TRD Pro Grill Swap 5th Gen 4Runner

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TRD Pro 4Runner Grill Swap Kit 5th Gen (2016)

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap 5th Gen Before and After

Step by Step installation of the TRD Pro Grill for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Well, this was an event that I did not have the opportunity to attend, however, I will enjoy writing the post for it. The guys did a TRD Pro Grill Swap on a 2016 4Runner.

All in all, the instructions were easy on this accessory. I was done in approximately 30 minutes. This is one of the most common TRD Pro add-ons that can be installed with little to no automotive experience.

Part Numbers TRD Pro Grille

  • PZ323-35056 – GARNISH, FR BUMPER
  • The Whole Kit: Check Today’s Price

The process is so easy, that you can do it with a small flat head screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, and a 10mm socket/wrench.

For installation, you can do this with one person but it helps to have two. The kit comes with a 5-page detailed step by step instruction sheet and utilizes the existing hardware and OEM parts. This upgrade gives your 4Runner the TRD Pro look which is quite clean and rather classy in my opinion.

The TRD Pro Grill Swap Kit

  • Ratchet Wrench 10 mm
  • Screwdriver Phillips
  • Clip Remover (or, tiny flathead screwdriver)
  • Blue Masking Tape
  • Lint Free Cloth’s
  • 3m  GPACK or 3m Prep Solvent
  • Instruction Manual

Just keep in mind when installing this kit that you don’t damage any of the parts during the process because you will be using the OEM parts to put the grill back together and back on.

Step 1: Open Hood and Remove Clips

Step 1: Open Hood and Remove Clips

Open the hood and remove the 13 radiator cover clips as indicated in the image and then the radiator support cover.

To remove the push tabs, just press down and then pull them out. Once all the clips are removed you can extract the radiator support cover. Do not misplace the clips/ push tabs, you will be reusing them.

Step 2: Remove Parts and The Grill

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap 5th Gen - Step 2 - Tape

To avoid damage on the 4Runner, attach the blue masking tape around grill section that you will be removing, as well as the opposite side. This will aid in preventing scratches or rub marks during the removal process. Remove the two clips that attach the grill to the body and one 10mm bolt that is located in the center as indicated in the image. Then pull the grill to remove it. This was by far the hardest part of the install. We didn’t want to break the grill and it was quite tough to remove! Do not misplace the parts you’ve removed because you’ll be reusing them.

Step 3: Remove Grill Parts out of the bracket

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap 5th Gen - Step 3 - Screws

Remove the four screws from the bracket with a phillips screwdriver as indicated in the image and then remove the bracket from the grill. Remove the six remaining screws as indicated in the image and then the grill housing from the grill. Do not misplace the parts again that you removed from the grill because we will be reusing them.

Step 4: Assembly of the New Grill Parts

Secure the grill bracket to the new grill with the four screws. Secure the new grill onto the grill housing by lining up the snaps on the outer edges. Once aligned probably secure with the six remaining screws. Place a towel or something soft below the grill housing to prevent scratches.

Step 5: Prep for Installation – Grill Garnish

Prep for Installation Grill Garnish

To avoid damage on the 4Runner when installing the garnish, attach the blue masking tape at the positions indicated. Degrease the area that the new garnish will be attaching to.  After degreasing the areas do not touch them.

Step 6: Preparation of Attaching the Garnish

There are six adhesive strips on the garnish, four on the front and two on the top. Completely remove the four on the front of the garnish. The two on the top are partially removed. by pulling the adhesive back a few inches and pulling them up and over the top past the ribs and adhere to the top with blue masking tape.

We found it best to find the center of the garnish and the opening where the garnish will be placed. We marked those with a center line on a piece of blue tape. This gave us an easier target to get the garnish centered.

Step 7: Applying the Garnish

Center Align TRD Pro Grill Garnish

Line up the two center marks by eye the best you can and slide the garnish on. Apply minimum pressure to attach keeping pressure on the blue tape as you don’t want to lose it. Peel off the liner of the two-sided adhesive tape. Be careful when you pull the liners off as we broke one and had to use needle nose pliers to grab the broken end. We found it best to slightly lift the garnish to relieve some pressure when removing the liners from the tape. Then, crimp the garnish to the front bumper.

Step 8: Installation of the TRD Pro Grill

Installation of the 5th Gen TRD Pro 4runner Grill

The grill clicks together with the front bumper in all eight positions. Secure the upper end of the grill with the clips and screw in bolt as indicated in the image. Peel off all the masking tape.

Step 9: Place the radiator cap support cover

Place the radiator support cover on, then clip it down with the 13 clips.

TRD Pro 4runner Grill Swap Final

Installation Complete!

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  • Shaf

    It would be nice to have a blackout kit for the “TOYOTA” replacement if the previous one was blacked-out. I like the complete blacked-out appearance, so this mod would make it much more appealing if one existed for the letters too. Also, I did not quite understand if the new TRD Pro grill needs to be painted to match the finish. In my case, I have the factory black for 2017 year and I also have a ceramic coating on the entire body. I am sure both need to be done to have a completely seamless look and feel.

  • Jay

    Would the kit you linked to work for a 2011 SR5?

  • Paul

    Would I be able to apply this to a 2011 5th gen model?

  • Dave

    How does the matte finish on the garnish hold up to automatic car washed (with brushes?)

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