Feature Friday: 8 Interior Storage Setups For The 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner with Rago Fabrication MOLLE Panels and Shelf - Interior Storage Solutions

Example Interior Storage Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner – Improve Gear Organization & Accessibility For Your Off-Roading & Overlanding Adventures

This Week’s Topic: Interior Storage Setups

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Last week, we covered exterior storage setups. This week, we’ll be taking a look at different types of interior storage systems.

Having ample storage space is crucial when it comes to storing gear and other camp-related things. However, the generous cargo capacity of the 5th Gen 4Runner can quickly become extremely clustered without proper organization.

The interior storage setups below greatly enhance organization, accessibility, and functionality during your expeditions. Let’s look at the various storage options available for the 5th Gen 4Runner, ranging from drawer systems and MOLLE panels to bags and boxes!

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What Are My Options For Storage?

Cali Raised LED MOLLE Cargo Storage System For 5th Gen 4Runner

When it comes to maximizing the storage potential of your 4Runner, there are several options to consider.

Drawer Systems

One popular choice is drawer systems. A drawer system will provide secure and organized storage for your gear. These systems typically consist of robust sliding drawers in the rear cargo area. You can easily separate and access your equipment with multiple compartments and dividers. Drawer systems keep everything neatly organized and prevent items from shifting or becoming damaged during rough off-road conditions. Drawer systems can range in price, depending on whether you go the DIY route or have them created and installed by a professional.

MOLLE Panels

Another versatile storage solution is the incorporation of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) panels. This system allows you to customize your storage setup by attaching various MOLLE-compatible pouches, bags, and accessories. They are great for quick access to first aid supplies, flashlights, communication devices, or other small items. MOLLE panels provide a flexible and modular storage solution and keep essential items within arm’s reach.

Bags & Boxes

For smaller items and personal belongings, rugged bags and boxes designed for off-roading are excellent choices. Durable duffel bags and storage containers provide waterproof and dustproof protection for your gear. Furthermore, their portability allows for easy removal and transport of equipment to and from the vehicle. Utilizing various-sized bags and boxes, you can efficiently organize your gear based on priority and accessibility.

Incorporating these interior storage options into your 4Runner ensures your gear remains secure, easily accessible, and well-organized throughout your journey. Whether it’s the convenience of drawer systems, the modularity of MOLLE panels, or the versatility of bags and boxes, each option contributes to a more efficient adventure. That, in turn, allows you to focus more on enjoying the great outdoors instead of keeping your gear organized.

1. Jonathan Hong – (@_jonny_04)

5th Gen White 4Runner with OverLander WoodWorks Drawer System and Front Runner Wolf Pack Box

Interior Storage Setup

  • OverLander WoodWorks Drawer System
  • Rago Fabrication MOLLE Panels & Shelf
  • FrontRunner Wolf Pack Box

Tell Us About Your Setup

The brands I picked to organize my interior provide many options. The storage systems are multipurpose and easily accessible. Items that are stored depend on the season, but it’s usually camp gear and equipment from my multiple hobbies.

I chose these brands because of the design and function of each product. Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything about this setup because it’s perfect for any weekend warrior.

2. Jillian Infurchia – (@4runnerandthebeast)

5th Gen 4Runner With Custom Built Bed & Storage System & Apache and Nanuk Hard Cases

Interior Storage Setup

  • Custom-Built Drawers & Bed Platform w/ Under-Bed Storage
  • Expedition Essentials Powered Dash Mount w/ RAM Mounts
  • REI Pack Away Storage Bags (10L + 15L)
  • Apache Hardcases
  • Nanuk Hardcases
  • Blue Ridge Overland Tool Pouch Roll
  • MOLLE Visor Storage

Tell Us About Your Setup

I decided to build a custom modular drawer and bed platform storage system because I saw it as the most practical way to make a small space functional for my outdoor lifestyle.

I originally designed the system thinking I’d only be using it to camp. However, I found it also serves a purpose in dog sports and on the job site for work. The system provides storage and functions as a field office, outdoor kitchen, and sleeping quarters. It allows me to keep the majority of my essential tools and gear in the vehicle, so I spend less time preparing and packing and more time out exploring.

I tried a few different types of organizational methods for the interior of the drawers. Ultimately, landed on the REI Pack Away boxes. I liked them because they are light, breathable, and soft-sided. They take up minimal real estate and don’t add to the weight of the drawer system. The Pack Away tops are made of mesh, so you can see what is inside and locate gear quickly and easily. That’s a plus for me because if I can’t see things in plain sight, I tend to forget they exist. The Pack Away bags store my non-perishable kitchen items, dog gear, and toiletries.

In addition to the Pack Aways, I also can store a camp chair, an extra inflatable mattress, a ThermaCell, a battery-powered fan, some spare 12V electrical parts, tie-downs, and some extra blankets in the drawers, and my tools for work.

Under the bed platform, I have two large cubbies for my grill, a collapsible sink, and the hard cases that I typically use for the items that need waterproofing, like fire-starting supplies or electronics.

The Expedition Essentials dash mount was one of the only mounts available at the time I was looking. Combined with RAM Mounts, it’s the best solution to securely mount two phones, a radio, and an sPOD switch panel while keeping them easily accessible. I liked the brand because of the great customer service, and the product kept the dash looking clean. I also liked that the mount offers additional USB outlets. However, it would be nice to have the ability to choose the type of ports the mount comes with. I also sometimes wish the mount didn’t block the digital clock.

The Blue Ridge Overland Tool Roll is one of my favorite storage solutions because it fits all the essentials for small repairs on the road. It wraps up small and fits perfectly in the awkward space behind the wheel well and between my drawers.

I use the MOLLE Visor storage for things like business cards, tire pressure gauges, crush washers, knives, etc. Basically, all the small things I don’t want sinking to the bottom of my center console.

I would change a lot after two years of traveling and camping with this setup. I minimized my camping gear, so I really only need one drawer. I’d also like to rearrange the fridge/drawers so it actually functions the way I find myself prepping food and cooking.

I overlooked the fact that when the fridge slide is tilted out, the drawer directly under the fridge is inaccessible. While the false drawer tops look nice, they also make the drawers inaccessible when you are meal-prepping on top of them. So, I have plans to relocate the fridge slide behind the passenger seat to make it easier to access. I also intend to customize the outdoor kitchen system more to my needs.

Finally, I would like to be able to get two crash-tested dog crates incorporated into this system so it is easier to transport my pup safely. Ideally, I’d like to be able to fit two crates in preparation for expanding the pup pack in the future.

3. James Lauterbach – (@70n4l0)

5th Gen 4Runner with Aiden James Customs Gear Plate w/ Riser Kit and Slide-Out Tables and TemboTusk Mid-Size Front Pull Fridge Slide

Interior Storage Setup

  • Aiden James Customs Gear Plate w/ Riser Kit & Slide-Out Tables
  • TemboTusk Mid-Size Front Pull Fridge Slide
  • Victory 4×4 Rear Window Storage MOLLE Panels
  • Raingler Full Ceiling Attic Net

Tell Us About Your Setup

I decided on the above brands and products for quality and reputation. After extensive research, I decided to go with the AJC gear plate because of its functionality and versatility. The plate comes pre-drilled to fit a wide range of popular fridge slide brands, including Dometic and TemboTusk. It’s also compatible with the Pro Eagle 1.5, 2 and 3-ton jack mounts.

The riser kit levels the gear plate with the back seats so that I’m able to sleep comfortably in the cabin. The slide-out tables are perfect for preparing camp meals or a quick lunch stop on the trail. I was surprised by the gear plate’s lightweight, even with the added riser kit and slide-out tables. The construction of the gear plate is solid, and I’ve had zero issues with it so far.

To say that the TemboTusk fridge slide is also a solid piece of equipment is a serious understatement. This thing is top-notch! The slide is extremely smooth and quiet and can withstand a serious amount of weight even when fully extended. My fridge has yet to budge, even after countless hours of hard knocks while ripping down the rocky trails in Death Valley.

The Victory 4×4 window MOLLE panels are a must when it comes to organization, and the mounting options are practically endless. I use them to mount gear that I like quick access to, such as air compressor hoses, air up and down tools, a tire repair kit, a first aid kit, etc. Simply put, these panels are sturdy and functional!

Personally, the Raingler ceiling net is a no-brainer for me. I stuff everything up there including bedding, jackets, and more. It’s a great way to get all that stuff up and out of the way, especially if you’re strapped for space on long trips.

Ultimately, I’m super pleased with these brands and their products. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to up their organization and storage game.

4. Jeremy Shelby – (@toy4tac)

5th Gen 4Runner with Cali Raised LED Rear MOLLE Panels w/Overhead Tray

Interior Storage Setup

  • Cali Raised LED Rear MOLLE Panels w/ Overhead Tray
  • FrontRunner Wolf Pack Pro Storage Boxes
  • Rago Fabrication Center Console MOLLE Panels
  • Rago Fabrication Dash Mount
  • Toyota Center Console Safe

Tell Us About Your Setup

Let’s face it; when it comes to storage options, there are many great brands and choices on the market.

Cali Raised LED makes a great rear MOLLE panel and, when paired with their overhead shelf, makes a perfect place to store all my safety and recovery gear. It also provides a perfect spot up top and out of the way to keep pillows, blankets, and other items we don’t want our dog climbing all over. It’s all about getting the puzzle pieces to fit your individual needs.

The Wolf Pack Pro boxes from FrontRunner give us the ability to dedicate each box to specific things like dog stuff, kitchen items, and nonrefrigerated food storage. I even converted one of the boxes into a diesel heater for easy transport when camping in those colder seasons.

I’ve played with the idea of building a custom drawer system but being a freelance photographer, I often use the back to carry a lot of photo gear. Having a permanent drawer system would just not be conducive to my weekly work needs. Plus, the FrontRunner boxes fit well and are a fraction of the weight of a drawer system.

When it comes to the “cockpit,” I’m pretty OCD about not having tons of clutter piled around the shifters. The Rago Dash mount and their center console MOLLE panels help keep things like GMRS radios, cell phones, flashlights, and other misc. items all tucked away while still allowing quick access.

A console safe is one product that should come standard in all vehicles. I use this regularly to store valuables and help prevent theft. This combination of interior storage options works pretty well for our needs. It gives us a modular way to expand its capabilities and allow for organizational bliss, hopefully for many years.

5. Dillon W. – (@4runnerwanted)

5th Gen 4Runner with DIY Back Seat MOLLE Panel

Interior Storage Setup

Tell Us About Your Setup

A lot of my DIY solutions come from a place of need, practicality, and the desire to keep valuables out of sight.

The back seat hidden MOLLE panel is something I found to be great for stashing things like my recovery gear.

The rear cargo build came out of the desire to keep things I’d frequently store during camping hidden away and always on hand. That includes ratchet straps, a mini corn hole, a hammock, gloves, and more. It also allowed me to level out the back with the rear seats folded down for car camping.

What I’ve deemed the Amazon specials, these organizers take your glovebox and center console storage to the next level.

6. Vik Majoulian – (@olie4x4)

5th Gen 4Runner with Custom Built Kitchen Drawer & Storage and Expedition Essentials 5L Propane Mount

Interior Storage Setup

  • Custom Built Kitchen Drawer & Storage
  • Rago Fabrication MOLLE Panels
  • Expedition Essentials 5L Propane Mount
  • Ironman 4×4 10gal Vertical Water Storage

Tell Us About Your Setup

We like to stay organized for quick and easy access to our gear while traveling to different campgrounds or photoshoot locations. Our previous solution required removing the back seats; however, we decided to build this new system to fit completely inside the cargo area as our family grows.

We chose these brands because of their reliability and how they cater to our needs.

The custom storage we built helps keep our food and cooking equipment in a single location (stove, utensils, fresh water, fridge).

We use the MOLLE panels to store attachments (spray hose, propane tank, and recovery gear) and anchor down our portable battery.

Lastly, the onboard vertical 10-gallon water tank allows us to reduce the need for jerry cans. Plumbed to interchange between a faucet or spray, we decided to try a 1.8 GPM 12V pump and RV filter solution, which turned out fantastic for us. We can use this for drinking water, rinsing our dishes, and even putting out the campfire at the end of a great day!

In the future, we will likely try to add rocker panel switches to improve the control of our 12V equipment and perhaps additional lighting.

7. Marie Dubray – (@pnw.sr5p)

5th Gen 4Runner with Victory 4x4 MOLLE Panels 

Interior Storage Setup

  • Victory 4×4 MOLLE Panels
  • Reeb Gear MOLLE Panel Bin
  • Dometic GO Hard-Sided 50 L Storage Bin
  • WARN Epic Trail Gear: Triangle Roll Cage/Bar Storage Bag
  • Amazon MOLLE Panel Storage Bags
  • Amazon Center Console Organizer
  • Rhino USA Tool Roll

Tell Us About Your Setup

Organization was a top priority of mine when I was beginning to build out my weekend overlander. I absolutely hate clutter and chaos, especially in my car. But with that, I also had to keep in mind that I use my 4Runner daily to drive my son around and transport my dogs whenever needed. With all that in mind, I chose the above products because they fit my needs and made everything look organized and tidy.

I recently added the Dometic Storage bin, and it has been a huge help to clean everything up. Before this, I had a lot of my gear shoved to the side of my cargo space, which drove me crazy. Now, it stores all my recovery gear and tool roll which is one of the best pieces of organization you can buy. The Rhino USA tool roll is labeled, making it incredibly easy to find what I need when I need it.

The MOLLE panels have helped so much in saving space. As I mentioned, I have two dogs, and the cargo area is their space. To prevent them from damaging my gear or getting themselves injured, I opted for the MOLLE panels to keep things secured and out of the way. I currently only have the side window panels; however, I plan on getting the shelf at some point and hope to build an organization system on the shelf.

Paired with my MOLLE panels, I use MOLLE bags, which are great for organizing smaller things such as my first aid kit, tire deflator, tire repair kit, winch remotes, and more. These are a great way to utilize space in the cargo area that would otherwise go unused.

I have minimal storage towards the front of the cabin, but I use a center console organizer to organize all the stuff I have in my center console. At some point, I would like to get a dash system to ensure my radio and phone are easily within reach on the trails.

8. Brenan Greene – (@Trail4R)

Goose Gear Drawers Storage System - 5th Gen 4Runner

Interior Storage Setup

  • Goose Gear Offset Drawers
  • Goose Gear Drawer Lighting Setup
  • Goose Gear Drawers carpeted
  • Goose Gear Fitted Plate with L-Track System + Perfect Bungees
  • Drawer Divers from Neath Method
  • EDC Maxpedition Double Pocket on carpet
  • Hook/loop accessories holder on carpet
  • Alucab Tilting Fridge Slide
  • Dometic CFX 35 + PLB40
  • Front Runner Wolf Pack Box V1
  • Front Runner Cub Pack Box V1
  • Step 22 Stingray Flat Box
  • Velox MOLLE Panel (Driver)
  • Finn Fab MOLLE Panel (Passenger)
  • Step 22 Pangolin (primary tool roll)
  • Bucket Boss Super Roll  (secondary tool roll)

Tell Us About Your Setup

I just started running this Goose Gear setup and couldn’t be more stoked with how it turned out. On the small side of the Goose Gear Drawers, I am running two tool rolls, spare truck parts (tie-rods, rod-ends, etc.), a first aid kit, and some other recovery gear essentials. On the large side of the drawers, I am running a handful of drawer divides from NeatMethod.com that separate all my camping gear and camp kitchen gear. Some of those items include white fuel cans, propane cans, pots/pans, battery jump, paper towels, shop towels, quick butane torch attachment, pantry items, air tools/accessories, french press stuff, coffee essentials, and much more. I still need to refine this setup quite a bit, but it worked pretty well on our last 4-night trip last week.

On top of the drawers, I have the Goose Gear fitted plate with an L-track system + perfect bungees to secure everything down.

The passenger side is running the Alucap titling fridge slide with a Dometic CFX35 tied to a Dometic PLB40. This setup is so convenient. The tilt is very strong and will support a full load in the fridge, no problem. There are roughly 10 bolts holding the fridge slide to the fitted plate. The driver side is running a Front Runner wolf pack box in the front and a Front Runner cub pack box in the back. On top of the cub pack, I have a Step 22 Stingray Flat Box and both are secured in place using perfect bungees. I will buy another Step 22 Stingray box when they’re back in stock so that I can stack another one on top of the Front Runner Wolf pack box.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner with Raingler Full Ceiling Attic Net

That wraps up another Feature Friday! We hope you enjoyed this week’s post on interior storage setups.

An organized truck can make or break an off-roading or camping experience. Knowing exactly where certain items are makes for a much more pleasurable experience. By incorporating these interior storage options, you can eliminate the hassle of rummaging through disorganized gear, prevent damage to your equipment, and maximize the use of space within your vehicle.

These setups contribute to a seamless off-road experience and allow you to focus on the adventure.

Stay tuned for our Summer Feature Friday series, where we’ll cover all things about summer camping and off-roading. Next up, we’ll showcase portable fridges and mounting options. If you are interested in being a part of next week’s post, submit it at the link above!

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Bryan Hildebrand
Bryan Hildebrand
8 months ago

Having done clinical research in the largest burn center in the country, let me tell you now, this – Expedition Essentials 5L Propane Mount, inside the cab is an absolutely horrible idea. I can show you the pictures of the people who have done the same thing… and they will wholeheartedly agree. At least the ones who survived. In an accident, that can become a lethal propane fueled fire that you won’t come back from. Please consider never, ever mounting it in the cab.

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