Top OEM Trunk Accessories for the 5th Gen 4Runner

OEM Trunk Mods - Are They Worth It? Complete Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

OEM Trunk Accessories – Are They Worth It? Complete Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

OEM Trunk Mods are a great way to improve the functionality and look of your rear cargo area. They are fairly cheap, easy to install and remove, and yet they can yield some really nice perks.

There are some other cargo area/trunk accessory options out there like molle panels, drawer systems, attic systems, and much more. These provide massive storage solutions and can be quite efficient but they are also expensive. If you have a large budget, then those more expensive mods are a great option depending on your goals. If you have a low budget or are not carrying that much gear on a daily basis, then some of the OEM mods might suit you better. It really depends on what you have and how you travel.

In any case, let’s take a look at some of the top rear cargo space modifications or accessories that you can add to your Toyota 4Runner.

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  1. Retractable Rear Cargo Cover: Check Price
  2. Factory Cargo Net Envelope: Check Price
  3. Factory Cargo Net Spider: Check Price
  4. OEM Trunk Cargo Mat: Check Price
  5. OEM Cargo Tote: Check Price
  6. Sliding Rear Cargo Deck: Source Parts

Before we look at each one of these accessories, let’s first look into why you might want to go with factory supplied accessories over aftermarket accessories.

Why OEM?

Cargo Area / Trunk Accessories for Toyota 4Runner

OEM products are genuine products made by Toyota; this usually means they fit the 4Runner perfectly and maintain the factory look of the car… but not always.

Some aftermarket cargo management products can look junky and not blend well with the interior. Basically, OEM trunk products add functionality to the cargo area without sacrificing the look of the interior.

There are definitely aftermarket accessories for the Toyota 4Runner that are great, though. Some of these options include floor liners from Husky and WeatherTech, along with other options like rear cargo area pet protection liners. Some aftermarket accessories you can depend on, and others are not so great.

When it comes to factory Toyota accessories, sometimes you want to stick with what’s well-known and dependable for your 4Runner, like windshield wiper blades, brake pads and rotors.

Not all factory accessories are created equal though. Take a look at the following list and let us know if you have any questions or comments in the comments section below.

1. Factory Rear Cargo Cover

Factory Rear Cargo Cover

Retractable Rear Cargo Cover

The factory rear cargo cover is a retractable cover that rests a few feet above the trunk floor. It provides a lot of privacy and protection but can easily be retracted or removed.

It is very easy to look through the windows of the 4Runner and see what is inside. If your car sits in a parking lot all day or in a downtown city overnight, any valuables left in the trunk area could be at risk for theft. By covering the trunk area, the cargo cover prevents any visibility in that region of the car.

Also, the cargo cover can create some extra storage. Lighter objects can be placed on the top of the cover if there is no more room below. We’re talking blankets and very soft/light items here, nothing heavy should be placed on top of the retractable cargo cover.

An alternative option two close off the windows from intruders or possible thieves looking into your 4Runner are the Strawfoot covers. Max recently wrote a very detailed overview of the Strawfoot window coverings for the 5th gen 4Runner.

An alternative option to the actual retractable slide would be something that covers the gap that the OEM version does not. If you’re going to look at options for covering a rear cargo area, I would definitely recommend the factory retractable cargo slide cover, the upgraded aftermarket version with no gap, or take a look at Max’s overview on the Strawfoot window covers.

2. Factory Cargo Net Envelope

Factory Cargo Net Envelope

Envelope Nets

Another great OEM accessory is the envelope cargo net.

It is a net that folds in half to allow items to be set in the bottom. The cargo net has a multitude of uses that make it a great accessory to have. If you have wet jackets, dirty boots, umbrellas, etc., the cargo net keeps these items off the floor.

If you have sports practices or games, the net keeps balls, cleats, and anything else from rolling around and messing up your trunk. The net is made of an elastic-like netting that expands as more items are added making it easy to hold just about anything. This net is also located very close to the trunk opening. So, you don’t have to reach far to use it.

OEM Trunk Mods - Are They Worth It? Complete Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

The aftermarket options for the cargo net are virtually endless. I recommend staying with the factory Toyota cargo net on this one but there is one option out there for half the price that has decent reviews. The OEM Toyota cargo net has been bulletproof though, and we use it quite often.

3. Factory Cargo Net Spider

Factory Cargo Net Spider

Floor Universal Nets

For reference, the cargo area floor is about 42″ X 42″ but don’t quote me on that. If you get a net, you want a little bit of give to accommodate the gear, so a 42″X50″ or even 50″X50″ would work. Plus, you can always make up the difference with cinch straps if the net is too small; 38″X38″ for example.

The factory cargo net is an easy way to keep items in one place in the trunk of your car.

The spider net is a wide, elastic net that attaches to plastic hooks in the trunk area. It goes on top of whatever you put in the trunk and keeps objects from sliding around. This can be great for large boxes, coolers, balls, game gear and any other heavy items that could potentially move and damage your interior.

This net is designed to keep stuff down while the envelope net is supposed to keep stuff up.

An alternative option if you are looking for a net would be the popular Raingler Nets. If however, you start looking at Raingler nets, there are many other affordable alternatives on Amazon such as the Gladiator Cargo Nets. The Gladiator Nets are extremely high-quality and built to last.

You can grab a couple of carabiner clips or cinch straps and tie-down each corner of the cargo net to the D-rings supplied in your 4Runner. That should give you a pretty stout solution for securing anything down to your cargo area.

On the complete opposite end of your floor, you have your roof. There have been quite a few DIY roof attic modifications done here on It’s actually such a popular modification that even companies like Rago Fabrication and Blue Ridge Overland make 5th Gen 4Runner specific storage attic kits. Depending on exactly what you are looking to secure, you may want to look at storage attics.

4. Trunk Cargo Mat

OEM Trunk Mods - Are They Worth It? Complete Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

Cargo Trunk Mat or Liners: 

The carpeting on the trunk floor or the sliding rear cargo deck just isn’t functional if you want to maintain a clean and protected trunk. The carpeting can easily get dirty and can be very hard to clean.

The cargo mat is the perfect way to resolve this. Toyota has a cargo mat option for the regular, third-row seating and sliding rear cargo decks. They fit perfectly to provide maximum coverage of the cargo area. Toyota designed these to be easily removable and washable. The mats are made of a malleable, rubber material that you can clean with a hose or wet towel. In terms of protection, the cargo mat is by far the most effective at protecting the trunk out of all the other accessories.

I also really like the OEM cargo mats because they look really good. The black mat isn’t junky and looks like it belongs in the trunk, the “Toyota” letters on the mat also add a cool touch. Overall, the protection and functionality of the mat make it a must-have OEM accessory, however, it’s not the only option for the 4Runner.

This is where there are plenty of aftermarket options. You have a wide selection of aftermarket cargo mats to choose from, along with precision-cut liners. Most of the floor liner and floor mat options for the cargo area are all very similar. Some brands are better than others though like most industries.

Husky and WeatherTech are known for having some of the top cargo liners and cargo mats on the market. Between those two companies, you can’t go wrong but that’s not to say that you won’t find something else pretty reliable on Amazon.

5. OEM Cargo Tote

OEM Cargo Tote by Toyota

Cargo Totes:

The cargo tote is the one accessory that I don’t recommend.

It’s overpriced for what you are getting, especially considering that it doesn’t really seem like it’s a genuine accessory, in fact, it’s not even branded Toyota. The cargo tote is a foldable fabric tote that provides organized storage in your trunk. It can hold cleaning supplies, grocery bags, sports equipment and whatever else that will fit in the compartments. While an item like this can be useful, something that looks just like it on Amazon, for less than half the cost, is a much more cost-effective solution.

6. Sliding Rear Cargo Deck

OEM Trunk Mods - Are They Worth It? Complete Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

Another OEM product is the sliding rear cargo deck is more a modification than it is an accessory.

Rails are bolted to the floor of the trunk and the sliding deck is placed on top of the rails. The deck can slide out at a half and full length and can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. This sliding feature provides easy access to things that are towards the back of the trunk. The deck is perfect for tailgating because it can hold a lot of weight while providing more space. It is also great for grocery runs when reaching for bags at the back of the trunk can be a hassle.

The deck is less budget-friendly than the other OEM accessories, so you need to consider if it is something you need before buying, but I have absolutely loved mine since the moment I got it.

If you like the sliding feature of the Cargo Tray, but you don’t think that it provides enough storage, consider a rear drawer system. Brenan recently wrote an article on a quality drawer system from Truck Vault USA. These drawer systems maximize storage in the trunk of your vehicle. A full drawer system can be the ultimate command center for any of your adventures. However, a drawer system is usually $1000+, making it a much more expensive option in comparison to the sliding cargo tray.

Parts for Cargo Slide Tray (if you don’t have one): 

  • Undertray carpet liner
  • Sliding rail sub-assembly
  • Horizontal storage box and cargo tie-downs
  • Cargo tie-down brackets (2x)
  • Sliding tray
  • Carpet liner (1x)
  • Carpeted access covers (2x)
  • All mounting hardware

Part Numbers: 

  • Rail assembly 58400-3501
  • Tray assembly 58410-35020-c2
  • Bottom carpet assembly 58570-35160-c1
  • Anchor assembly (×2) 64722-35010-c0
  • Tray cover left 58704-35010-c2
  • Tray cover right 58703-35010-c2
  • Floor cover box 58480-35041-c2
  • Slide bracket left 58457-35010
  • Slide bracket right 58456-35010

Toyota does not sell the entire cargo slide tray as a kit. You need to order each individual part on its own. We will be updating the website with a step-by-step overview on swapping a slide tray from a trail Edition 4Runner into an SR5 4Runner.

Final Thoughts

Envelope Net for Toyota 4Runner

Genuine OEM Accessories are a great way to improve the functionality of your trunk space. They provide protection and organization without harming the look of the interior.

Overall, the OEM accessories aren’t “cheap,” but they are an alternative to the other expensive aftermarket options out there.

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1 year ago

Great article. I bought my 5th gen used, and something is off with my trunk that I can’t seem to pinpoint. It seems as though it is missing something, as the trunk carpet is very loose and the floor of the trunk doesn’t feel firm. Not sure if it’s missing a pad or plate underneath the carpet, or some plastic piece toward the back of the backseats (see the gap in photo). Any ideas are more than welcome!

10 months ago
Reply to  dludman

Better late than never to this thread. There should be a thick chunk of white rubber (almost styrofoam) padding underneath the carpet. Looks like the previous owner chucked it and kept the carpet.

2 years ago

Hello! You mention in this post that you will follow up with a step-by step overview of swapping a slide tray. Can you please share the link to that?

Kathy Stiles-Holmes
Kathy Stiles-Holmes
3 years ago

any recommendations on who to have install it? I am a little intimidated to do it myself. I was going to buy your parts list ($2K yikes…) and pay someone to install. I’m thinking 3 hours labor??? what do you think?

Dan Leblanc
Dan Leblanc
3 years ago

FYI, if you buy the parts listed for the sliding tray, you will need the following bolts from Toyota:

4 ct. – 91672F1025
6 ct. – 9011908C79

Jonathan Duffey
Jonathan Duffey
3 years ago

It May sound a bit counter-intuitive but I’ve been searching far and wind for a molle panel that will fit with the cargo cover but all appear to eliminate the usability of the cover. If anybody knows of one that would be clutch.

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