Top 10 ARB Twin & Single On-Board Air Compressor Mounts For the 5th Gen 4Runner

ARB Twin Compressor Side Mounting Bracket Tray

After Years of Testing On-Board Air Compressors, Here Are Our Favorite On-Board Air Mounting Brackets, Under-Seat Mounts, and Switch + Compressor Tray Options

When it comes to mounting a compressor for onboard air, you can pick from Viair, Smittybilt, or one of the many other options, however, ARB still remains king in the onboard air category. Simply put, ARB makes some of the industry’s best onboard air compressors; the Twin and the Single.

ARB is the leader in dependable onboard air compressors and has been for well over a decade. No other company has been able to challenge the ARB line in terms of dependability or 3rd-party brands manufacturing plug-and-play mounting support. Sure, there are many compressors and mounting options for the Toyota community. However, both the Twin and Single take the cake when it comes to mounting brackets and trays for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

Over the years, we have tested both DIY on-board air mounting options and CAD-designed CNC cut brackets made to mount ARB compressors. While both get the job done, the pre-made brackets and trays are pretty affordable and oftentimes make for a cleaner install.

Before we jump into the brackets and tray mounting options, let’s first look at the ARB Twin Vs. the ARB Single Compressor. Once you determine which compressor is best for your build, you can then choose the best bracket/tray for your preferred compressor.

ARB Twin Vs. Single Compressor

ARB Twin V. Single Compressor

I’ve run both compressors, and both for different reasons.

The Twin is a dual motor compressor that puts out superior speeds but those speeds come with a cost; weight, space, and price point. The Single is a single motor compressor that takes up less space, is lighter, and cheaper than its sibling.

Both are great options but if you’re looking to maximize the usable space on a switch tray, for example, the ARB Single is perfect. If you have 34″+ tires, you’re likely going to want the Twin for its increased output and faster air-up times.

Regardless of which option you choose, ARB Air Compressors are individually leak tested, pressure tested, current draw tested, and flow tested under load at the factory before packaging. All compressors are made in Australia and come with a 2-year warranty that covers defects against workmanship or materials. 

Find them online: 

Twin Compressor

This is a great option if you’re running larger tires (34″+), want to air up faster, don’t mind dedicating the extra space, the extra weight, and the added cost.

  • The Twin is bigger, and faster.
  • Current draw: 28.4 amps
  • Weight: 17.7 lbs
  • CFM no load (0 psi): 6.16
  • CFM under load (29 psi): 4.68
  • Duty cycle: 100% 60/0

Single Compressor

This is a more affordable option for tire sizes 31″ – 33″ that won’t take up as much space, and is fairly lightweight, although it’s much slower than the twin.

  • The Single is smaller and slower.
  • Current draw: 14.2 amps
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • CFM no load (0 psi): 3.09
  • CFM under load (29 psi): 2.34
  • Duty cycle: 50% 30/30

ARB Compressors Technical Reference Chart

1. R4T – Behind The Grille

R4T - Behind The Grille Compressor Mount for the 5th Gen 4Runner


Runnin4Tacos has brought many exciting products to the Toyota and Lexus communities, and this one is definitely no exception.

The “Behind The Grille” air compressor mount is designed to support the weight of an ARB Twin compressor. This mounting location leaves your secondary battery location open (next to the air intake), and won’t block your fuse box or driver-side firewall access point. These are two huge selling points of this mounting location and the reason why I installed and tested this bracket on one of our 4Runners.  You have the option of powder-coating, or leaving it raw stainless.

Finally, R4T provides all the optional fittings; (2) 90-degree fittings and the proper length hose to go from the ARB Twin to the ARB Manifold. This is a very non-intrusive mount location offered for the 5th Gen 4Runner. I may run this on my next compressor mount location.

2. CBI Offroad – Driver-Side

ARB Compressor Mount for 4Runner from CBI Offroad


CBI designed a mount for the ARB Twin compressor that sits on the driver’s side positioned directly next to the fuse box, however, It does not cover the fuse box – which is nice. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective solution for mounting a twin compressor without blocking the main fuse box and you don’t need a switch, this is a good option. This tray does come powder coated.

3. Rago Fabrication – Driver-Side

Rago Air Compressor Mount & Rhino Usa Digital Gauge - Step 4: Install Air Compressor Mount


This tray is designed to accommodate either the ARB Twin or ARB Single along with an SP-9100 switch. The best part about this bracket is that it does not cover the primary fuse box like other switch and compressor trays, however, if you have a 2020+ 4Runner it will cover your secondary fuse box. The workaround that Rago provides for 2020 is a little odd and their installation instructions linked above are pretty sloppy.

In addition to that, this tray will permanently block access to the driver-side firewall access point. I think this is a good option if you’re going to set it and forget it, but if you plan on additional electrical mods, where access through the driver firewall is needed, you may want another option that doesn’t take up such a large surface area. Install guide found here.

4. SLEE Offroad – Driver-Side

SLEE Off-Road Air Compressor Bracket for ARB Single or Twin


  • Product Name: SLEE ARB Air Compressor Mount
  • Compatible: 2010-2019 | 2020-2022 with modification
  • Made for: ARB Twin, ARB Single, Switch
  • Covers Fuse Box: No

If you’ve been in the industry or community for any amount of time, you know the name SLEE. Their tray is a simple stainless steel tray designed to accommodate the ARB Compact (for lockers), ARB twin, and the ARB single. It doesn’t interfere with the primary fuse box and for the 2020+ 4Runner, SLEE offers their secondary fuse box relocation bracket. Install guide found here.

5. PowerTrays – Driver-Side

PowerTrays Switch & Compressor Tray - Driver


PowerTrays has manufactured switch trays for well over a decade. They produce 20 different tray options for over 7 vehicle platforms. It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

They offer a single compressor mount on the driver-side that does not interfere with your main fuse box. And, Powertrays provides a nice tutorial linked above for 2020+ 4Runners that want to relocate the secondary fuse box in order to accommodate this tray. Although that relocation mod is cool (much better than the Rago relo in my opinion), if you ever need access to your firewall, you will have to unbolt it back out of the way. Install guide found here.

6. SDHQ Off-road – Driver-Side

SDHQ Off-road Driver-Side Air Compressor Mount


SDHQ makes a tray that’s compatible with either the ARB Twin or ARB Single. They also offer an option for a Switch-Pros mounting solution that is compatible with this tray and in addition to that, SDHQ makes a killer Switch-Pros switch keypad bracket.

This tray plus Switch-Pros mounting bracket can get pricey compared to others though. At the time of writing the tray was $169 and the SP-9100 bracket was $40. That’s $200 all in for a compressor + switch brackets, not counting the compressor or other electrical components. This tray comes powder-coated.

7. C4 Fabrication – Driver-Side

C4 Fabrication Accessory Tray Driver-Side


C4 Fabrication makes a universal mounting tray designed for compatibility with a wide array of equipment. Many items that have been mounted in forum threads include sPODs, fuse blocks, bus bars, breakers, and terminal blocks.

This is a very low-profile, non-intrusive, extremely affordable option that can be used to mount an ARB Single, DIY switch, or anything else you might need. You may need to drill additional holes in the tray for your specific configuration, however, for under $50, this is a good universal option.

8. SD Offroad – Driver-Side

SD Mount Tray for ARB Twin Compressor and SP-9100 on 5th Gen 4Runner


SD Offroad (@SDoffroadmt on Instagram) is famously known for the first “Mount Tray”. SD Offroad was the first company, surprisingly enough, to create and then manufacture a tray that was designed to mount the SP-9100 switch in a vertical orientation as the Switch-Pros brand recommends.

Since the release and success of their first Mount Tray for the 4Runner a few years ago, they now offer Mount Trays for multiple makes and models, not just Toyota. For the 4Runner, they offer the Pre-2020 Non-ARB Fuse and Terminal Block Mount Tray along with the ARB + Saftey Hub + Switch-Pros Mount Tray and finally, a 2020+ 4Runner version designed to keep your secondary fuse box in its factory location.

At the time of writing this post, SD Offroad is the only company with an offering specifically for the 2020+ 4Runner without requiring a relocation of the secondary fuse box in the engine bay.

Head over to the SD Offroad Instagram page for more information on their switch trays, and ARB compressor mounting brackets. Their page is dedicated to switches, trays, and mount brackets which makes for some serious OCD eye candy. They also have really dependable installation instructions, both for the SP-9100 Switch installation guide and the ARB Compressor Tray + Switch installation guide.

9. (M.O.R.E.) Mountain Offroad – Passenger-Side

On-Board ARB Twin Compressor


This is the only air compressor bracket on the market designed to accommodate the secondary air tank for the ARB Twin. However, you really only need this if you need large bursts of air with lots of pressure. Most guys consider the additional tank overkill as it doesn’t add significantly fast air-up times nor do you need it for lockers.

However, the bracket itself is very stout. If you’re looking to mount a twin compressor on the passenger side, this is one of the better options on the market. I ran this compressor bracket for two years with no problems and would run it again. The bracket can be powder-coated in black or red and is made in the USA. Install guide found here.

10. Shrock Works – Passenger-Side

Shrockworks ARB Single Air Compressor Mount on 5th Gen 4Runner


UPDATE: Shrockworks is no longer in business (Jan 2023). 

  • Product Name: Shrockworks Air Compressor Mount
  • Compatible: 2013-2018
  • Made for: ARB Single
  • Cover Fuse Box: No

This is a nice compact stainless steel option for the passenger side of the 4Runner. The tray bolts into place just behind the factory intake air box and while it’s compatible with the TRD Intake, other larger intakes such as the aFe and S&B may be too large. Install guide found here.

11. Bonus: Desert Does It – Under Passenger Seat

Desert Does It - Under Passenger Seat Compressor Mount

The Twin pictured above is on a 3rd Gen Tacoma and will not fit the 5th Gen 4Runner.


Desert Does It or DDI for short, is known for its seat jackers and seat-mounted MOLLE panels for the Tacoma/4Runner. They also make this under-seat bracket for an ARB Single.

The 5th Gen 4Runner bracket will accommodate an ARB single, and other small compressors such as a Viair 300p. The seat bracket itself looks stout, the reviews are solid, and it comes with all the hardware/fittings you need to install the twin compressor.

One of the main selling points of this bracket is that your compressor isn’t exposed to the elements and is clearly tucked out of the way. The downside here is that you need to run harnesses under your carpet, through your passenger firewall, and over to your battery, which is a longer cable run than all other alternatives. Also, if you have passengers that like to keep the door closed when you air up/down this option might not be for you.

Final Thoughts

ARB Twin and Single Compressor

There are lots of mounting options here but one of the biggest takeaways for me is having full-time access to my driver-side firewall, and easily.

After modding my first 5th Gen 4Runner overland build for roughly 6 years, I learned a lot.

One of the main pain points of a large switch tray was that it prevents easy access to your driver-side firewall. It’s possible, it’s just super tight. I just can’t imagine also having a twin compressor hard-mounted directly in the front of the firewall. In my opinion, the options listed above for the passenger side or any location away from the driver-side firewall access point make more sense as most wiring mods funnel into the driver access point in order to tap a fuse and/or continue to the rear of the 4Runner.

I installed the M.O.R.R. bracket and documented that installation here. Sure, it limits your ability to run a secondary battery system in that spot but there’s a give and take to everything. As your build grows, and if you’re constantly changing/adding parts, you will continue to push through the firewall on the driver-side.

I like the idea of the Desert Does It under-seat mount because it’s such a clean install. The only downside is that it’s a bit more work as you have to take out your seat and run large harnesses under the carpet and through the passenger firewall. Those ARB compressor harnesses are really big.

The R4T Behind The Grill compressor bracket seems to be a promising option. I would be interested in running that as it’s technically dead space that’s never getting utilized otherwise. This option is close to power so that means short/easy wire runs and it doesn’t require going into the firewall; always a plus in my book. The only possible downside here is a compressor full of bugs and it might interfere with an upgraded /oversized CSF radiator.

If you’re looking to mount a SP-9100 or RCR Force 12 alongside an ARB compressor, the SD Offroad mount is the way to go.

Lots of options here. Good luck!

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1 year ago

Debbie downer here… I have the M.O.R.E and do not recommend it if obnoxious rattling in the engine bay annoys you. This tray mount uses an open slot on one side and bolts on the other. Unfortunately because of clearance issues, there is no way to tighten up the tray on the slotted side therefore there’s 1/16″ or 1/8″ of “play” for the tray to clunk up against its base… anytime I hit rough road, pot holes, or even normal road seams the whole dang thing rattles. I’ve tried a few things, but the only thing I can imagine would fix is a weld which I think might make the whole tray/mount system impossible to un-install. Unfortunately I do not recommend the M.O.R.E due to the rattling noise and lack of solid sturdiness.

1 year ago

FYI current draw should be in Amps, Watts is a measure of energy and is Amps*Voltage=Watts.

1 year ago

I mount my Single on the Rago Molle Panel in the trunk. Much better and streamlined process for me and the compressor is not exposed to dust/ mud/ elements when wheeling.

1 year ago
Reply to  Eric

how did you run the wiring?

1 year ago

I did the Rago mount when I bought my 20204R new and it’s on their website as one of their noted installations (it’s changed even since then) for the single ARB. There’s definitely little to no room for that access point to the firewall. It’s still there has been a solid performer so far but I’m interested in moving to a dual ARB with it mounted on the passenger side next to the firewall.

I already have an Odyssey battery on the passenger side front tray for my dual battery set up by SDHQ. Of note, there’s far more room to run wiring to the rear of the 4R on the passenger side along the door sills and there’s also an access point through the firewall there which I used for some of my roof lighting. I was still able to access the space behind the glove box, across the center console and route wiring to the fuse panel for the install.

Always looking for a better way to install and have that clean look. Appreciate all the articles on this forum by everyone that contributes! SOLID!

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