LabOps Gear Low-Profile Dash Mount V2 For The 5th Gen 4Runner

LabOps Dash Mount For The 5th Gen 4Runner

A First Look At The LabOps Gear Dash Mount V2 – A Low-Profile, No-Drill Mounting Solution For Your Accessories

Whether your 4Runner is a daily commuter or an outfitted overland rig, a dash mount can be a great way to improve the functionality of your interior. You can mount your cell phone for navigation, a GoPro to get the best shots, or a mic for your radio. With the LabOps gear dash mount, the options are extensive.

When searching for dash mounts, I wanted something sleek, low-profile, and that didn’t require drilling. Unfortunately, I was coming up short until I discovered LabOps. John, the owner and self-proclaimed gear nerd behind LabOps, started off with 3D-printed dash mounts that replaced the factory plastic above the factory head unit. These dash mounts worked, but he wanted something even sleeker to retain the function of the factory clock. Enter the LabOps Gear Dash Mount V2.

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LabOps Low Profile No-Drill Dash Mount

Installation of the dash mount really couldn’t be much easier. You do have to remove some plastics and unbolt the head unit, but this is a breeze compared to the measuring and drilling for some other dash mounts on the market. The hardest part of the installation is making sure you don’t lose that pesky 10 mm socket.

Tools Needed:

  • Socket wrench
  • Socket extension
  • 10 mm socket
  • Small Phillips-Head screwdriver

There’s a great video showing all the steps to installation up close in great detail, so check that out for installation specifics.

Design & Construction

No-Drill Dash Mount For The 5th Gen 4Runner

I think the design and construction of this mount are what makes it unique. The mount is injection-molded plastic, which allows a very precise design to fit the factory location perfectly. Comparing it to the OEM plastic piece, you can really see the effort that went into the design. Apart from the threaded inserts and USB plug, the two pieces are nearly identical.

Installing LabOps Dash Mount

The mount comes with four threaded inserts that are designed to work with RAM balls for plenty of mounting options. It also comes with a nice custom 12V dual USB outlet. The design allows for full functionality of the clock as well.

Posi-Tap Wire Harness

Each mount comes with a simple-to-use posi-tap wiring harness, that allows for quick and easy power to the USB plug without cutting or splicing any wires.

As an added bonus, the mounts are fully designed and manufactured in Texas.

Fit & Finish

5th Gen 4Runner Low-Profile Dash Mount

If you want a sleek, low-profile mount that looks OEM+, the LabOps mount is the mount for you. The whole purpose of this mount was to achieve that, and it really hits the mark. The injection molded design fits the factory location perfectly. The plastic tabs and the small screw holes all lined up smoothly, and the end result is a fit that looks OEM.

12v Dual- USB Outlet

The dual USB plug is excellent and has a high-quality look & feel. I also appreciated the LabOps Gear branding on the top of the plug. It fits perfectly into the mount and again gives a high-quality finish.

I like that it doesn’t block the factory clock as well. If you’re using the USB plug, it will be obstructed, but with nothing plugged in, you can see the clock easily.

Overall, I think this a really sharp-looking product, and you can tell there was a lot of care put into making this fit the OEM space perfectly.


LabOps Dash Mount + RAM Mounts

The four threaded inserts are designed to fit the 1″ Size “B” RAM balls but could fit any bolt with a standard 1/4″-20 X .25″ thread diameter & pitch. RAM mounts have many options for various arms, phone mounts, navigation mounts, etc. so the options are extensive. The RAM balls thread in easily, and the arms attach in seconds, so you can quickly customize your loadout.

This is great for small handheld items. I’ve been using it every day for my phone, as well as for my GoPro, and GMRS radio microphone when I’m out wheeling. It’s important to note what this mount is not, though. This mount is not a “command center” where you can put a tablet, or hang a heavy item off the front. Because of the design, it uses OEM plastic tabs and isn’t designed for these larger items.

There is naturally a little flex in the plastic, however, I haven’t had any problems with those small items mentioned above. As long as you know the limitations, and use it for the intended purpose, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Final Thoughts

Low Profile RAM Mount Compatible Dash Mount For 5th Gen 4Runner

Overall, I’ve been pleased with this mount so far. It looks great and does its job well. For smaller devices like phones and radios, it works great. If you need to mount heavier items, you may be better off looking for a mount that has a metal construction. However, expect to drill into your dash for installation. If you’re looking for a sleek OEM-style mount, or just don’t want to drill into your dash, this mount might be the perfect mount for you.

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1 year ago

So I picked this up after reading your review, I really like the fact that it’s a no drill installation so both my wife and I were all for it… after having it a few months, my only complaint is the vibration I get in my phone and older gopro (hero4) that doesn’t have image stabilization… but if I rest the arm for the phone mount on the main trim and put just a slight bit of tension on it as I tighten it down, it helps to get rid of some of the vibration.

1 year ago

USB charger portion does not fit in Limited model(s). Specifically 2010 in my case.

1 year ago
Reply to  Edwood

Installed it on a 2017 Limited, no problem.

1 year ago

Thank you for the write up Tanner. Anyone know how this unit holds up on rough terrain with something like a Baofeng radio and cell phone attached?

Pete Conomeda
Pete Conomeda
1 year ago
Reply to  RayC

Second that, how stout is thing off road? Does that piece of plastic rattle at all with weight on it or is it bullet proof?

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