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Complete TRD Pro Grille with Letters for 5th Gen 4Runner from Car Trim Home

Updated 10/30/20 / Read Time: 5 mins

TRD Pro Gille on 5th Gen 4Runner (Car Trim Home)

Probably the cheapest TRD Pro Grille for 5th Gen 4Runner you will find – from Car Trim Home

You have plenty of options when it comes to the TRD Pro grille for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

If you want an OE Toyota TRD Pro grille straight from the factory, you are looking at around $600.

Another notable option is the TSO (Trail standard Off-Road) grille that is made right here in Roseville, CA. The TSO grille is an OE quality grille for less than the Toyota factory produced grille. For a complete TSO grille, you are looking at under $400.

There is another TRD Pro grille option out there as well.

And although we all love buying American when we can, sometimes we may not be able to justify the cost for quality.

Car Trim Home TRD Pro TOYOTA grille

TRD Pro Grille 4Runner

Introducing the Car Trim Home TRD Pro TOYOTA grille. Sitting at $125 shipped straight from China, it might be the cheapest option out there for Pro grille.

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean a complete lack of quality though. These TRD Pro grilles straight from China are pretty nice for the dollar amount spent.

The end result is really clean but there are a few flaws in the overall package, presentation, and quality of the product that you should note. The letters, for example, have double sided backing tape and a few of those letters still had the tape cover applied (on the inside), that should have been removed. Also, there are no instructions.

The actual quality of the letters, top grille and grille cover are pretty much on par with what you would get direct from Toyota.

Where to buy?


The installation is incredibly simple. The install can be done in under an hour with basic shop tools.

Step 1: Push Clips and Remove Top Grille Cover

Push Clips and Remove Top Grille Cover

Remove all clips on the plastic cover. Simply press down on the push clips lightly and then lift up and off.

Step 2: Remove Outside Clips and 10mm Bolt

Remove Outside Clips and 10mm Bolt

Remove the two outside tabs and the center 10mm bolt in order to remove the top grille.

Step 3: Remove Top Grille and Clean Surface

Remove Top Grille and Clean Surface

Using a single trim tool, firmly press on the tabs that lock the upper grille into place. By firmly pressing on the tabs, the top grille will pop right off. Proceed to clean the grille in preparation of the double sided 3m tape.

Step 4: Remove Top Body Piece and Attach to New Grille

Remove Top Body Piece and Attach to New Grille

Remove the top body piece of your factory top grille and attach it to the new TRD Pro top grille.

Step 5: Peel back the double sided 3m tape

Peel back double sided 3m tape

Peel back the double sided 3m tape and prepare the grille to fit into place.

Step 6: Press on new TRD Pro Grille Cover

Press on new TRD Pro Grille Cover

For a video and more detailed overview of aligning the grille to this center section, take a look at the TSO grille installation.

Step 6A: Close up of Grille Cover (Updated)

After a few comments were posted, I decided to upload this one. Here is a closer look at the indentations in the grille.

Step 7: Mark TOYOTA letter installation points

Mark TOYOTA letter installation points

In order to install and align the letters to the grille, you match up the notches on the grille with the two tabs on the letters.

The Car Trim Home Grille has pre-punched notches that the letters fit into (see indents on the grille in step 6). Then there are two tabs on the backside of the letter that line up with the notches (see step 8).

But, with one wrong move, you can stick the whole letter to the grille and if misaligned, it will cause you to re-apply new double sided 3m on the letters.

I aligned the letters fist, without peeling the 3m and then I placed masking tape on two sides of the letters in order for proper fitment. That seemed to work pretty well. It would be nice if the kit shipped with a template though.

Step 8: Peel 3m tape and press letters into place

TOYOTA Letters

Above you can see the two tabs on the top and bottom of the “Y”. These are the tabs you match up with the notches in the grille. Once you have mapped your placement and masked your lines, you can remove the double sided 3m taps and secure into place.

Final Result

The final product is really nice for the money you pay. You don’t get fancy packaging or presentation but once it’s on your 4Runner does it matter?

For only $125, you can’t go wrong.

Additional Photos of this Grille

TRD Pro Grille with LettersTRD Pro Grille with LettersTRD Pro Grille with Letters TRD Pro Grille with Letters

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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18 days ago

This might be a dumb question, but would it be easier if you install the letters before you mount the grille to the vehicle?

16 days ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Thanks for the insight!

4 months ago

Hi, I have a 2016 (white) 4Runner SR5 Premium. If I install this black grille kit, I would also like the front bumper to be black (not white). Is there a bumper cover to buy that fits the lower front bumper? So it looks like a TRD Pro? Thanks!

Manu Chinchilla
Manu Chinchilla
9 months ago

do you guys sell a replacement letter by any chance?

1 year ago

Any Idea if they sell replacement letters?
Someone peeled off my Y ….

Marc SMith
1 year ago

Why does this not work on 2020? I have installed these on non TSS models, and I guess im not sure where that ties in, I thought lower grill only

1 year ago
Reply to  Marc SMith

This swaps the upper mesh portion of the grill out with one that does not feature the Toyota emblem cutout, and adds a lettered, black plastic center piece that tapes over the physical grill center. All the kits I’ve seen don’t deal with the lower portion of the grill. It’s in the lower portion that the trouble lies; the new radar cruise control system has a license-plate sized sensor in the upper-middle portion of that grill that prevents a seamless fitment without trimming. I found that the way the new provided mesh grill piece attaches to the upper part of the front end, as well as to the internal support bracket of the OEM grill piece you remove as well, were not an exact match, and needed longer screws. It wasn’t insurmountable, but a little bit of a PITA.

1 year ago

Installed the Madhornet’s version (bet the $100 ones all come from the same factory) on my 2020 TRD-ORP. FYI to those ‘20 owners: it will work, but you better own a Dremel. Had to saw off a couple of tabs, part of the center mount piece so it would seat, and about 1/2” (slightly less) around the radar cruise control piece. Also, longer screws were needed than the factory ones in a couple spots. It looks good though. Did not paint; didn’t want paint potentially chipping off, and if it fades like the forums say, I’ll either use a black trim restorer, or Plastidip it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Andrew

Would you mind posting pics? Looking to do the same thing you did to my 2020.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tim

Tim, I didn’t really document the process (I had limited time, particularly since it wasn’t plug and play, as i found out mid-way) so all you could see now is the cut around the radar cruise plate. I would give yourself an extra hour for the install, and if you don’t have a decent selection of random size and thread bolts laying around, enough time to run to the hardware store. Other than that, it’s straightforward, and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

Dan Reebs
Dan Reebs
1 year ago

I also installed the $125 TRD pro grille. It was a a bit more difficult than all the videos I watched. Prying the old top grille from the bottom was a pain. But ones that was done it was fairly easy to complete. The results were very good.

1 year ago

Actually the plastic is a lot thicker than oem so it will be hard to not have it wrap around fully. From afar, it looks great but up close no. How can you say it is close to oem when it is not.

Brock C Tella
Brock C Tella
1 year ago
Reply to  Minh

Will this kit work on a 2010 4Runner?

2 years ago

Is there a gap on the sides of the black insert? I know that’s a common problem with the third party ones.

2 years ago

Any details on how you aligned the lettering? That is my biggest fear with this project.

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