Feature Friday: 10 5th Gen 4Runners & Their Top 5 Mods in 2022

Lifted Blue 5th Gen 4Runner with LED Raptor Lights & TRD Pro Grille

We asked 10 4Runners what their top 5 Favorite Mods are in 2022, Here is what they responded with…

This Week’s Topic: What are your top 5 mods?

Well, as much as we would like to say that we bought our 4Runners to join the overland movement, many (if not most) of us go harder at the mall than we do on the trail. This week’s featured 4Runner photos were inspired (at least partially) by mall crawl/urban photography. Naturally, we wanted to know what the guys were running as well.

When reaching out to individuals about Feature Friday I wanted to see if they could send us their best photos of their 4Runner in an urban/mall crawl environment because we all know that, at some point, we use our rigs for more than just off-road. In addition to this, I also wanted to know what the top five favorite mods are for their rig, whether it be for on-road driving or off-road driving.

This allows new individuals to the off-road scene to really see what the best or highest rated modification other owners prefer so they can start saving up. If you have a compilation of rigs and they all have similarities in their top mods, it might help you to decide what to get for your personal rig.

Enjoy this Feature Friday guys, it was a fun one!

1. Mo – (@4runningtheozarks) 2020 TRD Pro

White 4Runner TRD Pro with iKamper RTT, Dobinsons MRR Suspension, Front Runner Roof Rack


  1. iKamper RTT
  2. Dobinsons MRR Suspension
  3. Front Runner Roof Rack
  4. Baja Designs Lights
  5. Snomaster Fridge


I love how easy the RTTs are to set up. It makes setting up camp and tear down a breeze. The ride on and off-road has been fantastic thanks to Dobinsons MRR suspension on the rig. The Front Runner rack is an easy rack to work with and they have all the accessories you could ever imagine online.

The Baja Designs lights we went with provide all the light we could ever ask for. The Snomaster is probably the biggest game changer and has allowed for longer trips when the temps heat up by keeping all the food and beer cold.

2. Ryan Lau – (@4runnersaurus) 2021 TRD ORP

Lifted White 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner with Mud Terrain Tires & SCS Wheels


  1. Wheels/Tires (SCS Ray10 & Yokohama Geolandar M/T)
  2. Dobinsons IMS
  3. Rock Sliders (SSO)
  4. Hybrid Bumper (SSO)
  5. Roof-Mounted Recovery Box (Pelican)


Who doesn’t love a good wheel/tire setup? It can be an excellent value in terms of performance and looks, and is super practical! The stock suspension was too floaty for my taste, and no one likes the “nose dive effect”. I went with the IMS system because their bang-for-your-buck factor was spot on.

My spouse is 5ft tall, I needed a way for her to get in the rig and wanted something way more durable than the factory plastic steps. The addition of the sliders helped with that. The hybrid bumper wasn’t a “need”, but I love the look! The bull bar also gives me a little assurance when driving out in the forest, even if it’s just a little extra radiator protection. Lastly, the Pelican case was essential, recovery gear sure adds up quickly! I need the trunk space for everyday items like a stroller (which are huge these days).

3. Josh Hedberg – (@ddonut.rnr) 2016 SR5

Magnetic Grey Metallic SR5 5th Gen 4Runner with 17" Method 701 Wheels


  1. LABOPS Dash Mount Kit
  2. 17″ Method 701 Wheels
  3. LASFIT Turn Signals
  4. Artec Industries Roof Rack Cross Members
  5. 3D Printed Cup Holders from Etsy


The LABOPS dash mount kit is great because I can mount Ram Mounts for accessories to my dash. Like a Tablet or Phone, mostly I just wanna know I spent $80.00 on 3D printed parts for my dash. 

My 17″ Method wheels are good because well METHOD wheels are the best. My LASFIT Amber turn signals are perfect to let other drivers know I am changing lanes at the last moment. They are very bright and way better than the stock bulbs.

I got the Artec Industries cross members so I can mount things to my roof. It’s like a Plano gun case and cheap Amazon traction boards. My favorite mod so far has been the 3D printed cup holder from Etsy. The stock plastic cup holders always get stuck to my Yeti when I’m drinking coffee. These new pieces stay securely in place.

4. Michael Reardon – (@mreardon_) 2017 TRD OR

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Low Profile Front Bumper, Morimoto Headlights & RA Motorsports Roof Rack


  1. RA Motorsports Roof Rack
  2. Morimoto Gen 2 Headlights
  3. Fuel Wheels and 35″ Falken Wildpeak AT3W
  4. Eibach Pro Truck Lift
  5. Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Fogs


The roof rack is amazing for my rooftop tent. The headlights and fog lights are a must for the 5th gen 4Runner. The stock ones that come with them when new are not the best, at all.

I love the 35s because anything worth doing is worth overdoing. The lift was a necessity to get out of most mall parking lots.

5. Moe Alchab – (@mudkip_t4r) 2020 TRD ORP

Nautical Blue 5th Gen 4runner with Baja Designs LP4 Ditch Lights & LED Raptor Lights


  1. Total Chaos +2 Expedition LT Kit
  2. Radflo Secondary Bypass Shocks
  3. Nguyen Works Rear Bumper
  4. Baja Designs LP4 Ditch Lights
  5. eBay TRD Off-Road License Plate Frame


I love the LT kit because I can send it through mall parking lots with ease! The Radflo bypasses help me hit the speed bumps at Starbucks without a care in the world! 

The rear bumper holds my spare so I don’t have to worry about soccer moms rear-ending me. The LP4s really light up the mall parking garage. My license plate frame lets others know that I’m a real off-roader!

6. Evan – (@4runnerfit) 2015 SR5

Barcelona Red Metallic 4Runner SR5 with Gobi Stealth Rack, C4 Low Pro Bumper


  1. Icon Coilovers
  2. Gobi Stealth Rack
  3. C4 Low Pro Bumper with High Clearance 
  4. Remote Start
  5. Rago Molle Panels 


The Icon coilovers upgrade the ride quality a ton, cornering and bumps just get absorbed with ease. Who doesn’t love a Gobi rack/ladder combo?! I’m a sucker for a sleek look and the stealth rack is nice and low to the body.

The C4 bumper adds protection and a closer to stock look even with the high clearance wings. I use my remote start almost every time I start my car and for the cold days, it’s essential. The molle panels and the best storage and space savers for the rear end of my 4Runner. 

7. Ruby Villalobos – (@bitchinbetty4r) 2019 SR5

White SR5 4runner with Southern Style Offroad 5th Gen 2010+ 4Runner Rock Sliders


  1. Alpha Foxtrot Designs – 5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount
  2. RAM Quick-Grip XL Spring-Loaded Phone Mount with Drill-Down Base
  3. ARB USA – 2500×2500 Touring Awning w/ light; also Deluxe Awning Room with Floor
  4. Southern Style Offroad 5th Gen 2010+ 4Runner Rock Sliders with Custom Color Design
  5. Suspension: Bilstein 6112 set at 2 1/2” of lift with OME (Old Man Emu) 880 Coil Springs, Bilstein 5100s in the rear


Having quick access to my phone is great while the dash mount also allows me to have a radio mount and anything else in an arms reach. My lightbar lights up the way for those night runs or when I need to light up a neighborhood looking for a lost dog! 

Our ARB awning has been a great addition for creating shade in the AZ heat and is a hit on our Taco Tuesday meetups, lol. My sliders are dual-purpose, as I’m short and they help me get up into my lifted ride and have saved us from some gnarly rocks! I recently upgraded my front suspension to the Bilstein 6112s and they’ve held up well! Next will be the rear!

8. Alex Bruce – (@alexbbruce) 2021 TRD ORP

Nautical Blue 5th Gen 4Runner with Morimoto Headlights, Falken Wildpeaks, Diode Dynamics Amber Fog Lights


  1. SCS Gen 5 Wheels
  2. Sherpa Crestone Rack
  3. Morimoto Headlights
  4. Falken Wildpeaks
  5. Diode Dynamics Amber Fog Lights


The SCS wheels completely change the presence of the vehicle. The roof rack makes it super easy for me to carry anything from a Christmas tree to traction boards without damaging my paint.

My Morimoto headlights look incredible and have great coverage at night. I love the Falkens because they give me confidence off-road AND in deep snow, which I haven’t had in any other tire I’ve owned. Lastly, the fog lights look great while adding functionality in low visibility situations!

9. Sean Migone – (@mig_rnr) 2020 TRD Pro

white 4runner trd pro with C4 Fab LoPro Front Bumper RiGd Supply Ultraswing Area BFE RTT & AWNING Black Rhino Armory Wheels w/ Cooper EVO MT’s 33”


  1. Dobinsons MRR Complete Suspension 3” Lift – Adjustable
  2. C4 Fab LoPro Front Bumper
  3. RiGd Supply Ultraswing
  4. Area BFE RTT & Awning
  5. Black Rhino Armory Wheels w/ Cooper EVO MT’s 33”


My Dobinsons MRR Suspension is by far my favorite upgrade. It is completely adjustable which allows me to accommodate heavier loads when I’m going camping and dial it down when I’m using the truck as a daily driver. I completely upgraded every part of my suspension including the front UCAs, rear upper and lower control arms.

The C4 Fab LoPro front bumper looks perfect on my 4Runner. It’s not as heavy as a full-size front bumper. Yet it still allows me to have a light bar and a winch. The bull bar also adds to the protection and the lock the bumper provides.

The RiGd Supply Ultraswing is another one of my favorite mods. I have my camp table, high lift jack mount, and a full-size spare tire mounted to it. It does not shake or rattle while off-road, it seems like it’s part of the vehicle itself.

My Area BFE rooftop tent and awning are perfect for my camping needs. It’s very low profile and lightweight for its size. I have a rack on top of it to carry surfboards and pelican cases when I need to. It’s also super comfortable.

The BLACK RHINO ARMORY Wheels absolutely look like they were made for my 4Runner. The Cooper Evo MTs look great on them as well. They look like M1 Abrams Tank wheels.

10. Osvaldo Maldonado – (@D3v1lsrnr) 2019 SR5

Barcelona Red 4Runner with King Shocks, C4 Hybrid Front Bumper, Sierra Summit Wheels, Baja Design Lights


  1. 2.5 Adjustable King Shocks
  2. C4 Hybrid Front Bumper
  3. Sierra Summit Wheels
  4. Baja Design Lights
  5. Aftermarket CV Axels


All of these items come in clutch when I most need them! This is especially when I’m running through these city potholes and have the ability to drive through those dips on the street!

This setup looks OEM (ish) but still performs when I need it to. The Baja lights allow me to really see in dark parking garages as well. 

Final Thoughts

barcelona red 4runner with 2.5 Adjustable King Shocks C4 Hybrid Front Bumper Sierra Summit Wheels Baja Design Lights

I hope you all were inspired by these 4Runners and their top five favorite mods. Also, with this urban setting of photos, I am definitely craving some Chipotle right now, so I think I’m off to the mall to go get some. Have a great weekend guys!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing Midnight Black 4Runners.

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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