Top 7 Dash Mounts For The 5th Gen 4Runner

No Drill Dash Mount For 4Runner

Here Are The Top 7 Dash Mounts For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Mount Your Devices Securely Organized On The Trails

If you drive with more than one device (i.e. your phone), you quickly realize how cumbersome windshield suction cup mounts are. They can be difficult to remove in hot weather and are stubborn to stay on in cold weather. What I dislike most is that even with two suction cups mounted, the dash starts to look cluttered.

There are several different dash mounts available that have varied materials and installation methods. Each has its pros and cons, usually revolving around the mount’s stability and weight-carrying ability.

Heavier duty mounts will usually comprise a metal construction and require drilling screws into your dash for installation. Lighter duty variants are made of plastic and require no modification to your dash at all. The latter is my preference and is still plenty strong enough to hold a phone and a GoPro camera.

We’ve rounded up the most popular options that are currently available for the 5th gen 4Runner. If you’ve been in the market for a dash mount, you’re in the right place!

Why Dash Mounts Are Useful

4Runner Minimalist Dash Mount

Dash mounts solve the cluttered dash problem by providing a central place to mount all of your devices. They commonly utilize the RAM Mounts lineup for simple and clean mounting. These mounts are far less bulky than suction cups and can easily be stored away when not in use.

For the clean freaks out there like myself, using a dash mount also avoids suction cup residue all over the windshield. This especially drives me crazy because you often need to reposition suction cups at least a couple of times before it’s in the perfect spot.

1. LabOps Gear

LabOps No Drill Dash Mount For 5th Gen 4Runner

What makes the LabOps Gear dash mount stand out from the crowd is its incredibly simple installation that requires no modification to your dash. It simply replaces an existing plastic piece and when installed, looks like it came from the factory. There are no hills to drill and can easily be reverted back to stock if needed.

LabOps includes a dual-USB 12V socket that taps into the 4Runner’s cigarette lighter with an included no-cut wiretap. There are 4 threaded holes to attach gear via RAM ball-socket mounts. This dash mount is perfect for EDC use with small devices like a phone.

This mount is made of injection molded plastic and is designed and made in Texas. This new version is currently available for pre-order and mainly improves on its predecessor by no longer blocking the head unit’s digital clock.

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  • No-drill installation
  • OEM+ Aesthetic
  • Marine-grade USB power ports

2. ICS Fab

ICS Fab Dash Mount For 5th Gen 4Runner

The ICS Fab dash mount kit can be purchased either on its own or with an option dual-USB charger. It is made from CNC laser-cut stainless steel and powder-coated black. The mount is installed by drilling four holes on the radio bezel and carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer or workmanship defects.

Installation is pretty straightforward, just be sure that you’re comfortable with permanently drilling holes into the radio bezel. Once installed, the ICS Fab mount is compatible with AMPS standard attachments.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with AMPS standard attachments
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. Rago Fabrications

Rago Fabrications Dash Mount For 4Runner

Rago Fabrications makes a great modular mount for those who have a lot of gear to mount. In addition to the main dash mount, Rago Fabrications includes two side accessory mounts for both the driver and passenger sides. These side mounts bring frequently handled items like phones or radios within closer reach.

Drilling is required for installation, but this dash mount pairs perfectly with Rago Fabrication’s center console MOLLE storage panel if you want to go full-blown overland mode. You can purchase optional 10-24 self-clinching nuts for versatile mounting options.

This mount is laser cut out of P&O steel and is made in the U.S.A. It is even hand-sanded to ensure an even surface, talk about attention to detail!

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  • Extra side mounts for more devices
  • Available 10-24 self-cinching nuts
  • P&O steel construction

4. Victory 4×4

Victory 4x4 Dash Mount For 4Runner

The aptly named Victory 4×4 dash accessory mount (DAM) features a unique installation method. Rather than requiring you to drill four holes into your dash bezel, it only requires two holes to be drilled on the side and uses a retention plate with double-sided tape up top.

The DAM is designed and made in the U.S.A. out of CNC cut 1/8″ steel. For the powered USB ports, the dash mount features a three-foot lead for flexibility in connections to either a 12v adapter or hardwire under the dash. There are several threaded studs for mounting RAM accessory mounts both on the top and front face of the Victory 4×4 DAM.

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  • Three-foot lead for versatile USB power port tap
  • Less drilling is required for the installation
  • Threaded studs for RAM mounts

5. Alpha Foxtrot Designs

Alpha Foxtrot Designs Dash Mount For 4Runner

This mount is kind of like a smaller version of the ICS Fab and Rago Fabrication dash mounts. It has a similar design but less mounting surface area. You can purchase this mount with either a single USB-A, USB-C, dual-USB-A, or no power port at all to avoid additional wiring steps.

Due to its smaller size, the Alpha Foxtrot Designs dash mount can be installed with only double-sided VHB tape or with the addition of six screws for an extra secure installation. This mount does not include installation hardware, but it can be purchased separately from the Alpha Foxtrot Designs store.

The double-sided tape-only installation is only advised for light accessory use such as a single phone mount.

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  • Small size
  • No-drill installation option
  • Multiple USB power port options

6. 67 Designs

67 Designs Toyota 4RunnerRail Pack Installed

This dash mount takes a more minimalist approach and saves you a little money by doing so. With the 67 Designs 4RunnerRail, you’re essentially just buying a mounting rail. To mount gear, it uses trackballs that slot into the rail, similar to popular roof racks.

Installation involves drilling holes, but only two as opposed to four on most other dash mounts. The mount itself is very low profile and weighs a mere 1.5lbs. It is made of hard anodized aluminum in the U.S.A.

Next to the LabOps Gear dash mount, this offering from 67 Designs is the second most low profile of the bunch.

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  • Minimalist design
  • Aluminum constructions
  • Minimal drilling for installation

7. Expedition Essentials

Toyota 4Runner Powered Accessory Mount (PAM)

The Expedition Essentials 4Runner mount is for anyone looking to have a mobile command center. It is the heaviest duty and most expensive dash mount on this list. The stand-out feature is side-reinforcement brackets that allow it to support the weight of full-size tablets.

The mount is made of 5052 aluminum and has predrilled holes for seven RAM diamond mounts, which support more weight than single-threaded ball mounts. Now included is a dual-USB charger and you can choose between USB-A or USB-C.

Installation requires drilling six holes to support heavier devices, which is the most on this list. However, if you have a ton of gear to mount, this mount is probably the best option.

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  • Aluminum construction
  • Supports heavier devices
  • Threaded studs for RAM diamond mounts

Final Thoughts

LabOps 5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount

In a world where our lives run off of mobile devices, keeping them organized and easily accessible is crucial. Factor in the safety aspect while you’re behind the wheel, and dash mounts may be one of the most functional interior mods out there.

I’ve been searching for the right mount in my 4Runner for a while now. Since I only need to mount my phone and perhaps a radio, I didn’t really need the added strength and weight of all metal construction. I also wanted to retain an OEM+ aesthetic and the LabOps Gear mount fit the bill perfectly.

If you’re really looking to achieve that full-blown overland aesthetic, there are six other excellent options listed above! The best option is totally dependent on what suits your needs best. Regardless of which one you choose, you won’t regret how much easier it is to keep all your devices easily within reach.

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Bruce E
Bruce E
11 months ago

Have you ever seen kind of a mount that would on the center aluminum insert above the glove box? I am looking to mount the new Garmin Overland. Huge screen blocks right corner.

Thank you,

1 year ago

Good info, thanks. Are any of you using one of these dash mounts for holding a Baofeng BFF8HP radio? If so,which one and what are you using to mate the radio to the dash mount?

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