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Light Bulb Numbers on 5th Gen 4Runner

Updated 3/29/21 / Read Time: 4 mins

Light Bulb Numbers on 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Complete LED Light Bulb Swap and Replacement on 5th Gen 4Runner – Interior and Exterior Light Bulb Numbers

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If you are looking to swap your stock lights out for LEDs on your 5th Gen 4Runner, you will find the light bulb numbers on this page. This is an overview of the interior and exterior bulbs.

If you are looking for suggestions on headlights and fog lights, go to that page. This page will give you the exact light bulb numbers you need to do a complete LED light bulb swap. I didn’t realize how many lights we actually had until we jumped into this post.

I mapped these numbers to a 2014 4Runner. You may want to map your own year 4Runner but nothing has changed on the 2014-current models of the 4Runner in terms of interior/ exterior lighting, so you should be fine.

Anyway, this is just a good reference point for light bulb numbers.

Headlights and Fog Lights

Xenon Depot: 


Exterior Bulb Numbers

  • Brake Light: 7443 STOCK LED
  • Tail Light: STOCK LED
  • Side Marker Light Rear: STOCK LED
  • Center High Mount Stop Light: STOCK LED
  • License Plate Light: 168
  • Side Marker Light Front: 168
  • Turn Signal Light Rear: 7440A
  • Turn Signal Light Front: 7444NA
  • Parking Light: 7444NA
  • Daytime Running Light(Same as High Beams): 9005
  • Back-Up/ Reverse Light: 921

Exterior LED Light Bulb Kit

  • License Plate Light: 168 (X2 bulbs)
  • Side Marker Light Front: 168 (x2 bulbs)
  • Puddle Lights (Side Mirrors): 168/194 (x2 bulbs – T10 – T Shape with Flat Bottom)
  • Turn Signal Light Rear: 7443 (x2 bulbs)
  • Turn Signal Light Front: 7444NA (x2 bulbs)
  • Parking Light: 7444NA (x2 bulbs)
  • Back-Up/ Reverse Light: 912/921 (x2 bulbs)

Sylvania Bulbs: 

VLED Bulbs: 

All of the stock 4Runner lights on the outside are pretty weak. We are going to start with the license plate bulbs (168) and then move to the side marker light bulbs (168).

After we have those installed, we will then get the turn signal light bulbs in the rear (7443) and front (7444NA). Lastly, we will end with the parking light bulb which is also bulb number 7444NA.

We will be doing a follow-up on this post with a step-by-step install on all bulbs. This will include every exterior light that is possible to swap out.

Interior Bulb Numbers

  • Map Light Bulb: 194
  • Interior Door (Courtesy) Light Bulb: 168
  • Dome Light Bulb: DE3175
  • Trunk or Cargo Area Light Bulb: DE3175
  • Vanity aka Visor Light Bulb: 168

Interior LED Light Bulb Kit

  • Map Lights (top front lights): (x2 bulbs)
  • Interior Door Courtesy: (x4 bulbs)
  • Dome: (x1 bulbs)
  • Rear Door aks Rear Hatch: (x2 bulbs)
  • Vanity aka Visor Light: (x2 bulbs)

Sylvania Bulbs: 

VLED Bulbs: 

For the Interior lights, you can upgrade and replace all of the incandescent bulbs to bright white LEDs. There are many super-bright LEDs out there.

The two lights that are common to swap out with are the Philips LEDs and DDM festoons. Many guys have tested hundreds of lights in their 4Runner interior and these seem to be the best combination of lights for an interior led light kit.

Most of the light bulbs (168) push about 280 lumens. The 168 bulb is your door courtesy lights, visor/ vanity lights, and map lights. The DE3175 light is for your dome light and the rear hatch light. The DE3175 pushes about 300 lumens.

Total interior lights:

  • DE3175 (x3)
  • 168 (x8)

Total exterior lights:

  • 168 Bulbs (x6)
  • 912/921 Bulbs (x2)
  • 7444NA (x2)
  • 7440A (x2)


  • DE3175 (x3)
  • 168 (x14)
  • 912/921 Bulbs (x2)
  • 7444NA (x2)
  • 7440A (x2)

This post took me a couple of weeks to write-up. There are a few sections on the forum that have some good insight, but no real list of bulbs. You can also find everything in your owner’s manual but who likes flipping through 500 pages of paper.


The Sylvania bulbs pictured here are great if you are looking to change the color of your interior lights but you aren’t going to notice much of a difference in terms of brightness. These are somewhat dim compared to other aftermarket bulbs out there. The next step up after these interior bulbs are going to be VLEDS and you can see their full 4Runner interior kit here.

If you want the brightest light possible, you should look at the dome, map and hatch light retrofits, with hundreds of LED chips. You can find the expensive ARC Light LEDs version here and the cheaper CarTrim version here.

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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11 months ago

Thanks for posting this! I swapped out my rear turn signals and reverse light. Are there upgraded LED lights for the rear brake lights? I have a 5th gen SR5 Premium and it looks like the rear brake lights are a LED board. Thanks

Matthew Gushard
Matthew Gushard
1 year ago

I did all my lights just like listed here on my 2020 SR 5 Premium. Exception was the puddle lights. I just used the 168 lights. Everything went fine. It is much easier to unscrew the overhead console for the map lights. I did the first one with the tape just fine but the next one the socket came loose on the board which required me to remove the console. The side marker lights I did even though I couldn’t find instructions on here about the replacement. Figured it out. There is a very small opening where you can barely get into to twist the plug. Took a little while but got it. I think it looks much better all around. I found that Walmart had the LED’s for much cheaper than what Amazon is quoting. I bought 14 of the 168, 3 of the DE3175 and two of the 912/921. The 912/921 have the light source on the side and not at the end of the bulb. So I’m not sure yet if you get a much better beam out of those. Anyway this was an awesome write up. Couldn’t have done it without it. Thanks.

1 year ago

Did you use amber bulbs to replace the side marker lights? How have these been working for you?

1 year ago

Got 11 interior LED bulbs changed out on the 2020 4runner today.

Thank you guys for all your tips and tricks… the scotch tape technique on the map lights… priceless!

Just the headlight bulbs and the fogs remain… almost complete!

Thank you for your help 🙏

Matthew Gushard
Matthew Gushard
1 year ago
Reply to  Lakota

I’d like to hear and see what you did for the headlights. I’m still skeptical about putting LED’s in my projectors.

6 months ago

Low beams and Fogs: I installed Philips X-Treme Ultinon LED bulbs. My high beams are the daytime running lights so I didn’t want any flickering that LEDs would cause so I went with Osram Nightbreakers Unlimited halogens. Very happy with results. Brighter all around.

2 years ago

Just did the puddle light swap with LED but my turn signals both L/R are blinking faster then before anything you can think of that’s causing this?

2019 t4runner off road premium

Ray Connelly
Ray Connelly
2 years ago

Great info. Just bought a 2016 Trail Premium with KDSS. It only has 12000kms on it, sweet! I’ve started on some upgrades and was wondering what is the light bulb number for the glovebox? Thanks

Schuyler Holcomb
Schuyler Holcomb
2 years ago

Sorry just now replying! I was looking at the time different lights on the interior, like dome/map, then maybe the puddle lights? On the XDs website it is the option for resistor for an extra $15, didn’t know if it was necessary? I know for 9005 DRL and Marker turn signals you do via your post. Appreciate it!

Schuyler Holcomb
Schuyler Holcomb
2 years ago

Brenan, I’ve got a question for you. I’m pretty much swapping out all my halogen lights with LED (interior and exterior), I’m also taking your suggestion and using XenonDepot. On some of the smaller lights, they come with a resistor option, but it’s an extra $20 a pop! Would y’all recommend that, saw the reasoning, but wasn’t sure if it was completely necessary?

Thanks, Schuyler Holcomb

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