Metal Tech Body Mount Chop (BMC) Kit

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Metal Tech Body Mount Chop (BMC) Kit – 5th Gen 4Runner

Metal Tech Body Mount Chop (BMC) Kit

5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Body Mount Chop (BMC) Kit by Metal Tech 4×4

When you make the move to larger tires, you are likely going to need a body mount chop (BMC). There are other areas you need to trim as well, but your body mounts are one of the most important. Making the jump to 33″ – 34″ tires, or even larger, will mean rubbing throughout your wheel well. After you have trimmed fender liners (also push back), rocker panel caps (valance caps), splash guards, and your actual body, you will need to take your 4Runner in for a body mount chop.

You have a few options for chopping your body mounts. You can do it yourself or take it a shop. You can also use a model-specific kit or use scrap metal to connect your mounts after you chop the ends off. I would recommend using a kit that is specific to your 4Runner.

We took our 4Runner to a Jeep shop about a year ago without a kit (like the Metal Tech BMC kit). We quickly learned this was a mistake as our tires continued to rub on the body mounts. The Jeep shop simply didn’t cut enough of the mounts off.

We should have purchased a BMC kit that was specific to our 4Runner in the first place and then taken that kit into a shop. If we would have purchased this kit a year ago, we would not have had these problems. If you are looking to chop your body mounts, do yourself a favor and buy the Metal Tech BMC kit that is made for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

Where to Purchase:

Parts in the Kit

  • 1 Left Body Mount chop plate
  • 1 Right Body Mount chop plate

Tools Required:

  • Grinder with cutting disk or Porta band saw
  • Grinder with flap disk for blending
  • Welder
  • Bucket of water and towels
  • Light colored paint pen
  • Basic hand tools

Pre-Installation Steps

  1. Remove battery ground cable from the battery
  2. Remove the front wheels
  3. Remove any installed sliders or aftermarket parts that may be in your way. Allow yourself as much room as possible to work with.


If you do not weld or use a plasma cutter on a daily basis, I would strongly recommend taking your 4Runner to 4×4 shop. Only perform the steps below if you are an experienced fabricator/ welder. Again, if you feel that you are not confident with this install, take this kit into a fabrication shop, and have them give you a hand. At your local off-road shop or fabrication shop, they will have all the tools you need to get this job done right. Also, the cost for a shop to do a BMC is relatively inexpensive ($100-$250).

We took our kit to Stellar Built in Sacramento. Stellar Built is a very reputable 4×4 fabrication shop in Greater Sacramento. If you are looking for a good off-road shop, give Stellar Built a call. They are much more of a Toyota shop as opposed to a Jeep shop. Stellar Built has now become our go-to fabrication shop in Sacramento. You can find them on Yelp and Instagram.

Step 1: Jack up Truck & Locate Body Mounts

Step #1: Jack up Truck & Locate Body Mounts

Start by cleaning off your body mounts and then let dry. Lay your body mount chop pieces out and notice the radius corners on the plates. These plates are specific to the driver and passenger side. The side with the radius corner is the top. The flat edge of the plate is the bottom.

Step 2: Remove Rubber Bushing from Mount Housing

Step #2: Remove Rubber Bushing from Mount HousingRubber Bushings

Remove your body mount nut, washer, and bushing. This is to prevent the bushing from catching on fire when you are cutting or welding your body mounts.

Step 3: Mark Cut Lines on Body Mount

Using a light paint pen or sharpie, hold up your BMC kit plates and mark your cut lines.

Step 4: Using Plasma Cutter, make initial Cuts

Step 4: Using Plasma Cutter, make initial Cuts

Using your plasma cutter or tool of choice, make your initial cuts on the body mount.

Step 5: Using Angle Grinder, Grind Ends on Body Mounts

Using your paint pen or sharpie again, mark your locations to grind down to. Using your angle grinder or tool of choice, grind down your body mounts so you have a flat edge.

Step 6: Weld Plates to 4Runner Mounts

Step 6: Weld Body Mount Kit to 4Runner Mounts

Weld the driver/ passenger-specific plates to your body mounts. Make sure your radius corners are facing up and the flat edge is facing towards the ground.

Step 7: Flat Black Spray your Body Mounts

Step 7: Flat Black Spray your Body Mounts

You can use flat black spray paint to paint your body mounts. This will give the end result a cleaner, more factory appearance.

Body Mount – Driver

Body Mount Chop - Driver

Body Mount – Passenger

Body Mount - Passenger

If you are looking for more clearance around your tires, this a great kit that is specifically made for our 4Runner. To sum up the install, it is fairly straight-forward. Metal Tech 4×4 provides a detailed step by step installation sheet that you can refer to if you have any questions. All you need to do is grab one of these kits and take it to an experienced fabricator/ welder and they can take it from there. Again, we do not fabricate or weld, and we did not want to learn on our own truck. Again, after my initial experience without a BMC kit, I would really recommend just grabbing this kit and doing it right the first time.

Where did you get your body mounts done? Did you use a BMC Kit or did you have them done at a shop without one? Cheers everyone!

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  • Dan

    Hi Brenan,
    Who did the cut and weld for your kit? I got my kit but need it installed.

  • Dan

    Thank you Brenan! I live near you so that will be no problem. I’m in Cameron Park.

  • Blake Purcell

    Great idea. I cut mine but still need to trim more. I will follow your guide to trim the remainder off. I was still able to stuff 35s under there

  • Blake purcell

    General red letter grabbers the old school ones. On 17 inch methods. Still rub a little at full lock. I didn’t know I could cut that longer part back. Great advice.

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