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Trail Standard Off-Road Grille Installation Overview

Trail Standard Off-Road Grille

Step by Step Install – Trail Standard Off-Road TRD Pro Style Grille

Trail Standard Off-Road (TSO) is a company that specializes in a front-end TRD Pro style grille for the 5th Gen 4Runner. If you are looking for a more affordable, and customizable alternative to the OEM TRD PRO version supplied by Toyota, Trail Standard Off-Road is a good choice.

TSO also makes the letters for the grille. If you are looking to customize the layout of the letters T.O.Y.O.T.A, you can buy those as a separate pack directly from TSO.

I believe they can get pretty custom here so if you have a special request for letters or a custom logo, just reach out to them and see how they can help.

Trail Standard Off-Road offers a few different options on their website to make ordering easier.

You can buy the following: 

  • TSO Grille Cover – check all prices on their website.
  • TSO Grille Cover with Letters
  • TSO Grille Cover and upper Grille – what we bought
  • TSO Grille Cover, upper Grille, and Letters

Trail Standard Off-Road Benefits

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Thermoformed Matte Black Plastic (no painting required)
  • Optional Toyota branding
  • About $200 less than TRD Pro Garnish with letters

OE Part Numbers

  • TRD PRO 4Runner Front Radiator Grill Mesh PZ327-35053
  • 4Runner Front Grill Garnish (TOYOTA) PZ323-35056

Why the TSO Grille?

The grille is about $200 less than the OE TRD Pro is the main reason.

I purchased the TSO grille because our T logo and the grille garnish had a few scratches on it. My girl parked the 4Runner a little too close to the garage one night and closed the garage on the Grille. The next day, I called Trail Standard Off-Road.

I did not want to buy the TOYOTA grille with the TOYOTA lettering on the front. The cool thing about TSO is you can just customize any grille garnish you want.

Give them a call. Great company, quality products.

TSO Grille Video Install

TSO Grille Install

These are the parts that I purchased from TSO. The TSO grille (basically, a TRD Pro grille garnish) without the lettering and the upper grille insert.

This is a very straightforward installation. Basic shop tools will be fine for this project, nothing special.

This installation can be done with one person in about 30 min from start to finish.

This is a very chill “crack a beer and start a mod project”.

Step 1: Remove radiator support cover

Open the hood and remove all of the push clips in 13 positions as indicated by the red dots in the photo and then remove the radiator support cover.

Step 2: Remove Upper Radiator Grille Mesh and Parts

Remove the second set of vehicle clips and one center position bolt as indicated in the photo. These clips are the same clips that hold your rear bumper in place. This is how I like to remove those tabs. You will have a tough time trying to it with your fingers alone. 

Step 3: Tape to prevent scratches

To avoid damage on the 4Runner, attach masking tape at the positions indicated.

Step 4: Pull Grille straight out to Remove

There are four clips that are inserted into this portion of the grille. It was nerve-racking at first but just pull straight out on each clip and the radiator grille mesh along with the top portion of the bumper will come straight out.

Step 5: Detach the radiator grille mesh

Remove all the screws attached to the grill bracket and then remove the bracket from the top portion of the bumper as well. Do not discard the screws as you will be reusing them for the Trail Standard Off-road garnish. 

Step 6: Clean the factory garnish

If you have not heard of Hot Sauce by Boat Bling, it’s pretty badass stuff. It’s a hard water spot remover and works as a quick detail spray as well. I use it whenever I need to clean the exterior. Also, sometimes I go months without cleaning the 4Runner, this stuff is the only spray that seems to knock hard-water spots off with a breeze.

Step 7: Mark center on Bumper and Garnish

Mark center on both the bumper and the garnish. This way, you will get an exact center to the garnish applied to the front-end of your 4Runner.

Step 8: Preparing the Garnish

Start by making a center cut with a razor blade down the center of the top-most double-sided tape. You do not need to slice through the tape, just the top layer to peel back. Peal back both sides, curl them up and over the TSO garnish and hold in place using masking tape.

We do this so the top double-sided 3m tape will not catch or stick to the factory garnish area when pressing on the TSO garnish.

Remove the double-sided adhesive tape from all other portions of the trail standard Offroad garnish.

Step 9: Press on Grille Garnish

Apply pressure to the TSO garnish and then peel back the adhesive tape from the top portion of the garnish.

Step 10: Install new Radiator Grill Mesh

Install upper bumper portion to the new radiator grille mesh and secure the upper end of the grill with vehicle clips and one bolt in the center position. Peel off any masking tape used in previous steps. Place the radiator support cover on and then press down the 13 vehicle clips removed in step one.

Factory Trail Edition 4Runner Front-End: Before

Factory Trail Edition 4Runner Front-End: Before

Upgraded Trail Standard Off-Road Garnish: After

Upgraded Trail Standard Off-Road Garnish: After

So what is the difference between the TSO Grille and the TRD Pro Grille from Toyota? Price and customization.

  • Price: TSO is about $200 less.
  • Customization: You can buy the grille with or without lettering. You can also call TSO and talk to them about getting even more custom with custom letters or a logo.

Thoughts on the TSO Grille?

Questions and Comments below!

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Will the Grille garnish/cover fit a Limited?

Trail Standard Offroad
Trail Standard Offroad

The short answer is no. However, I have seen a handful of people with limited’s install them. It will fit in that area. It just won’t fit like it does on a standard front bumper. Hope that helps. Copy and pasted from Brenan.

Feel free to reach out if you would like more info on how they got them to work. Thanks


Any idea if this grill will work on the 2019 TRD OFF ROAD PREMIUM models? I know the 2019 looks identical to the 2018, but wondering if anyone has confirmed that. Based off everything i’m reading online it seems as if the models haven’t changed at all with the exception of the TRD PRO getting a few minor tweaks and a new LIMITED Night Shade edition.


Trail Standard Offroad
Trail Standard Offroad

It should fit the 2019 model. Toyota has not released any new part numbers pertaining to the grille section. So, one could reasonably assume yes it will fit.


Great. Thank you!


What’s the quality like? Is it thinner/thicker than the OEM pro grille? Hows the fitment along the sides where it meets the bumper?


The grill looks like it’s missing something. I’m all for a new grille styling, matter of fact I cannot wait to find new options other than the played out TRD PRO grill.


hey, brenan nice write up where do you get the hot sauce and is it better than 303? And, is the green taco in the background your too?

Trail Standard Offroad
Trail Standard Offroad

I would strongly recommend NOT using a product like 303 for cleaning before installation. I would only recommend isopropyl alcohol or wax and grease remover. For proper adhesion the surface needs to be clean of all substances. This is very important, especially if you recently waxed or used some sort of cleaning product like 303.


Any concerns if I get the added letters with the letters possibly falling off or peeling off?


Did you have the lower bumper painted black at a body shop or was that something you did yourself?


With the TOYOTA lettering that TSO sells, does this grille look substantially identical to the OEM Toyota TRD Pro grille? I like the price but I really want the OEM look. Thanks in advance guys. This site is a great resource!

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