The TRD Pro Grille For 2014-2024 5th Gen 4Runners (TSS Compatible)

TRD Pro Grille YotaVerse 5th Gen 4Runner White

TRD-Pro Grille Install & Review On 2014-2024 5th Gen 4Runner (TSS Compatible)

The TRD-Pro Grille is a super popular mod and for good reason. It contributes to the clean, aggressive lines of the 4Runner. This style grille is reserved for the TRD pro trims from the factory. However, it can be purchased as an OEM part if you have a lower trim, or often from an aftermarket manufacturer.

This option is made from high-quality ABS plastic and requires minimal tools for install. Their packaging is top-notch to ensure it arrives unscathed, and customer service has been super responsive! This grille is also compatible with optional raptor lights, however, these will not be covered in this article. If you are interested in these, they can easily be added as a bundle when placing your order.

In most cases, 5th gen 4Runner parts are either for the ’10-’13 models or the ’14+ models. There is a slight variance in this grille for 2014-2019 4Runners and 2020+ (as indicated on their website). So, be sure to select the proper year when ordering.

Find It Online

  • TRD-Pro Grille (plus optional raptor lights): Check Price


This install was done on a 2021 TRD Off-Road but the process will be the same on all model years 2020, 2021, and 2022. This grille is TSS compatible as well.

Tools Needed

  • 10mm socket & wrench
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Step 1. Remove Front Engine Cover

Removing Engine Bay Splash Guard and Clips 5th Gen 4Runner

There will be thirteen (13) retention clips that can be removed by just pressing the center down, and then pulling the entire clip out.

Retention clip removed, reset clip for install

Once removed, push the clip back up so it’s ready to re-install later.

Step 2. Remove Upper Grille

Removing Upper OE Grille 5th Gen 4Runner Engine Bay

There will be two (2) retention clips and one (1) 10mm bolt in the center. These clips are slightly different and will require a flathead to pop up and remove.

Pull to remove upper OEM grille 5th Gen 4Runner

To remove the upper grille, you’ll want to hold one hand against the middle bar section and pull the upper section laterally towards your body. This may require a moderate amount of force and you will hear a few loud pops. This is the sound of four (4) retention tabs on the backside that will disengage themselves.

Upper OEM grille section removed

The hardest part is now done. Set the upper grille section aside where it can be kept clear from potential damage.

Step 3. Clean Center Grille Section

Cleaning lower center grille section 5th Gen 4Runner

This step is often overlooked. The TRD-pro grille overlay attaches with adhesive, so you’ll want a clean surface for that.

Step 4. Assemble TRD-PRO Overlay

Installing letters on TRD-pro grille overlay

The letters and center black overlay will come packaged separately. The letters install via adhesive backing and are keyed with corresponding indents on the overlay for alignment.

Step 5. Assemble New Upper Grille

Remove OEM upper grille insert 4Runner YotaVerse Pro Grille

Going back to the upper grille section, flip it over, preferably on a soft surface to avoid damage. There are eight (8) Philips head screws that will need to be removed.

Retention Clips to remove upper grille insert

There are four (4) retention tabs located on the outside edges and center. These need to be depressed to remove the upper grille insert from the painted section.

Install new grille insert into OE Painted Grill Surround 4Runner

Gently line up all of the retention clips of the paint portion with the new grille insert and firmly press to re-engage the four (4) tabs. Next, re-install the eight (8) Philips screws.

Step 6. Install TRD-pro Grille Overlay

Remove adhesive backing tape of TRD grille overlay

Only peel off the outermost part of red tape for the top section adhesive, this will help immensely with installation. You can completely remove the red tape from the center, outside-facing adhesive strips.

Install TRD-pro grille overlay

Firmly press the black overlay onto the center grille bar to install, keeping the partially peeled red tape exposed. Leaving the upper adhesive mostly covered will allow you to easily slide the grille overlay into place.

Remove final section of adhesive tape YotaVerse Grille

Once the grille overlay is in its final position, gently remove the red tape by pulling the overlay edge up and the tape away from you.

Step 7. Install New Upper Grille Section

Install new upper grille section

Position the new upper grille section by making sure the four (4) retention tabs are aligned with their corresponding slots. Once that is done, you can firmly press the entire upper grille section in until you hear the pops of the retention clips re-engaging.

10mm center bolt no longer needed YotaVerse Pro Grille 4Runner

Re-install all retention clips in reverse order from the beginning steps. You’ll also notice that the center 10mm bolt is no longer required.

Final Thoughts


Before YotaVerse Pro Grill Comparison 4Runner


After YotaVerse Pro Grill Comparison 4Runner

Personally, I love the look of the TRD-Pro-style grilles. The OEM upper grille was okay in my opinion, but I wasn’t a total fan of the giant Toyota emblem in the center. Also, with mine being a 2021 model, I had the unsightly chrome bar accents on either side of the emblem that needed to be painted black ASAP. Now, both of those gripes have been resolved and I’m left with a clean, aggressive look!

I’d love to hear where you stand on this look – is it too common nowadays? Do you have a different look from both this and the stock look? Let me know!

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Mike Bonds
Mike Bonds
2 years ago

Do they make a TRD pro grill conversion for – limited yet? I have a 2021 4 runner limited I’d love to do this on.

2 years ago

Ryan, thank you for the review. I have been questioning the TSS compatibility with this mod. This make me at ease. However, the before and after picture you have, your front bumper is black…. I have an SR5 because I’m trying to pinch a penny, but I’d love to know how you made the bumper black to go with this new grill!

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