KC HiLiTES Gravity G4 Fog Lights Review & Install

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KC HiLiTES Gravity G4 Fog Lights Review

KC HiLiTES Gravity G4 Clear LED Fog Light Installation on 5th Gen 4Runner – What to Expect and are they for you?

After running a few different fog lights in the 5th Gen 4Runner housing, seeing the KC HiLiTES Gravity G4s was pretty cool. This might be the exact fog light you have been looking for, but it does come with a quirk, as of right now anyway.

We recently did a post on the top fog light options for the 5th Gen where we covered the Gravity G4s. After that post, we were anxious to get them installed and see what they were all about.

When looking at fog lights, you have a few options.

LED Bulbs

When it comes to LED bulbs, you can install one of the most common 5000-6000K fog light bulbs, or if you want to go with yellow or amber, the 3000K Xenon Depot yellow fog light bulbs, and of course, there are many others are out there.

LED Housing

If you look at full housing replacements, the first options that come to mind are the Morimoto XB LEDs and the Squadrons. The KC HiLiTES Gravity LED G4s are also a full housing replacement. Toyota also just started producing 4Runners with factory LED fog lights that you can buy.

Whether you choose to replace the bulbs or you go all in with new housings, an upgrade to the factory 4Runner fog lighting is a must.

Introducing the KC HiLiTES Gravity G4s

KC HiLiTES 500 Gravity G4 Clear LED Fog Light System for Toyota

This specific fog light housing is direct plug and play upgrade for all 2012+ Tacomas and work for the 5th Gen 4Runner. These are a great LED fog light upgrade from your stock lights and are SAE street legal.

They are available in either clear or amber.

KC HiLiTES Gravity G4 Specs

  • Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • SAE & ECE Street Legal
  • Clear or Amber LED: Check Today’s Price
  • CREE High Power LEDs
  • Raw Lumens Per: 866 lm
  • Wattage: 10W per light
  • Amp Draw: .74A
  • Voltage: 9V-32V
  • IP Rating: IP68

One of the use-case highlights of the Gravity G4s is that they are a great option between a bulb upgrade and a non-SAE street legal Baja Squadron.

When I mentioned “this might be the perfect fog light for you” I was serious. This is a great option for your 4Runner if you are looking for a step above a bulb but not overkill light output in a Squadron, for example.

Everyone wants different output and the Gravity G4s offer a pretty solid middle ground of lighting.

They are not going to throw an obnoxious amount of unneeded light output and they are going to be functional both on and offroad. If you are 90% on road and 10% off-road, and you want to run your fogs without getting flashed regularly, while still having a functional light offroad, the Gravity G4s are a pretty solid option.

I have covered this topic before but I genuinely feel like the Baja Squadrons, both sport and pros, were a little too much for everyday use.

I ran the Squadron Pro Clear Driving Lens for a little over a year and got flashed by oncoming traffic often. It wasn’t enough to make me swap them out right away but after a while, I did feel like “that guy”. Would I run the Squadrons again? Absolutely, they are just a bit overkill for everyday use.

The Gravity G4s are 866 Lumens Per light while the Squadron Sports are 3,150 per light.

Both are kick-ass products, its really on you to decide which one you want to run.

Gravity G4 Installation

KC Gravity G4 Fog Lights on 5th Gen 4Runner

The installation of fog lights on the 5th Gen is about as easy as it gets. This can be done on your lunch break at work in under an hour. There is something important to note about this specific install, though. The current Gravity G4 fog light is a universal housing so it works on 2006-2015 Toyota Tacoma, 10-19 Toyota 4runner, as well as Lexus and Scion Models.

The housing does fit on our 4Runner, it just uses one screw instead of two in order to hold the bracket in place, which is more than enough to hold. With the OEM housing, there are two tabs that first lock the housing into place and then two screws that lock the housing down as well. The Gravity G4 has those same two tabs but only one of the screws lined up. I was concerned at first but after a little wiggle, everything was just as solid as the OEM housing.

Installation Tool Check

  • 10mm Socket
  • Plastic Pry Tools – Check Price
  • Screwdriver

Step #1: Unbolt Remove Fender Liners

Step #1: Unbolt Remove Fender Liners

Step #2: (protip) Hold Back Fender Liners with Bungee

Step #2: (protip) Hold Back Fender Liners with Bungee

Step #3: Unplug & Remove Factory Lights or Current Lights

Step #3: Remove Factory Lights or Current Lights

Step #4: Remove Factory Lights or Current Lights

Step #4: Remove Housing

Step #5: Prepare KC Gravity G4 Fog Light Housing

Step #5: Prepare KC Gravity G4 Fog Light Housing

You have a couple options here. You can secure the KC fogs in place using one screw or file out the inside of the bracket tabs in order to fit both screws.

This is an updated portion of the article as I ran the fogs with one screw in place for over 6 months with zero problems. I had someone ask on Instagram if these fogs could be secured in place similar to the Morimoto Fog Lights using both screws.

You can fit the fogs in place using both screws. All you need to do is file out the inside holes on the bracket tabs with a circular file. See below.

Step #6: File Down Inside Bracket Tabs (optional)

Step #6: File Down Inside Bracket Tabs (optional)

View of Both Tabs Secured in Place (optional)

View of Both Tabs Secured in Place (optional)

It fits with both screws in place. All you need to do is file out the inside corners of the bracket tabs. Just make sure you have a small circular file and you are good to go.

Before: Xenon Depot HID Low Beams

Before KC Gravity G4 Fogs

After: KC Gravity G4 Fog Lights with XD HIDs

After: KC Gravity G4 Fog Lights on 5th Gen

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How does it compare to Factory LED Fog Light?


Brenan great mod. Follow-up question. The Amazon link says these will not fit 5th gen (2019 4runner). Is that accurate or a mistake? Love the look and hoping these do fit.

Clint Boatman
Clint Boatman

Every website I have reviewed says these won’t fit TRD. Or I have seen other sites saying I need a switch and relay. I hava a 2019 TRD Pro off-road premium. Do you know if these will fit?


Did you have any gaps around the new fog lights after install? I installed these last week and love the look, I just have a slight gap on the inside edge between the new fog light and the factory black fog light trim. I purchased the amber lights and they look great.

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