Pro Eagle Off-Road Jack Review

Pro Eagle Jack Review (3-ton & 2-ton Options)

Pro Eagle Jack Review (3 Ton)

The jack pictured is the 3  ton “Kratos”

Pro Eagle Floor Jack Review – The Best Off-Road and Shop Floor Jack?

When it comes to floor jacks and off-road jacks, you have plenty of options but the Pro Eagle is in a league of its own. With an unmistakable look, the Pro Eagle off-road jack goes unnoticed in all circles. This jack won at SEMA for the best new off-road product, and for good reason. The Pro Eagle has been put to the test by many drivers, racers, shop owners, and DIYers alike.

From the Baja sand to your neighbor’s shop, this jack has been off-road tested and shop approved. There are many key elements of the jack that make it so noteworthy.  We will comb over a few of the options that Pro Eagle has in their lineup of off-road jacks and accessories and then cover the top reasons why we think you should consider this jack.

If your current jack is leaking oil, your ram won’t lift or you are sick of trying to find spare parts in the garage to reach extended heights for your lifted truck, you may want to consider this jack.

Pro Eagle offers three models of the jack.

  1. 3-ton Big Wheel “Kratos” – Check Price
  2. 2-ton Big Wheel “Beast” – Check Price
  3. 2-ton with roller pin front and standard wheels rear – Check Price

Accessories for the jack

  • Multiple jack mounts
  • Off-Road jack extension
  • Jack extension mount
  • Extra lift pads

Learning Curve

Out of the box, this jack is sensitive. With your old jack, when you twist to release compression, your jack might slowly drop down. With the Pro Eagle, a very small release of the handle dropped the truck much faster than we were used to. This is a combination of new hydraulics and getting familiar with the jack. This is also the first jack that I have used with such responsiveness.

The Pro Eagle Jack Features and Highlights

Pro Eagle Jack Features and Highlights

Features & Highlights

  • Heavy-Duty composite wheels (non-pneumatic)
  • 8″ extension with 13″ upgrade
  • 3 ton & 2 ton options
  • Off-Road mounts available
  • Sealed ball bearings on all 4 wheels
  • Solid steel axles
  • All aluminum construction
  • 60lbs
  • Cover is included

The Pro Eagle features heavy-duty composite wheels and sealed ball bearings on all four wheels. With solid steel axles and complete aluminum construction, this jack weighs in at only 60lbs. That is a big difference compared to most other jacks weighing in at 90-100lbs. Most notable is the actual jack extension.

The extension comes in an 8″ (stock) or upgraded 13″ extension. At the top of the extension is a removable rubber pad. Both the extension and the rubber pad twist on and off in the same fashion.

If you are debating the 3-ton or 2-ton, you should probably buy the 3-ton. The 4Runner has a rough weight of 4,400 to 4,805 lbs (2015). A ton is 2000lbs so do the math. With the 3-ton jack, you should have more than enough lift to jack your truck along with the added weight of front/rear bumpers, drawer systems, and other heavy accessories.

The Jack Extension

Pro Eagle Jack Extension (8" - 13")

What makes this jack simply brilliant is the extension. Well, brilliance might be an overstatement. We have all done this with either a piece of wood on top of the lift plate or for some, welded your own extension onto the lift plate. Regardless, it is incredibly nice to now have a jack that works for lifted trucks.

Have you been in a situation where a piece of firewood has been on top of your jack plate only to see it fly off an almost crack your eye open? Yeah, most of us have and it’s pretty sketchy. It’s always nerve raking walking around your garage or shop trying to find something to put on top of the jack. We always end up finding something that works but god damn is it usually a bad idea.

The jack extension on the Pro Eagle features an 8″ adjustable system with a 13″ extension upgrade. The extension features an adjustable pin that allows you to adjust the height on the fly. You can also remove the top lift pad depending on your preferred lift point.

To remove the lift pad and the extension, just twist and lift off or twist and lock into place.

Fitting under stock 4×4

If you 4Runner is stock, you will need to remove the extension before fitting the jack underneath. With a 3″ lift on our 4Runner, the extension on the lowest setting barely fit underneath. The extension is tall. If you are buying this jack, it should be for height reasons.

Pro Eagle Big Wheels

Pro Eagle Big Wheels

The big wheels are made of composite material, just think of really thick plastic. When you wheel across the floor of a shop, they slide and glide pretty easily in north and south direction.

If you want to shift your entire jack east or west, you may want to consider a 2-ton jack with metal roller wheels. The wheels on the 3-ton jack do tend to get hung up on making it difficult to slide or drag across a shop floor.

With traditional jacks, the wheels tend to get hung up and you end up tilting the whole jack and then yanking it in the direction you want to go. This problem is somewhat enhanced with the Pro Eagle big wheels.

The biggest benefit we found with the Pro Eagle is its ability to glide over anything in its path, though.

When rolling the massive wheels across the floor, it will crawl over almost anything in the way. From shop hoses to pebbles, zip ties and everything in between, nothing seems to phase this thing.

Pro Eagle as Shop/Floor Jack

Shop/Floor Jack

As a shop jack, the Pro Eagle performs. Like I said above, the jack rolls over everything in its path.

Again, only north and south with this jack on a shop floor. East and West is a different topic and pretty hard to control.

It can be easily stowed away like a normal jack but maneuvers around the floor like a champ compared to others.

The real benefit of this jack is its ability to reach heights and roll over anything in its path. It performs as advertised and works a shop/floor jack just as any other floor jack but with a few added benefits.

For a shop jack as primary use, consider a 2-ton with metal wheels. The platic wheels on the 3-ton makes make it difficult to shift east and west making for a frustrating expereince.

Pro Eagle as Off-Road Jack

Pro Eagle Off-Road Use Overview

The 3-ton is better on dirt than in the shop!

The 3-ton was made for off-road, period. No other jack competes here.

Just as we suspected, this jack performs on the dirt. We took the jack out for a test drive and jacked up the 4Runner in a few different spots. We set the jack on a thick solid rock, loose rock, sand, and a flat dirt road.

From what we tested, everything was fine. We did not put the jack in the mud or in the water and for good reason, why ruin a good thing if you don’t have to.

  1. Weight: At 60lbs, the Pro Eagle is not light for lugging around a trail. Compared to the Hi-Lift Jack coming in at 30lbs, the Pro Eagle is twice the weight. But, the Pro Eagle offers twice the versatility. With the Pro Eagle, you have access to more lift points than the Hi-Lift Jack and other similar styles.
  2. Ease of use: With its massive composite wheels, this jack rolls over any terrain you throw it on. We rolled it through the sand, dirt, gravel and hard rock. Nothing stopped it.
  3. Hydraulic Handles: They detach in two pieces. You can quick release both sections of the handle and the frame.
  4. Carry Handle: Pro Eagle features two side handles for picking it up. You need both of these handles. Again, 60lbs is heavy. Especially when you are on a trail all day and blow a tire, bust a control arm or break a CV.

Extended Height with the 8″ extension

Extended Height with the 8" extension

And, the money shot!

Pro Eagle Jack Review

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1 year ago

Youtuber dirtlifestyle just reviewed proeagle and badlands. From harbor freight! Hamds down harbor freight is comparable of not better and half the price. Start manufacturing in America again. Get out of China.

1 year ago

Designed in the USA but manufactured where?

10 months ago
Reply to  John


2 years ago

Terrible quality everything breaks within a couple months! Casters break, wheel posts and axle also. Missing washers in between wheels by mount. Hydraulic broke and malfunction. Worst Jack I’ve ever used! Don’t buy this, it’s pretty looking but that’s about it. Can’t lift 2 tons without an issue. Unsafe overall and faulty mechanical problems throughout. Street create

3-Ton not a good choice
3-Ton not a good choice
3 years ago

The 3-ton Kratos is more like 68lbs – 70lbs. I bought it reading your review but I regretted it and returned it. Had to pay ove$120 to return it. 3-ton was too much bulk/weight. 3-Ton is more for full size to heavy duty Trucks. the 1.5 Ton new or the 2ton is more than enough for 4Runners, Tacoma or even Tundra. Some even use 1.5 ton for Tundra these days.

3 years ago

Did you mount this any where in your truck with their jack mount?

3 years ago

Would have appreciated seeing the retail price or MSRP in the review. Will look it up. Thanks for the thorough review of the features.

Herb Ballard
Herb Ballard
5 years ago

You did an awesome review on the Jacks….was just taken aback by the use of unnecessary and unprofessional profanity??

“We always end up finding something that works but god damn is it usually a bad idea.”


2 years ago
Reply to  Herb Ballard


6 years ago

Love this Jack, thanks for sharing. An awesome community over here. I run the stickers on my 3rd gen rig and they look sexy!

Chris theodore
Chris theodore
6 years ago

Have been looking for a new jack for ages and didn’t want to just get another random jack.
Just read this review and I’m sold. Ordering one ASAP!!!

Jimmy Jet
Jimmy Jet
6 years ago

I couldn’t be happier with this Pro Eagle Jack. I have the 3 Ton “Kratos”. The extension piece allows for a quick and easy lift with a few pumps of the handle. Don’t be concerned with the plastic “non-pneumatic” wheels either, the wheels and axles combo is rated higher than the floor jack can lift. The big off road wheels also make easy work of dirt or rocks. If you are doing any maintenance/repairs outside, at camp or on the side of a trail, I would suggest this floor jack to anyone in the off road community.

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