The Rago Fabrication Dash Mount For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Detailed Installation & First Impressions

Rago Fabrication Dash Mount For The 5th Gen 4Runner

The Rago Fabrication Modular Device Dash Mount: A Rugged Mount Designed For Your Offroad Adventures – Detailed Installation & First Impressions

There are several dash mount kits available for the 5th gen 4Runner. While we’ve covered the top seven dash mounts for the 5th gen 4Rrunner, this article will solely focus on the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount kit.

The Dash Mount itself is simple and sleek and works great with numerous aftermarket accessories. This kit was designed to add versatility to the dash of your 4Runner. It has a low-profile design and is made to blend in seamlessly with the 4Runner’s dash.

This kit also requires drilling, so if you do not want to drill into your head unit, then a no-drill dash mount kit such as the Labops Gear Dash Mount may be a better option. However, no other company on the market has the versatility of the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount kit. With its 11 mounting points, it’s hard to find another dash mount kit that can give you as many options.

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Product Overview

Rago Fabrication Dash Mount
(Credit: Rago Fabrication)

The Rago Fabrication Dash Mount allows you to attach multiple accessories such as phone, GPS, and tablet holders. Other device mounts can also be attached to the top of the plate utilizing seven mounting holes that take standard 10-24 hardware.

It’s equipped with (11) 10-24 self-clinching nuts, which lets you mount your accessories in a variety of positions. Also included in this kit are the adjustable accessory mounts for both the driver and passenger. These two accessory mounts most often have a CB radio or HAM radio microphone mounted.

Some state that the visibility of the digital clock is blocked, but I think this depends on the height of the driver. Taller people are not able to see the clock, while shorter people may still be able to. If being able to retain the visibility of this clock is important to you, then this mount may not be your best option. It comes powder-coated black with all of the hardware needed for installation.


Dash Mount Installation Tools

Minimal tools are needed for installation. The process requires patience as it involves drilling holes into your factory dash that can’t be undone.

Tools & Materials

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Drill w/ 3/16 bit
  • Marker
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Small Level (Optional)
  • 10mm Socket
  • Magnet Stick (Optional)
  • 4mm Allen Wrench/Hex Key
  • Provided Hardware

Step 1. Remove Center Console Trim

Remove 4Runner Center Console

Remove both the transmission and transfer case shifters by turning them counterclockwise.

With the shifters removed, gently pull up on the center console. It is best to grab the center console by the cup holders and pull up.

Note: After lifting it up by a few inches, be sure to disconnect the white wire harness pictured on the right. If you have seat heaters, do not forget to disconnect that as well.

Step 2. Remove Climate Control Surround

4Runner Climate Control Wire Harness

The next step is to disconnect the climate control surround. Grab the sides next to the main two knobs, gripping the plastic, and pull back toward the shifters. Once it has popped off, you will need to disconnect a wire loom and a clip holding the wire loom in place. You can use needle nose pliers to disconnect the plastic connector from the climate controls.

Place the climate controls aside for now. Lay a cloth against the shifter levers so you don’t damage anything.

Step 3. Drill Passenger Side Hole

Rago Fabrication Dash Mount Passenger Side

These are the most important and also most nerve-wracking steps, where you drill holes into the dash.

Take the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount and place it on top of your dash as pictured above. Make sure that you use the spacers supplied in the kit. The spacers go between the Rago Dash Mount and your factory dash. Once lined up, place a supplied bolt to mock up where you need to drill.

Be sure to leave a small gap between the dash and the dash mount kit up top. This will ensure there is no rubbing or damage to your dash from vibrations. I placed a small level on top of the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount to ensure that it was flush and level.

Once you have your desired mounting location, go ahead and drill. You will need a 3/16 drill bit. Next, place the small bolt through the hole and continue to the next step.

Step 4. Drill Top Mounting Holes

Rago Fabrication Dash Mount Level Installation

The driver’s side is a little bit more tricky, but not too difficult; it is mostly the same process as above.

Ensure you still have the dash mount level, and flush, and that there is no rubbing or contact between it and your factory head unit. Then, mark the driver-side hole to be drilled. Now, go ahead and remove the level (if utilized) and pull out the two longer bolts on top of the dash mount.

This is where it gets tricky. Where the bolts were on top of the dash mount, drill straight down. The 3/16 drill bit will fit through the dash mount and spacer. Ensure you drill down as straight as possible.

Step 5. Drill Driver Side Hole

5th Gen 4Runner Head Unit Mounting Bolts

Now that you have drilled out the two top holes, you still need to drill out the driver-side hole. You can’t drill the driver’s side due to the steering wheel in the way. So, you will need to uninstall the car stereo first.

To do this, use a 10mm socket and wrench and disconnect the four upper bolts directly underneath the car stereo (I already removed two bolts before taking this picture). Then, pull the head unit toward you with one hand on the bottom and the other on the top.

Rago Fabrication Dash Mount Installation 5th Gen 4Runner

With the head unit removed, you can drill your driver’s side hole. See below for reference.

Step 6. Install Top Mounting Bolts

Installing Rago Fabrication Dash Mount 5th Gen 4Runner

Now that you have all your holes drilled, you can install the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount. The hard part is over, thankfully.

First, be sure to put the spacers between the Rago Dash Mount and the 4Runner dash. Once you have the spacers and bolts through, you will need to add the washer and nut to secure the top bolts. I utilized a magnetic stick to secure the washer and nut. This allows you to hold the washer and nut in place vertically.

Installation Steps For Rago Fabrication Dash Mount

I used my other hand to tighten the bolt. Once the bolt and nut mate, I used needle nose pliers to secure it. See the below image for reference.

Step 7. Install Side Mounting Bolts

Driver Side Installation Rago Fabrication Dash Mount 5th Gen 4Runner

This is the final step to installing the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount. The driver and passenger sides are fairly easy to install compared to the two top bolts. They are secured by a small bolt and nut, which can be tedious due to the nut being round with a lock washer mated with the nut.

It’s best to utilize the needle nose pliers to hold the nut and use your free hand to turn the small screw until it takes the nut and begins to tighten. After the bolt and nut are mated, use a screwdriver to tighten it up. Do this for both the passenger and driver sides.

Step 8. Reinstall Head Unit

5th Gen 4Runner Rago Fabrication Dash Mount

Now that the Rago Fabrication Dash Mount is installed, be sure to double-check that it is level. Once you are happy with the positioning, be sure to put everything back together in the reverse order of the steps above.

Final Thoughts

Rago Fabrication Dash Mount With RAM Phone Mount

The thought of drilling into my dash made me a little worried, but after numerous positive reviews, I knew I wouldn’t regret it.

To be able to see the clock on the top of the dash, I must be reclined back in my seat, but that’s fine with me. I always have my phone mounted up anyways, which serves as an alternative clock. The Rago Fabrication Dash Mount has a durable construction and is laser cut and CNC bent P&O steel. It will last, that is for sure.

The rugged construction makes it ideal for offroad and I noticed no vibrations while at highway speeds.

This dash mount is ideal for adventurers, overlanders, and travelers alike. It allows for multiple accessories to be used at once; I purchased this product to specifically use a RAM Mount to hold my cell phone while offroading.

So far, it has not failed. I look forward to the many years of use of this dash mount system.

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1 year ago

Evan, why are you removing the center console trim and shifter knobs in step 1? My understanding, having pulled my head unit out a few times myself, it is not a necessary step.

The plastic trim on the right and left of the climate control knobs can be pulled off directly without any prior parts being removed, at least for an SR5. Is this different for higher trims (I see you have a manual transfer case shifter)?

Last edited 1 year ago by Dillon W
1 year ago
Reply to  Dillon W

I have the same trail premium trim, I cant figure any reason why you would need to take out the center console trim. I just popped out my whole radio and took it inside to install the rago mount.

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