Black Out Emblem Kit 5th Gen 4Runner

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Black Out Emblem Kit SR5 – 5th Gen 4Runner

4Runner Black out Emblems Rear Before and After

4Runner Black Out Emblem Kit - Before & After

4Runner Black out Emblems Front After

5th Gen 4Runner - Blackout Emblem Kit Front Final

Complete Press On Black Out Emblem Kit for Toyota SR5 4Runner

This is the quickest, easiest 5th Gen 4Runner mod you will ever do. All while giving your ride a completely unique appearance. While blacking out any white vehicle is pretty trendy, blacking out a 4Runner just looks down right amazing.

There are hundreds of white vehicles on the road with blacked out everything these days. But it’s pretty hard not to do it. It looks SOO good! White on black has to be my favorite color combination in a vehicle. Especially the 5th Gen Runner. There are hundreds of 5th Gen 4Runner aftermarket accessories to choose from but this simple mod is at the top of the list in must-haves.

SR5 4Runner Blackout Kit

Your every day SR5 Toyota 4Runner Blackout Kit

  • The SR5 Kit Here (Works for TRD & Trail): Check Today’s Price on Amazon
  • (2) SR5 Emblems
  • Front Toyota Logo Emblem
  • Rear Toyota Logo Emblem
  • Rear 4RUNNER Emblems

Limited 4Runner Blackout Kit

The Limited Toyota 4Runner Blackout Kit

TRD Off Road 4Runner Blackout Kit – 2017

The TRD Off-Road Toyota 4Runner Blackout Kit

5th Gen 4Runner - Blackout Emblem Kit Overview 5th Gen 4Runner - Blackout Emblem Kit Close-up 5th Gen 4Runner - Blackout Emblem Kit Press-On

Plasti-dip (Plasti Dip® – PLASTI DIP®) Vs. Press On Black Out Emblems

There are a few options you have when blacking out your 4Runner emblems. You can plasti-dip (Plasti Dip® – PLASTI DIP®) your stock emblems or just buy a set of these press-on alloy ABS Thermoform Plastic Black Emblem Overlays. If you go the route of plasti-dip, you will have to remove each and every emblem on your car and then go through the plasti-dip process. This is not hard by any means but buying a set of press-on black out emblems is much easier. Also, this is a very simple upgrade and change to the already stunning body on frame 5th Gen SR5 4Runner.

Press On Black Out Emblems are Safer than Removal

By purchasing a set of the press-on black out emblems for your 5th Gen 4Runner, you are also going a much safer route than with plasti-dip. If you have to remove each and every emblem, you run a greater risk of scratching your paint, stretching out an emblem or prying off and damaging your emblems. Most of these kits are laser cut, CNC trimmed in CAD programs so you are sure to get the exact OEM look and fit that is currently on your 5th Gen. Also, these press on black out emblems are made with 3M double sided tape so you can be sure they will hold.

Wait, what is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product.

Improvements needed?

With that being said, every product on the market can always be better. These lack in the “HIGH-QUALITY” department. They are very lightweight, thermoform plastic (heated plastic sheet, measured, formed and trimmed) so they should hold up against the test of time. If you pry them off though, you will probably need to replace them. They will bend easy. Be careful.

  • Do they work? Yes.
  • Are they actual OEM quality? No.
  • Would I buy them again? All Day!
  • Do they look great? Yeah, they look pretty sweet!

Blackout 4Runner Emblem Kit Step #1 – Cleaning Surface

This whole process is about as basic as it gets. Start by cleaning the surface with some water and litlle bit of soap. In this bottle is 70% water/ 30% soap. You really don’t even need to clean it with anything if you dont want, but better safe than sorry.

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit - Cleaning Surface

Blackout 4Runner Emblem Kit Step #2 – Wiping Down Dust & Debris

After you spray down your emblems, wipe everything down. I also took a q-tip and cleaned in between and on the edges of the emblem. I probably went a little overboard but I have a type A personality. Everything in my word is tidy and spotless. Until children came, then I started to relax.

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit - Wiping Down Debris

Blackout 4Runner Emblem Kit Step #3 – Peel Back Sticky Adhesive

After everything is ready, apply the adhesive 3M double sided tape emblems. There is a little corner on each of the emblems that you peel off. It is pretty basic. Just peel and press on. That’s really it.

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit - Peel Back Sticky Adhesive

Blackout 4Runner Emblem Kit Step #4 – Press on Blackout Emblems

When pressing down each emblem, make sure to press on every center and edge. This especially goes for the big blacked out Toyota logos in the front and back. It felt like there was a bunch of dead space that was not connecting until I pressed down on every square inch of emblem.

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit - Press On

Blackout 4Runner Emblem Kit Step #5 – The “N” Vs. The “U”

The only other item to note is the U vs. N. They look like the exact same so just keep that in mind. Do not try to force the letter N on the U or vice-versa. You will have a bad time!

4Runner Blackout Emblem Kit - The N Vs. The U

There you go, Pretty Simple!

Again, this is a very simple little addition to your 5th Gen 4Runner. If you are looking to black out the emblems on your 5th Gen 4Runner, I would recommend the press on kit instead of plasti-dip.


Blacked Out 4Runner Emblems
Blackout 4Runner Emblem KIt

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  • Justin

    Do you sell a black out kit for 2014 4runner premium trail edition?

    • Brenan - Trail4R


      I don’t believe that Nox-Lux has made a blackout emblem kit for the Trail Edition Premium (TEP) 4Runner, and likely because they don’t need to. We have a 2014 Trail Edition 4Runner and just bought the SR5 Kit. It is the exact same kit except for the Trail Edition 4Runner doesn’t have any “Trail” emblems, so the SR5 kit will work just fine for blacking out the front Toyota logo and the rear 4Runner emblems. You will just toss the “SR5” emblems as you will not need them. That emblem kit can be found here.

      There are some places where you can get custom “Trail” emblems but I personally like the look without any emblems on the side of the 4Runner. If you are looking for the link to buy the “Trail” emblem, you can find them here on

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