Top 6 Off-Road 4×4 Trails & Areas to Explore in Nevada: User-Sourced Reference

5th Gen 4Runner On Rock Crawling Trail In Moapa Valley, Nevada

Explore Nevada Through These 4×4 Trails Rated For All Skill Levels

Welcome back to an all-new post featuring the top trails and OHV parks across America! Last time, we covered trails and areas to off-road in Texas.

Today we are back with a new post covering trails in Nevada.

Nevada is not always the first spot that people think to go off-roading but it does have lots of really cool places with some of the most beautiful scenery. The state is well known for its red sand and huge rock formations and no matter where you go you’ll be able to see some. Just be prepared to dig yourself out of the sand because you’ll be driving through tons of it.

Let’s dive into this week’s top trails!

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Note: The trails listed below are in no particular order.

1. Logandale Trails – Moapa Valley

3rd Gen 4Runner on Logandale Trails in Moapa Valley, NV

Submission By: Julio (@yotagangin_)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

Located an hour north of Las Vegas, Logandale is a true gem in Southern Nevada. Can you imagine being able to off-road on Mars? Well, this is that.

From deep red rocks to fine red sand, the diversity of this trail system has something for everyone. You will also get the chance to experience some easygoing to hard-core rock crawling. You will routinely see ATVs, UTVs, and 4×4 rigs enjoying the unique desert landscape, with amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

Dispersed camping is also available, and I’d highly encourage it. You’ll find it hard to find a bad spot to settle into. Spring and Fall are absolutely the best times to visit, and you won’t be disappointed.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

Trails vary from an easy 2/10 around the loop to 8-9/10 rock gardens where lockers, armor, and 35-37s are required to complete. Be sure to look them up ahead of time to best choose based on your capability and experience.

2. Warm Springs Mountain Loop – Sparks

2nd Gen Tacoma on the Warm Springs Mountain Loop in Sparks, NV

Submission By: Rachel (@_thatyotamami)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

I absolutely love coming to this area, it’s always such a great time. Not only does this trail have amazing views but it also leads straight through to the Moon Rocks OHV. It is a great beginner/intermediate-friendly trail, perfect for those looking to get out and do a quick adventure.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

I would say that this area has a difficulty level of 4/10. I would rate it this way because the surface texture is rock and loose sand with small elevation changes. You’ll definitely have some minor obstacles but it’s nothing to crazy.

3. Shedder Trail – Moapa Valley

5th Gen 4Runner on Shedder Trail in Moapa Valley, Nevada

Submission By: Calvin (@cal_717)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

I love the Logandale Trails area because it’s relatively close to where I live (about a 40-minute drive from Vegas). Also, it is a beautiful sandstone OHV park with scenery like no other.

It is on the other side of the world-famous Valley of Fire State Park so you can expect world-class sandstone formations throughout the park. The best part, we get to crawl all over the place!

I’d say my favorite trail within the OHV is the Shedder Trail. It’s relatively straightforward but also lets you test out your truck. It’s a pretty cool obstacle and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate the Shedder Trail a 6/10 because the trail is a series of obstacles that are tricky and intimidating. Mostly downhill obstacles but the few climbing sections can be very intimidating at first. It’s challenging yet fun at the same time!

4. Henderson/Jean Area – Henderson

2nd Gen Tacoma in Henderson/Jean Area, Nevada

Submission By: Zanen (@shuppgarage)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

This area is great to explore because you’ll find lots of desert and trails to go on. Whether you’re looking to make a day trip or do some camping, you’ll have hundreds of miles to head out and explore. It’s also a great area to push your truck to its limits!

What Would You Rate This Spot?

The level of difficulty can range from a 1/10 or a 10/10 depending on where you are going. There are a few rock climbing spots, some whoops and jumps, narrow roads, and bridges. There is something for everyone out here and you can get away with doing something as easy as a straight, flat road, or get into more intense trails with rocks to climb.

5. 13 Mile Loop – Moapa Valley

5th Gen 4Runner on 13 Mile Loop in Moapa Valley, Nevada

Submission By: Mike (@ninjafied)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

The Logandale trail system is an awesome place because you can go out for the day. You can chill and roll through a 2/10 rated trail and mash through the soft sand or you can mob through a 6-7/10 rated trail and crawl through the dopest rock formations. It’s like a mini Moab right in my backyard. Not only is universal for every type of adventurer but it provides a beautiful backdrop of red rock and orange sand.

I would say my favorite trail is the 13 Mile Loop. Some pretty beautiful formations in this area are definitely a site to see and don’t forget to check out the ancient petroglyphs etched into the sandstone formations. Another one of my favorites is Hidden Canyon. This one is right off the 13 Mile Loop and is a bit harder but the obstacles are lots of fun.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

The Logandale Trail system has many trails, all of which are rated differently. I would say that the 13 Mile Loop is a 2/10 rated trail and Hidden Canyon is closer to a 7-8/10 rated trail. When I feel like taking it easy I’ll ride through that fun soft dune-like sand and enjoy the scenery and when I feel like getting a little spicy I’ll trail through the 6-7 rated trails with the boys and get technical with it.

6. Jean Dry Lakebed – Jean, Nevada

3rd Gen Tacoma at the Jean Dry Lakebed in Jean, Nevada

Submission By: Austin (@sr5life)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

Jean Dry Lakebed has OHV trails for everyone from rock crawlers to trophy trucks during The Mint400 Race. It’s such a fun place to head out for the day and explore with friends and family. We love to go fast in the whoops and dry lakebed flats!

What Would You Rate This Spot?

The best part of this area is anyone can access trails on their experience level, whether still fully stock or fully custom-built. Either way, you’ll find a place to test it here!

Because of that, I would rate this area a 2/10 just because it’s not as easy as a dirt road but it’s definitely not hard at all.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen 4Runner overlanding in the Nevada Red Sand

And that wraps up this week’s fan-favorite trails in Nevada.

These are some beautiful places that I would love to head out and explore and with tens of hundreds of miles to explore, you’ll be sure to always find something new.

What areas would you add to this list? Make sure to comment them down below!

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