5th Gen 4Runner Pro Comp Leveling Kit

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5th Gen 4Runner & FJ Cruiser Pro Comp Nitro Leveling Kit

5th Gen 4Runner Leveling Kit

Pro Comp Nitro 2 Inch Rear and 3 Inch Front Leveling Lift Kit – 65210K

For the complete install on this leveling kit, click below:

The Pro Comp Nitro Kit (2 Inch Rear and 3 Inch Front) leveling kit is a high-quality, well-built level/lift kit for the 5th Generation 4Runner. This leveling kit is a little more robust than some of the more simple level kits out there. While most leveling kits at the $100-$200 price range come with front spacers, the Pro Comp takes it a step further. This kit comes with 2″ beefy rear coil spring spacers and 3″ front strut spacers.

Where Can you Get this Kit?

With this precision engineered coil spring spacer and strut spacer leveling kit, you will get heavy-duty blocks along with application-specific designed hardware (E-coat finish on U-bolts with Zinc plated nuts).

This is a bolt-on leveling kit that installs on the factory strut assembly. The Pro Comp kit is an easy installation and can easily be returned to a stock stance.

While this is strictly a leveling kit with coil spring spacers and strut spacers, there are many other options that Pro Comp and other brands offer with advanced shocks and coilovers. The Pro Comp kit is a happy medium between a basic leveling kit and a more expensive leveling kit or full lift kit.

There are a handful of other leveling kit options available out there. It’s really on your preference to decide which lift or leveling kit is right for your daily driving or Off-Road driving needs. In most cases, a leveling kit should offer plenty of clearance.

Different types of Leveling Kits

  • Strut Extensions (Pro Comp Front)
  • Torsion Keys
  • Coil Spacers (Pro Comp Rear)
  • Block Kits

Why a Leveling Kit Instead of a Lift Kit?

Pro Comp Level Kit 5th Gen 4Runner (Struts and Spacers)

With a leveling kit, you can add a larger set of wheels and tires without rubbing with adding the ability to attack larger trails with advanced terrain. With a leveling kit, you can also remove the raked look (nose slanted down) that comes stock off the lot. Choosing a leveling kit over a suspension lift kit will save you money.

Money is the biggest reason why anyone would buy a leveling kit over a suspension lifts. Most lift kits and suspension kits on the market are built for serious Off-Roading. Most high-quality suspension lift kits are $2000+ ($3000 for our Icon) and a high-quality leveling kit like this Pro Comp is only $350.

If you plan on doing serious Off-Roading, buy a suspension kit, not a leveling kit. If you plan on cruising around town and hitting the occasional trail here and there, buy a leveling kit.

Leveling kits are easier to install than suspension kits and lift kits. You can check out our Stage 2 Icon Suspension Installation for more detail on what it takes to install a suspension kit. You will have a much easier time installing a leveling kit as opposed to a full suspension kit with upper control arms.

What’s inside the Box?

Pro Comp Level Kit - What's in the Box?

When you open the box to this leveling kit, you can tell that Pro Comp puts effort into their products. The strut spacers and coil spacers along with the hardware is packaged tightly and individually wrapped. The Pro Comp Level Kit also comes with a full-color instruction manual (although our instructions are going to be much better in a future post).

Pro Comp Level Kit 5th Gen 4Runner - Instructions

What’s actually in the box?

  • 94-8080m STRUT SPACERS (2)
  • 90-4299 REAR COIL SPACERS (2)

Pro Comp Warranty

Pro Comp offers a warranty against any manufacturers defects; including all of the hardware and installation kit items (limited to repair or replacement). All costs of the removal, installation, and shipping (freight) are not included in their warranty.

Pro Comp will not cover any of the items if they were damaged after you install the kit or during the installation process. basically, you are assuming all risk and responsibility if anything goes wrong with your installation. Which seems pretty standard given just about any product ever made these days.

Straight from Pro Comp:

The Pro Comp Promise is the only true lifetime warranty. Our warranty is 100% transferable between owners and their vehicles. There’s no need for receipts or proof of purchase when making a claim – we want to make it as painless for you as possible. Unlike other manufacturers, when we say ‘Lifetime Warranty’, we actually mean ‘LIFETIME WARRANTY’. We guarantee our products for their entire lifetime, whether you are the original purchaser or not, you can be assured that we will make it right. The Pro Comp Promise covers all suspension products including shocks and steering stabilizers.

Conclusion on this leveling kit or any leveling kit for your 5th Gen

Something to keep in mind when you are installing the 5th Gen Pro Comp Level Kit, DONT BE AN IDIOT. Use your best judgment when attempting to install any aftermarket part on your vehicle. If you do not feel confident or do not have the correct parts to install a leveling kit, take it to a mechanic.

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  • richard

    with the PRO COMP NITRO 3 INCH REAR AND 2 INCH FRONT LEVELING LIFT KIT – 65210K what is the max tire size i can install on a 2017 4runner trd off road

    • Brenan - Trail4R


      With any and all lift kits, suspension kits and level kits at 3″, the max tire size you can run without trimming anything is 33″.
      That is a 285/70R17. This is what people typically run with a 3″ suspension lift or leveling kit on their 5th Gen 4Runner.

  • Matt

    These numbers are a little confusing. I currently have a 1.5 inch rake on my 2016 4runner SR5. This kit will make it perfectly level? And what do you mean by occasional trail use with a spacer kit is okay? I don’t do anything major, like tires coming off the ground, but I do travel off road frequently. Friends say I should avoid the spacer due to suspension or wheel having less travel.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Sorry, I should have more specific there. Occasional trail use means general fire roads, light-weight trails, easy to moderate trails, etc. If you are not hammering your suspension off-road often, like heading to Moab or doing super rocky/boulder terrain, then a spacer kit is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with a spacer kit but your friends are right. You will have less travel or less suspension flex when you are on the trail. If you can afford an upgraded suspension, like the Icon Stage 2 Suspension, OME Suspension, Bilstein Suspension or something similar, it would obviously be better to go this route. But, if you are not planning for anything super aggressive, a spacer kit will work just fine. Also, an upgraded suspension is just more comfortable and easier on the 4Runner off-road/ on-road. With an aftermarket suspension, you will have more travel, more flex and improved on-road performance like less body roll, less nose-dive, and just better all-around driving performance. Hope this helps Matt.

  • Preston

    With this work with the RWD version too? I’m not trying to throw a serious lift on something that isnt going to be seeing intense trails.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      This leveling kit is compatible with all versions of the 4Runner. You should always double check with the sellers before buying. By RWD, did you mean 4WD or Rear-Wheel Drive?

  • Nadan

    Is this kit works for 2017 4 runner limited?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      The best way to make sure the kit is compatible with your 4Runner is to check with the manufacturer. Or, head over to the link provided in the description and enter in your vehicle. This will show you if the kit works. I am not 100% sure if the kit works on a 2017 Limited 4Runner. You probably ok to grab the kit but always double check before buying anything.

  • Matt

    I have read some things about the rear spring spacers not working well with 2017-18, I read that you can modify the rear spacer to fit (assuming the diameter was different where it fits into the spring) have you come across this at all?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      Interesting. Where did you read this on rear spring spacers for the 2017-18 4runner, and what exactly did it say? We have seen a few guys on here installing spacer kits on their 2017 4Runner with no issues. Can’t say the same for 2018, but nothing has changed that I know of, so it would be interesting to see someone out there with a 2018 do an install just to confirm. If you hear anything else, let us know.

  • Mike

    does this work with KDSS?

  • Kevin

    I have this kit on my 2017 4Runner Limited. I do not recommend this kit for anyone. My car feels like a boat on the FWY.You cannot make sudden lane changes with this kit. Going over a hump on the road the rear slams really hard like as if there were no shocks in the rear. This kit was not made to work with stock suspension.

    • Raj

      I am running this Kit with Bilstein Shocks and trust me that made the kit much more drivable and more effective offroad.

      • Avh26728

        Which bilstein shocks did you use? Do the 5100’s work with this kit, and if so where did you set the adjustment to? Thanks

  • Joe

    Quick question. No one seems to say anything about realignment after installing this kit. The way I’m thinking about it I would think an alignment would be required after install. Am I correct?

  • Hector

    Im confused why this wouldnt fit a 2018 TRD Off Road no KDSS

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      It probably does fit, they just have not confirmed with new models as of yet. It may take awhile for major sites and manufacturer sites to update the fitment profiles.

  • Harsha koganti

    Can i use this kit on my 2018 trd off road premium with everything stock and after installing the kit, I’m planning to put 285/70 R17 . Does this effect my smooth ride or braking ? and any huge mileage difference ?

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      The level-kit is probably compatible with your stock 2018 4R but your ride quality will see a reduction. You may see an increase in body roll/nose dive and a reduction in brake performance. Not a huge mileage difference at all (1-2 mpg maybe).

      • Harsha koganti

        Thank you for the reply . So if i still want the same ride quality what would you recommend .

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