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Xenon Depot HID Low Beam Install – 5th Gen 4Runner

Xenon HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Low Beam Bulb Install – 5th Gen 4Runner

The Xenon Depot HID bulbs are a pretty simple install. Because Xenon Depot includes the 3M adhesive backing on their ballasts, it makes the install go much smoother as opposed to some other HID installs.

With the other HID ballasts, you need to drill a hole into your firewall and then thread out that hole. With the XD HIDs, you don’t need to worry about this. Just peel back the 3M and place your ballasts on the firewall where you see fit.

We do not need to bore you with the details on HID bulbs and LED bulbs. If you do have any questions, you should check out our overview on headlights as well as the overview on HID bulbs.

If you are looking for an install guide, all you need are the images below. If you have any questions, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

The point of all our installs is to hit the end and make you say “damn, I feel like I just did that install”. We hope that this step by step guide on HIDs will do that.

Where can you get these bulbs?

If you want the complete overview and initial thoughts on these HIDs, check out that post. We packed a ton of information in there about the design, quality, and general features. If you have any questions about this install, please leave your comments below.

Step #1 – Preparing your HIDs

Step #1 - Preparing your HIDs

Step #2 – Cutting Plastic from Shipping Housing

Step #2 - Cutting Plastic from Shipping Housing

Your lights come in a protective housing. You will need to cut the protective housing off. You can split these off with your fingers but its much easier with a pair tapered nose cutting pliers.

Step #3 – Cutting Plastic Shipping Ring

Step #3 - Cutting Plastic Shipping Ring

Also, cut off the base of the protective housing with your tapered nose pliers.

Step #4 – Adjusting Blue Seal Ring to Bottom

Step #4 - Adjusting Blue Seal Ring to Bottom

The bulb seals come positioned just below the tabs. You need to move the seal ring to the bottom-most position of the bulbs for proper fitment before installing.

Step #5 – Connecting HID Wiring

Step #5 - Connecting HID Wiring

Start connecting up all your wiring.

Step #6 – HID Wiring Connected and Ready

Step #6 - HID Wiring Connected

Step #7 – Connecting HIDs to OEM Harness

Step #7 - Connecting HIDs to OEM Harness

Connect your HIDs to your OEM outlet and always test your bulbs before fulling installing.

Step #8 – Testing HID Bulbs

Step #8 - Testing HID Bulbs 

Step #9A – Drill 1″ Hole in Dust Caps

Step #9A - Drill 1" Hole in Dust Caps

Yes, you need to drill your dust caps for this one. Try to be as precise as possible about this to prevent gaps between your rubber grommet and the dust cap. If you drill too wide, you will end up having moisture build-up in your headlight housing. This creates a whole new problem and topic so get it done right the first time.

Step #9B – Feed HID Wiring Harness Through Dust Caps

Step #9 - Feed HID Wiring Harness Through Dust Caps

Step #10 – Plug in your HID Bulb

Plug in your bulbs, twist the bulbs into place and then lock down your dust caps.

Step #11 – Marking a spot for your Ballasts

Step #11 - Mounting your Ballasts 

Step #12 – Peeling back your 3M and Preparing your Ballasts

Step #12 - Peeling back your 3M and Preparing your Ballasts

Step #13 – Attach your Ballasts to Firewall

Passenger Side Step #14 – Optional Drill Hole in Weather Stripping

Passenger Side Step #14 - Optional Drill Hole in Weather Stripping

Step #14 – Ziptie Ballast Wiring Through Weather Stripping

Step #14 - Ziptie Ballast Wiring Through Weather StrippingStep #14 - Ziptie Ballast Wiring Through Weather Stripping

Step #15 – Ziptie Loose Wiring and you are done!

Step #15 - Ziptie Loose Wiring

Factory Halogen Low Beams

Both of these pictures were taken on different days. I tried to get them as close as possible but my headlights have changed a few times and I have not had factory bulbs in for some time.

4Runner Halogen Headlights Low Beams

Xenon HID Low Beam

Note: This is after I adjusted the headlights. We adjusted the lights at a height of 25″ off the ground where the cutoff line is from 25′ away from a wall.

Xenon Depot HIDs

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  • Kyle Kiekenapp

    I’ve been thinking about getting new headlights since the stock ones are about as useful for a blind person than me.

    I’m afraid if I go with the HID Xenon’s that they are going to be obnoxious. I do want brighter lights just not have to worry about people thinking they are on brights.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Kyle, the HIDs are bright but not as bad as you would think for oncoming traffic. The light output both wide cornering and distance well outperforms the halogens and even the XD (Xenon Depot) LED Pros. The color is also incredibly impressive. They are pure white. The XD LEDs are an easier install (not by much), so that is something to consider. I recommend both the HIDs and LEDs it just depends on how bright you want your lights. If you do install the HIDs, just make sure you aim your low beams down. As long as you aim your headlights lower, you will be fine.

  • JB

    I just installed these HID’s and was wondering where you routed the harness. Was it back along the firewall or somewhere through the front where the radiator is at?

    I routed mine around the fire wall and it was just barely long enough to reach both headlights.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Jb, Not near the radiator at all. The run in the opposite direction. It was tight on the driver side but the passenger side has plenty of room.

      • JB

        That was the same for me as well. Thanks for the reply.

  • Shaf

    I have not installed the LED low beams but I am contemplating to return them and get the HIDs instead. The only thing that concerns me is failing state inspection. I had LED on a different car before and the inspector failed me thinking that I had a ballast and immediately told me I had HIDs. After a small argument I just went to a different inspection place and passed. Is there an alternative location the ballast can be hidden out of view completely?

  • Ben Roueche

    Just installed last night, and they’re awesome! Two items… One, using a step drill bit works better than a spade bit in the plastic covers. Plus, anywhere else you decide to drill plastic. It doesn’t chip and grab like a spade does. Two, has anyone found that aiming is needed after installing HID’s? I want to be courteous to others on the road, but I also don’t want to just aim these down to avoid the remote possibility of blinding someone. I would think the aim should be the same as factory bulbs?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Ben, good call on the step bit. After our housing started to attract a little moisture, I ordered new dust caps and was going to drill with a step. Hopefully getting just under a 1″ diameter which will create a tighter seal. We adjusted our headlights after the install. I would recommend aiming them down a little bit. It’s easy and will limit the flashes you will get on the road.

  • Craig

    I come from the world of tucked Honda bags. If you ever get a chance. I ran my hid harness through the bottom factory harnese hole of the headlight. Made my own grommet. I then ran all wiring below behind the front bumper and mounted the ballasts to the front core support. All wiring and ballasts are out of sight from the top of the engine bay. Engine bay looks oem.
    Great DIY tho. Very informative. Thank you!

  • Craig

    I went to Toyota on Friday to try to buy some spare oem grommets for the lower headlight so I didn’t have to mess with the ones on the harness. They couldn’t sell them to me without buying the entire headlight harness.

  • Bryson Hicks

    Just installed these and they look amazing. I read about how with the HID you get more light “bleed” above the cut off line than with the stock halogen, but for me the cutoff was just as sharp.

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