Top 25 Mods For The 5th Gen 4Runner Under $100 In 2022

Here are The 25 Best Mods, Accessories, and Upgrades Under $100 For The 5th Gen 4Runner In 2022

Congratulations! You are now the proud new owner of a 5th Gen 4Runner. You likely will catch yourself staring at it in your driveway, or turn back and look after you have parked. The 5th Gen 4Runner is a masterpiece of design, functionality, and durability. It is also a blank canvas ripe with the potential to customize to your heart’s content.

It’s easy to dream of all the upgrades you can do to your 5th Gen 4Runner, but many of those upgrades come with a steep price tag. After just purchasing a 5th Gen 4Runner, you may be short on cash for a while. Fear not! You can still upgrade and customize your 5th Gen 4Runner for a reasonable cost. Pick the low-hanging fruit first with these top 10 mods you can do to your 5th Gen 4Runner for under $100 each!

1. Cargo Net: $25

4Runner Cargo Net

Find it online:

If you’re like me, your trunk will quickly fill with gear: survival gear, recovery gear, cold weather gear, and tools.

Drawer systems are awesome, but until you can afford them, you’ll need to improvise. I use plastic totes or other similar small containers. A cargo net is an easy way to secure these items and prevent annoying rattling. For about $25, it can be a great safety item as well. You don’t have to worry about some random piece of equipment flying around if you’re off-roading or have to slam the brakes in an emergency.

I have a heavy quilt covering my plastic containers and tools, then secure it with a cargo net. Mine is an old VW net I had that happened to fit. Fortunately, there are plenty of cargo nets to choose from that are specific for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

2. Interior LED Light Kit: $25

Car Trim Home Interior LED Lights for the 4Runner

Find it online:

Many 5th Gen 4Runners still come with halogen interior bulbs as stock. Luckily, upgrading the interior to LEDs is an easy, inexpensive mod that makes a dramatic impact. Rather than finding individual bulbs, save cost and time by getting a pack of assorted bulbs specific to the 5th Gen 4Runner.

There are many brands to choose from, but I got the iBrightstar Super Bright Canbus LED Bulbs. They run about $25 for the set and have worked well for the few months I’ve had them, both in extreme cold and heat. There is no flickering and they provide uniform bright white light. They are easy to install and require no electrical knowledge.

3. Locking Receiver Hitch Pin: $26

RhinoUSA Locking Hitch Pin

Find it online:

This isn’t really an epically cool mod, but having a bike rack or hitch-mounted spare tire carrier stolen because of not having a receiver pin lock is a major bummer.

The RhinoUSA Hitch Lock Receiver Pin is a 5/8″ pin with a sleek design and a rating of 14,000 lbs. I got the RhinoUSA pin for about $25 because it has a rugged protective coating and lock cover, which protects it from the elements. This is especially important up North where I live, where heavy road salt during the winters quickly leads to corrosion and rust. This product is designed and tested in the USA but manufactured in China.

4. Vehicle OCD Center Console & Glove Tray: $33

5th Gen 4Runner Center Consol Organizer Tray

Find it online:

The 4Runner has a generous center console storage bin but it’s basically a large bottomless pit. It’s not ideal to be able to throw tons of stuff in there when you can’t easily find it later on. Center console organizer trays remedy that in a very inexpensive way.

With a typical combo kit, you’ll get a lower and upper organizer. The lower organizer divides the bottom half of the console into 6 sections while the upper one adds a divided tray for small items like pens and coins.

5. Energy Suspension Front Bump Stops: $37

Energy Suspension Front Bump Stops

Find It Online:

These Energy Suspension bump stops were never intended for the front of the 4Runner. In fact, they’re actually marketed as universal rear bump stops. Despite this, they have been widely adopted by the community as the go-to budget-friendly front bump stop upgrade.

They offer a definite improvement over the factory bump stops that basically feel like rocks by comparison. The Energy Suspension bump stops eliminate that jarring feeling upon contact, and at a fraction of the cost compared to other popular, more expensive options.

6. RSG Body Mount Chop Kit: $39

RSG Body Mount Chop Kit

Find it online:

The RSG Body Mount Chop Kit price is only for the pre-cut metal weld plates needed when you perform a body mount chop for clearing larger tires. Taking that into consideration, this mod is only truly under $100 if you have the ability to weld them on yourself or have a generous friend who can. The plates are 1/8″ thick steel and save you the time of measuring and cutting your own.

      7. LED Fog Light Bulbs: $40

      4Runner LED Fog Lights

      Find it online:

      LED lighting is by far superior to standard stock halogen lighting. I was happy to find that my used 5th Gen 4Runner already came with this mod.

      Why are fog lights important? Less than a week after I got my 4Runner, I had to drive in heavy snow at night. The high beams were too reflective on the snowflakes, but the bright LED fog lights lit up the snow-drifted roads amazingly well. The same happens with dusty environments, particularly when off-roading.

      Some people prefer bright white light in snow, and others prefer amber lights for better visibility in dust and dirt. Either way, LED bulbs are brighter than halogen by about 300% or more. For less than $60, you can easily install new H11 LED fog light bulbs for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

      For a bit more money, you can replace the entire fog light housing with several other options, each with different advantages.

      8. LED Projector Low Beam Light Bulbs: $40

      LED Low Beam (Projector Retrofit) from USR For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

      Find it online:

      Similar to the fog lights, the stock low beam halogen projector lights in the 5th Gen 4Runner are easily upgradable.

      It is relatively easy to install new LED Projector low beam bulbs for less than $60. These LED projector bulbs provide a bright, cold spectrum wavelength with a clear cut-off line to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. Similar to the fog lights, the bulb is also size H11. Another, more expensive option is the Lasfit H11 bulbs. For more information, we also have a compressive guide on headlights for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

      9. TRD Shift Knob: $45

      4Runner Lifestyle TRD Black Leather Shift Knob For 5th Gen 4Runner

      Find it online:

      If you find your factory shift knob a little boring, you’re not alone. Add a little flair to your interior while retaining an OEM+ aesthetic with a TRD-style shift knob. 4Runner Lifestyle offers these in black leather or carbon fiber options. The black leather option provides a more upscale feel while the carbon fiber adds a sporty vibe. These are made of high-quality ABS+ leather and a very easy to install.

      10. Rear Mud Flap Delete Kit: $50

      5th Gen 4Runner Rear Mud Flap Delete

      Find it online:

      If you’re not a fan of rear mud flaps, this mod is for you. Unfortunately, you can’t just take the factory ones off as you’ll be left with some unsightly gaps and holes. These mud flap delete kits will conceal everything that’s left exposed when you remove the factory mud flaps for a super clean look. They are made of durable plastic that is designed to withstand all of the road or trail debris that you’ll be throwing at them.

      11. K&N Engine Air Filter: $57

      5th Gen Air Filter Replacement Step #4 - Swap in New Aftermarket Filter

      Find it online:

      If you want an upgraded air filter but don’t want to fork over the cash for a full-blown cold air intake just yet, K&N replacement filters are a popular option. They claim to be a performance air filter that allows more air to your engine. The appeal for many is that they are OEM size and drop right into your factory air box with zero modification.

      12. Decal Kits and Emblems: $3-$60

      4Runner Custom TRD Stripe Decals

      Find it online:

      Customization with graphics or emblems is an important part of personalizing your 4Runner. Although there technically is no functional improvement with graphics or emblems, they are really cool and give that personal touch.

      These are the things that make you smile when you see your rig and can help set your 4Runner apart from all the other 4Runners in the world. Many people will black out their decal lettering, add decals, or add emblems. I got my Mudhorn name badge from Atomic Car Concepts, and was very happy with their quality. You can even customize your own name badge.

      I also threw in some awesome cupholder bottoms, size 2.875″. You can easily take off dealer emblems too. Whatever you decide, it’s going to be awesome, because it’s going to be yours.

      13. Raptor Lights: $60

      Army Green 4Runner w/ Raptor Lights & Shrock Works Rock Sliders w/ Dimpled Tread Plate

      Find it online:

      If you are lucky enough to have a TRD Pro-style grill, Raptor lights make a stunning addition to the already aggressive front-end look.

      Even if you do not have a TRD Pro 4Runner, you can swap out the front grill with a TRD Pro grill, but that will exceed the $100 threshold. There are many variations of Raptor lights available, depending on what style you’re looking for. They can be amber or white, smoked or clear, three lights or four lights, but all are LED.

      I literally bought the most inexpensive option I could find, which was the GTINTHEBOX 3 Pcs Grille LED Amber Lights for about $27, and have been extremely happy with them. There is no flickering and they are super bright, even with the smoked cover.

      It requires some electrical know-how to install, and ease depends on if you want them always on with the ignition, or on a separate switch. I went with the easiest option available, which was always on with the ignition. Check out my video on how to install raptor lights.

        14. Recovery Shackle w/ D-Ring: $60

        Agency 6 Hitch Recovery Shackle Block 2" Hitch Receiver

        Find it online:

        One of the safest ways to recover a vehicle from the rear is through a designated Hitch Recovery Shackle receiver.

        For about $60, this Agency6 hitch receiver will provide you with a secure, reliable, strong rear recovery point. This not only will allow you to help recover other vehicles but also provides a way for other vehicles to recover you.

        Why not use the emergency towing eyelets or tie-down loops you ask? The steel welded loops on a 5th Gen 4Runner are ok to use in a pinch, with static loads, but are not specially designed for recovery. If they get bent, they should not be used. If you’re looking to install front recovery points, they are a more expensive mod.

        15. TSO MMS Center Console Panel: $70

        TSO MMS Center Console Panel For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

        Find it online:

        • TSO MMS Center Console Panel (Single or Pair): Check Price

        The TSO MMS Center Console Panels are sold individually or as a pair (for $135). These panels are installed by drilling their mounting screws into your center console. While easy to install, it isn’t reversible. The requirement of drilling holes may deter many prospective buyers but they do provide a lot of organization. As a grid panel, you can countless items on them from punches to personal defense items.

          16. R4T Tire Deflators: $70

          R4T Tire Deflators

          Find it online:

          These tire deflators are super simple to set up and allow you to simultaneously air down all of your tires to a set PSI. They are a major time saver on the trail as you won’t need to sit by each tire constantly monitoring its pressure. Runnin 4 Tacos sells these in a set of 4 and provide a carrying pouch to keep them all in one place. If you frequent the trails, these tire deflators should be at the top of your list.

          17. ARB Differential Breather Kit: $78

          ARB Diff Breather 5th Gen 4Runner

          Find it online:

          A differential breather is essential if you have any desire to do water crossings. There’s a small breather valve at the top of the 4Runner’s rear axle differential that when submerged, can let water into the case. That’s not a good thing as it’s filled with lubricant to keep those gears running smoothly.

          Once water gets mixed in, lubrication gets significantly diminished and will likely need a fluid flush. A differential breather kit essentially adds a breather hose to that valve to a higher location away from water. The common relocation for 4Runner owners is to the engine bay.

          18. LFD Crossbars: $85

          LFD Offroad Ruggedized Crossbars For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

          Find it online:

          Most models of 5th Gen 4Runners come with roof rails, but no crossbars. Adding crossbars opens up a world of rooftop accessories, such as tents, cargo carriers, or other off-roading equipment.

          At about $85 each, these LFD Crossbars bolt directly to the roof rails with no need for drilling or other modifications. They are flat, sturdy, made in the USA, and come with all the needed hardware. Another benefit with these is that if you end up getting a full-sized LFD roof rack, these crossbars can be incorporated into those as well.

          19. KC Cyclone Under Hood Light Kit: $90

          KC Cyclone Under Hood Light Kit For Toyota 4Runner

          Find it online:

          This KC Cyclone light kit is one of the most universal kits out there when it comes to a simple, mountable lighting setup. You can mount these anywhere you want; in the engine bay as underhood lights, on your roof rack for scene lights, on your MOLLE panels, on the underside as rock lights, etc.
          The options are endless when it comes to this super capable, super affordable light kit. If you’re interested in the installation process and wiring guide, you can find them here.

          20. Offroam Phone Mount: $90

          Off-Roam Phone Mount For Toyota 4Runner

          Find it online:

          This product was designed for the Toyota 4Runner (2010-2019) and uses a mounting base that is patent pending.

          There is a reason why everyone is talking about this phone mount; it’s lightweight and very functional. The mount features soft internal springs with 3M elastomer-lined grip sides that deliver great holding power. It’s nice and wide allowing for a wide variety of phones. You can swing the mount portrait and landscape orientation and the installation is beyond simple. No drilling is required and priced at under $100, this one is a winner.

          21. WeatherTech Rear Floor Liners: $95

          WeatherTech 2nd Row Floor Mat For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

          Find it online:

          The stock second-row mats are fine, but there’s a much better option that will help keep the carpet in good condition.

          Once that banana peel gets mashed into the carpet and fused with goldfish cracker crumbs, there’s no going back. One of the first things I did to my own 5th Gen 4Runner is installing a good quality WeatherTech Floor Liner for about $95. You can get cheaper versions, but WeatherTech is great quality flexible rubber (even in extreme cold) that is laser cut to an exact fit. I laid it out in the warm sun for a day prior to installation, to make sure it was flat and flexible to allow it to perfectly conform to the contours of the floor.

          22. Lamin-X Rocker Panel Guard (2014+): $99

          Lamin-X Rocker Panel Film

          Find it online:

          Once your 4Runner leaves the pavement, the rocker panels take a beating. It’s widely known that the paint on 4Runners can be as delicate as baby skin, so add some inexpensive protection with Lamin-X. The Lamin-X brand is well known in the industry for its quality protective film that can be applied to a wide variety of products. In addition to the rocker panel, they also offer cutouts for several other body sections.

          23. KC Cyclone V2 LED: $100

          KC Cyclone V2 LED Universal Rock Light

          Find it online:

          The new and improved KC Cyclone Version 2 has been released. The 5W Cyclone V2 LED light is multi-functional, compact & low profile, sturdy & rugged, and delivers an incredibly bright 600 lumens of LED output. In addition to the upgraded housing, they now have colored lenses and custom-look mounting solutions. Just like the version 1 under hood lighting kit, version 2 is very universal. You can mount this thing just about anywhere!

          24. Sequential Turn Signals: $100

          CarTrim Sequential Dynamic Turn Signal Lights For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

          Find it online:

          These plug-and-play 2014-2022 4Runner sequential turn signals are super easy to install and greatly improve the appearance of your 4Runner. Easily replace the boring OEM turn signals with these bright, stealthy, sequential turn signals. Aftermarket sequential turn signals are usually offered in a smoked, blacked-out, or clear. The choice is yours but regardless of which you choose, this is a mod that will add some style to your 5th Gen 4Runner for sure. 

          25. MESO Customs Puddle Pods: $100

          ME-SO Customs Puddle Pods For 5th Gen 4Runner

          Find it online:

          At the time of writing, they were in stock so you might be in luck. For those that don’t know, MESO makes killer products but sells out of their product drops in less than a day.

          The puddle pods are a simple and convenient addition to the exterior of your 4Runner. These custom pods were designed with form and function in mind. They replace your original dim halogen puddle light (located on the bottom side of the mirrors) while giving you a brighter and wider range of ground illumination. Included is a custom bulb adapter to make it 100% plug and play.

          Final Thoughts

          There are many great accessories for your 5th Gen 4Runner under $100 that can improve the functionality, capability, and aesthetics of your rig. Building out your 4Runner is a journey that will take time, so enjoy the process by researching and learning along the way. Hopefully, these inexpensive mods will get you on your way to personalizing your rig!

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