Feature Friday: 8 Air Compressor Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

MGM 5th Gen 4Runner With 4-Tire Inflation/Deflation Kit

8 Air Compressor & Accessory Setups For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner – Mods That Make Airing Up & Down On The Trail Easy

This Week’s Topic: Air Compressor Setups

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Last week, we took at look at Quicksand 4Runner builds.

This week, we are taking a look at air compressor setups. Whether you are looking for an onboard compressor or something portable, having a tool to air up and down is super important. That’s especially true when going through technical trails that require airing down.

Fortunately, there are plenty of air compressor options that fit all sorts of budgets and needs. Below are a few options that avid trail-goers chose to include in their kit.

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order

1. Jon Verz (@hyphy.rnr) – MORRFlate

MGM 4Runner With MORRFlate TenSix Air Compressor & MORRFlate 4-Way Inflation/Deflation Tire Kit

Air Compressor Setup

  • MORRFlate Quad Hose w/ Manifold
  • MORRFlate TenSix Portable 12v Off-Road Air Compressor

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

When shopping for a compressor, I wanted something portable that could quickly get me on the trails. After browsing the web and talking to friends, one company always stood out, MORRFlate. They are a local company to me with quality products and great customer service.

After speaking with the MORRFlate staff, the TenSix 12v compressor was an easy choice as it checked everything on my list; portable and fast.

2. Alex Bruce (@alexbbruce) – Smittybilt

5th Gen 4Runner With Smittybilt 5.65 CFM Compressor

Air Compressor Setup

  • Smittybilt 5.65 CFM Compressor
  • C4 Spare Battery Tray

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

I wanted to get a convenient under-the-hood compressor setup without shelling out for an ARB compressor. With this setup, I have the compressor mounted in the rear passenger side corner under my hood onto a C4 battery tray. It doesn’t fit 100% perfectly, but it’s secure enough, even when I’m out doing fast trails.

The power cable and hose get tucked nicely behind my driver-side headlight when I’m not using them, and they’re mounted securely enough that they never budge.

Overall, I’m really happy with the setup, especially because it cost less than $400. The Smittybilt compressor works quickly and can air up one tire from 15 psi to over 30 in around a minute.

3. Mitch Caldwell (@crafted.outdoors) – Smittybilt

DIY Multi-Tire Inflation System For 4Runner

Air Compressor Setup

  • Smittybilt 2781 Air Compressor
  • Custom Mount
  • Pressure Cutoff Switch
  • Auxbeam Switch Panel
  • DIY Quadflate System

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

I like that my compressor setup was scalable to my use. At first, I used it as a standalone compressor with battery alligator clips and stock hoses. As my adventures evolved, the compressor grew with me. Eventually, I mounted and hardwired it and made my own multi-tire system to air up and down.

The balance in price, convenience, and speed is why I love my setup.

4. Andrew Raup (@akraup) – ARB

Black 5th Gen 4Runner With Retrofit Headlights & Custom C4 Fab Front Bumper

Air Compressor Setup

  • Auxbeam Switch Panel
  • ARB 12V Twin Compressor
  • Runnin4Tacos Behind Grille Mount
  • MORRFlate Quadflate Hose

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

My ARB twin compressor is mounted via the Runnin4Tacos Behind Grille Mount. I greatly appreciate that it both de-clutters my engine bay and keeps everything outside the car. The only downside would be that it catches dust. However, the compressor is never on when I’m driving, so it’s not a huge deal. This setup is super nice, sturdily mounted, and a good way to save space.

5. Rovie Flores (@adobo4runner) – ARB

White 5th Gen 4Runner With MORRFlate Quad + ARB Dual Air Compressor

Air Compressor Setup

  • ARB 12V Twin Compressor
  • MORRFlate Quad Hose

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

I chose to have the ARB twin compressor onboard because I wanted one less thing to worry about when going off-roading. I love the idea of having it there all the time and not worrying whether or not I packed it.

One accessory that I really love using when airing down/up is my MORRFlate Quad hose system. I know there are other hose options, but this one is very easy to use and you can do other things while airing/up and down. Plus, team MORRFlate is phenomenal.

6. Angie Santos (@phattegra) – ARB

5th Gen 4Runner With MORRFlate Duo (Dual) Hose Inflation/Deflation Kit

Air Compressor Setup

  • ARB High-Performance On-Board Compressor
  • MORRFlate Duo 2-Tire | 13ft Hoses
  • Auxbeam 8 Gang Switch Panel
  • Custom Mount

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

I love the simple life, and the ARB air compressor is simple to use. I have the compressor hooked up to my Auxbeam switch panel, which is amazing and super easy to install. The mount for my compressor was custom-made in my garage. It is sleek and looks great.

I wanted to beat the guys I wheel with when airing up, so I went with the 2 hose setup from MORRflate with the built-in gauge. Ultimately, I chose this setup its simplicity and low maintenance required. Also, it just looks badass!

7. Rene Talome (@falkor_t4r) – ARB

MGM Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner With 35" BFG KM3s & Prinsu Roof Rack

Air Compressor Setup

  • ARB 12V Twin Compressor
  • Earthcrawler Custom Blue Hose
  • ARB Digital Gauge

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

I went with this setup because of its fast fill-up capabilities. ARB is a big name and has always had good quality products.

I love the compressor because it is hardwired and can be mounted under the hood. I used the OEM style switch, which fits perfectly in the dash. I’ve had it for about 4 years, and it still hasn’t given me any issues.

8. Ryan L (@4runnersaurus) – VIAIR

MORRFlate Quad + VIAIR 400P Automatic - Air Compressor Setups For 4Runner

Air Compressor Setup

  • VIAIR 400P Automatic
  • MORRFlate Quad + Stubby Gauge

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

The VIAIR 400P has performance that’s probably between the ARB Single and Dual compressors. Initially, I liked that it had a trigger-style air filler with a built-in gauge. The automatic model turns off and on as you release the trigger, so you don’t need the compressor off manually every time you need to check the tires’ PSI.

As I started to hit more trails, I picked up the MORRFlate Quad system and VIAIR adapter. Using the two in tandem allows me to air all four tires up from 15 PSI to 38 PSI in under 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Midnight Black 5th Gen 4Runer With Amber LED Pod Lights

Thanks for joining us for another Feature Friday!

I hope you were able to get a better idea of the different types of air compressors and accessories that are available. I personally use MORRFlate to air up my tires because their products are super easy to work with. Also, the bright green makes them easily visible for quick access and so I can’t lose them.

See you next week!

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