R4T Cubby Storage System For MOLLE Shelves – Install & Review

Runnin4Tacos Soft Storage Box System For MOLLE Panel Shelving: Easily Expand Your Cargo Area’s Organization & Utility – Install & Review

Do you have a MOLLE cargo shelf in the back of your 5th Gen 4Runner? Are you wondering how else you can utilize it outside of throwing things on the tray or mounting Quick Fists? The R4T Cubby Storage System is a great way to expand the utility of your shelf in a way you may not have imagined.

Admittedly, the only thing I put on my cargo tray is the occasional party platter or anything else that’s narrow enough to squeeze between the roof and the tray’s lip. The tray itself is a giant MOLLE panel though, so what else could I mount to it? With these new cubbies, you can now utilize the entire unused underside of your tray with an installation that takes about five minutes.

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Why You May Want This

In terms of MOLLE panel storage, I’ve only ever used generic accessory bags. The problem with those is that they’re really meant for mounting on vertical panels. Since they don’t have structure to them, mounting them on a horizontal surface such as a cargo shelf makes your setup look lumpy and just plain ugly. They’re also designed to be opened from the topside, so mounting horizontally makes opening them awkward.

What makes these bags unique is their reinforced rigid top and bottoms. This allows you to securely mount them to the underside of your cargo tray and load them up without any sagging on the bottom. The bags come with four R4T MOLLE Mounts that are compatible with Rago Fabrications and Cali Raised LED MOLLE panels.


R4T Soft Storage Cubby

What I found especially useful about these bags is the easily removable VELCRO dividers inside. If you’ve used any camera bag with foam divider inserts, this is the same concept. This allows you to customize the compartments to your needs whether it’s to store camera equipment or if you want the entire space, just remove the walls completely.

There are also mesh pockets on the sides, back, and underneath the bag for smaller items like memory cards, batteries, etc.

The standard-size cubby is 16″ W x 14″ D x 6″ H, which is perfectly large enough to hold cameras, snacks, medical supplies, you name it!


R4T Cubby Storage System Review

I wouldn’t really qualify this as an installation, but it technically still requires a 5/32 Allen Key. The process should take you about 5-10 minutes per storage cubby.

Step 1. Choose Location

R4T Cubby Storage System Install

You’ll need to first choose a location for your storage cubby. There are four sewn holes in the top side of to insert the provided MOLLE Mount screws through. As long as you have panel space to line up with these holes, you’re good to go.

Step 2. Secure Cubby

R4T MOLLE Mount Holding R4T Cubby Storage Box

Hold your cubby up to your MOLLE panel and insert the MOLLE Mount screw through it. On the other side of your panel, place the MOLLE Mount and secure the screw with a 5/32 Allen key from inside the bag. Repeat this on all four mounting locations.

It’s worth noting that mounting this on the bottom of my cargo tray was a little awkward since I didn’t have a ton of space to work with. This isn’t to fault the product’s design, though. Just a tight working space.

That’s it! It’ll take you more time to figure out what you want to store inside these cubbies than it does to install them.

Final Thoughts

MOLLE Panel Storage Cubby Box In 5th Gen 4Runner Cargo Area

Being able to mount a storage cubby to the underside of my cargo tray has been super useful. If you have a loaded-up cargo area, this keeps at least some of your frequently accessed gear separated and protected.

Mounted on the bottom of a cargo tray, they are also at the perfect height to access through the rear sliding glass so you don’t have to open your entire lift gate.

In all honesty, I won’t have these installed if I ever have to go into the city (which is rare). Unfortunately, we live in a time where an accessory like this creates the perfect temptation for low-lives. For camping and road trips, however, these are the perfect storage solution for me. With the MOLLE Mounts, they’re easy enough to take off and on whenever I need to.

Pro Tip: Over the holidays, I used this bag to store a tray of chicken wings. I’m not saying that’s what these were designed for, but the more you know, LOL.

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1 month ago

Does this block the view from the rear view mirror?

John Meldorf
John Meldorf
1 month ago

Good read! Thx! Complete, yet concise, with enough photos to give us non-techno types a visual. Think I’ll give them a try.

1 month ago

I would get them just to be able to transport my chicken wings. Great article, Ryan..🤙


1 month ago

That review (nicely written, btw) just saved me some a ton of time and energy researching products or crafting my own solution. Cuz, I overthink stuff…
I’m living overland, just kicked off what I think will be a 2yr tour of national parks, concerts, festivals, etc, after having sold everything I own.
Got a mostly stock Tundra TRD Offroad with Decked and Leitner pulling a Logan Coach Basecamp Expedition and while those aren’t appropriate for my truck set-up, I’m living in that 7×17 trailer with a surly teenage Rottweiler, have brought waaaayy too much stuff (for example, Oculus, PS4, and Xbox; LoL, there’s GONNA be rainy nights), etc.
I’m going to mount L- track vertically on the wall seams (e/x-track has far greater options for accessories, but L- track is far superior for strength and lightness; and there’s adapters), use those for both a bed platform and mounting milsurplus Pelican Hardiigg cases vertically on the walls.
Any other available space I’m going to “MOLLE” with metal rod grids (say, 4×4 or 6×6 openings). Since I’m essentially doing the entire interior, actual MOLLE panels would be prohibitively costly and I don’t need spacing that tight.

But, it’s been the ceiling and other flat, horizontal areas that have befuddled me.

Thanks for saving me an iota of the time it took everyone to read this…

1 month ago
Reply to  tWrexx

Wow..I just retired….sounds like a great idea. I would have to ship my 4runner to the mainland from Oahu…but maybe when my wife retires we could do just that as well….have fun, brother.

Rich Anderssohn
Rich Anderssohn
1 month ago

Is there a weight rating for these?

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