KTJO 4X4 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel For 5th Gen 4Runner – Install & Review

KTJO4x4 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel For 5th Gen 4Runner - Detailed Install & Review

KTJO 4X4 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Upgrade For 5th Gen (2010+) Toyota 4Runner: Improved Ergonomics & Aesthetics With A Factory Fit – Install & Impressions

The never-ending list of modern creature comforts continues to grow as Toyota delays the 6th Gen 4Runner launch. With each passing day then, the 5th Gen’s interior starts to resemble that of the Model T. One advantage is that the 4Runner (at least) has power windows.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is my second 5th Gen build. With the first one, 98% of my efforts were focused on the exterior and suspension. For whatever reason, I’ve shifted my priorities on this build to start with the interior. In just the past few months, I’ve upgraded the head unit to new Car Trim Home T10 V3, added the VLEDS footwell lighting kit, threw in a driver’s side grab handle by KTJO 4×4, and a handful of other things.

For some reason, I keep getting pulled back to KTJO 4×4’s site. Call me a fanboy of the undiscovered, but this company has some fairly unique products that I don’t see popping up anywhere else. Everyone nowadays makes a TRD Pro grill, but some of the items on their site are very unique.

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Upgrade For Toyota 4Runner

So, I decided to take a look at some of the other 4Runner products they offer. Lo and behold, another interior mod hit me right in the face; their carbon fiber steering wheel. Now, other companies do make carbon fiber steering wheels, but KTJO 4×4 has a fairly different design. It features different grip points, they skipped the colored stripe on the top center, and (what feels like) a different overall thickness.

KTJO 4×4’s design is based on the OEM steering wheel that was used across the 5th Gen 4Runner, 2nd Gen Sequoia, and 3rd Gen Tacoma and Tundra. That being said, the steering wheel core and inner ring are exactly the same as the factory steering wheel, making it an easy swap while still maintaining all of the necessary safety elements.

In fact, everything you see on your OEM wheel can be swapped over with ease. You lose nothing from the factory trim to the control buttons and the airbag. The major upgrade here, besides the look, is a more ergonomic grip and with a thicker wheel, it definitely brings a level of much-needed luxury to the interior of your 4Runner.

Find It Online:

  • KTJO 4×4 Carbon Fiber 4Runner Steering Wheel: Check Price


KTJO 4x4 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Side-by-Side Comparison to OEM Steering Wheel

Installing a new steering wheel is way less daunting of a task than it seems. It’s not one of the things you remove often, so it may seem overwhelming but I assure you, it’s not.

However, you can make some pretty costly mistakes along the way if you try to muscle your way through it and avoid following these steps; this isn’t the Billy Bookcase from IKEA.

Tools Needed:

  • T27 Torx bit
  • Plastic panel remover
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • 19MM socket and socket wrench
  • Permanent marker (black or red)

Step 1. Remove Steering Wheel Panel Screws

How To Remove 5th Gen 4Runner Steering Wheel

In order to get started, the first step might be easiest if you turn the engine on; a.) so the power steering kicks in and b.) so that you can reach screws behind the left and right side of the steering wheel.

With the engine on, roll the wheel to the left so you can expose the left-side screw that keeps the steering wheel column panels in place. Remove the screw.

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Upgrade For 4Runner

Next, turn the steering wheel to the right exposing the right-side screw, and remove it. Both screws will be reused, so put them aside for later use.

Turn off the ignition.

Step 2. Disconnect Battery

Disconnect Vehicle 12V Battery For Steering Wheel Install

Now that the engine is off, disconnect the battery. Why? You’re going to be removing the steering wheel, the main airbag is hiding right behind the steering wheel, and you don’t want that thing blowing up mid-install.

In fact, you don’t want the airbag to go off at any point during the installation, so disconnecting the battery will ensure you don’t have any misfires!

Step 3. Remove Steering Wheel Panels

4Runner Steering Wheel Column Lower Panel Removal

With both of the steering wheel panel screws removed, both the upper and lower panel can be removed.

Either with the use of the plastic panel removal tool or just getting a good grip, pull the lower panel down and towards you. Be patient, it will eventually disconnect from the upper panel. Once removed, place the lower panel to the side.

Removing Steering Wheel For 5th Gen 4Runner

Next, loosen the upper panel. This panel is tied into a pleather dust protector which doesn’t need to be disconnected altogether to finish the proceeding steps. So, simply lift it up and push it back towards the gauge cluster so it’s out of the way.

Step 4. Remove Covers & T27 Torx Screws

How To Swap Steering Wheel On 5th Gen 4Runner

Using the plastic panel removal tool, remove the left and right side panels affixed to the steering wheel.

Removing 5th gen 4Runner steering wheel

This will expose a T27 Torx screw on each side that needs to be removed.

T27 Torx steering wheel screw

Remove the two (2) T27 Torx screws. Both screws can be loosened but not removed completely since they are held in place with clips (likely so as not to drop inside the steering wheel column housing).

If you remove one completely or it falls into the housing, no worries; the whole wheel is being removed and you’ll have the ability to retrieve it in a future step.

Step 5. Remove Airbag & Disconnect Ground

How To Remove 5th Gen 4Runner Air Bag

Now that the two (2) T27 Torx screws have been backed out, the airbag can be removed.

Next, remove the black ground wire connected to the bottom portion of the airbag.

Step 6. Disconnect Clips & Wires

How To Install Aftermarket Steering Wheel For 5th Gen 4Runner

Using a flathead screwdriver, wedge in between the yellow clip holding the airbag wires (black and orange) onto the airbag. Eventually, the clip will pop back and you can remove the wire. Perform the same step on the remaining wire.

With both wires removed (including the ground), you can set the airbag aside.

Step 7. Disconnect Steering Wheel Controls

How To Remove Steering Wheel Controls For 5th Gen 4Runner

With the airbag removed, disconnect the two (2) steering wheel control clips. One of the clips is used for the cruise control functionality and the other supports all of the steering wheel convenience controls.

Loosen 19mm Wheel Nut

Before you can pull the wheel, loosen the 19mm center wheel nut with your socket wrench. To avoid swinging the wrench around, I backed the 19mm nut out completely by hand.

Step 8. Mark Center Point

How To Center New Steering Wheel Angle

With the wheel nut removed, mark the center on the steering wheel with a permanent marker to ensure it aligns with the new wheel you’ll be installing.

Important: Once the wheel is removed completely, the “center” will essentially disappear when all you’re left with is a bolt with teeth to sit the new wheel on. So, don’t skip this step.

Step 9. Pull Steering Wheel Off Column

Removing A Steering Wheel On 5th Gen 4Runner

Looks weird, right? If you were able to get to this point, you’re doing everything right! However, this is a really important and sensitive step to take.

To successfully remove the wheel, you may need to grab the OEM wheel at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock and slowly rock it back and forth. Eventually, the wheel will loosen up.

Take extra caution removing it slowly so you don’t break the clock spring.

What is a clock spring? It’s a set of multicore ribbon-like cables that are wound up in a circular housing. These ribbons/cables carry electronic signals from the steering column to your steering wheel for your audio/infotainment controls and cruise control. The cables are designed to rotate/spool left and right inside this housing as you turn your steering wheel.

Step 10. Swap OEM Components

Swapping OEM Controls To Aftermarket Steering Wheel

Now it’s time to swap over all of the components from the OEM wheel to the new carbon fiber wheel.

Everything from the plastic backing to the top bracket and electric controls needs to be swapped over. Eight (8) Phillips-head screws hold down all three components.

Once removed, swap everything to the new carbon fiber wheel back in the same spots. Again, since KTJO 4×4’s design is based on the OEM wheel core, everything reinstalls back into place on the new wheel.

Step 11. Reinstall New Wheel & Components

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Install For Toyota 4Runner

Lastly, reverse all the steps taken to remove the wheel in reverse. As pictured above, I kept the wheel cover on for added protection until the installation was complete.

  • Set the new wheel in place and ensure you’re center aligned with the mark made previously on the center bolt
  • Reinstall the 19mm wheel nut
  • Plug in all of the steering controls and wheel airbag wires, ensuring all wire excess is tucked back under the metal retaining clips
  • Set the airbag back into place
  • Install the two (2) T27 Torx screws on each side which will lock in the airbag
  • Replace the two (2) panels where you just reinstalled the T27 Torx screws
  • Replace the steering wheel panels
  • Remove the steering wheel cover
  • Reinstall the battery

Final Thoughts

KTJO 4x4 5th Gen 4Runner Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Install & Review

It goes without saying, this is a super sweet modification that you’ll use every time you drive your 4Runner, literally.

The feel and comfort of the wheel definitely give off luxury vibes. Many people complain that the leather on the OEM wheel wears down over time. While there are still leather areas on this wheel, the glossy carbon fiber sections add a bit more lifespan to your wheel and will likely be easier to clean in the long run.

If you’re in the market to replace your OEM wheel, you like the look of a carbon fiber upgrade, or you’re well-off and enjoy blowing money on things, consider ordering one of these carbon fiber wheels – you won’t regret it.

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8 months ago

Is this compatible with the heated steering wheel function?

9 months ago

is this carbon look or actual carbon?

1 year ago

Hey Ryan, great write up. One of my dislikes about the stock wheel is that it feels a bit too narrow at the top. Seems newer Toyota models are not carrying this trend and have widened up a fair bit. Does this one fill the hand more at the top? Thanks!

1 year ago

I honestly loved the “ and enjoy blowing money on things” part!! Great write up Ryan! Might have to upgrade my set up soon!

1 year ago
Reply to  Salty_4runner

LOL, thanks bud. None of us need any of this stuff… but if you’re going to spend your hard earned money, spend it wisely. And, this was a pretty sweet and worthwhile upgrade.

1 year ago

Ok. I’ll admit it. I laughed out loud at “One advantage is that the 4Runner (at least) has power windows.” 🤣

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