Feature Friday: 8 Roof Mounted Awning Setups on the 5th Gen 4Runner in 2022

AlucCab 270 Degree Shadow Awning Mounted on AluCab Gen 3.1 RTT on 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner with GOAT Truck Armor

From the Beaches to the Mountains, Beat the Sun & Elements with These 8 Different Roof Mounted Awnings to Consider for Your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

This Weeks Topic: Roof Mounted Awning Setups

Can you believe the first month of 2022 is already over? HOLY SMOKES!

For this week’s Feature Friday, we have eight rooftop awning options that you may want to consider for purchase if you’re in the market. As with everything overland-related, there seems to be a large gap in pricing for products of the same category. Below you’ll find awning options from the high $100s to well over $1,500! Of course, these price gaps range from awesome finds on Amazon to topping out with full 270° awnings that provide more shade than you can even imagine.

Awnings have dual purposes as you’ll see with Ashley’s submission. She uses her awning plus the annex attachment from ROAM, to make up their camping bedroom (rather than spending 3X the cost for a rooftop tent). If you’re familiar with me, by now you know that I’m all about those budget builds that are still super functional… and Ashley did exactly that! Conversely, I’m also jealous of the photos that Crystal and Jaymerson sent in with their rigs at the beach. I want this so bad for my 4Runner, but beaches, where I live in Florida, run a lottery for beach permit’s that I’ve yet to win. One day…

I digress… enjoy!

1. Joe Castro (@gojoecastro) – Rugged Bound Supply Co.

Rugged Bound Supply Co. Ostrich Wing Awning Mounted on 5th Gen 4Runner


  • Ostrich Wing Awning
  • Passenger Side Mount
  • Black Cover/Grey Canvas
  • Weight: 57lbs
  • Length: 106″
  • Price: $1,535.00


It’s all about saving time. I like setting up as fast as possible so I can spend more time enjoying the campsite, beach, park, etc. with the family.

It takes less than 30-seconds to set up and 60-seconds to pack up. This is the original, free-standing 270° awning (since 2008), so beware of imitations. When you buy a product from Rugged Bound, you become a part of the family. The owner stands by his products and will go out of his way to make sure you are happy.

2. Viscencio Di Stefano (@cimarunner) – Overland Vehicle Systems

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270° Awning on 5th Gen 4Runner


  • Nomadic 270° (driver’s side w/out walls)
  • Coverage: 129 Square Feet
  • Opened: 240” Long x 157” Wide
  • Closed: 88” Long x 7” Wide x 6” Tall
  • Weight: 72lbs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Price: $949.99 


The Nomadic 270 from OVS has been one of my favorite mods and the best investment I’ve made for my T4R build. It’s all-around great quality and was well crafted.

Compared to other brands, this one seems to have the most coverage and is sturdy enough to withstand mild wind gusts without supports. It is easily deployable and comes super handy when looking to set up some shade anywhere. The only thing that some users might not like is that it’s not compatible with the 4Runners rear hatch door as the aluminum rafters will interfere with the opening of the door.

Pros: Great coverage, quality materials, well crafted
Cons: Interference with 4Runner rear hatch door

3. Sean H. (@oc_runner) – Front Runner

Front Runner Easy-Out Awning 2.5M & Roof Nest RTT Mounted on 5th Gen 4Runner


  • Easy-Out Awning 2.5M
  • Weight: 29.8lbs
  • Opened: 2100mm (82.7″) L x 2500mm (98.4″) W x 2400mm (94.5″) H (Max Height)
  • Closed: 2500mm (98.4″) W x 160mm (6.3″) 
  • Price: $376.00


I love the 2.5M Front Runner awning for camping. It is very sturdy in all types of weather.

The awning provides ample shade coverage and a spot where we enjoy sitting around and enjoying a meal. I have the awning mounted directly to my Prinsu Rack; it is very secure and never rattles around.

4. Crystal Stegman (@pnwt4rgal) – Alu-Cab

Alu-Cab Universal 270 Degree Shadow Awning for Camping & Overlanding


  • 270° Shadow Awning
  • Weight: 52lbs
  • Length: 102″
  • Coverage: 108 sqft
  • Price: $1600.00


I have an Alu-Cab 270° degree shadow awning mounted to a Prinsu full-length rack. At approximately $1,600 this is one of the higher-priced awnings on the market. With four structured arms and a tuck-away support pole, this awning takes mere minutes to both set up and take down.

I love this awning system. As a petite in stature person, it was incredibly important to me to be able to set up and tear down the awning completely by myself. I love how quickly I can do both! I will say that a taller person may have height challenges opening the rear hatch all the way as it will hit the awning in the full 270° position. I have used this awning in heavy rains, snow, high winds, and sunshine without issue. The versatility was a huge selling point for me.

5. Jaymerson Agraan (@jt4r__) – Danchel Outdoor

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner with Budget Awning from Danchel Outdoors


  • Length: 79″
  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Steel L-Brackets
  • Waterproof 420D Oxford Fabric
  • Coverage: 53-sqft
  • Price: $259.00 (Amazon)


This is a very affordable setup if you’re on a budget.

This awning is well made and deflects the wind without it being tied down, so it’s pretty sturdy if you ask me. This awning comes with L-brackets that you can mount on your stock side rails or roof rack. Everyone has their own opinion on certain awning brands, but this serves the same purpose as the top name brands.

6. Nicole Chatelain (@beautynbeastrnr) – CVT

White 5th Gen 4Runner with CVT Hybrid Awning


  • Hybrid Awning 79″
  • 79″ (W) x 79″ (L)
  • Price: $195.00


My CVT awning is great for overnight camping trips, day trips, tailgates… you name it! The awning is easy to mount and set up is a breeze. It takes 30-seconds to 1-minute to set it up and take it down. The awning is sturdy and durable during weather with little-to-no wind noise.

The hybrid awning also comes with a USB light strip; this is one of the reasons I went with the hybrid as my primary use for the awning is camping trips! The black outer cover that houses the awning is very durable through weather and off-roading. Overall, the CVT awning is a quality product and I have been very happy with it. It has met all my expectations and I would highly recommend CVT if you’re in the market for an awning!

7. Wes Daniel (@project_panda4r5) – CVT

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner with Method Race Wheels & CVT RTT + Hybrid Awning


  • Hybrid Awning 99″
  • 99″ (W) x 79″ (L)
  • Price: $210.00


The thing I like the most about the awning has to be its ease of use. It takes 2-3 minutes to un-roll and post up.

I like it mounted on the L-brackets just because it brings the awning down to a reachable height without tiring your shoulders rolling it back up.

8. Ashley Saylor Matthews (@nantahala4Runner) – ROAM Adventure Co.

5th Gen 4Runner with Black Rhino Wheels & ROAM Adventure Co. Awning


  • 6.5′ Awning
  • 6.5’ x 8’
  • Price: $319.00


I’ve had the Roam Awning/Room combo for just over 6 months. I went with the 6.5-foot awning versus the 8-foot because I mounted the awning to LFD crossbars on the factory rails. I was nervous about having a large part of the awning unsecured. Plus, I think this size looks so balanced on the 4R! I decided to go with the awning/room route because it was a much less expensive alternative than jumping straight into a RTT, and I could still use it if I bought one down the road.

The first time my husband and I camped in it, we were on top of a mountain in June, totally unprepared for sub 30° temps and 20+ mph winds. We were so impressed with how warm the awning/room combo kept us. We’ve also been caught camping in downpours, and the room provides us the space to stand up and move around, as well as set up two chairs, a queen-size inflatable mattress, and a small table where we can escape the weather.

The canvas is extremely thick and the zip-on floor is crazy durable and waterproof. Two people can set up or take down the entire setup in less than 5-minutes. Ultimately, the awning/room combo has been so much more versatile than a RTT, that I think I will stick with that setup.

Heads up: Do be mindful if you’re going to be using a room with a large lift. At a 2.5 inch lift on 285s, I’ve noticed the room as it lays next to the vehicle has gotten close to being off the ground versus when I was stock height.

Final Thoughts

Lifted 5th Gen Toyota 4Runer with ROAM Adventure Co. Awning with Room

I never thought I wanted an awning until now! I really liked our last submission, Ashley, and the whole room setup that she did with her ROAM awning. To me, that is the perfect setup over a rooftop tent, like she mentioned. See? Even I got something out of this week’s FF for my build. Now, if only I can get a dang beach permit to use this setup at the beach!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing VooDoo Blue 4Runners! We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Josh Stubblefield
Josh Stubblefield
1 year ago

Need ideas on how to install ROAM awning on a WESCOTT roof rack.

Jeffrey Brawley
Jeffrey Brawley
2 years ago

How is no one running the ARB awning? It’s been a really dependable awning for me here in the northeast. I have pushed that awning through 3 winters and going on 4 summers now…. it has been been great. Only one small tear in the fabric. Also, the legs sometimes need an extra twist for tightening but all in all the ARB classic awning has been great.

2 years ago

i’ve got the OVS 180 awning and it’s awesome!

can’t seem to upload a pic though…

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