Car Trim Home Interior LED Lights for the 4Runner – Hatch, Dome, and Map Lights

Car Trim Home 4Runner Dome Light - White

Car Trim Home Extremely Bright Interior LED Lights – Hatch, Dome, and Map Lights

First of all, I put a poll on Instagram asking if we should do this review/overview and 70% of you said yes. I asked the community out of respect for the American made version, the ArcLight LED Icarus eXtreme lights.

If you are looking for those lights, you can check out Eric’s write up on the Icarus eXtreme Hatch, Map, and Dome lights. The Icarus eXtreme lights were the first of this kind and have been circling around the gram’ for some time now.

They have had an incredibly well-praised response from the community. Which is probably why Car Trim Home decided to make their own version

Find it online: 

  • The lights: Discontinued
  • Cali Raised Interior LED Light Swap Kit: Check Price

Icarus eXtreme lights or Car Trim Home? 

Whichever ones you choose is entirely up to you. I just wanted to be upfront in saying there is another option out there (the original option). They are also made in the USA and more than likely higher quality, although I have not seen them in person. The Icarus eXtreme lights are also going to be quite a bit more expensive at almost $100/per light.

The Car Trim Home 4Runner Interior LED Lights are very similar to the Icarus eXtreme lights. There is a lightweight circuit board full of LED chips that toggle between white and red color. These LED chip covered lights offer extreme light output inside the cabin. I mean INCREDIBLE. All for a low price sitting at almost $20/per light.

Interior Lighting Options

Car Trim Home Interior LED Lights for the 4Runner

Traditionally, you have your basic upgrades such as the Sylvania Super Bright LEDs, however, these lights are far from “super bright” but are far better than factory if not for a color change alone.

If you want to jump up to something more powerful, look at the 4Runner’s interior light kit from VLEDs. This is a great option and at this level, you will actually see an increase in light output over something like the Sylvania bulbs.

BUT, if you want to go for the brightest light option possible for the 4Runner’s interior all while being incredibly affordable, you should take a look a look at these Car Trim Home Interior LED lighting options.

Or, if the budget permits, check out the 5th Gen Icarus eXtreme lights.

Car Trim Home Interior LED lighting options

Car Trim Home Interior LED Lights for the 4Runner

Car Trim Home makes three LED lights. The Map, Hatch and Dome light. They are all so bright that it’s almost over-kill and after a few weeks of using them, I still squint when the lights come on. No joke, these LEDs are the brightest interior lights I have seen in the 4Runner so far.

They offer all three options with the white and red diodes. You can toggle between red and white at any given time. The white giving super bright light while stationary and red to reduce the light intensity while you are driving. All lights require drilling through the factory covers if you want to use the Red/White toggle switches.

Map Lights

Car Trim Home 4Runner Map Lights

The map lights might be the most challenging of them all but take that lightly, this not a hard install. The most frustrating part of the install is the small finicky 26awg wires that are provided.

Be very careful when handling these lights as you may break a wire off the board. I know this because I did, but Car Trim Home was cool enough to send one back out, even though it was our fault.

Step 1: Remove Overhead Console

Remove Overhead Console 4Runner 5th Gen

Step 2: Remove Crawl Control Unit and Bolts to Overhead Console

Remove Overhead Console 4Runner 5th Gen (step 2)

Step 3: Remove Entire Overhead Console Unit

Remove Overhead Console 4Runner 5th Gen (step 3)

Step 4: Remove Map Light Covers with PRY Tools

Remove Map Light Covers with PRY Tools

Step 5: Position Map Lights Into Place

Position Map Light Into Place

You can leave the reflective aluminum housing in or remove it. If you leave it in, you want to slightly push the drivers (black squares) outside so they fit in the lower part of the aluminum backing. If you remove the reflective backing, you will damage it and possibly the tabs that secure it in place. Take your time with either option. I tried both and would go with removing the aluminum backing so you don’t damage the drivers or risk breaking off one of the thin 26awg wires while forcing it into place.

Step 6: Mark Holes, Then Drill for Toggle Switch

Mark Holes, Then Drill Holes for Toggle Switch

After you drill the holes, you can file and bore out the holes with a circular file to open the holes up even more. Once you have the hatch light cover holes all set and locked into place, re-install your overhead console and enjoy the brightest interior LED lights you’ve ever seen.

Hatch Lights

Car Trim Home 4Runner Hatch Lights

The rear hatch lights are simple to install. The only thing to watch for here is making sure the driver does not contact the screw as the light slides back and forth. This LED was the easiest to install.

Step 1: Marking the Hatch Light Covers

Drilling Hatch Lights

If you need a bit more guidance on this one, you can check out the previous post that Eric wrote on the Icarus eXtreme lights hatch lights.

Step 2: Drilling the Hatch Light Covers

Drilling the Hatch Light Covers

Step 3: Place 3m VHB Tape on Driver

Place 3m VHB Tape on Driver

Step 4: Stick Driver to Hatch Light Housing

Stick Driver to Hatch Light Housing

Dome lights

Car Trim Home 4Runner Dome Lights

The dome light is an over-sized board with an over-sized driver that you need to fit into a shallow housing. Patience should be on your side with this one.

Step 1: Remove Cover, Mark, Drill and File Hole

Remove Cover, Mark, Drill and File Hole

Step 2: Fit Driver and plate into place

Fit Driver and plate into place

Step 3: Press plate into place and put the cover on

Press plate into place and put cover on

You really need to press this one into place within the same motion of clicking the cover plate into place. As you press the LED board up into place, you want to cover the housing with the light cover (not shown) at the same time. As gentle as possible, shove the LED driver, board and housing cover all into place at the same time.

Final thoughts?

They are extremely bright, and more affordable than a set of VLEDs, for example. The only thing that you should be cautious about is the actual wires. They are so small, they are just a bit fragile. The other main factor you need to consider is drilling through your light covers. Even if you can order a replacement set from the parts department, it’s something to think about.

Regardless of what you decide, these interior LEDs are the brightest you will find for the 4Runner. If you want the brightest lights out there, these are them.

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Bryan Haynes
Bryan Haynes
2 years ago

Installed the icarus some lights and they never worked. Did the installation top from bottom all over perfectly and they still didn’t work. Waste of almost 200$

3 years ago

I bought the CTH version because of cost.
Only the hatch Red/White leds.

They do not work well. The white is very bright which is great, but they do not use a secondary switch to change color. Instead it has a built in power interrupt timer so that you can use the OEM door/on/off switch. (On/Door will change from Red/White).

The first problem with this is. If you close the hatch and open again quickly (under 10sec) the lights will just flip color as if you hit the switch, sometimes they get completely out of sync and one will go white and the other red.

The second problem is, if you switch to ON (to change color) you always have to switch it back to Door or Off otherwise they will always stay on when closing the hatch (obvious i know, but it means you cannot select a default door open color)

These just do not work well at all. A tactile switch is a much better option.

Last edited 3 years ago by n/a
3 years ago

What did you use to cut the square hole?

3 years ago
Reply to  JASON

I actually just finished installing ArcLightLEDs Icarus eXtreme map, dome, and hatch lights today. They’re a different product, but the same process. For the dome light with the square cut-out, I drilled a circular hole (just as you do for the others), then just filed the circular hole out into a square shape. Buy a cheap needle file set (each file is small for precision work, about 4 inches long) and use the circular/round/tubular file to slowly create corners, then eventually a flat file to clean it up. I’ve never done something like this before, but it was surprisingly fulfilling lol.

4 years ago

Careful with the maps lights. Saw a post on Facebook causing failures with the ECU

4 years ago

I’m hearing issues with the cartrim bulbs. be careful.

4 years ago

Do they fade like factory as well? What color temperature is the white?

4 years ago

Avoid these at all costs. These destroyed my map light console and Toyota wants $1500 to replace it! I left them on for about 30 minutes and smelled that burning electronic smell followed by smoke. I ripped it out as fast as I could and literally burned my hand doing so. Here’s a few pics of the damage.

Jeff F
Jeff F
3 years ago
Reply to  Jenny

Sad to report mine did too after 3 months. New console and over a grand spent. I have the newer toggle switch less model too

4 years ago

What do the toggle switches look like with the finished installation?

4 years ago

Do you think that sealing the wire leads in a silicone glue would have prevented the problem? Surprised they dont come that way.

Tim Horton
Tim Horton
4 years ago

Skip this cheap knock off. The Icraus are worth the extra coin. the wire is a heavier gauge, which means that it’s less likely to break, or worse yet, catch fire.

Justin Carr
Justin Carr
4 years ago

How long did it take you to receive the lights after ordering? Seems like they are being shipped out of Hong Kong.

4 years ago

I wanted to buy the Arc lights, but they have been out of stock. So I just ordered these after your write up. I am hoping they last awhile.

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