10 Lifted 5th Gen 4Runners That Will Inspire You!

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runners

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner Ideas and Inspiration – Complete with Suspension, Wheels, Tires and Other Mod Ideas

Have you ever wanted a solid go-to list of lifted 5th Gen 4Runner builds for inspiration? Yeah, me too!

After getting quite a few requests for “build pages”, we decided to do something a little different.

If you are not familiar with a build page, it’s basically a few core photos of a 4Runner build and a list of all the top mods that 4Runner has. Build pages are awesome; they can just be hard to keep updating over time.

Instead of offering the community build pages, we wanted to do something a little different; a curated list of builds and highlighting certain aspects of those builds. In this case, we would be looking at lifted 4Runners in particular.

In other cases, these curated lists may include lighting, armor, interior mods, DIY projects, SEMA builds, etc. For this first post, we wanted to go after one of the most common questions we all get: “What lift and tire size are you running?”

Awesome Lifted 5th Gen 4Runners and their specs

We wanted to put together a list of some awesome lifted 5th Gen 4Runners and their lift specs. This is going to include the suspension specs, tire specs, wheel specs and anything that correlates to a 4Runner and its ground clearance.

Since this is the first real curated list of my favorite builds from Instagram, it may feature a few more details about each build.

Below you will find each build and their lift specs.

We tried to address all the common questions you might have about that build but if you have any further questions, click the link next to their photo to visit their Instagram page. Be sure to give each build a follow!

In absolutely no specific order, I hope you guys enjoy this list:

Please let us know if you enjoyed this post by leaving comments below.

If you do enjoy this post, we will continue adding posts like this to the website.

1. Steve Kpa – @anchr3d – 2018 Cavalry Blue TRD Pro

2019 Cavalry Blue TRD Pro on Gold Wheels

Suspension Mod List

  • KING OEM Performance 2.5 shocks w/adjusters
  • Dobinsons 701 rear coils
  • Icon Delta Joint UCAs
  • Stealth Custom Series Ray 10, 17×9, -38mm offset
  • Cooper STT Pro LT295/70r17

Other Mods

  • Roof rack: @frontrunneroutfitters 3/4 rack
  • Ladder: @gobiracks
  • Sliders: @rsg_offroad
  • Awning: @rhinorackusa Sunseeker 2.0
  • Paint: @suntekfilms PPF by @mar.qp
  • Stereo: Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

Author Note: There is something about those gold wheels with Cav Blue. KING shocks with Icon UCAs, Cooper Tires and -38 Offset SCS wheels makes this 4Runner one impressive and fully funtional build.

2. Felix Chen – @gun.rnr – 2018 TRD Off-Road

Suspension Mod List

  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 2 Suspension System
  • 285/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers

Other Mods

  • Gobi Stealth Rack
  • Baja Designs Amber Everything
  • 2x 30″ S8 Light Bars
  • 4X LP6’s Baja Designs Lights
  • 2x Squadron Pro Ditch
  • 2x Squadron Sport Fogs
  • 2X S2Pro Chase
  • C4 Fabrication LoPro Winch Bumper with Mid Heigh Bull Bar and High Clearance Additions
  • C4 Fabrication Sliders
  • Wilco Off-Road Solo High Clearance Tire Carrier
  • 17″ Stealth Custom Series Ray10 with -10mm Offset and 1.25″ Spidertrax Spacers

Author Note: I call this guy “the man with the Baja Plan” on the gram. If you like Baja lighting, then follow this build make sure to bug him with any of your common Baja lighting questions. He likely knows the answer. He has since added 4 LP6 lights to his Gobi rack. This is one awesome MGM 4Runner.

3. Chris Rauch – @mtn_4r – 2018 TRD Off-Road Premium

Lifted White TRD Off-Road with Massive Negative Offset Wheels (Blue)

Suspension Mod List

  • King extended travel coilovers & shocks w/ adjusters & 650lb coils, lifted 3.5″ in front
  • Icon tubular Delta Joint UCAs
  • Icon 2″ rear springs (closer to 2.5″ actual lift)
  • 17×9 -38 offset Stealth Custom Series stealth blue F5 wheels
  • 305/70R17 Nitto Ridge Grappler tires

Other Mods

  • C4 Fab Lo-Pro bumper (no bull bar)
  • Baja Designs 30″ S8 light bar
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport fogs
  • OEM TRD Pro grille and rear bumper valance
  • Full custom A/V system w/ wireless CarPlay and front-facing camera
  • Airaid intake and URD MAF calibrator
  • Sprint Booster
  • RCI skid plates
  • Shrockworks angled sliders
  • Front Runner roof rack and Maxtrax mount
  • Xenon Depot Xtreme HID Philips 4300K low beams
  • ARB on-board air dual compressor w/ Rago Fab mount
  • Wifey 4-corner air system w/ custom air fittings
  • Warn VR10-S winch w/ Factor 55 fairlead and Ultrahook
  • Odyssey 34R-PC1500T battery
  • Triple state voltage booster
  • T4RPAM with Yaesu FTM-400XDR ham radio and Android tablet running Backcountry Navigator and APRSdroid
  • Front Runner roof top tent w/ quick release latches
  • Gobi ladder

Author Note: A newer build to hit the Instagram scene but quickly growing in popularity. Make sure to follow Chris on the Gram. He has some amazing photos, and a well built 4Runner. That SCS -38 Offset really prevents the need for wheel spacers. Great choices all the way around on this 4Runner.

4. Jeff Kelley – @Jefferized73 – 2015 SR5 4Runner

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runners

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • Toytech Boss (with adjustable coil-overs)
  • Maxtrac lift spindles
  • SPC upper control arms
  • ICON rear springs
  • RESZ Fab rear lower control arms
  • Ultra Wheels
  • BFG KO2 35″ tires

Other Mods

  • TRD Skid plate
  • Qty. 4 KC HiLiTES 1151 Apollo Pro 6″ rounds
  • Baja Designs Squadron amber wide cornering fogs
  • Aiden James custom DRL’s
  • TRD Pro front conversion

Author Note: This is a 6″ lift that I actually like. Go check out this Instagram page for a few more shots of this build. It doesnt have all the bells and whistles but it might inspire someone out there to go with 6″ of lift. It’s not for everyone but that’s the great part about building a Rig, It’s yours. Who cares what everyone else thinks. I kind of want a 6″ lift after seeing this.

5. Jonathine Salas – @Pitorican_4Runner – 2012 Limited

Lifted Black 4Runner with Fiberglass Fenders

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • Fox DSC 2.5 fully adjustable with 700lbs coils
  • Ekstrom Design 1/4 front spacers
  • Total chaos spindle gussets and alignment tabs
  • LSK race lower control arms
  • Icon Delta billet UCS
  • Fox DSC fully adjustable rear shocks
  • OME 899 Heavy duty rear springs with Icon hydro bump stops and Rokmen Panhard and rear links
  • Black Rhino Wheels Rumbles 17×8.5 -22 and 3.8 backspace
  • Nitto ridge grappler 305/70/17

Other Mods

  • @heftyfabworks front and rear bumper, sliders & skids
  • @bpfabricating grille
  • @prinsudesign roof rack
  • @switchpro 9100
  • @agency6 fairlead and attachment
  • @theretrofitsource and @kustom54lighting headlights  parts
  • @focalamerica  krx3’s front and
  • @hertz Millie rear
  • @hornblasters shockers xl horns
  • @viair400c dual fast fill compressor and 3gallon tank
  • @oldmanemu 899 heavy duty springs
  • @nitrogears 4.56 gears
  • @alpineusa 8inch head unit
  • @audison_official amps/processor @theoriginalsmittybilt x20 winch 10k @overlook.graphics window decal
  • @DCaudio 2 8inch subwoofer
  • @flowmaster_official 40series and URD Y-Pipe
  • @diodedynamics turn signal mod
  • @kustom54lighting custom taillights
  • @rigidindustries ditch lights and rock lights and ignite roof rack lights and rear bumper lights
  • @Bajadesigns 30 inch amber and 2 Lp9 pro’s
  • @ceramicpro_solutions 9h
  • @advfiberglass front fenders
  • Soundskins sound deadening 150 sq ft
  • @afepower Momentum GT intake
  • @underdog_racing_development Mass air calibrator and Y-pipe
  • @rokmenoffroad Offroad panhard and lower links @totalchaosfabrication spindle gussets and alignment tabs
  • @roofnest refrigerator
  • @northstar group 31 AGM battery
  • @sprintbooster
  • @lsk race lower control arms
  • @icon delta billet uppers and hydro bumpstops
  • @durabumps bumpstops front and rears
  • @shrockworks windshield washer tank
  • Expeditions Essentials Dash Mount
  • Bulletproof Fab MOLLE Panels

Author Note: What can I say, this build has it all. With Hefty Fab written all over it, this is one amazing 4Runner that will inspire just about any 4Runner owner. We can all take a page from Jonathines 4Runner. We might not need all of it but he literally has almost every mod you can do to a 4Runner. Well done bro, well done.

6. Brad Pheak – @Bradpheak – 2012 SR5 Premium

Lifted White 4Runner on 295/70R17 Tires

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • ICON suspension
  • Stealth F5 wheels
  • 295/70/17 Cooper STT Pros
  • Dobinson 701V rear springs

Other Mods

  • RCI skids
  • Coastal rear bumper
  • Demello front bumper
  • Baja fogs (Baja ONX6 40” light bar coming soon)
  • GOBI Stealth roof rack
  • Demello hybrid sliders
  • ARB awning
  • Safari snorkel
  • Rago panels
  • ARB dual air compressor

Author Note: This is a really simple build with great choices. I really like the simplistic look yet this rig is fully capable. These 295/70/17 Cooper STT Pros have great on and off-road reviews. This Demello front bumper also get’s me going every time I see it on a build but especially this one. If I had to start over, this build would really inspire me.

7. Max Sheehan – @life.to.the.max – 2015 Trail Edition Premium

Lifted MGM 4Runner with KING Shocks

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • Front Shocks: King Shocks 2.5 OEM Performance Series (25001-243)
  • Rear Shocks: King Shocks 2.5 OEM Performance Series (25001-279)
  • Upper Control Arms: Total Chaos Uniball (TC 96504)
  • Rear Springs: Dobinsons 2″ KDSS Specific (C59-725)
  • DuroBumps 5th Gen front and rear bump stops
  • OEM Toyota Trail Edition Wheels
  • Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT (285/70R17) with matching spare wheel/tire

Other Mods

  • Shrockworks Engine Skid
  • Baja Designs lighting with Switch-Pros Controller
  • AutoHome Maggiolina Extreme Rooftop Tent
  • Front Runner Custom Roof Rack
  • Eezi-Awn Swift Awning
  • 4×4 Labs Sliders
  • Kenwood HAM radio
  • Dometic CFX fridge
  • X2 AGM Battery
  • On-board ARB air
  • Custom home-made interior storage platforms
  • Custom electrical system

Author Note: What I love about Max’s 4Runner is that it’s purposely built for its use. Max has some of the highest quality shocks you can buy with great tires for both on-road and off-road use. Some builds can get out of hand fast with oversized MT tires and over-built suspensions. MAX has everything he needs to hit the trail and explore. A smart build in my book.

8. Chivas Sotelo – @Chivas_Sotelo – 2013 Trail Edition

Lifted Grey 4Runner on Red Wheels

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • King suspension
  • Total Chaos UCA
  • Timbren bump stops
  • OME heavy-duty rear springs
  • 17×9 Black Rhino Primm wheels
  • Yokohama Geolandar MT 35×12.5

Other Mods

  • Magnuson supercharger
  • TRD intake
  • Custom oil catch can
  • Shrockworks front bumper
  • Shrockworks skid plate
  • Shrockworks rock sliders
  • 28” Hardkorr bumper light bar
  • 42” Hardkorr roof light bar
  • 6” Hardkorr rear light bar
  • Hardkorr round ditch lights
  • Smitty 9500 winch
  • Black Mtn synthetic winch rope
  • Factor55 ProLink winch hook
  • FTS snorkel
  • Rago Fab ditch light bracket
  • Ecotechne roof rack
  • ARB awning
  • GoFSR rooftop hardshell automatic
  • AVS low profile hood & window visor
  • 55watt HID headlights
  • Baja Design fog lights
  • Midland CB radio
  • Weathertech front & rear floor mats
  • Custom sliding trunk drawers
  • Gobi rear ladder
  • Relentless Fab rear bumper
  • MagnaFlow Exhaust
  • Hardkorr LED rock lights
  • Sprint Booster throttle adjustment
  • Rago Fab modular panels
  • Viper remote start Alarm
  • Spyder auto LED headlights

Author Note: WOW! If you are on Instagram, this is one build you want to follow. Chivas has some seriously fire mods and is also adding/changing his setup. He also has some of the most entertaining stories you will ever see. His video edits and photography are always on point. There are so many elements of Chivas’s Instagram page and build that will get you going.

9. Brenan Greene – @Trail4R – 2014 Trail Edition Premium

Cooper Evolution MT Tires on 4Runner

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • Icon Stage 2 Extended Travel Shocks
  • Icon Tubular UCA + Delta Joint Retrofit
  • Marlin Crawler LCA Frame Brace (cam tab gusset)
  • Ekstrom Designs Strut Shims
  • DuroBumps bump stops front & rear
  • Icon 3″ Overland Springs
  • Sonoran Steel Track Bar (Panhard bar) for KDSS
  • Fuel Anza 17″ Wheels
  • Spidertrax Spacers
  • 35×12.5×17 (34.8″) Cooper Evolution MT

Other Mods

Brenan (Author): My favorite mods are my tires and Switch-Pros switch panel. Tires are so important when it comes to both off-road and on-road performance. My advice is to get something that will perform in both areas, especially if your 4Runner is a daily. I like AT tires because they have minimal road noise but can perform well off-road. The Switch-Pros just makes wiring everything simple.

10. Kiel Maddox – @HighSierraOverland – 2017 Barcelona TRD Pro

Lifted Red TRD Pro 4Runner - High Clearance Bumper Cut

Suspension, Wheels, and Tires

  • King 2.5” Extended Travel Shocks
  • OME rear springs 889
  • DuroBumps Bump Stops – front + rear
  • 34” Falken Wildpeak AT3W’s
  • TRD Pro Wheels

Other Mods

Kiel: Favorite mod is the Falken Wildpeak tires. Everyone says stock tires do well, but that’s just nonsense. You want a tire that is going to handle on and off-road great, give you the grip you need and won’t wear down on sharp rocks. Those do it all. Honorable mention ARB Twin Compressor for airing up on the trail quickly, as well as the ability to run a future front locker.

Final Thoughts?

Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration when building your 4Runner. When looking for ideas on lift kits, suspension, wheels and tires, it’s hard to find a curated list of builds and their specs.

I had a few guys reach out and ask for something like this and I was finally able to put it together.

I think another good idea moving forward would be the top 10 overland rigs and their specs which would include full details on their sleeping platforms and camping gear.

If you guys like this post, please let us know in the comments section below and we will continue adding these to the website.

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4 months ago


Timothy MacAlistaire
Timothy MacAlistaire
1 year ago

Those are all super sweet rides! Did all these guys have to do a BMC? I own a ’15 with 3 inch leveling kit, 285/70R17s, stock wheels, 1.5 inch spacers and rub in reverse, full lock…I’d rather not have to do a BMC but if that’s what it takes to not rub I guess I will. Let me know, thanks.

Carmela Q
Carmela Q
2 years ago

Hi, I am the proud new owner of a 2022 TRD Pro Runner. I want to buy a front kit that doesn’t include the bull bar but has the lights build into the mod plus the winch. My question is after scouring pinterest and other sites for ideas how do I find someone to install? From what I have read this bumper mod requires some cutting? I am in New Mexico.

(apologize if I have description details off, I am not new to the 4runner ownership but have never done much except tint windows)

thanks, carmela

2 years ago
Reply to  Carmela Q

Yes, you will have to cut the front plastic bumper. Reach out to 4wheel parts in Albuquerque and they can set you up.

3 years ago

I have the 2019 TRD Pro 4Runner. Dealer tells me they don’t make a lift for those? Any ideas?

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Pretty sure any non-kdss 5th gen 4runner lift will work for that. Hit up Stellarbuilt in Sac. if you are in the area.

josh gates
josh gates
3 years ago

Spent a good year researching and building my 2010 Trail. Any questions on build, HMU!

3 years ago

Hi everyone, I’m trying to find a 4 to 6 inch kit for my 2018 4Runner any advice, don’t wanna break the bank

Russell Wilkins
Russell Wilkins
4 years ago

Hey guys, im looking for a leveling kit or lift kit that doesnt break the bank, i wont use it for offroading its just for the sweet stance and style, i have a 2019 limited nightshade

4 years ago

I see a couple of the 4runners are running the URD MAF Calibrator. It would be cool to see a write up on one of those. I would like to know if they make a noticeable difference in power or mpg.

4 years ago

Nice Rigs!!
Keep up the good work guys.

4 years ago

Awesome post. Really liked seeing the specifics of what others are running. Love to see more about wheel size and offsets with pics.

4 years ago

These builds are off the charts!! I see the 3/4 Front Runner rack is a popular choice; I wrote up an install on it here on Trail 4R if anyone is interested!

Ted M
Ted M
4 years ago

Sick post. It seems like everyone is really between King or Icon. Is it just me or is toytec lifts taboo?

4 years ago

I have a stock 2013 trail that I’ve been wanting to spend monies on. Thank you for this and thank you to chivas for linking us here. Can’t wait to see which direction I choose for the build

4 years ago

These are nice!! I love my 4R!
I have a 2016 SR5 Premium with a 6in powder coated blue lift kit, with 35×13.50x20R.

4 years ago

wow, no LT rigs? why not?!

4 years ago

Great stuff guys. Would love to see more pics of each rig if possible. Unless I missed that somewhere on here.

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