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5th Gen 4Runner Speaker Only Upgrade from OEM Audio Plus

Updated 5/28/20 /

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5th Gen 4Runner Speaker Upgrade

Direct Plug and Play Speaker Upgrade from OEM Audio Plus for the 5th Gen 4Runner – Speakers Only

My first 4Runner (1999 SR5 4×4 Imperial Jade Green) back in high school (2005) had some serious thump.

I was running an Alpine Type-R 15 in a custom ported box that damn near took up the whole rear cargo area which paired nicely with the Alpine door and hatch speakers running off a Kenwood 3000 watt amp. The system rattled the 4Runner. It was amazing at 16-20 years old.

A friend and I wired the whole thing, and it took about 3 days. We had to make custom brackets for the door speakers, and the amp. From what I remember, it was quite the project. Since then, I always feared another complete custom DIY speaker job in the 4Runner.

After Frank wrote his overview of the 4Runner tweeters and then later, the full-blown install and review on the OEM Audio Plus System, It started getting me back into the sound upgrade mindset. BUT, I was still unsure about going all-in for $1700 OEM Audio Plus system with the amp, sub and all the speakers.

With the $1700 package (reference 500q), you get the top of the line system from OEM Audio Plus which includes everything; amp, sub, front speakers, rear speakers, hatch speakers, and everything you need to wire it up.

After reading Franks article, I was thinking… If OEM Audio Plus just made a speaker only package that I could snap right in, I would probably buy it.

Well, they actually released it about 3 months later, so I bought it for $650.

OEM Audio+ Speaker Only Upgrade

That’s right, no sub, no amp, no wiring, no harness, just straight up plug and play speakers! The fact that you just snap these speakers in is one of the biggest highlights of this package. Oh, and the fact that each speaker is designed and tuned specifically for our 5th Gen 4Runner is a supreme added bonus.

In a perfect world, my goal for a speaker system upgrade was to be affordable along with plug and play. I didn’t want to be required to run an amp or modify aftermarket speakers in every door and hatch of the 4Runner.

At this point in my life, I am more concerned about the room in the cargo area for a fridge, possible drawer system, or my trips to home depot than I am with another ported Type-R 15. With that being said, a plug and play system with some upgraded thump in would suit me just right!

Another highlight of this system is that you can upgrade to the reference 500q at any time. If you fall in love with the sound quality and want more, you can add the amp, and sub at any time. Everything is compatible and that’s what’s great about OEM Audio Plus in stages. If you want more, just add it.

What they say about the “speaker only package”: 

Reference Speaker Upgrades specific for the ’10+ Toyota 4Runner. Complete speaker replacements offering superior dynamics, blending and low-frequency response. Plug and play, our drivers integrate seamlessly into your Toyota utilizing the same factory mounting and connectors.

Where to buy:

Tools for Install

OEM Audio Plus Speaker Upgrade – Install

Again, the installation is one of the main reasons we choose this speaker upgrade for the 5th Gen 4Runner. Because this kit is 100% plug and play is what makes it so attractive. The installation process requires minimal tools. Simply removing trim panels and door panels with a plastic pry tool is about the extent of the install. Once you have the panels off, you can take off the old speakers and throw on the new ones.

It doesn’t get any easier for a complete speaker upgrade.

Please read the install from start to finish before continuing with this install.

Remove Trim Cover Near Door Handle & Remove Screw

Remove Trim Near Door Handle

Start by removing the door handle trim cover. Insert a plastic trim tool on the inside of the door and pop it off. This will give you access to the screw holding the top of the door in place.

Release Middle Trim Cover & Remove Screw

Remove Trim Near Pull Handle

Release Top Trim Cover & Last Screw Holding Door Panel

Remove Trim & Last Screw Holding Door Panel

Remove A-Pillar Trim Cover and Pull Off Door Panel

Remove A-Pillar Trim and Pull Off Door Panel

Pull the A-Pillar trim cover off by simply pulling on the outside edge. It pops right off.

In order to get the door off, make sure you have removed all three screws as mentioned in the steps above. Proceed to pull on the bottom corner of the door which releases the plastic push tabs that are holding the door in place. You will hear a popping noise when tab that is released from the body of the door to the panel. If the push tabs remain attached to the door, remove them and attach it back to the door panel.

Pull Off Door & Release Bottom Light

Pull Off Door & Release Bottom Light

Once the door panel is loose from the door, remove the bottom courtesy light clip.

Remove Power Window & Lock Clip

Remove Power Window & Lock Clip

You have a couple of options here. You can disconnect the cables shown on the left and the power clip on the right if you want to remove the entire door panel. Or you can disconnect the power clip only. I didn’t see a need for disconnecting the cables. Leaving them alone just saves another step all the way around each door of the truck. If you have something you can rest the door on, great. If not, you may need to disconnect the cables.

Position Door Panel on Stable Platform

Position Door on Stable Platform

I positioned the door panel on a step stool with a towel to prevent any scratches. This seemed to work well being that the door was out of the way and gave me plenty of room to work with the speaker.

Remove the factory Door Speakers

Remove Factory Door Speakers

Using a 10mm, disconnect the speaker from the door and then unclip the power from the speaker bracket.

Install New Door Speakers

Install New Door Speakers

Clip the new speakers in and reinstall just like you would with the factory speakers. It really is that easy. This is one seriously impressive PLUG AND PLAY speaker upgrade for the 5th Gen 4Runner at its finest.

Once the new speakers are in, replace the door panel back over the speaker. Make sure you reconnect the white clip that gives power to the door and the cables if you removed those as well. Lastly, reconnect the courtesy light towards the bottom of the door panel. Getting the door panel back into position make take some finessing but be patient. You’ll get it.

Repeat this process on the opposite side of the 4Runner.

You will see below, I stopped taking the door off completely in order to make for an even quicker install.

Re-Installation of 4Runner Door Covers

Re-Installation of 4Runner Door Covers

Reinstalling the doors is much easier if you follow this tip.

Once you have the door cover removed from the door, remove the door covers window seal strip. This pops right off the door cover. Place it on top of the door and then once you are ready to put the door cover back on to the door, press the door cover straight onto the door. Piece of cake.

Don’t try to reinstall the door cover with this strip attached.

Rear Door Panels

Rear Door Panels

The rear doors disconnect the exact same way as the front doors. Remove the trim pieces covering the screws, and proceed to remove the three screws holding the door in place. Once the screws are removed, you can pop the door panel off and gain access to the speaker. I didn’t remove the whole door panel for the back speakers. Just pull the door panel back, remove the speaker and reinstall the new speaker. It’s that simple.

On the right side of the image above, there is a plastic trim tool on a plastic push tab. When you pop these door panels off, the push tabs/clips want to stay attached to the door. Pop them off and reinstall them onto the door panel so they click back into the door upon reinstall.

Rear Hatch Removal – Release All Tabs

Rear Hatch Removal - Release All Tabs

To release the rear hatch door panel, there is a small gap on the outside of the trim for the plastic pry tool. Pry the door panel off and you will release the first set of plastic push tabs.

If you want to see more detail on this step, check out the rear hatch removal post.

Remove Light Clips and Then Hatch Panel

Remove Light Clips and Then Hatch Panel

Disconnect both rear hatch lights. To remove the rear hatch panel, push up/forward towards the front of the 4Runner and the entire panel come loose off the top.

The OEM Audio Plus Speakers install on the hatch door the same way they were installed on all the other doors.

Passenger Side Tweeter Speakers

Remove Tweeter Speaker Cover & Speakers

For the dash tweeter speakers, start by removing the passenger side cover. Grab your plastic pry tools and give the left corner a pop. This will release the first clip. Then once the cover is off, you can remove the actual speaker using a 10mm socket. Simply reinstall the new OEM Audio Plus Tweeter Speaker back onto the OE bolting points.

Driver Side Tweeter Speakers

Driver Side Tweeter Speakers

The only difference on the driver side is the bracket. The driver side has a unique bracket that holds the tweeter in place. Pull out the bracket and remove the old tweeter then reinstall the new OEM Audio Plus Tweeter.

OEM Audio Plus Speaker Only Upgrade Review?

When the factory speakers just aren’t cutting it and you need something extra, OEM Audio Plus has us covered. OEM Audio Plus makes a couple of different options with this being the easiest to install and the most affordable price point. After reading through Franks previous install and review of the reference 500q, I wanted to pull the trigger but didn’t quite have the coin readily available. But since OEM Audio Plus introduced the “Speaker Only Upgrade Package” for the 5th Gen, it made the decision much easier.

The sound quality is next-level, seriously.

The actual sound volume feels like it’s increased by at least 20% meaning you can listen to music louder than factory. This louder sound volume doesn’t come with any distortion either. At louder volume, there is more clarity introduced into the highs, and mids while the lows hit even harder.

The sound quality doesn’t just get better when it’s played at a louder volume. It’s just better through the entire range of volume. From low volume to high, the highs, mids, and lows are more pronounced. It’s a much better listening experience.

The true highlight to this kit is that it’s plug and play and designed specifically for our 5th Gen 4Runner. It’s basically OE on steroids which makes sense for a company name like OEM Audio Plus.

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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November 10, 2019 2:09 pm

Funny, this upgrade went from steeply priced option at $500 to an insanely over priced option at $650 in just over a month. Taco tunes upgrade at $300 is looking better and better every day….

November 23, 2019 7:08 am

When your review was first posted, I clicked the Today’s price link and it was $500. You are correct, quality and service are personally an unknown between the 2 companies at this point, but at 1/2 the price how bad can it really be? Is spending stupid money at $650 are you really getting double the quality/service? Seriously?

Casey Schultheis
Casey Schultheis
April 1, 2020 12:54 pm
Reply to  nglayton

Whats the link to the “Taco tunes” ?

Kent micuda
Kent micuda
October 17, 2019 4:39 pm

I found that if you unsnap the window sill from the door piece and then place the window sill piece in place first, the door pushes right on instead of trying to contort the window sill into place while its connected to the door.

October 12, 2019 4:07 pm

Hi there, I have a 18 Limited with factory JBL system. Would this be an upgrade to that system? I read replacement speakers must be specific channel to work with audio system? I like the JBL just not load enough, need a bit more boom and loudness

October 4, 2019 7:34 am

Could you simply do the same thing with [your choice] of speakers that fit?

September 27, 2019 12:24 pm

How do you think the Tacotunes plug and play speakers stack up against these at half the price?

September 29, 2019 2:59 am

Fair enough, wasn’t sure if you compared them before hand or not. I’m in the same boat as you, trying to get better sound without spending a fortune or loosing out on interior space. Before the 4runner I had a Mazdaspeed3 and the hatch was filled with to Alpine Type Rs in a massive ported box leaving just enough space for a backpack.

Trevor Varney
Trevor Varney
September 25, 2019 5:13 pm

Awesome! This is on my short list for next upgrades!

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