumpers with shackle mounts, hidden winch mounts, amber marker lights, anytime camera additions, and much more.

Grille & Bumper Kit Accessories

  • Behind the grille lightbars
  • Front facing grille kit light bars
  • Steel/Aluminum front bumpers
  • Hidden winch mounts
  • Bull Bars/ Brush Guards
  • Off-Road LED fog Light upgrades
  • TRD Pro Grille
  • TSO Pro Grille

Mainstream Bumper Fabrication or Custom Fabrication?


You want to select an aftermarket bumper or grill kit that is made of high-quality materials; forged steel, high-quality stainless steel and only brand names that back it up.

Going with a manufacturer that stands behind their product is an absolute must. Some of these companies have been designing and fabricating bumpers and off-road products for years. Their prices may be a little high but is often worth it at the end of the day when it protects you and your cargo.

Mainstream companies tend to have longer wait/lead times. The Gobi rack is an extreme example of about 3 months just to get a roof rack to show up.

Off-road bumper companies come in quicker usually at around 4-8 weeks. Still, prepare to wait.


Going the custom route is always an option as well.

If you know a fabrication shop close to you, you can often get a better deal than buying a name brand product that is mass produced. Often times fabricators will produce a similar looking bumper, tailored for your truck at a lower cost than some mainstream companies.

Call a few fab shops in your area and see what they have to say about Toyota 4Runners. If you feel comfortable, go for it.

Do your research and see if they have experience with the Toyota family (Landcruisers, Tacomas, Tundras, etc). It always helps when a custom fabrication shop has experience with the Toyota Brand. But, this is absolutely NOT needed to ensure a stunning custom product.

Jeep shops can still work on Toyota trucks, but you should look for a Toyota-focused shop first.

Just do your research.

Grill Kit Options

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap - Before and After

There is a decent selection of grill kits out there for our generation.

The grille mods below are great options our front-end but many of these are not compatible with aftermarket front bumpers.

In that link above, you will find a list of full-length and low profile bumper options. Some of the grille kit options below will work with some low profile options but few, if any, full-length options.

The list below should give you a good place to start when exploring aftermarket grille kits.

Grille Kit Option List

Comment below if we are missing any

  • 5th Gen TRD Pro Grill Swap: Check Today’s Price
  • Trail Standard Off-Road TRD style Grille (seen above)
  • Satoshi Grill Mod/ XP Predator Package
  • Rigid Industries Grill Mod (2014-2016 models) $1700 with LED lightbar
  • DBC 4Runner LED Cube Lower Grille Insert – $400
  • T-Rex Stealth Metal Grille – $1200 with LED Lightbar
  • T-REX Grilles – Billet Grille Kit – $350
  • TORCH Series LED Light Grille With Light Bar, Mesh Grille & Bumper Kit – $1400
  • 4 Runner X-Metal with Mesh Grille & Bumper Kit –  $800+

Aftermarket Front Bumper Companies

  • C4 Fab
  • Shrockworks
  • BudBuilt
  • Demello
  • 4×4 Labs
  • Pathfinder Outdoors Rockteck Bumper
  • Southern Style Off-Road (SSO) Previously SSS
  • ARB
  • CBI
  • Hefty Fabworks
  • ProLine
  • Addicted Off Road
  • expeditiononestore.com

Front Bumper, Light & Winch Combo Kit

2016 trail 4runner swell runner c4 fab lo pro bumper

Below, you will find some common options for front bumpers with light bars and winch options integrated or at least have the optional cut-out. For a lightbar on your grill, you can choose to go with the light bar in the actual grill itself or mounted to the steel.

Either way, having a lightbar and winch on your front-end is essential when in remote locations and rough terrain.

C4 Fab Low Pro Winch Mount Bumper with Lightbar ($600-$2000+)

C4 Fab 2014+ 4Runner Lo Pro Winch Bumper

The C4 Fab has to be one of our top pics because of the design.

As the name suggests, it is a super low profile bumper with lightbar, bull bar options, winch mount options, and further customization. With this aftermarket bumper, you can keep your OEM look in place and still have the features and functionality of an incredibly robust and functional aftermarket bumper.

The only downside to this aftermarket bumper is that it ships as bare steel, they do not offer a powder coat option. The C4 Fab LoPro bumper also works great with the TRD skid plate.

SSO Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper ($750-$2000)

Southern Style Off-Road - Stage 2 High Clearance

Very similar to the C4 Fab front bumper, the SSO Slimline Hybrid is a very low profile bumper that still allows you to keep your OEM front-end without any cutting of the body. What the SSO Slimline Hybrid offers that the C4 Fab does not is the option to black matte powder coat ($150) or custom color powder coat ($240).

Both the C4 Fab and the SSO Slimline Hybrid have very similar options. Compare the two to decide for yourself. The only option that the SSO Slimline Hybrid does not have is the custom “Trail” “TRD” or “TRD Pro” Imprint.

Shrockworks Front Bumper 1/2″ thick plate steel ($1500-$2000+)

A very well built and well priced front bumper.

The Shrockworks front bumper is a very well-known and well-respected front bumper. Both for quality, off-road reliability, and looks. The Shrockworks bumper also has many options for lighting, both fog lights, and spotlights.

If you are looking for a lightbar option on the Shrockworks bumper, you need to install it above the bumper or on top of the bumper. This bumper does not come with any cut to place lightbar options.

With that being said, the Shrockworks bumper is an aggressive and durable piece of steel.

ARB Deluxe Front Bumper (2010-13 $1200+ | 2014+ $1800+)

ARB Bull Bar Bumper 2010-18

This is a long-time depended upon bumper.

ARB as a company is a leader in the off-road industry. You can trust and depend on ARB to provide a very high-quality product and stand behind it. One of the biggest problems in the off-road world is you get fly-by-night companies that don’t stand behind their products. You will not have to worry about this with ARB.

The ARB front bumper design is not the most pretty, sleek or slim by any means. It is rather clunky and designed to work when you are in extreme conditions. With this being said, ARB has taken serious thought in planning for the future in the 2014+ models. ARB is by far one of the most conventional, thoughtful and useful front bumpers on the market for many makes and models.

The new and improved ARB Summit bumper has a pressed winch cover panel, larger and upgraded ARB fog lights, and a two-piece split pan grill. The ARB also features a recessed winch control box along with a textured black powder coat, as opposed to the old satin finish. It looks much cleaner and is designed to withstand the elements of nature when it comes time to rust, this bumper will not sweat it.

Which Grill or Bumper Kit is right for you?

Depending on your style, you have plenty of options to choose from. With some of the more robust aftermarket bumpers, you might find yourself not utilizing them to their full potential.

While some of the lower-end bumper kits or something as simple as a brush guard or bull guard just might not cut it.

Only you know how you drive and how you intend on using your truck. Take your time and do your research before jumping into anything right away.

Good luck choosing grille and front bumper options!

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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  • craig

    Will the 2014+ TRD Pro front end (grill / headlights) fit a 2011.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      You will need to do some serious modifications to get the front end of a 2014+ on a 2013 and lower. You are looking for the whole front-end right, not just the pro grill? If so, you want to order all the parts from ToyotaPartSales.com. There is a great article on all of these parts located here. From there you will be able to follow the part numbers and the successfully convert your 2011 into a 2014+ front-end.
      Cheers and good luck!

  • Tim Shapley

    I’m considering an ARB Summit bumper or similar model with full grill protection for my 18’ TRD Off-road Premium. I’m concerned that the side bars will obstruct and diminish the amazing headlights. Is this a valid concern? Have you heard of anyone noticing a difference in their lights because of these types of bumpers ?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Tim, I have never heard of anyone having problems with something like that. ARB makes pretty solid products and I think you will be safe with that bumper. That is a pretty beefy bumper, you are going to be pretty happy with that bumper. I wouldn’t worry about the headlight issue. If you are worried about that headlight issue, look at a few other bumpers but I think you may be overthinking it.
      Let us know what you roll with!

  • Tim Shapley

    Thanks for the comment. I’m now leaning toward the Expedition One bumper. I’ll keep the forum updated and let everyone know the results. If anyone else has insight into this please comment.
    Much appreciated,

    • Chris

      Hi Pete,

      Wondering what front end mods you are considering or have done on your Limited? Please see my post below.

      • Pete

        Hey Chris,
        I haven’t done anything to the 4 runner yet. Trying to find a front end conversion or addition that will give me some protection. Before we left for Hawaii I checked some prices on some of the front end grills. Seems all I found were ones that according to the salesman “look good but don’t really provide any protection”. Plus they were very expensive.
        Anyone with any good ideas let me know.
        By the by for all you guys out there the view of the volcanic activity on Hawaii made it the cruise of a lifetime. Pictures do not do it justice.

  • Jordan #Thayer1003

    My limited is limited… I’m looking to start the mutation of my 5th gen 4Runner Limited into the off-road vehicle it wants to be starting with the facelift. Any specific thoughts on front-end granny smashers or bull bars to modify my front end?

    • Chris

      Hi Jordan,

      Wondering what mods you are considering or have done on your 5th Gen Limited front bumper? Any photos? Please see my post below.

  • Pete

    Two days after installing a Weather Tech bumper guard on my 2-week old 4Runner I got rear-ended by a GMC 2500. I was stopped at a light. The bump was severe enough to jolt my wife & I into our seats. When I looked up the guy still had his cell phone in front of his face. Much to our amazement, the bumper guard worked. No damages! The other drives statement was priceless…”I need to get one of those”…$38 @ Amazon. My question is what can I get to put in the front of the 4Runner to offer some protection from someone backing into me or the dummy behind the wheel of my car rear-ending someone else. Thanks for this forum I have picked up some very useful information.

  • Chris

    I just purchased a 2016 4Runner Limited. One month later, I got hit by a bear. (Seriously!) There were certain features that attracted me to the Limited, but I am not attached to the front bumper chrome. It is ironic how much these accents cost.
    Honestly, before this incident, I never really considered altering a vehicle from it’s original design or realized how frequently these type of modifications are done. I have the dilemma of “downgrading” to a Base or TRD bumper or maintaining the original Limited OEM trim. I am concerned about potentially devaluing a newer year vehicle by putting on a non-model designed bumper, though I expect I may keep the vehicle for some time. I am also uncertain how the higher clearance front end of the non-Limited models would look, since the sides and rear would still ride lower and have the Limited chrome accents. One final consideration is remounting the Limited’s parking sensors as I do not believe this option is available on other models. I expect I would have to drill these holes and hope it could still be mounted in a non- Limited bumper at the correct height and angle to maintain function. Has anyone does this or a similar mod? Any photos available? Any ideas or recommendations would be grealty appreciated?

  • Tiffany Wells

    Hello!! I am new here and completely confused. I have a 2018 4runner trd off road premium. Shortly after getting and living in a highly populated deer area I hit one before we got a brush guard on. of course busting my front bumper. It is currently duct taped up (so sad) We have been looking at instead of paying the insurance premium and just getting the factory bumper back and then buying a brush guard, to just buy a stronger bumper/guard kit. I am lost at deciding and don’t know exactly everything that I need to get (really smart, but kinda dumb when it comes to this stuff) . My grille is gone and pulled out and I don’t think that comes or is replaced by this bumper/guard deal. I would be more than happy to send pics if needed on what parts I need to get or suggestions.

  • David G

    Both the C4 and SSO websites say you do in fact have to cut into the grill

  • Ryan

    Where can I find the “TOYOTA” emblem like the one on the red 4runner above?

  • Mary

    very helpfull info thanks

  • Skye

    I’m sorry for bugging you here. But have you ever heard of someone doing an entire front conversion from a 2010 to a 2016-19 ? I’d love to do something like this but have no idea what it would entail. I’m guessing the stuff isn’t just interchangeable ? Maybe ? Thanks

  • Skye

    LOL, I just got finished with all of my Christmas stuff. Realized that others are probrably not done lol. Sorry, Have a merry Christmas !!!

  • Pete

    Does anyone out there know what the optimal RPM for that 6 banger is on the highway. At 73-75 on level ground the engine runs at a little over 2000 RPM increase the speed and that 6 banger goes up to near 3000 RPM. I think that is a little too much???
    Unfortunately Toyota cannot import the 4 banger diesel that is very popular throughout the rest of the world… According to the Toyota reps Toyota will not import them into this country because of the California emission regulations.

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