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15 Rear Bumpers for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Updated 1/27/21 / Read Time: 22 mins

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Rear bumpers, tire swing out options, and off-road protection for the 5th Gen

If you are an avid off-roader, overlander, weekend warrior, or someone who is looking to beef up your 4Runner, an aftermarket rear bumper may be for you. This is a follow-up to our previous post on front bumper options.

A few pros and cons to help you mentally and financially justify adding a rear bumper.


  • Added recovery points
  • Increased departure angle
  • Protection against off-road body damage
  • More protection if rear-ended
  • Carry a larger tire on a swing out (33″ and up)
  • Mounts for fuel cans, traction boards, Hi-Lift Jack, etc.
  • Built-in kitchen/cooking platform on swing out
  • Durability against long-term wear during normal use
  • Additional mounts for rear-facing lights


  • Added weight – more strain on the vehicle design and lower MPGs
  • Cost – at around $1,000 to start, they are not cheap
  • Inconvenience when accessing the rear cargo area
  • Added maintenance requirements

Hitch-mounted Tire Carrier

Maybe you only need something to hold a larger tire, and none of the features of a full bumper. If that is the case, then you might only need to look at hitch mount tire carriers like the Wilco Off-Road Hitchgate or the RIGd UltraSwing.

These compact swing units have the ability to carry your oversized spare, along with other off-road essentials. All while only occupying your 2″ hitch receiver. This gives the user flexibility to have it installed when they are on an off-road trip, and stored in the garage for the day to day commute.

Coming in at around $1000, this is a simple and relatively affordable solution for getting the spare tire out of the stock position under the vehicle.

Full Replacement Bumper

If you are considering a full aftermarket bumper, you are likely looking for a host of added features; better body protection, increased rear ground clearance, spare tire relocation for larger tires, welded recovery points, traction board mounts, fuel can mounts/holders, fold-out camping tables, and more. These features will primarily benefit those who use their 4Runners for off-road based adventures and 4-wheeling.

If you don’t spend time off-road, upgrading your rear bumper can still offer some benefits. It will help protect you, your family, and your 4Runner in minor collisions better than the stock plastic bumper. To keep things simple and light, you may want to consider a bumper with no tire swing-out offered by some of the fabrication companies listed below.

Replacement bumpers do come with a price, both on your upfront cost and the cost-sacrifice moving forward. The added weight will cost you more money in the long run due to extra fuel use and potential weight-related repairs.

Rear bumper and tire carrier options for 5th Gen 4Runner

This is a list of the “most common” rear bumpers. This is not a list from best to worst. It also is not listed in any specific order, although we wanted to feature the tire carrier swing outs at the top. 

Let’s jump into the specs and information on the top rear bumpers for 5th Gen 4Runner owners.

#1 – RIGd Supply UltraSwing Hitch Carrier (2003 – current)

RIGd Supply UltraSwing Hitch Carrier

Photo Credit @RIGdSupply

Sets you back: $1,100


  • Designed specifically for 4th/5th Gen 4Runners
  • Lighter than a replacement bumper
  • Tire carrier up to 35″ tire
  • RotopaX Mounts
  • Overland kitchen table options
  • Bike rack compatible
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable/removable wheel plate for different tire sizes
  • Supports a combined weight of 250 pounds
  • Can swing out a tire AND bikes
  • 4 positions of adjustment to hold the tire open

This is not a full rear bumper but it may suit the needs for some of you reading this. If you have oversized tires and are looking for a tire carrier, a hitch mounted swing out may be a good option.  It’s exactly what it sounds like, a tire carrier that mounts into our 4Runner’s 2″ hitch receiver.

Why the UltraSwing?

The UltraSwing was designed specifically around the 4th/5th Gen 4Runner. RIGd literally had 4Runner CAD drawings when deciding on the look and dimensions of the UltraSwing. The company started looking into the fabrication of the UltraSwing because they weren’t happy with how the other hitch-mounted carries looked and functioned on the 5th Gens.

This was mainly because of how short the hitch is, AND the company wanted to be able to carry bikes and swing them out of the way. And, at the time of their production, nothing else existed that met these priorities.

The UltraSwing Hitch Carrier comes with a vertically adjustable wheel plate that accommodates up to a 35″ tire.

The tire carrier features dual hitch receivers. One is built in-line (can be used for vehicle recovery or towing) and the other is offset for secondary bike racks, etc. They designed the swing out to support up to 250 pounds of weight meaning you can literally jump up and down on this thing without hurting it.

The UltraSwing Hitch Carrier fully clears the 4Runner cargo door when opened. Further, it comes with an integrated license plate relocation mount and other add-ons like the Rago Fabrication’s UltraPlate, Front Runner’s drop-down camp table, and their adjustable hitch extension.

The tire carrier is also designed to carry RotopaX’s fuel/water containers and will clear 4Runner ladders like the Gobi and C4 Fabrication products.

What’s different about this Hitch Mounted Carrier?

After shooting RIGd a quick email to understand the back story, it’s actually pretty cool what sets them apart. Yes, there were other solid hitch-mounted carrier options out there, but RIGd was the first to make one that swings a tire AND a bike (they have multiple patents filed around how they accomplished this) and the first to make one designed specifically around a certain vehicle.

It’s important to keep in mind that many other hitch carriers are universal which prevents them from sucking up tight against the 4Runner.

This hitch carrier was truly made for our 4th and 5th gens guys.

UPDATE: We bought one, and here is the step by step install.

So what’s wrong with the UltraSwing? Nothing!

It just doesn’t offer protection like a full replacement bumper, but that may be a highlight to some buyers.

Click here for the product page

#2 – Wilco Off-Road Hitch Carrier (universal)

Wilco Off-Road Hitch Carrier

Photo Credit @DrewDayToday

Sets you back: $825 and up

Model Options:

  • Hitchgate Solo
    • up to 35″ tire
  • Hitchgate Offset
    • up to 37″ tire
    • Better rear window clearance
  • Hitchgate Max
    • up to 38″ tire
    • Cargo basket option


  • Lighter than a replacement bumper
  • RotopaX, Hi-lift, and jerrycan mounts
  • License plate mount
  • Functional, towing rated integrated hitch receiver
  • Supports a combined weight of 250 pounds
  • Made in the USA

Another option in the hitch mounted tire swing-out category, and the original company to pioneer this style, Wilco has three different variations of their Hitchgate to match the buyer’s needs.

Their basic model is the Hitchgate Solo, which allows for up to a 35″ tire and swing-out maximum weight rating of 150 pounds. It also comes in a high-clearance model, which mounts it 4″ higher than the standard version.

The Hitchgate Offset model follows more of a full-width swing-out design. It has a pivot on the passenger side, with the tire being mounted on the driver side. This offset design allows for better vision out the back window than the standard version.

The Hitchgate Max is the most heavy-duty version of the lineup. This version center mounts the spare tire like the Solo, but it adds the support of the Offset design to best distribute the weight. It comes with options for different fuel canisters and an over the tire cargo basket for additional cargo. With a swing-out weight rating of 380 pounds, this rack can hold a lot of gear.

There are no limits to what years or vehicles it will fit and therefore it sticks out about a foot further away from the vehicle than the UltraSwing.

Just so you understand, Wilco is not made specifically for our 4Runner. There are significant compromises made when releasing a “universal” product. The main drawback of this universal product (and, I have seen both in person) is that it doesn’t come out as clean as the UltraSwing designed for 4th and 5th Gens. The wedge sticks pretty far back in the receiver which makes tightening inside, well… tight.

All of the Hitchgate options come standard with a Class IV receiver built in, retaining the 4Runner’s 5,000-pound tow rating (officially rated up to 7,500 pounds)

Click here for the product page

#3 – Shrockworks Rear Bumper (2010 – current)

Shrockworks Rear Bumper

Credit @Roggeezy

Sets you back: $2,000 and up

Swing-out options:

  • Single, full-width swing-out tire carrier
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Integrated reverse light mounts
  • Integrated Hi-Lift mount on the swingout
  • Thru-welded 1″ recovery points
  • Multiple finishes available
  • All steel construction
  • Integrated hitch receiver
  • Made in the USA

Shrockworks offers a CNC cut 3/16″ one-piece steel rear bumper. It features 2 recovery points that are 1″ thick and welded front and back for a strong recovery. The bumper itself was 3D CAD designed for a perfect fit.

The bumper can be ordered in bare steel but can also be ordered in semi-gloss black powder coating for +$125 and textured for an extra $10. If you’re interested in a custom color you can contact Shrockworks about your order and have it done in any color which is a plus for those wanting to keep everything consistent.

For other options, you can choose the base bumper and then add their dual reverse lights added. You can choose halogen light’s installed for +$39.00 or you can get the LED rigid reverse lights added for +$216.00. Another option for the rear bumper is a rear tire swing arm which features an LED license plate light and third brake light.

The hinge and latch mechanism for the swing arm is built and designed for no rattle and is lower than other bumper options. It also features an easy-open latch that allows for one-arm operation. Finally, for the swing arm you can choose to add a single or dual RotopaX/jerrycan gas mount (+$99 through $249).

Shrockworks does have an integrated Hi-Lift mount on the swingout and the spare tire bracket is adjustable up and down.

The last two options are an optional tow hitch for +$50 and two clevis shackles for +$32.00.

While the Shrockworks is on the pricey side with all of its options and clean design, it is worth it if you can afford it.

Click here for the product page

#4 – BudBuilt Rear Bumper (2010 – 2013)

BudBuilt Rear BUmper

Sets you back: $1,100 and up

Swing-out options:

  • Single, partial-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Integrated foot holds on both sides
  • No additional recovery points
  • Multiple finishes available
  • All steel construction
  • Integrated hidden hitch receiver
  • Optional built in storage boxes
  • Made in the USA

BudBuilt offers a bumper for the early model 5th gens.

BudBuilt has a great reputation in the Toyota armor industry. Based on their past offerings, we know it’s a strong bumper. We also know that it only weighs 120 pounds without the swing arm and 135 pounds with the swing arm. To install, there is no welding or drilling required, and it mounts to the frame in 16 different locations using high strength bolts.

Update from BudBuilt

We primarily build them from steel, yet we can retool to produce an aluminum one. Just will require a custom quote for raw amount of welding our bumpers require. We reinforce ours to an over the top level in the industry for hard rock bashing. With aluminum, we loose some of that abuse it can take because of the material. However, it will surly be beefy.

The BudBuilt bumper can be powder coated in flat or semi-gloss black along with any other color you choose and textured as well or left in a sanded ready to paint bare steel. For options, you can choose to add a tire carrier or a tire carrier with gas can carrier.

For special features, this bumper includes optional hatch or storage box access, footholds in the sides for climbing onto the roof rack and the top is tread plate for climbing on the bumper as well. Overall this bumper is another solid choice and if you’re willing to paint or powder coat it yourself, it is a great price.

Click here for the product page

#5 – 4×4 Labs (2014 – current)

4x4 Labs Rear Bumper

Credit @life.to.the.max

Sets you back: $3,500

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-outs with gas assist struts


  • Highest clearance
  • Welded recovery points
  • All steel construction
  • Fully replaces rear bumper (no plastic leftovers)
  • Integrated hitch receiver
  • Integrated Hi-lift jack points on each side of the bumper
  • Modular swing out accessories (sold separately)
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

4×4 Labs 5th Gen 4Runner rear bumper offers plenty of protection, higher clearance than any other bumper and has a ton of add-on options. The bumper is an expedition style rear bumper featuring a rear modular swing arm allowing a variety of different arrangements with their bolt on, interchangeable accessories including a gas can holder, roof rack ladder, mountain bike rack and Hi-lift jack mounts. The gas-strut assisted swing out arms make opening the rear hatch with one hand easy, even with the weight of a full-size spare.

The main shell is made up of 3/16” cold rolled steel. It features side protection for the body panels while still maintaining the high clearance aspect of the bumper. This side protection extends all the way under the tail lights, fully replacing the plastic stock bumper. It is properly gapped at the body panels to allow for frame/body flex.  Other protection features include a steel plate style skid that wraps under the body for the most protection under the sides and rear of the 4Runner. This high clearance design does require the removal of the last crossmember on the frame, as the bumper bolts into its place becoming a structural part of the frame.

Other features include a built-in towing receiver, two recovery points and Hi-lift mount holes built into the bumper for added jack points. This makes the 4×4 Labs bumper very capable of the most rigorous off-road trails as it was developed by a team who frequents the toughest rock crawling trails California has to offer.

Click here for the product page

#6 – Southern Style Off-Road (2014 – current)

Southern Style Off-Road Rear Bumper

Credit @TrailStandardOffRoad

Sets you back: $2,200 and up

Swing-out options:

  • Single, partial-width swing-out tire carrier
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Full-width drop down “TrailGator,” drilled for accessory add-ons
  • Welded recovery points
  • All steel construction
  • Fully replaces rear bumper (no plastic leftovers)
  • Integrated hitch receiver
  • Integrated foot holds on each side of the bumper
  • Optional driver-side ladder
  • Camera and license plate relocation kit
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

Southern Style Off-Road offers an amazing steel rear bumper for the 5th Gen 4Runner. Weighing in at 225 pounds, the bumper is heavily reinforced from within to make it extremely strong and durable off-road.

This rear bumper’s most unique feature is SSOR’s own TrailGator, which is a rear drop down platform tail-gate with universal mounting patterns. It’s what the 4Runner has been missing all along, the benefits of a tailgate with the modularity of a swing-out. It can be set up to hold your RotopaX, jerrycans, fire extinguishers, shovels, medical packs and more. As a tailgate, can be used as a bench seat, rear step for roof access, or even a camp, kitchen / cooking table.

For your tire, it has an optional carrier assembly that mounts to the main bumper and swings-out to the passenger side. It includes a license plate and rear camera relocation kit that mounts them both to the center of the wheel.

The bumper features two 1000 pound locking latches on each side as well as the lower hinges making a total of 4 mounting points. There are also greasable zerk fittings on each of the 500 pounds hidden ball bearing hinges supporting the swing arm, making maintenance easy.

Overall this bumper is great for someone who does a lot of camping/overlanding and needs the utility aspect of the TrailGator, but also the added protection of a steel bumper.

Click here for the product page

#7 – CBI Off-Road Fabrication (2014 – current)

CBI Off-Road Fabrication Rear Bumper

Credit @fotornr

Sets you back: $1,399 and up

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-out
  • Single, full-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Welded recovery points
  • All steel construction
  • Integrated side panel tube protection
  • Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed)
  • Integrated hitch receiver
  • Optional drop down table on the swing-out
  • Camping light attachment
  • Cut outs for rear auxiliary lighting
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

CBI offers a great choice for those who want to add protection to their 4Runner without spending a lot. For $1,400 you can get a bare metal base model rear bumper with a built-in tow hitch. That’s a huge improvement over the stock plastic bumper in terms of protection. The steel protection extends along the sides with tubular guards to protect the rear quarter panel. This bumper hangs lower than some of the competition, but thanks to it’s build it won’t fail to protect the back end of the 4Runner.

But CBI isn’t a good option just for its price. Their bumpers can get pricey but at the maximum price of $2,785 you get a rear bumper that features a tow hitch, rear swing arm, camp table attachment and telescopic light along with CBI’s very own single or dual jerrycan mount.

For construction, these bumpers are made out of  3/16″ steel and are MIG welded. They do come in bare steel if you want to save some money but CBI does offer a satin black smooth finish powder coating.

Click here for the product page

#8 – Hefty Fabworks (2014 – current)

Hefty Fabworks Rear Bumper

Credit @Pitorican_4Runner

Sets you back: $2,400 and up

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-out
  • Single, partial-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Passenger side tire carrier
  • Driver side swing out with either a jerrycan mount, or a ladder
  • Welded recovery points
  • 1/4″ aluminum construction, reinforced with steel
  • Extremely light!
  • Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed)
  • Retains stock hitch receiver, or optional high-clearance hitch receiver
  • Cut outs for flush mount rear auxiliary lighting
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

The Hefty Fabworks rear bumper for the 5th Gen 4Runner is the only aluminum high clearance bumper option on the market. Constructed mainly of 1/4″ aluminum, the Hefty Fab bumper is going to be resistant to corrosion and much lighter than most. To help with strength, it is designed with steel reinforcements in critical areas, and is more than tough enough to handle mild 4-wheeling adventures.

Hefty features a full wrap around design, protecting the body panels from the wheel wells back. This design allows for an additional 6 inches of clearance behind the wheel wells and is helpful when navigating boulders on the trail. For additional clearance at the back, an optional higher hitch receiver is available, allowing an additional 2-1/2 inches of clearance.

The top and bottom supported spindles allow for the weight of the swing-outs to not affect the angle of the bumper as a whole when they’re both out. Thanks to the supported design, the swing-outs can handle the additional weight of common accessories despite their aluminum construction.

Overall the Hefty Fabworks rear bumper is a great choice for anyone who wants to add the rear protection without all of the weight.

Click here for the product page

#9 – RPM Fabrication (2010 – current)

RPM Fabrication Rear Bumper

Sets you back: $1,150 and up

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-out
  • Single, partial-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Passenger side swing-out tire carrier
  • Optional driver side swing out with either a jerrycan mount, or a ladder
  • Thru-welded 1″ recovery points
  • 3/16″ steel construction, CNC cut for precision
  • Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed)
  • Retains stock hitch receiver
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

RPM Fabrication offers multiple configuration options.

RPM Fabrication makes a CNC steel bumper featuring options for a dual swing out arm setup. This bumper starts out at $1200 but adding any additional features like their ladder or tire carrier arms and accessory mounts, you’ll soon reach closer to $2,500. But the optional swing outs really expand the capabilities of the bumper, making the extra cost well worth it for those who need more.

Being a steel bumper, this option will offer a lot of protection for the 4Runner off-road. It weighs in at about 110 pounds by itself and with the tire carrier ladder arms added on it will tip the scales at 210 pounds.

Click here for the product page

#10 – Proline 4×4 (2010 – current)

Proline 4x4 Rear Bumper

Sets you back: $875 and up 

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Passenger side swing-out tire carrier
  • Optional driver side swing out with jerrycan and Frontrunner table mounting options
  • Heavy duty swing-out spindles that bolt on to the bumper
  • Welded recovery points
  • 3/16″ steel construction
  • Cut outs for additional lighting
  • Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed)
  • Bolt on hitch receiver available
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

Proline 4×4 offers one of the cheapest bumpers available for your 5th Gen 4runner. For the low price of $875, you can get a un-painted steel bumper made of  3/16″ and 1/4″ cold rolled steel plate and 2″× 2″ square steel tube for the built in hitch receiver. This alone would be a good option for many owners, both in the off-road and on-road world.

This bumper has most mainstream add-ons available along with optional powder coating. On the bumper, you can choose to add Rigid or Rough Country rear facing lights to the bumper. On the swing-outs you can add a tire carrier, a jerry can holder or an optional front-runner drop down table on the driver side.

The proline 4×4 rear bumper is by far the most cost-effective bumper for your 4Runner. For right around $1000, you can add a powder coated rear steel bumper that will add protection and additional clearance.

Click here for the product page

#11 – Expedition One (2010 – current)

Expedition One Rear Bumper

Credit @JeffroMarks

Sets you back: $1,062 and up 

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-out
  • Single, full-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Passenger side swing-out tire carrier (when equipped)
  • Driver side swing out options (when equipped)
    • Geri Pack mount (up to 2)
    • Swing arm table
    • Hi-Jack lift mount
    • NATO/Scepter can mount
    • Ladder
  • Camera and license plate extension
  • Consumer friendly latch design system (proprietary design)
  • Welded 1″ recovery points
  • 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel inner plating, 3/16″ steel outer skin
  • Round cut outs for additional lighting
  • Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed)
  • Utilized stock hitch receiver
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

Expedition one offers three rear bumpers for your 5th Gen 4Runners in their Trail Series.

The first option does not include a swing arm. Starting at $1,100 the base model is a great choice for someone who just wants the additional protection without all of the add-on features. It still includes recovery points, and cut outs for additional lighting.

The base model, like all of the Expedition One bumpers, is made up of 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel for the inner structure and a 3/16″ thick outer steel skin. The base bumper weighs a hefty 175 pounds making this a heavy bumper considering it does not have the swing arm.

The other options from Expedition One are the dual and single swing-arm versions. Structurally the main portion of the bumper is identical to the base bumper, with the addition of either one or two heavy-duty spindles along with their proprietary latches. It includes the options of a rearview camera mount/license plate bracket, expedition one ladder, tilt adjustable tire mount, jerry can mount “1 or 2 can option ” and latch, nato can mount system, and finally your choice of reverse lights. All of the add-ons also come with the option of bare steel or powder-coated to match.

Fully kitted, the dual swing-out option weighs in at 250 pounds. And with its “smoothed” design, it really matches the design of the 4Runner well, making it look less bulky than other bumper options. For someone who wants to keep things looking as stock as possible with a lot of additional capability and protection, this is one serious bumper to consider.

Click here for the product page

#12 – C4 Fabrication (2010 – current)

C4 Fabrication Rear Bumper

Credit @4RunningMutts

Sets you back: $1,600 and up 

Swing-out options:

  • Dual swing-out
  • Single, full-width swing-out (passenger or driver side pivot)
  • Single, partial-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Passenger side swing-out tire carrier (up to 35″)
  • Camp table on every swing-out equipped bumper
  • License plate relocating kit with light
  • Compatible with some hatch ladders
  • Heavy-duty latching mechanism
  • Welded recovery points
  • Full steel construction
  • Cut outs for additional lighting
  • Fully replaces rear bumper
  • Bolt on hitch receiver available
  • Retains use of OEM backup camera by relocating to swing-out
  • Available RotopaX / Maxtrax mount
  • Powder coating not available
  • Made in the USA

C4 is one of the biggest players in the Toyota armor game. With its build quality and additional options this bumper is on the higher end of offerings. The C4 bumper can ship in a few different models from a bare bumper to one with all the bells and whistles. Compared to most other fabrication companies, C4 may have the most well-thought out and configurable options for a 4Runner rear bumper.

The 2010+ overland series rear bumper from C4 is only available in steel (not aluminum) and ships bare with no powder coating options available. They use various thicknesses of steel to maximize weight to strength ratios, while keeping it torsionally stiff. This helps the bumper resist twisting when the swing-arms are deployed. The bare bumper model weighs in at 160 pounds, while its beefier swing-out brother comes in at 235 pounds.

With multiple swing arm options, you configure many options including a Hi-Lift mount, factory camera relocation kit (including wiring), gas can/jerry can options, reverse light cutouts and more.

With everything from the license plate mount and the bolt-on receiver hitch, to the camp table included on every swing out, the C4 may have it all. The bumper has holes for CB antenna mounts, zip tie tabs and relief cuts to make wiring up accessories easier. C4s attention to detail goes a long way with this bumper.

Click here for the product page

#13 – Relentless Fabrication (2010 – current)

Relentless Fabrication Rear Bumper

Credit @Chivas_Sotelo

(Discontinued Product)

Sets you back: $1,150 and up 

Swing-out options:

  • Full-width swing-out
  • No swing-out, plain bumper


  • Swing-out pivot spindle is dual shear mounted and greasable
  • Thru-welded 3/4″ recovery points
  • 3/16″ steel outer plating with 1/4″ steel mounting plates
  • Designed to “wrap under” on the outer edges, protecting the underside of the 4Runner
  • Heavy duty latching mechanism
  • Partially replaces rear bumper (stock bumper cut needed)
  • Bolt on hitch receiver available
  • RotopaX or jerrycan mount on swing-out
  • Powder coating available
  • Made in the USA

Relentless Fabrication’s rear bumper offering is simple, but strong and well designed. They are CNC cut and hand welded with a solid 3/16″ steel outer shell, with 1/4″ mounting plates and solid 3/4″ thick thru-welded recovery points.

Approximate weight is 140 pounds for the base bumper and the swing out will be closer to 200 pounds, not including any accessories.

Relentless doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like other bumpers but they do offer a sturdy swing-out. Their swing out is a single, full-width swing out option only. It can come mounted with either a Jerry can holder (formed from 14 gauge steel) or a RotopaX mount. On the inside, it comes with a drop down camping table to add usable space to the backside of the 4Runner.

With a “pull to release” style latch, the swing-out is very simple to open. Their spindle is dual shear mounted and greasable through a zerk fitting. Default compatibility on tires is up to 35″ on a 4.5″ backspace wheel.

Even though the bumper does not come with creature comfort additions like a backup camera kit , you know this bumper is going to be tough as nails and will perform where needed when the trail gets tough.

#14 – Brute Force Fabrication

Brute Force Fabrication

Credit @trdnugt

Brute Force Fabrication has in the past made rear bumpers for the 5th Gen 4Runner, however they do not list them as a current product on their website. After speaking with the owner, they do still make them and he is providing specifications for us to include! This article will be updated ASAP to include information on this bumper.

Brute Force Fabrication specializes in a wide variety of off-road armor for many Toyota platforms. They built parts for our 4Runner, Tacomas, Tundras, and other common platforms. If you are in the market rear bumper or high clearance rear bumper, with or without a swing out tire carrier, Brute Force Fabrication can likely help. Located in central CA (Clovis, CA), they are not far from both Northern and Southern California areas.

Click here for the company page

#15 – Coastal Offroad, **DIY** Low Profile (2010-2020)

Coastal Offroad, **DIY** Low Profile (2010-2020)

Sets you back $525+ (no swing arms), $950+ (with swing arms)

***This is a DIY kit and requires welding and assembly***

Swing-out Options

  • No swing-out, plain bumper
  • Single, partial-width (You choose passenger/driver during build)
  • Dual Swing Arms (Double Jerry Can Holder available)


  • All Kits ship in 1-4 business days using 2-Day shipping
  • Tire carrier accepts up to 35” tire
  • CNC-Laser cut Weld-together kit – detailed assembly instructions included
  • Slim profile is engineered to provide maximum ground clearance and compliment the factory body lines
  • Trimming of stock plastic bumper required
  • Heavy-duty 3/16″ plate steel construction for maximum offroad strength and durability
  • Optional 1/4″ 5052 aluminum construction for a lightweight yet very durable overlanding setup (66lb weight savings)
  • Optional 2″ hitch receiver is angled for a clean look and further clearance gains
  • Mounts directly to frame using 14 factory mounting points – no drilling required.
  • Reinforced 9/16″ thick clevis mounts allow the use of 3/4″ D-Rings
  • All kits ship as clean, bare metal that is ready to weld out of the box – the Nitrogen laser cutting technology
  • means no cutting edge oxidation and thus easier and stronger welds
  • Made in Canada, Built by You

Located in Surrey BC near Vancouver, Canada, Coastal Offroad may be slightly lesser-known in the bumper/armor world, (only because their model/market is DIY and requires welding/assembly) …but you should not underestimate how great their products truly are. Coastal is certainly an experienced contender in the fabrication world with a strong following! Coastal specializes in precision laser cut kits for front/rear bumpers as well as skids and sliders. Coastal has many options that cover just about every Toyota model including 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, FJCruiser, and Land Cruiser. They also have options for the Lexus GX.

All kits ship bare metal and they offer 3/16” steel or 1/4” 5052 aluminum. The base steel bumper (no swing arms) weighs in at 130lbs and the base aluminum model (no swing arms) comes in at just 64lbs. The single steel swing arm as shown here adds just 34lbs for a total weight (as pictured) of 164lbs.

These carriers feature heavy-duty double heim joint hinges, 2000lb toggle latches, T-handle spring pins, and a replaceable UHMW catch pad that provides secure, rattle-free operation. The heim joints in conjunction with the toggle latch provide tons of adjustability, allowing for easy assembly and guaranteed alignment of the carrier latch.

The Coastal Offroad bumper is an excellent option if you know how to weld or are willing to hire a welder. Depending on what direction you go, the final product may come in at 1/3 the cost of most of the fully prefab and powder coated bumpers out there

Click Here for Product Page

#16 – Custom (fabrication shop or build your own)

Custom (DIY) Rear Bumper 5th Gen 4Runner

Credit @BFLAN – t4R.org

Just like we mentioned in the 5th Gen 4Runner front bumper article, custom bumpers can be something for you to consider as well. There are many shops out there that can make you bumpers cheaper than brand name bumpers, retaining high fabrication standards. Pick your shop wisely though because custom built projects will require a reputable fabrication shop to really follow through with a finished product.

The biggest advantage of a custom built bumper is that it will be fully built to your exact needs and specifications. But this will also require either you or the fabricator to know how to appropriately design your custom layout.

Another option to customize your bumper or swing-out is to purchase a bumper through a company of choice, then take it to a fabrication shop to have it modified to your needs. This gives the structural integrity of the originally designed bumper, with a custom twist for your personal setup.


You want to select an aftermarket bumper or grill kit that is made of high-quality materials; forged steel, high-quality stainless steel, or aluminum and only brand names that back it up. Going with a manufacturer that stands behind their product is an absolute must.

Some of these companies have been designing and fabricating bumpers and off-road products for years. Their prices may be a little high but are often worth it at the end of the day when it protects you and your cargo. Mainstream companies tend to have longer wait/lead times. The Gobi rack is an extreme example of about 3-6 months just to get a roof rack to show up.

Some off-road armor companies come in quicker usually at around 4-8 weeks, however some stock their products ready to ship the next day. It varies depending on the company.


Going the custom route is always an option as well.

If you know a fabrication shop close to you, you can often get a better deal than buying a name brand product that is mass-produced. Oftentimes fabricators will produce a similar-looking bumper, tailored for your truck at a lower cost than some mainstream companies.

Call a few fabrication shops in your area and see what they have to say about building Toyotas. If you feel comfortable, go for it. Do your research and see if they have experience with the Toyota family (Landcruisers, Tacomas, Tundras, etc). It always helps when a custom fabrication shop has experience with the exact make and model or at least the Toyota brand. But, this is absolutely NOT needed to ensure a stunning custom product. Jeep shops or any fabricator can still work on Toyota trucks, but you might want to look for a Toyota-focused shop first.

Just do your research.

Which Bumper is for you?

Every one of these has benefits depending on what you’re looking for. The bumper you choose will be based on the features that you need and the ways that you use your 4Runner. Off-road style, storage needs, and camping needs will all play into the decision. There is never one best option for everyone because the best rear bumper is subject to YOU and your needs.

We hope that this article allowed you to see the options available and how they differ from each other to help you research for your build.

What rear bumper did you choose? What do you like or dislike about it? We want to know!

Question or Comments? Leave them below!

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2 months ago

Do you guys use a locking lug nuts on your spare or just regular lug nuts?

9 months ago

Hefty Fabworks link is broken. New website is now just heftyfab.com

11 months ago

Hi I recently saw a bumber from Victoyry 4X4 which seems very similar to CBI. Are there any reviews about that bumper?

1 year ago

The CBI rear bumper might result in extreme spare tire wobble/vibration, causing the vehicle to almost be un-drivable.

Joseph Vallier
Joseph Vallier
7 months ago
Reply to  HOJeepster

Yup. I can attest to this. I have the CBI dual swing rear bumper. On corrugated highway surfaces the spare tire will vibrate terribly after 67mph. Its a huge annoyance.

Jason Jardine
Jason Jardine
2 years ago

Really struggling to decide between the C4 Duel and the SSO. Love them both and both have great sliders to match. Any help to push me over the edge on one would be much appreciated! So expensive…

Kipp Johnson
Kipp Johnson
2 years ago

Hey Max,
I am curious about the custom bumper option, Credit @BFLAN – t4R.org, in the picture above. Do you know any specifics of shops in either the Denver or Los Angeles Areas? Maybe the shop @BFLAN – t4R.org could share the shop they used? Thanks

2 years ago

SSO rear bumper is next on my list! coupon for $100 off on SSO orders above $598.

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