Feature Friday: 4 Carbon Fiber Hood Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

Carbon Fiber Hoods For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

5 Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner: Owners Discuss Benefits & Why They Chose To Add One To Their Builds

This Week’s Topic: Carbon Fiber Hoods

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Last week, we took a look at air compressor setups for the 4Runner

This week, we are going to look at 5th Gen 4Runners with Carbon Fiber Hoods.

Whether you’re looking to add a carbon fiber hood for aesthetic purposes or its added functional benefits, this is a great addition to your build.

Top Brand Featured

  • TR-Style (no added vents) Carbon Fiber Hood: Check Price
  • TS-Style (added vents) Carbon Fiber Hood: Check Price

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order

Why Upgrade To A Carbon Fiber Hood?

Seibon TR Style Carbon Fiber Hood for 5th Gen 4Runner

Aesthetics is one of the main reasons carbon fiber hoods are a popular upgrade for any vehicle. For many 4Runner owners, the clean weave of the carbon fiber and the modified look is reason enough to shell out $1,500+.

Seibon is the main manufacturer for these units. They make it incredibly easy to install them. There is no painting necessary and they are install-ready right out of the box. In fact, many people chose to purchase carbon fiber over fiberglass/steel replacements because it can potentially come out even to replace and OEM hood – especially if you include paint, etc.

Besides the unique look of a carbon fiber hood on a 4Runner, it can also provide a few benefits to your truck.

First and foremost is the weight reduction that it provides. When you are adding a ton of weight, especially in the front, you’ll want to find ways to lighten your load. Adding a carbon fiber hood is a great way to save a few pounds. While it won’t be super noticeable, especially when it comes to MPGs, it’s still a great way to save 10-20 lbs.

Another benefit of these hoods is the functional vents. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but the OEM TRD hood scoops are non-functional. The Seibon hoods, on the other hand, can help relieve any trapped heat with the vented version.

Let’s take a look at a few different builds and see why each of the owners added Seibon carbon fiber hoods!

1. @Darkside4Runner – TS-Style

Seibon TS Style Carbon Fiber Hood On Black 4Runner With C4 Fab Front Hybrid Bumper

Hood Details

  • TS-Style Carbon Fiber Hood

Why Did You Add A New Carbon Fiber Hood?

Coming from the car scene, Seibon has always made the highest-quality products. That being said, when I saw Seibon making a carbon fiber hood for the 4Runner, I immediately purchased their first batch of TS Style Carbon hoods.

I was very impressed with its unique design and how much lighter it is than the OEM hood. A unique feature is the removable air vent covers. Desert runs in the summer are a perfect example of when you’ll need to remove the covers.

The hood’s design is what I love most as it gives your 4Runner an aggressive look with its hood scoop and air vents, especially for non-TRD models.

2. Bryant Tang (@tantrumspeed) – TR-Style

Carbon Fiber Hoods for 5th Gen 4Runner

Hood Details

  • TR-Style Carbon Fiber Hood

Why Did You Add A New Carbon Fiber Hood?

I come from the tuning world, so Carbon fiber was always used to make parts lighter since we raced cars. The addiction to carbon fiber just kind of continued into my truck build. The OEM Hood scoop hood isn’t functional, so when I found out the Seibon carbon fiber hood scoop was functional, and I knew I was going to supercharge my truck, it was a no-brainer for me. 

3. Anthony Cogdell (@az_performante) – TS-Style

Lime Rush 4Runner With TS-Style Carbon Fiber Hood From Seibon

Hood Details

  • TS-Style Carbon Fiber Hood

Why Did You Add A New Carbon Fiber Hood?

I came from the JDM car world, so carbon fiber was already on my radar. When I purchased my SR5, previous to my current TRD Pro, I reached out to Seibon Carbon to see if they could produce a hood for my 4Runner. To my surprise, they already had a few models available for sale. I knew I had to have it for my TRD Pro too.

I absolutely love how it looks in contrast to the Lime Rush color on my 4Runner, it really stands out. Most importantly, I love that it has a functional hood scoop. As you may know, the OEM hood on the TRD trims has a non-functional hood scoop. The Seibon hood scoop is functional in the sense that it brings airflow to the engine bay, which is crucial for hot desert off-roading.

Another reason why I love this hood is how lightweight it is. While I don’t have much weight in the front like other builds have, I still see the benefits of having a lighter hood on the 4Runner. The material is also extremely durable, but I took it one step further and added a clear bra to it. So, even with all the rocks flying up at the front end, I know it’s safe.

Overall, this is a great product from Seibon. I get so many compliments on how unique my build looks with the hood. I was even able to sway Jeff from Westcott Designs to get one for his new 4Runner build and ultimately offer them for purchase.

4. Andy Chun (@andy4runna) – TR-Style

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood On Silver 5th Gen 4Runner

Hood Details

  • TR-Style Carbon Fiber Hood

Why Did You Add A New Carbon Fiber Hood?

I chose the Seibon carbon fiber hood because I know they are a reputable and reliable company in the industry. I wanted something unique for my 4Runner and also a lighter hood. The hood is so light that I could hold it on my own without any assistance. To extend the longevity of the hood, I also applied a 3M clear bra.

Final Thoughts

Black Overland 5th Gen 4Runner Build With Carbon Fiber Hood & RTT

And that wraps up another Feature Friday! Thanks to everyone who participated this week!

Carbon fiber hoods are such a unique addition to your 4Runner. I mean, it’s not every day that you’ll get to see one on a truck.

Next week, we’ll be giving some love to the TRD Off-Road Premium builds, so stay tuned to see what additions you can add to yours!

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11 months ago

Super interested in this, but in black. Were these painted or is there a way to order in black? I need a scoop in my life!!!!

1 year ago

Oh my. My pockets are going to hurt after this!

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