Gobi Ladder Install 5th Gen 4Runner

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Gobi Ladder Installation on 5th Gen 4Runner

Gobi Ladder Install 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner Ladder Installation (Step by Step Gobi Ladder Install)

If you are like most 5th Gen 4Runner owners out there, odds are you have a roof rack. If you don’t have a roof rack, you are probably looking at 4Runner roof rack options. After you buy a roof rack, you need a way to get up there. It’s a pain in the ass standing on your tires every time you have to throw some cargo on your roof. Gobi makes the industry standard for accessing 4Runner roof rack.

The only problem that I have with the Gobi ladder, like the Gobi rack for the 5th Gen 4Runner is that everyone has one. It’s still a bad ass roof rack, but everyone has one. The same applies to the Gobie ladder, everyone has one. But, we don’t have too many options in the 4Runner Ladder department. With that being said, we bought a Gobi ladder. After seeing it, holding it and installing it, it does feel pretty cheap. It’s super light and the actual bars and steps are really thin. We will be taking this rack into our fab shop and changing things up a bit. But, in the meantime, let’s jump into the super easy installation of the Gobi Ladder.

This really was a simple install. Just measuring some things up, peel back some 3M tape and stick it on. If you have any questions about the install process, please leave us a comment below.

SnailTrail 4×4 Video Install

Gobi Ladder Install Step #1 – Measuring Distance from Gutter for Top Plate

All of these steps are pretty simple but start here. Measure the distance from gutter edge out 3 1/4″. This is where you want to set your top plate for the Gobi Ladder.

Gobi Ladder Install 5th Gen 4Runner - Top Plate

Gobi Ladder Install Step #2 – Marking Top Plate

After you measure and set your top plate in the correct position, mark your spot with blue masking tape or whatever you have on hand. Blue masking tape will probably work best.

Gobi Ladder Install 5th Gen 4Runner - Marking Top Plate

Gobi Ladder Install Step #3 – Leveling Gobi Ladder

Set the ladder on top of the bolts, on the frame plate. Jump back down and level your ladder.

Gobi Ladder Install 5th Gen 4Runner - Leveling Gobi Ladder

Gobi Ladder Install Step #4 – Marking Bottom Portion of Ladder

Once you have leveled your ladder, mark your spot again for the bottom portion of the Gobi Ladder.

Gobi Ladder Install Step - Marking Bottom Portion of Ladder

Gobi Ladder Install Step #5 – Understanding How Bottom Mount Works

For a moment, you should understand how the bottom mount connects to the actual ladder. It’s simple. The bottom plate sucks up underneather the rear hatch and into the bottom of the gobi ladder.

Gobi Ladder Install Step - Understanding How Bottom Mount Works

Gobi Ladder Install Step #6 – Cleaning Surface on Top and Bottom

After you have marked your spots with blue masking tape, clean everything.

Gobi Ladder Install Step - Cleaning Surface on Top and Bottom

Gobi Ladder Install Step #7 – Remove 3M Tape and Press Down

Once you are cleaned up, you are ready to remove your 3M tape backing and press down your top plate.

Gobi Ladder Install Step - Remove 3M Tape and Press Down

Gobi Ladder Install Step #8 – Top Plate Attached to 4Runner Top Hatch

You only get one really good shot at this, so take your time. Place your plate back on the marked edge and press down firmly until all corners are fastened with the 3M tape.

Gobi Ladder Install 5th Gen 4Runner - Top Plate

Gobi Ladder Install Step #9 – Remove 3M Tape and Press Down Bottom Ladder

Remove the 3M tape on the bottom of the ladder and repeat the same process as above. Press down firmly at the marked location you have set using the blue masking tape. Once the bottom of your Gobi ladder is down, you can remove your tape.

Gobi Ladder Install Step - Remove 3M Tape and Press Down Bottom Ladder

Gobi Ladder Install Step #10 – Connecting Bottom Hatch Attachment

Time to connect the lower plate to the bottom hatch and screw down. Gobi provides a set of allen screws that you can tighten down to the underside of the hatch. There is also 3M tape on this underside. So, make sure you have everything lined up and press it down.

Gobi 4Runner Ladder Install - Connecting Bottom Hatch Attachment

Gobi Ladder Install Step #11 – Setting Bottom Hatch Hardware

After you are pressed on, it is time to tighten everything up. You are all set!

Gobi 4Runner Ladder Install - Setting Bottom Hatch Hardware

Gobi Ladder Install Step #12  – Setting Top Hatch Hardware

Once the bottom is buttoned up, you can set the top hardware and finally reach that roof rack you were standing on your tires to access. The Gobi ladder doesnt get in the way at all of our rack. And, so many people out there have this ladder on their 4Runner so you should be good to buy this ladder, no matter what you have.

Gobi 4Runner Ladder Install - Setting Top Hatch Hardware

Gobi Ladder Installation Complete

Don’t forget to check out the BajaRack ladder as they have a similar product but a different design. Some people like that ladder a little more. The Gobi ladder is straight while the BajaRack ladder has a slight curve to it. It’s pretty rad.

Gobi 4Runner Ladder Installation Steps

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  • Aric

    What type roof rack is that?

  • Brad Soumeillan

    I may not have a 5th gen 4Runner but I do have a 4th gen and I ordered the gobi ladder for my 4R. I don’t have a spoiler on my rig so I had to order mine from a distributor because oddly enough, they didn’t have the no spoiler option on their site. So I ordered it and my overall experience when it came to waiting for it to get made and get shipped was honestly horrible.

    I never got emails from Gobi after everything got transferred to them. I did like they asked for a status request after about 6 weeks and never heard from them. I tried again at the week 7 point. Which is the when they started to estimate the date it would be shipped. I never heard from them and I waited about an entire week.

    I then called Gobi about the Gobi Ladder and the lady that answered said that it was queued to ship within the end of the week and I left her my email so she can send me tracking information after it shipped, although that never happened. At the week 9 and a half mark, I called them again and the lady that answered then said that it never got setup to ship so she said she’d get it set up and to call on the Monday following and she told me her name and said to ask for her.

    I then called Monday at a reasonable time like she said and then they never answered, I continued to try to call almost every other day and then finally I gave up and was really about to start some trouble because they also had already taken my money. I then woke up one morning about a week later and it had finally come in.

    The overall install on my truck was really quite easy. I did it by myself and it took me about 20-30 minutes. I had never done it before and it was still really simple. I’m still saying this because the ladder is not any more complicated for the new gens. The ladder is super sturdy and is not that heavy.

    The hatch won’t open as much on it’s own, but it is not that big of a difference. You can tell the quality is amazing because even though I went through all of that struggle and frustration, I would still recommend it. It definitely makes loading things on the roof and/or unloading it or even just doing maintenance on the roof or even washing it so much easier. It is also very well priced, I can’t really say the same for the rack but at least the ladder alone is if you do like me and buy just that.

  • William

    Doesn’t Rhino usually charge when they ship? The lady I spoke to told me there will be at least a 16 week wait and will charge when they ship. I heard people wait shorter or longer. The Gobi stealth rack (the one I believe the white 4r in the pics has) paired with the ladder looks awesome!

    I asked the sales rep how much the ladder can hold given that it isn’t drilled or welded, she said it can support a 200 lb person with relative ease.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Good to know the Gobi Ladder weight. I didn’t know the exact number of weight limits on the Gobi Ladder. Thanks for bringing that up!

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