TRD Off-Road Blacked Out Badging Kit For The 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD Off-Road Blacked-Out CarTrimHome Emblems

CarTrimHome Blacked Out Badging TRD Off-Road Overlay Kit For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Installation Overview & Initial Thoughts

The biggest question is, do you really need this blacked-out badging for your 5th Gen 4Runner? Of course not! It doesn’t increase your off-road performance, surely doesn’t help your gas mileage, and despite revving your engine, it’s not going to help impress the guys or gals. But hey, they look cool!

One of the very first, and simple, mods most people do to their 5th Gen 4Runner is black out the badging. Many moons ago, Brenan wrote a detailed post on buying blacked-out emblems vs. the DIY Plasti-Dip method. While there are pros and cons to each, five years later, people are still choosing one of those two options.

What’s interesting now is, Toyota caught on to the trend and started offering their own blacked-out emblem kits, just at 3x the price! I ran CTH’s emblems on my last 5th Gen 4Runner for a few years and had no complaints; there was no loss of color from UV exposure and they never fell off (which was something I was oddly worried about).

So if you choose emblems over Plasti-Dip, for 1/3 of the price, it’s not even up for debate in my opinion.

Find It Online:

  • ABS Matte Blacked Out Badging Overlay Kit (CTH): Check Price
  • Toyota 4Runner Blacked Out Badging Overlays (OEM – Toyota): Check Price


Blacked Out Toyota "Sombrero"

This kit includes:

  • Front Toyota “Sombrero” symbol (1)
  • Rear Toyota “Sombrero” symbol (1)
  • 4Runner lettering for the rear hatch (1)
  • TRD Off Road lettering for rear C-pillar (2)

Installing the overlay kit is straightforward and requires no tools. However, you’re going to want to give the areas where the two-sided tape connects to the OEM lettering a good cleaning.

Tools & Materials

  • Rubbing alcohol

Step 1. Prep The Surface Areas

Prepping TRD Off Road Emblem

Using an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol with a clean towel, clean the surface areas where the badging two-sided tape will adhere to.

Step 2. Expose Two-Sided Tape

Removing two-sided 4Runner blacked out badging

Each piece of the 4Runner blacked-out emblem kit should come with a small tab on the back making it easy to remove the plastic cover of the two-sided tape. Remove the covers and apply.

Step 3. Press The Pieces Into Place

Blacked Out TRD Off Road Emblem

Firmly press each piece into place and hold your hand on top for 30 seconds. That’s it, installation is complete!

Final Thoughts

Blacked Out 4Runner Rear Hatch Lettering

Well, I’m not really sure a full-on installation post was necessary for something as simple as blacking out your 4Runners emblems, but, why not?

Some options I’ve seen from other 4Runner owners are color-matching the emblems before installing, or even, hydro-dripping them for an even more unique look. The possibilities are endless and since the pieces are made from matte ABS plastic, painting them is that much easier.

TRD Off Road Blacked Out Lettering

So, not the toughest mod you’ll tackle on your 4Runner build’s journey, but the look is pretty cool and it certainly makes the truck look stealthier. If you’ve painted the emblems before installing them or did something even more unique, let’s see some pictures posted below!

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5 months ago

I’m still looking for the black out caps for my 2023 trd (sport)

Jon Schleff
Jon Schleff
7 months ago

How to buy!

Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson
10 months ago

CTH seems to be out of stock

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