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5th Gen 4Runner SR5 Window Tinting – Semi Blacked Out

Stock 2016 SR5 4Runner No Mods

5th Gen SR5 Window Tint Tinted

How dark should you tint your 5th Gen 4Runner? 2016 Toyota 4Runner Window Tint on all Windows

In our 5th Gen 4Runner Mods (Part1) post, we touched on the basics of modding out your 4Runner. One of those steps was window tint and blacking out your 4Runner. Tinting your 4Runner can have a dramatic transformation at an affordable cost. The 5th Gen 4Runner comes with 20% factory tint on the rear windows and nothing on the front. This leaves your stock 4Runner looking very “stock”.

If you go with 20% tint on the back window and all the way around, you will be fine. The 5th Gen 4Runner already comes with a factory window tint at 20%-30%. So, if you are going to add another layer of 20% tint film over the factory tint, you would be at 10%. I think that is how it works, correct me if I am wrong.

If however, you want to black out the windows with 3% tint, that will turn the overall tint to a 2% or more than limo tint. You will run into a couple issues with “more than limo” tint. My main issue; it is very hard to see out of the rear window when looking in the rear-view. Also, you run the risk of getting pulled over. Not a big deal these days. But it is still well worth it, in the end, to go with a 5% tint all the way around. Except for maybe 20% on the front windows.

Step #1 – Clean All Windows

Step #2 – Remove Plastic Cover on Rear Hatch

The biggest pain in the ass about tinting a 4Runner is the rear window and the windshield. But, the rear window has to be done in multiple stages and requires removal of the rear hatch plastic cover. The rear hatch plastic cover can be removed by unbolting one bolt from the outside and then disconnecting the speaker wires. Once you have disconnected the speaker wires, you can completely remove the plastic cover. There is a large surface area that can not be accessed for tinting the window unless you remove the rear hatch cover. So, this is the biggest part of the process. I am no tint expert but have witnessed a few 4Runners get tinted. It’s a process.

5th Gen 4Runner Window Tint - Remove Plastic Cover Rear Hatch

Step #3 – Prepare and Cut Tint Film

4Runner Tint Step #1 - prepare Film

Step #4 – Apply Film to All Windows Desired

Apply Film to All Windows Desired

Step #5 – Clean All Areas Around Windows (Inside and Out)

Finished Tinting

Window Tint Percentages all the way around: 

  • Front Window: 50%
  • Front Side Windows: 35%
  • Rear Windows: 3% over factory 20%

What’s it like with 50% Window Tint on the Windshield?

It’s amazing. This is my girls 4Runner (2016 SR5 4Runner), not my 2014 Trail 4Runner. On the 2014 Trail 4Runner, we currently have a layer of polycrystalline on the front windshield which blocks heat resistance up to 80%. It blocks the heat a little better than darker film but it does not block the actual sun in your eyes as much as the darker window tint film.

When I hop into the 2016 SR5, I am jealous with window tint envy. The darker window tint all the way around feels much better in terms of sun and glares. Not to mention it looks much better from the outside.

Another Touch? If you want to go a step further with blacking out your 4Runner, don’t forget to check out the 5th Gen 4Runner Blackout Kit. This is a press-on blackout emblem kit. Super affordable and looks great on all 4Runner models.

NOTE: Some states have different laws regarding window tint. Please refer to your state laws before tinting your windows and always tint at your own risk. If you tint your windows over the state allotted requirements, you are subject to a fine.

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  • Randall

    “If you go with 20% tint on the back window and all the way around, you will be fine. The 5th Gen 4Runner already comes with a factory window tint at 20%-30%. So, if you are going to add another layer of 20% tint film over the factory tint, you would be at 10%. I think that is how it works, correct me if I am wrong.”

    I think you might be wrong.

    Think of it this way – Your are starting with a “light level” of 100. The light passes though the factory tint with a VLT of 30%, so you are left with a “light level” of 30. Then the light of level 30 passes though the 20% tint film (VLT 20%), resulting in a “light level” of 6 (30 x 0.2 = 6). Thus, you end up at 6%.

    Excellent site

    • Bgreene

      Damn! I like it. I don’t even think the guy who tinted my windows could have said it any better. Thanks for clearing that up Randall. I just had to google “vlt tint meaning” -> VLT (Visible Light Transmission) The “NET” portion refers to the combination of both glass and film, and not just the film alone.

      Thanks again man.

  • Shaf

    I am unclear if the tint is being applied over the existing tint? Is that possible? I live in the state of Virginia and was curious how to accomplish this with the strict laws in this state.

    • Brenan - Trail4R

      You can tint over factory tint, for sure. Factory tint is actually just dipped and dyed glass that has a dark pigment.
      Our factory tint on the rear windows and rear hatch is around 20%. I am not too sure what the Virgina laws are on window tint but I know in California, you are legally not allowed to go under 30% on the front driver/passenger windows. I don’t think you are even allowed to have tint on the front windshield, but you can have a 4″ tint strip at the top, someone can correct me if I am wrong on that. We have 20% tint on our front windows and 40% polycrystalline (heat resistant) tint on our front windshield. When in doubt, head into your local tint shop and see what they recommend you get away with. Every state is different.

  • Shaf

    Thank you.

  • larrybroad47

    i did not know you can put an additional layer of window tint over the existing layer my 3erd gen 4runner window are already pretty dark i live in calif and i would like to tint my driver and passenger window but i don’t know how dark i can go without getting a ticket if anyone can tell me i would appreciate that info.larry b

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