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Overview on Front Protection for 5th Gen 4Runner

Expedition One Front Bumper

Credit: Expedition One

Full Length and Low Profile Steel and Aluminum Front Bumper Options

Below you will find general specs and information on the top 15 front bumpers every owner should consider when buying armor.

If you are an avid offroader, overlander, weekend warrior, or someone who is looking to beef up your 4Runner, reference the pros and cons of each build below.

Aftermarket front bumpers offer many benefits including; increased protection, enhanced approach angle, sometimes allow for bigger tires, added auxiliary lights, added winch and more.

15 Common Front Bumper Options

This is a list of the top 15 “most common” options. This is not a list from best to worst.  It also is not listed in any specific order, although most of the lower profile bumpers are towards the top. 

  1. C4 Fab
  2. Southern Style Off-Road
  3. Relentless Fab
  4. Hefty Fabworks
  5. Shrockworks
  6. BudBuilt
  7. Demello
  8. 4×4 Labs
  9. ARB
  10. CBI
  11. Pelfrey
  12. Proline
  13. Addicted Off-Road
  14. Expedition One
  15. Custom (fab shop or build your own)

C4 Fab 2014+ 4Runner Lo Pro

C4 Fab 2014+ 4Runner Lo Pro Winch Bumper

Credit: High Sierra Overland

Currently C4 Fab only offers an option for 2014+ models included ( SR5, Trail, TRD Off Road, TRD Pro) so unfortunately if you own a limited this might not be the choice for you.

The bumper itself is not the traditional full-length but instead a steel replacement for the center plastic valance underneath the grille. This will require cutting to the factory body but it will look close to a factory appearance after installed.

Since the C4 Lo Pro only goes in the center portion of the factory bumper it provides minimal protection in key areas. But it also weighs much less than an average full-length build.

The C4 Lo Pro also allows you to add a winch, which as we know is incredibly useful off-road, alone or with a crew. The Lo Pro will fit 8k-12k non-integrated winches, although lots of integrated models will fit too.

Made out of CNC cut P&O 3/16″ steel, features 3/4″ weld through shackles, and weighs around 75lbs.  It comes un-powder coated C4 fab currently does not offer powder coating. The Lo Pro is compatible with the TRD Pro skidplate along with other common aftermarket skid plates.

For options, you can choose between no bull bar, a mid-height bull bar, or a full height bull bar with gussets. You can also add a license plate mount and a center led bar cut out. This Lo Pro is a solid choice if you’re looking to add a winch, have a little more protection, and not a lot of weight.

Lo Pro – Pros

  • Lightweight 75lbs
  • Added winch
  • Integrated lightbar mount
  • Keeps the stock look but increase protection

Lo Pro – Cons

  • Not available for limited models
  • Not available pre powder coated
  • Only covers the lower midsection of the front end

Southern Style Off-Road 4Runner Slimline Hybrid

Southern Style Off-Road - Stage 2 High Clearance

Credit: TrailStandardOffRoad

The southern style offroad 4Runner slimline hybrid is a good choice for those looking for protection off-road without a steep price.

The SSO slimline is similar to the C4 Fab Lo Pro. It mounts underneath the grille and provides protection to key areas without adding that extra weight like a full-length build. It also allows you to keep that factory 4Runner look.

The southern style offroad slimline hybrid is CNC cut and constructed of 1/8″, 3/16″, and 3/8″ steel. It features 3/4″ welds through shackle mounts along with a 10,000lb winch mount capacity. The bumper itself only weighs 55/60Lbs.

Stage 2 High Clearance Add-on

SSO created this original add-on (pictured above) which allows you to keep the factory look of your 4Runner while gaining about 12″ of additional clearance over the OEM plastics at the tires.

With the stage 2, you make cuts in your bumper at an angle, and then cup those cut lines with steel. The stage 2 high clearance also comes powder coated the same black as the Hybrid.

If you are looking to keep the factory appearance while gaining more clearance in the front for larger tires, this is a pretty cool design.

Slimline Hybrid Build

  • Bull Bar: Can be customized to be shorter or taller if contacted
  • Winch line opening “front access hole” or front 2″ receiver tube
  • Powder coating +$124
  • Lighting +$169 – 849
  • Stage 2 high-clearance


  • Winch mounts
  • Can add lights
  • Comes with optional powder coating
  • Super Lightweight 55/60Lb
  • Cheap for the base model


  • Only covers the lower midsection (minimal protection vs. full-length)

Relentless Fabrication Stingray Lo-Pro with grille inserts

Credit: frankrebeloSee all posts by Frank

Relentless Fabrication makes another low profile build for the 5th Gen 4Runner. Similar to the C4 Fab and SSO bumpers. The Relentless Stingray features similar options as well.

The Stingray is made with 3/16″ CNC cut steel and features 3/4″ thick through-welded steel recovery points. This builds is compatible with most 8-10k lb winches, with fairlead cutouts for access to your winch.

One cool feature is their interchangeable grille inserts. They offer different designs for grille inserts as well as a light bar “Illumination series” option. If you like the look, just give them a call and they will make something work for you.


  • Winch mount
  • Multiple grille inserts
  • Lightbar slot
  • Powdercoat options


  • Partial protection

Straight from the owner above: Like most aftermarket slimline bumpers, there is a small gap between the bumper and front skid. For example, RCI offers a “filler plate” when using their skids, but this only mounts up to the stock bumper, not aftermarket. I really haven’t had any dissatisfaction with the Stingray or Relentless Fabrication, though. I am happy with the product and has worked really well for my needs.

Hefty Fabworks 3 models

Hefty Fabworks - 5th Gen 4Runner

Credit: Hefty Fab Works

Hefty Fabworks offers 3 models. Two true full-length designs and two lower profile designs.


First, let’s go over the two slimline bumpers that are available. Yes, another low profile design.

The slimline bumpers will work on all 5.5 Gens (2014-current). Both identical in shape and design the only difference is the cheaper beefier version is steel and the pricer version is aluminum, and that the aluminum comes powder coated, it never ships bare. The steel version weighs 6olbs while the aluminum weighs in at 33.5lbs (Only 19lbs heavier than stock once installed).

Both versions can also add a grille bull bar, a 30″ light bar slot and a winch mount for up to a 10,000lb winch.

Slimline models – Pros

  • Winch compatible
  • Powder coating option for steel
  • Aluminum option
  • Bull bar choice’s
  • Lightweight and medium weight choices

Slimline models – Cons

  • Aluminum not available in bare metal

Full-Length Aluminum

Now for the first full-length design, it is available for all years 2010-19 and for all models. It is made out of  5052 H34 1/4″ aluminum and weighs an amazing 59lbs without being powder coated. For this bumper, the grille hoop is standard and can not be removed (maybe give them a call). It comes standard with semi-gloss black powder coating.

This design supports a winch up to 9,500Lbs. For customization, you can choose to upgrade to aftermarket fog lights, and you can add a 30″ light bar. The bull bar on this bumper is low profile because a 30″ light bar actually mounts directly under it.


  • Winch mount
  • Powder coating
  • Aluminum
  • Lightweight


  • No bull bar removal
  • No bare metal

Front Tube Winch Bumper

New to the line-up is their front tube winch bumper. This design comes raw steel ready to be powder coated. Winch capable up to 10k lb with a non-integrated solenoid. Mounting tabs for 30″ light bar and most 3 1/2″ fog lights or Pods.


  • Winch mount
  • Affordable
  • Aluminum
  • Lightweight


  • No pre-power coat
  • Not many pre-built light mount

Shrockworks Full-Length

Credit: chivas_sotelo

Shrockworks is a common aftermarket armor brand for 4Runners so right out of the gates, you should know this front bumper is going to be great.

Shrockworks is compatible with 2010-2013 models and for an additional $80 it is compatible with 2014-19 models.

When choosing Shrockworks:

  • Center full bar hoop along with headlight guards
  • Remove the full bar to save an additional $40.
  • Remove the headlight guard which saves you $20

The actual metal used for the bumper is 3/16″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ steel while only weighing 137Lbs.  It is offered in bare steel, black powder coating +$90, or white powder coating for +$140.

Added Armor

  • Windshield washer reservoir skid plate
  • Two pieces for under headlights. You can choose to cut the factory body instead if wanted.
  • The added pieces come powder coated to match.

Shrockworks also features a hidden winch mount that accommodates most non-integrated solenoid winches up to 9500 lbs.  It also features holes for a front license plate that allows you to cover up the hole if a winch is not used or if you need a front license plate in your state.

The bumper also features front recovery points, they are a 1″ thick and are welded front and rear, they accept 3/4″ clevis shackles and the width prevents them from flopping around which are available for +$32.

For fog lights you can choose between your factory 4Runner fog lights or you can upgrade to high led output foglights for +$175. In our opinion, this design is a great choice for anyone who wants push their 4Runner off-road. It will provide full front-end protection, optional winch, and recovery points which are all good options to have in remote locations or rough terrain.


  • Winch mount
  • Can add lights
  • Uses the factory or upgraded fogs
  • Available for all models
  • Available in two powder coating colors


  • Depending on the winch and lights you add to the bars it can be almost 250lbs of front end weight added to your 4Runner.

BudBuilt Full-Length and Hidden Winch Mount

BudBuilt Front Bumper

BudBuilt 5th gen 4Runner hidden winch mount 2010-13

The hidden winch mount ranges from $375 to $405. The additional $30 is to add light mounts. This allows you to add a winch to the front valance with minimal work to install. It also allows the choice to add extra lower lights.

Full-Length Design (2010-2013)

The full-length design starts out at $1300 and goes up to $2200. The price difference includes a front hoop for an additional +$50.00 weighing in at 15lbs, Powdercoating for $241 any color, and LED lights for $600.

The full-length design comes with .134 & .187 & .250 steel body and braces weighing 101Lbs and 116Lbs with the front Bar. It has 3/4″ mounting brackets, mounting in a total of 14 locations. For powder coating, you can get it done in Flat-Black, Semi-Gloss Black, Red, Yellow, Blue or you can specify another color you want when ordering for the same +$241 price.

It also features 2 shackle mounts for D-rings, a winch mount that can hold a 9500Lb non-integrated solenoid winch, and vertical slots for cooling/air circulation.

Without the expensive led lights, this would be an affordable choice for someone wanting full protection.


  • Light/medium weight 101-116 lbs
  • Winch mount compatible
  • light mounts
  • Uses the factory or upgraded fogs
  • Available in multiple powder coating colors
  • Vertical cooling slots


  • Only available for 2010-13 4Runner models

Demello Full-Length (Aluminium, Hoop, Flattop)

Demello Front Bumpers (Aluminium, Hoop, Flattop)

Demello offers a few designs for the 5th gen.

An aluminum 3 hoop, a steel 3 hoop, a flattop steel, and lastly a flattop steel with a single hoop. Since there are 4 total designs that Demello makes were going to keep it short and simple.

All 4 for an additional +$35 will add turn signals for 2010-13 models. Demello offers steel gap filler plates. You can cut your factory bumper to have the upper half fill the gaps.

Aluminum 3-hoop

The aluminum 3-hoop is a good choice for those who want to build an off-road prepared 4Runner while not weighing too much and not killing your MPGs.

This aluminum 3-hoop weighs a whopping 50/60lbs (estimated) and still can hold a winch and additional lighting. It has a few lighting and winch options on the site and can come with a textured powder coat or in bare metal.

Streel 3-hoop

The steel 3-hoop is identical in build, size, and options as the aluminum. The only difference between them is the weight of the steel 3-hoop due to materials. The actual weight is not listed but the bumper is made of  1/4″ steel for the winch plate, it has 3/16″ reinforcements and 1/8″ skin. With those sizes, this design is still fairly lightweight and much stronger.

Flattop steel and flattop steel 3-hoop

The flattop steel and the same version with single hoop both use the same measurements of metal as the steel 3 hoop. The options for winches and lights are the same as well the only difference is that the top of the bumper is 100% flat all the way around.


  • Super lightweight and possible medium weight
  • Winch compatible
  • Light mounts
  • Available in powder coating
  • Can be used with all 5th gen 4Runners


  • Can you find one?

4×4 Labs Full-Length Design

4x4 Labs Front Bumper

4×4 Labs offers a full-length steel replacement. It is available for all  5th Gen years. The 2010-2013 and then the 5.5 Gen which is 2014-current.

This bumper is CNC cut out of  3/16″ and 1/4″ plate steel. The optional hoop is made from ring rolled tubing.

4×4 labs can be used with stock fog lights or rigid srq led lights. Other than this choice and the optional hoop, this bumper does not come with options for winches or additional lighting. You just need to piece together your set-up on this option.

One downside to this bumper is if you add a winch you will most likely need to relocate the power steering line with a relocation kit, which 4×4 labs does provide as an upgrade.


  • Winch compatible
  • Can add lights
  • Comes powder coated
  • Can be used with all 5th Gen 4Runners


  • Not much information on the weight
  • Relocate power steering line if you use a winch

ARB Full-Length Bull Bar

ARB Bull Bar Bumper 2010-18

While ARB is one of the biggest brands in the off-road community, their bumper does not come with any special options.

The ARB bull bar full-length is not a traditional bull bar but a full bumper replacement that is truly functional. Form follows function with the ARB bull bar full-length. The ARB full-length features a built-in winch mounting slot compatible with electric winches up to 10,000lbs and comes with ARB powder coated black.

You can keep factory fog lights on 2010/13 and 2014+ models or upgrade to aftermarket LEDs. The ARB also allows you to keep factory tow mounts, and its airbag approved. As the name states, it features a bull bar along with headlight guards which is great for offroading. This is a pretty heavy bumper weighing in at 191 lbs.

The bumper also includes the ARB LED indicator lights and clearance lights for both 2010/13 and 2014+ models.


  • Winch compatible
  • Incredible protection
  • Multiple light configurations (factory or upgrades)
  • Comes pre powder coated


  • Heavy
  • Not compatible with limited 4Runner
  • No available options to customize or choose parts

CBI Off-Road Fabrication  – 3 Versions

CBI bumper 5th Gen 4runner

Credit: Dirt.Vader

2010-2013 5th Gens

CBI just like ARB is a well-known brand in the offroad community and especially the 4Runner community. They offer 3 full-length designs for our generation.

First, we have the early year 2010-13 models. We have the first design with only a center hoop guard. Then we have the second that features headlight guards.

Both bumpers come with identical options which are winches and then the optional satin black smooth finish powder coating. They are also made out of 3/16″ steel with 1 ¾” X .120 hrew tubing and weigh 110-125 LBS.


  • Winch compatible
  • Powder coating choices
  • Medium weight


  • No aluminum

2014-current Models

Now for the late model 2014-2019 models. It is made out of the same thickness of steel and hrew tubing so it weighs almost the same. It comes in an all-aluminum version which, while the weight difference is not listed, maybe 60/75lbs.

Other than coming in aluminum it has an optional washer bottle reservoir skid available, the bull bar is also an optional choice. For the late model design, you can choose between no bull bar, just the grille bar or a full grille and headlight bar assembly.

CBI is a great choice due to its strong design and low weight. If you have the newer model 4Runner and are wanting a bumper that looks great while being lightweight you have the aluminum choice.

Late model – Pros

  • Winch compatible
  • Powder coating choices
  • Aluminum
  • Multiple bull bar choices
  • Lightweight and medium weight choices

Late model- Cons

  • Limited options available on the website

Pelfrey Bilt Steel (Company Filed Bankruptcy)

Pelfreybilt Bumper - 5th Gen 4Runner

I know they filed bankruptcy but I want to leave the image up for others to possibly pull some inspiration from. Maybe someone out there can build you something similar.

Pelfrey Bilt offered steel and aluminum full-length design for 2014 and newer model’s.

The aluminum option weighed 62lbs and came with square fog cutouts. It also came with a 30″ LED bar cutout & LED cover. The steel option weighed 130Lbs and also came with the same configuration.

The options came with standard with 1/4″ steel formed reinforcement brackets and 3/4″ D-ring mounts.


  • Winch compatible
  • Powder coating
  • Aluminum and steel
  • Lightweight and medium weight
  • LED light mounts/slots


  • No bull bar
  • Only square fog lights

Proline R1 Front Bumper

Proline Front Bumpers - 5th Gen 4Runner

Credit: General Overland (R1 Option Pictured)

Proline offers three designs.

They offer two traditional full-length options along with one low profile option. All three bumpers are made out of 3/16″ steel plating that is CNC cut and hand welded.

All 3 can be powder coated if you call in you can have them done in any custom coating. The R1 weighs 140Lbs, The elite weighs 220Lbs, and the slimline has an unknown weight but due to its specifications, we are assuming it is around 60+lbs.

The R1 and the Elite include optional powder coating and lighting.

The R1 features an optional bull bar, unlike the elite. Both bumpers are done in plating and are fairly heavy so they both will provide peak protection when offroading.

The Proline low profile is known as the Pro-X only has choices for lighting and powder coating as well. Design wise, it covers a smaller area but its built out of the same 3/16′ durable steel.


  • Winch compatible
  • Powder coating
  • Strong Steel design
  • Lighting


  • Extremely heavy for a full-length

Addicted Off-Road

Addicted Off-Road Plate Bumper

The Addicted Off-Road Plate option is 115lbs and is made out of steel and feature D-ring shackle mounts on the winch plate. For the winch plate, it will fit most of your typical winches that have the normal 10×4.5″ mounting pattern.

For an additional +$30 you can add turn signals and an additional +$90 will add LED Fog/Drive lights. Addicted off road is known for some pretty sweet body armor in previous 4Runner generations.


  • Winch options
  • Full protection
  • Enhanced winch access
  • Powder coated
  • Leight Weight


  • Not a lot of information given by the manufacturer

Expedition One

Expedition One Front Bumper

Expedition One’s front bumper is compromised of 3/16″ and 1/4″ inner structure and a 3/16″ outer structure, weighing in at 150lbs. Their build also features a 1″ thick 3/4 recovery shackle mount and an integrated forward-facing winch mount.

For options, you can get it powder-coated in black or shipped in bare steel. You can also get it with a singular middle hoop or a full bull bar that wraps around, aka headlight guards. Both the singular hoop and bull guard come with two light tabs on the top face of the bumper for 6″ to 8″ lights.

The Expedition One is one of the better choices on the list due to its build quality but does come in at a steep price.


  • Can add a winch to your 4Runner
  • Powder coating available
  • Medium Weight
  • Optional Bull Guard/Center Hoop
  • Led Light mounts
  • Maximum protection design


  • Not too many cons on this bumper

Custom (fab shop or build your own)

Custom bumpers can be a good option as well. Many shops can make you front-end protection much cheaper and at the same quality as any mainstream fabrication companies. The best part is that your bumper will be fully built to your exact needs and specifications.

Custom fab shops are not always more affordable, though. Sometimes, a custom fabrication shop can be twice the price depending on their skill level and expertise with your body/frame.

The best part about custom fabrication is that they are one-off builds. No one else will have your design. Sometimes, the process will be faster as well. Instead of waiting 6-12 weeks for a bumper, you can have one built just for your truck and installed in a few days.

When choosing a front bumper for your 5th gen 4Runner this is always a choice to consider.

Recommend shops

  • Northern California: Stellar Built
  • Southern California: IPM Fabrication
  • Central Arizona: RPM Fabrication

Which Bumper is for you?

Questions, and comments below!

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  • Ro

    WOO!! Finally a full write-up on all the 5th gen 4R modes/styles.
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    Thanks Brenan keep up the good work!

    • Mitch Lombard

      They missed the Relentless off road version, which IMO is better looking and more functional than all of these. The custom fabrication around the lights is top notch.

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    • Brenan - Trail4R

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    I have the SSO slimline. 2018 TRD OffRoad.

    Good workmanship, good price and excellent communication between buyer & seller.

    However, add a winch to the bumper, even with synthetic line, be prepared to upgrade your front suspension. The stock coilovers sag horribly. My setup added about 120lbs so I’m having to replace my stock setup with Bilsteins and Dobsons heavier lift springs to compensate.

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      Great info! Thanks for the tip! Adding shocks and springs to my list.

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      • Kenny Meadors

        Aren’t your shocks Bilsteins? Email Mike at Dobinsons USA. He suggested heavier springs for mine. I think I used C59-300 springs at his suggestion. Replaced my Toyota shocks with Bilsteins.

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    any recommendation of shops for custom fabrications in the socal area? I figured since you threw that info in there you’d be able to point me the right direction.

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    4×4 labs does have this addition which is a beauty. The only one I’ve seen that has the bars conform to the exact structure of the headlights.

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    Very good write-up of the Front Bumpers. I have the SSO Slim Line on order and from your article, I am very happy I did so.

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