R4T MOLLE Mounts Install & Review – Easily Add Gear + Accessories To Your MOLLE Panels

MOLLE Panel Mounting Hardware & Fasteners (R4T)

MOLLE Panel Mounting Hardware & Fasteners Made for Steel Panels: Backing Plates, Bolts, and Nuts That Make Mounting Gear Easy

There are several options in the way of MOLLE panels available currently for the 4Runner. I have the RAGO Fabrication panels for the cargo area windows in my 4Runner. Although I’ve been satisfied with them, there have been several updates to newer offerings like power socket attachments and threaded rivets for easy gear mounting. Runnin4Tacos (R4T) allows you to expand the possibilities of any MOLLE panel with their MOLLE mounts.

With the R4T MOLLE mounts, you can attach many other types of gear using other means, like Quickfist Clamps and specialized brackets. Many brands offer proprietary brackets, but they can get expensive. The R4T MOLLE mounts really are the best bang for your buck – and they’re effortless to use.

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  • R4T MOLLE Mounts: Check Price
    • Size: 1″x1.5″ or 1″x0.75″
    • Fits: Rago Fabrication Panels
    • Fits: Cali Raised Panels
  • Cali Raised LED Molle: Check Price
  • Cali Raised LED Molle Panels and Shelf: Check Price

What Are MOLLE Panels?

MOLLE Panel Mounting Hardware for Cali Raised MOLLE Panels

“MOLLE” Panels originated from the military and have found their way over to the overlanding market. The acronym is short for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, and it was created as an update to “ALICE” or All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment in the 1990s.

MOLLE webbing, also known as PALS, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System, allows you to attach components to each other using a series of woven straps, creating a firm bond that doesn’t bounce or jostle while in motion and therefore won’t fail.

This system was introduced into the overlanding market approximately five years ago. Instead of using webbing, it is created using steel or aluminum panels that are specifically made to fit our 4Runners. It allows us to attach gear to our 4Runners in an organized and safe manner. There are pouches for holding tools. Brackets for holding flashlights, fire extinguishers, hatchets, and any other small tools we might want easy access to. The possibilities are endless.

What Are MOLLE Mounts?

Runnin4Tacos (R4T) Molle Panel Mounts Review & Overview

The complete MOLLE Panel accessory mounting system; MOLLE Panel Mounting Hardware, Fasteners, Backing Plates & Bolts. The R4T System comes with everything you need to mount your gear.

The R4T MOLLE Mounts provide easy installation of Quickfists and other brackets to your MOLLE panels. Each MOLLE mount has an embedded nyloc nut for secure and safe gear mounting.

These mounts are compatible with any MOLLE panel with either 1″x1.5″ or 1″x0.75″ openings. They have been tested to work with popular panels from brands like Rago Fabrication and Cali Raised.

The R4T MOLLE mounts make it much easier to mount gear to panels that do not have threaded rivets and without using nuts and bolts. They also have a clean look and allow for enough adjustment to organize gear exactly how you want. I attached my fire extinguisher bracket and Quickfist clamps that hold my hatchet in less than 10 minutes.

The kit comes with a set of four plastic MOLLE Mounts, 3/4” Allen head bolts, and washers for less than half the price of just one set of Quickfist Clamps w/ the mounts. They feel solid, and look great. I’m sold and now looking for other ways to use them to mount gear to my panels due to their quality and how solid they hold the gear to them.

My future plans include installing a REDARC BCDC battery management system and mounting the board using these mounts.


Aligning Running4Tacos R4T Molle Mount to Panel

Install is beyond simple. No more fumbling around in tight spaces. Using these MOLLE mounts is quick and easy.

You’ll only need your accessory or bracket of choice and a 5/32″ or 4mm Allen key. The first step is sliding a mount behind your panel in the desired location. Line up the R4T MOLLE mount where you want your bracket or clamp to be placed. In my case, I mounted the bracket vertically to fit my RAGO MOLLE panel.

Mounting Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Mounting Accessories to 4Runner MOLLE Panels

For one example, I grabbed a basic universal fire extinguisher bracket.

Mounting the bracket was as simple as lining up the pre-drilled holes to the mounts with the provided bolt and washer and tightening them down. It doesn’t have to be super tight, just enough to hold the bracket securely because the mounts have the nyloc nut in them for a secure fit.

Simple Mounting Solution for MOLLE Panel Gear & Accessories

That’s all there is to it! Now I have an extinguisher mounted to my panel, and it didn’t cost me a small fortune for a proprietary bracket. It looks super clean and is mounted securely.

Mounting Quickfist Clamps For Hatchet

Adding Quickfist Clamp to MOLLE Panel with R4T Molle Mount

Following the same process, I just placed the Quickfist clamps where I wanted them to be and tightened down the bolts.

Quickfist Clamps for Attaching Hatchet to MOLLE Panels

Here are both the Quickfist clamps aligned and mounted.

Hatchet in Quickfist on Panel with Running4Tacos R4T Molle Mount

Here is the final result. It looks clean and secure, and I’m confident that my hatchet will not come free.

Upgrading My Existing Mounting Solution

How To Mount Gear & Accessories to MOLLE Panels

This image above references a “before” shot of how I had my 12-volt accessory panel mounted with the included hardware before using the R4T MOLLE mounts. Not very sturdy at all and a pain to install.

Poorly Mounted Accessory on MOLLE Panel

As you can see above, the bolts are not completely lined up, and although it works, it doesn’t look good. In the shot, you can see how the large washer is showing and is just barely secured on its right side. This could definitely be a weak point that may work its way loose over many miles and trails.

Accessory Power 12 Volt Panel Mounted with Runnin4Tacos MOLLE Mounts

Above is my 12-volt accessory panel mount after I installed it with the R4T MOLLE Mounts. This looks proper to me, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! This accessory isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And it was all put together and securely mounted in minutes, with zero frustration.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner with Full Length Sliding Rear Drawers & Fridge Slide + Rear Window MOLLE Mounts

Here are the final results with everything I used the R4T MOLLE mounts for to attach my gear to my panels safely and securely.

I am super stoked with how easy these mounts can attach gear to my 4Runner’s MOLLE panels. The gear I have attached with the R4T MOLLE mounts does not rattle or vibrate whatsoever. If I were to mount anything larger like an ABS plastic board to attach a dual battery charger, I would remove the whole panel to make it easier to reach the rear of the panel to facilitate mounting.

There are so many applications that these will work with; the possibilities are endless!  

The R4T MOLLE mounts are a simple and highly effective way to mount gear to your panels without spending a lot of money. R4T is a solid company, and I have purchased other products from them. In my book, this is another innovative and budget-friendly mod that’s a home run. If you are building an overland vehicle and on a budget, these are definitely for you!

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Amanda Heringer
Amanda Heringer
1 year ago

Do you have a link for the fire extinguisher bracket?

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Hey there! Do these work with Orangeboxx molle panels?

1 year ago

Are Ram Mounts compatible with the RFT molle mounts?

1 year ago

Thanks for the review. Just wondering what brand is the panel pictured
in the first shot under the heading ( What are Molle Panels ? ). I wasn’t aware they extended down as much as the pic. Thanks

1 year ago
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