Courtesy Door Lights (LED Swap) 5th Gen 4Runner

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner (LED Swap - Before and After)

Courtesy Door Lights LED Swap (Step by Step Guide) on 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

The courtesy door lights are pretty straight-forward. There are plenty of companies that make aftermarket bulbs for this application but when it comes to lighting, you always want the best.

The factory bulbs will more than likely last forever, but these bulbs will provide a much better, brighter white color.

There are hundreds of Amazon and eBay sellers out there who are selling absolute garbage in the lighting department. The last thing you want is for a bulb to burn out after 2 weeks. Just do yourself a favor and get something quality. You will likely have it forever and never have to install or swap a bulb again.

If you are running aftermarket LED headlights, matching your interior lights will add a pretty good look.

Bulb Number & Quantity

  • Bulb: 168 (Quantity x4)


Tools Needed

  • Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • OR Plastic Pry Tools

This is a great little mod that can be done in under 30 minutes.

This LED swap can be done by simply popping out the OEM housing, removing the internal plastic housing and swapping in the new bulbs. That’s it! Below are some shots and process.

Step #1: Pop out OEM Housing

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #1 - Pop OEM Housing Loose

If you have a set of plastic pry tools, use those. You can use a small flathead screwdriver but it’s always safe to use plastic pry tools.

I left my set of pry tools at the Snail Trail 4×4 shop. So, I was stuck using this flathead. It worked fine. I had no issue with using a small flathead.

Nothing got scratched or scuffed. This is a pretty simple step, just pop off the light housing and pull it out.

Step #2: Pull Housing/ Unplug Wire Harness

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #2 - Pull Out Housing

Pull out the harness and unplug the wiring.

There is a small tab that is holding the wire harness to the light assembly. You can use your small flathead screwdriver or your pry tool to pop this tab loose. This will free the wire harness from the assembly.

Step #3: Push Light Assembly Loose

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #3 - Push Light Assembly Loose

I messed around with this top grey piece for a second before I got it. At first, I was trying to pop tabs all over it.

All you have to do is push the back end of the grey part with your thumb. It will pop right off.

You have to push it pretty hard.

Step #4: Pop Second Bracket on Light Assembly

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #4 - Pop Loose Second Bracket on Light Assembly

You will need to pop the bracket using a small flathead or your pry tools.

After you pop these tabs a little bit, you can wiggle this whole assembly until it comes off.

Step #5: Pull Out OEM Bulb

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #5 - Pull Out OEM Bulb

After the top grey bracket is off, you can remove the OEM bulb.

Step #6: Swap in New LED Bulb

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #6 - Swap in New LED Bulb

Plug in the new LED bulb

Step #7: Test New LED Bulb

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #7 - Test New LED Bulb

If you test your light and it does not work, just flip the light around and plug it in the other way. There is a positive and negative on these bulbs.

There is a little red dot on the positive side but nothing on the OEM housing that shows you positive or negative. Just make sure you test your bulbs before you button everything up.

Step #8: Snap the second bracket back on

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #8 - Snap second bracket back on

Snap the second bracket back onto the light housing.

Step #9: Snap Bracket onto Light Cover

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner Step #9 - Snap Bracket onto Light Cover

The two tabs in the back on the bottom lock right into place. Then you lower the front and push the whole assembly back into place. It will snap and lock into place.

Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner (LED Swap – Before and After)


Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner (LED Swap - Before and After)


Courtesy Door Lights 4Runner (LED Swap - Before and After)

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David C LaFace
David C LaFace
1 month ago

I recently did a swap of bulbs on a 2021 forerunner as I was pulling the second row fixture down I heard a crankling sound as if I had blown a fuse.after finishing up I guess I must have. The remote no longer works and I’m getting all kinds of on my dash saying to vehicle to dealer. Any input would be appreciated

8 months ago

Really thankful to have all of these writeups, but please update Step #3. There is a small tab on the bottom side of the gray assembly, closest to the clear plastic housing and farthest from your thumb in the picture, and if you don’t have a small flathead or something in there to release it, you are relying on the force of pushing the gray assembly to push past this.

For me, trusting your writeup, this caused three of the four clear plastic pillars to break away from the clear plastic housing. Luckily super glue is holding them in place for now, but I’ve purchase a replacement, which cost over $20. Not exactly a cheap mistake to make.

Again, thank you for the writeup, and I hope this comment helps future people who come here to avoid breaking anything!

1 year ago

Great write up. Thanks for the step by step. Would have taken me a lot longer to figure out how to take apart the brackets. Fast and easy upgrade.

2 years ago

Thanks for the step-by step!!

Took me about 5 minutes for the first door and 1 minute for each of the next 3. What a difference.

That completes my 13 bulb LED upgrade on my 2021 Nightshade.

3 years ago

Amazingly well done explanation. Thank you.

Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson
4 years ago

I have an issue with my drivers side courtesy light not coming on when the door is opened. I know the bulb works since I have a tested it in another door. I have replaced the door switch with a new Toyota switch. All the other door lights work with other doors. I have checked the voltage at the light outlet with no voltage coming through. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to take the door panel off to see if there is a loose wire somewhere within the door. I have reserves on taking it to Toyota for being charge an ungodly amount for something that could be fixed by myself. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Also I forgot to tell you that I have also checked the fuses and they are all good.

5 years ago

I noticed at the start of this install you said “If you are running aftermarket LED headlights, matching your interior lights will add a pretty good look.” Does that mean you need to have a wiring harness in place with a fuse/relay for these to work or can you just swap the OEM for the LED bulbs?

5 years ago

I purchased these light bulbs to replace the door lights but they aren’t working. I tried 2 dif bulbs and neither worked. When i plugged stock one back in it lit up so im not sure if maybe you have to really push them in? or they just dont work on the 2018 4Runner.

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