Toyota 4Runner Baja Rack Install

Written by: Jimmy Black of Snail Trail 4×4

5th Gen 4Runner BajaRacks Roof Rack Install

BajaRacks is one of the leading rack companies. They have assorted styles of racks for many of the major manufacturers covering Toyota, Jeep, Ford, Subaru, Mercedes, Land Rover, and more. They even provide a universal rack that can be placed on nearly any vehicle.

The installation was very simple.  It took us 1.5 hours as we were very careful. The skill required is low as the steps were very simple and there was no fabrication required.

The BajaRack is going to be a fantastic addition to the 4Runner as we will be installing a rooftop tent in the future for our many camping trips.



  • Material and Thickness: 1” (25.4mm)  and 1/2”(12.7mm)  Steel tubing
  • Wind Deflector: .062” (1.57mm) 5050-H32 Aluminum
  • Coating: Epoxy primer (rust inhibitor) with black powder coating
  • Rack Weight: 80 Lb (36.28Kg)
  • Load Capacity: Dynamic (while driving) 300Lb (136 kg); Static 600Lb (272 kg)
  • Measurements: 46” (1168.4 mm) Wide x 91.75” (2330.45 mm)  Long x  1.5” (38.1 mm) tall
  • Total Height (Top of roof to top of rack): 4″
  • Cargo area: 19.16ft² (1.78m²)
  • Mounting method: Roof mounts (2 front adjustable brackets and 4 support brackets)

The BajaRack Utility (Flat) Rack with sunroof cutout is just as it sounds, completely flat. This is beneficial when you would like to carry larger objects like canoes, surfboards, or rooftop tents (RTTs).

Another added benefit is without the elevated sides (as in their basket styles) your car may still fit into a lower clearance garage.  Check your available space before buying this rack or any other rack. The rack is designed to use the factory mounts, so no additional drilling or cutting is required.

The rack has a cut out for the sunroof. Even though the sunroof would not hit the rack if you don’t have the cutout, we chose this option because we didn’t want anything to block the view. There is also a cutout in the back for the shark fin antenna.

Sunroof Insert

  • Material and Thickness: 0.1875 Inch (4.7 mm) steel, 1 Inch (25.4 mm), 0.75 Inch (19 mm) and 0.5 Inch (12.7 mm) tube.
  • Coating: Epoxy primer (rust barrier) with black powder coating
  • Install Method: This mount on the sunroof cutout of the rack. (Only available to BR-TY4RG5-UTI-0 & BR-TY4RG5-LGI-0)

The sunroof insert fits both the BajaRacks flat and basket styles allowing you to fill the cutout in the roof rack. This insert is a great option for when you decide to carry lots of gear or objects that could fall through the cutout.

The rack is sturdy and has four bolts that adhere directly to the roof rack.

Required tools

The BajaRack comes with many parts and brackets, we suggest laying everything out, so you get a better understanding of each of the pieces.

What is provided in the box:

  1. Rack (1x)
  2. A-D & A-P Top Brackets (2x)
  3. A-D Bottom Bracket (1x)
  4. A-P Bottom Bracket (1x)
  5. B-D Bracket (1x)
  6. B-P Bracket (1x)
  7. C-D Bracket (1x)
  8. C-P Bracket (1x)
  9. Support Plate (4x)
  10. 5/16” x ¾” Bolts (14x)
  11. 5/16” Nylon Locknuts (14x)
  12. 5/16” Flat Washers (36x)
  13. 25 x 50mm Roof Bolts
  14. Anti Sease Grease (1x)

The Recommended tools for the job:

  • Ratchet Wrench with 1/2″ socket
  • 13mm socket for roof bolts
  • Screwdriver (or tiny crowbar)
  • RTV Silicone
  • BajaRack instructions

Suggestions/Tips: Read Instructions, install roof rack with the help of a friend, the load limit of the rack is 300 lbs (please do not exceed), the rack is not rolled bar and will not protect you in the case of a rollover.

STEP 1: removal of four plastic covers

Locate the four plastic covers. Push these covers to the right as far as possible. Stick the tip of a screwdriver between the bottom of the plastic cover and the rubber gasket located on the roof. Gently pry back until the plastic cover pops off the clips.

Tip: We placed a small towel between the roof and the screwdriver when we were prying the covers off so we would not damage the paint.

STEP 2: REMOVE of factory roof rack

Underneath each plastic cover, there are two bolts. Using a 13mm socket unbolt each. With the help of a friend lift the rack off the roof to remove. Do not place any downward force; it could potentially damage the roof. Beneath each of the mounting brackets is a rubber gasket. These were easy to pry up by hand. Remove all four.

STEP 3: apply rtv silicone

To help prevent water from entering the vehicle it’s necessary to place RTV Silicon in the gaps around the exterior of the tubes. There are two tubes under each bracket for a total of eight tubes.

STEP 4: Install the support plates (I)

All four support plates (I) are equal, height, length, width, and cutouts. Place one of the plates into each of the mounting slots. The cut out will go around the silicone tubes. The plates will fill the gap for the brackets.

STEP 5: Installing Brackets (E-H)

The brackets are labeled A, B, C with A being the closest to the front and C being the furthest back, and D or P represent Driver side or Passenger side. Thus A-D would be the furthest to the front driver side, and C-P would be the furthest to the back passenger side.

Install the brackets B-D (E), C-D (G), B-P (F) and C-P (H) with a washer (L) and bolt (M). Use a 13mm socket to place the bracket into position loosely. Leave each bracket loose to help with bolting the rack on in the next step.

The Brackets A-D (C) and A-P (D) are installed after placing rack on the brackets

Note: Apply RTV silicone to the bolts threads (roof bolts) to prevent leaking

STEP 7: place rack on brackets

With the help of a friend, lift the rack (A) and place onto the brackets. We placed a towel at the front of the 4Runner to prevent the rack from hitting the roof or possibly the window. Be careful setting the rack down on the loose brackets. Slide a Bolt (J) with a washer (L) through the slot on the top of the rack and adhere with a washer (L) and nylon locknut (K). Do this through each of the eight holes. Leave bolts finger tight to allow for adjustments.

Note: To prevent seizing add grease (N) to each of the bolts. Apply the grease to each of the eight bolts and also to the adjustable brackets (Step 8, 9)

STEP 8: Assembling front brackets

Before placing the brackets A-D and A-P on to the 4Runner you will need to assemble them as these are adjustable-height brackets. Place a washer (L) and bolt (J) through the rounded slots, and loosely fit the washer (L) and nylon nut (K) to the back side (finger tight). Leave loose as you will adjust the height of the bracket once placed onto the rack. Do not remove plastic from the bottom of the adjustable bracket.

Note: To prevent seizing add grease (N) to each of the bolts.

STEP 9: Place the front brackets

Mount the brackets to the roof rack and check placement. Now you can remove the plastic from the bottom of the adjustable bracket to expose the 3m double side tape. Be careful with placement as the tape is very sticky. Press firmly down onto the rubber roof channel trim. Adjust the height of the brackets as needed and tighten the preassembled bolts.

Note: To prevent seizing add grease (N) to each of the bolts.

STEP 9: final adjustment

Make any final adjustments to the rack and tighten all remaining bolts. Tighten all roof bolts to the recommended torque of 55 in-lbs with a 13mm wrench or socket.

Installation Complete!

STEP 10: sunroof insert

We didn’t install the sunroof insert at this time as we didn’t want to obstruct our view and we aren’t carrying anything that could fall through the cutout. To install the insert it’s quite simple as you just place the insert on top of the rack in the cutout position. Align the tabs with the bolt holes. Use the provided hardware bolts, washers, and nylon nuts to secure the insert to the rack.

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1 year ago

Am enjoying my baja rack. Endless possibilities and addins. BUT like several others I have a question WHERE DO FIND THE SUNROOF INSERT? 1🤫 Would some please respond . Thanks. Keep the dirty side down.

Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson
4 years ago

Where can you purchase the sunroof insert? I don’t see it on their site.

5 years ago

Does this Bajarack with the surf cut-out ship with the sunroof insert? I don’t see a sunroof insert available for sale on the Bajarack website.

5 years ago

I feel like the basket isn’t necessary though. I just want something clean and low that I can attach things to if need be. As opposed to directly onto the roof.

5 years ago

Gobi! All the way. I’ll send you picks of mine, I just got it put on my black 2016 Trail Edition 2 weeks ago and it looks fantastic! My brother has the Baja one and it looks nice also but not as good as mine.

5 years ago

Been trying to find a solid rack and I think its come down to the Baja or the Gobi.

Do you have any thoughts?


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