Feature Friday: 7 Kick-Out Rock Slider Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

White TRD Off Road 4Runner with SSO Low Pro Front Bumper

We Asked 8 4Runner Owners Why They Installed Rock Sliders With Kick Outs To Protect Their Rig – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: Rock Sliders w/ Kick Outs

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! If you missed last week’s FF, we looked at hood bug/stone deflectors for the 5th Gen 4Runner. This week, we will continue with the protection theme in the form of rock sliders. More specifically, rock sliders with kick-outs as they protect not only your rocker panel but your rear quarter panels as well.

If this week’s Feature Friday sparks your interest in rock sliders, then head on over to our full rock slider buyer’s guide to help you pick the right pair.

As always, feel free to DM the owners on IG to ask any additional questions about their setup if needed.


Why Buy Sliders With Kick Outs?

White 4Runner with Aluminum Rock Sliders with Kick Out

So why should you opt for rock sliders with a kick-out rather than without for your rig?

You’ll see on social media that 4Runners with sliders are usually sporting a kick out toward the rear of the slider. Rock sliders with kick-outs are a popular option because they’re literally designed to kick out your 4Runner (body, rear tire, etc.)  away from rocks and trees.

Not only are kick-outs effective for accidental vehicle protection, but they can also be used purposefully on the trail to help to pivot your 4Runner around an obstacle while keeping the body protected.

Another perk of having kick-outs is that if you opt for a 0-degree slider with a kick-out, you gain a massive area to step onto to access your roof easily. I enjoy this aspect of kick-out sliders a lot. It allows me to easily wash the roof of my 4Runner and tie items down to my roof rack.

Even though kick-out sliders are very popular, it doesn’t come without some compromise. In certain situations, the kick-out may get hung up on an obstacle when trying to reverse your rig on the trail. While this could be an issue, at least the slider is still protecting your 4Runner while in reverse too. So, I guess that is still somewhat of a win when you think about it that way.

Let’s check out now what the owners below had to say about their sliders of choice for their 4Runners.

1. Cory Flood (@cfloodgo) – RSG Metal Works

5th Gen 4Runner with RSG Flat Sliders & Grip Top Plate

Slider Details

  • Model: Flat Sliders w/ Grip Top Plate
  • Price: $950

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

Opting to go with bolt-on, kick-out rock sliders over the stock running boards was a no-brainer for me. I liked having the protection of a rock slider, while still maintaining the functionality of a running board that I could step around on. These RSG sliders have exceeded my expectations and the kick-out has been functional in more ways than one.

The kick-out not only helps shift the back end of my 4Runner out and away from obstacles (protecting my wheels and side body from scrapes), but it’s also a great stepping platform for camping. I have a pair of Roam boxes on top of my 4Runner, so I’m constantly using the kick-out to reach them.

I also sleep in the back of my 4Runner, so the kick-out acts as a nice platform to put my shoes on in the morning and allow me to gracefully step out of the 4Runner before I’ve had that morning cup of camp coffee! The family also appreciates having the extra surface area on the kick-out to step onto when getting in or out of the back seat.

2. Ryan Lau (@4runnersaurus) – Southern Style Off-Road

TRD Off Road 5th Gen 4Runner with SSO Rock Sliders with Kick Out

Slider Details

  • Model: Bolt-On | Matte Black Powder Coat
  • Price: $1050

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

I bought these on sale as a scratch & dent because I figured they would inevitably get dinged up. Initially, I needed these to help my family get into a lifted 4Runner. However, the longer I have them, the more I realize how useful they are for other things like tying things to the roof or even washing it.

It’s nice knowing that I have solid rocker panel protection whether I’m in the parking lot or on the trail. I’m also a fan of the traction dimples since it rains so much in the PNW.

3. Brad Le (@ghost_runnah) – Cali Raised LED

5th Gen 4Runner with Cali Raised LED 0 Degree Step Rock Sliders

Slider Details

  • Model: 0-Degree Step Rock Sliders
  • Price: $1,300

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

Hi everyone! To me, these sliders are a perfect balance between everyday use and off-roading. The kick-out and zero-degree of these sliders allow my family and me to get in and out with ease.

On the trails, these have withstood all of the types of terrain I go through while protecting my rig from damage. I am very happy with these and would recommend them to anyone that is in search of rock sliders!

4. Aldrin Dumlao (@sago_t4r) – CamFabLV

Early Model 5th Gen 4Runner with Alpharex Headlights & Amber DRL

Slider Details

  • Model: Bolt-On Raw Steel & Step Plates
  • Price: $1025

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

While I love my OG 5th gen 4Runner and I’m fine with the low-hanging limited side skirts, I found myself time and time again calling for a spotter on my passenger side during off-road adventures. Since that’s not always possible, I figured investing in some rock sliders was well worth the investment.

I decided on buying a raw finish from a local fabricator (CamFabLV) to eliminate shipping costs, lead times, and to support a friend’s small business. They’ve been doing weld-on sliders for years, however, 5th-Gen 4Runner bolt-on projects weren’t on their resume just yet.

They were happy to take on the challenge and when pick-up time came, I was impressed! I gave the sliders a little TLC with some bed liner paint, thanks to the article here on Trail4R.com! The result was nothing short of beautiful! It matches the overall style of my truck and now I can off-road or rock crawl with a little more peace of mind.

5. Rick Hiner (@shadow4runner) – 4xInnovations

Early 5th Gen 4Runner with 4xInnovations Rock Sliders

Slider Details

  • Model: Trail w/ KDSS | No Tread Plate
  • Price: $730

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

I spent about 6 months shopping for sliders. Then, I came across a video on YouTube where Adam from 4xInnovations repeatedly dropped a 2017 4Runner with his bolt-on sliders onto a rock from 6, 12, & 18 inches high.

I had never seen or heard of anyone else testing their sliders like this and they held up amazingly well. They are only available with a kick-out and the only real option is whether or not you want a top plate (which I opted not to get).

I have not only put my 4Runner on a lift using just the sliders but I have been hung up on a rock with both driver-side tires in the air and the slider didn’t even flex (at least not that I could see).

The sliders only come in bare metal, but I used a self-etching primer and a Rustoleum satin black topcoat so I could touch it up easily. I also ordered Grip Tape from Amazon in pre-cut 2″ x 12″ strips and placed four sections spaced along the top of the outer pipe for stepping and I find that I don’t miss having a top plate at all.

6. Rich Teixeira (@bigtextrd) – Southern Style Off-Road

Army Green 5th Gen 4Runner with Southern Style Off-Road Rock Sliders

Slider Details

  • Model: Bolt-On | Matte Black Powder Coat
  • Price: $1050

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

I like the heavy-duty construction of these sliders. The gusseted support tubes, the upturned dimples for traction, and the thick layer of powder coating make them super rugged.

The slider is wide enough at the front for my wife to use as a step to get into the 4Runner. The rear kick-out works perfectly as a step for getting things off the roof rack and for my 2-year-old daughter to climb up to her car seat.

7. Britnie Pollard (@heradventurelife) – Greenlane Off-Road

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Greenlane Off-Road Aluminum Hybrid Sliders w/ Bump Out

Slider Details

  • Model: Hybrid Sliders w/ Bump Out
  • Price: $1225

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

The Greenlane Off-Road sliders have a super sleek design. I love how they have a simple yet “unique” look with the top tread plate. These sliders are made out of aluminum, so there isn’t a lot of weight being added to your vehicle. It’s definitely a great option for those who aren’t “hardcore” offroaders. 

I liked all their available options when ordering which included raw to powder coated, flat or angled, etc. This gives you the ability to customize them to your liking.

8. Jon Gangloff (@trd.jon) – Westcott Designs

5th Gen Toyota 4Runner with Westcott Designs Rock Sliders

Slider Details

  • Model: 20-Degree w/ Top Plate
  • Price: $1250

What Do You Like About Your Sliders?

Guys, the welds that Westcott Designs throws down are truly next-level! The sliders that I have are at a 20-degree angle with a top plate. I can still use them as a step to get in and out of my 4Runner or to get up and strap the paddle boards down with no issues.

I also got them powder-coated by WD, and I am glad that I did. I recently toured their facility and their whole process makes me super happy that I got one of the best quality sliders on the market. They definitely aren’t the cheapest, but remember, cheaper ain’t better.

Final Thoughts

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Safari Snorkel & Prinsu Roof Rack

When looking for rock sliders with a kick-out, look for one that has a gradual rail-to-kick-out transition that can help your 4Runner slide over any impending obstacles. Some kick-out designs don’t flow the best and can actually cause your rig to get hung up instead, which is the complete opposite of what we want to happen.

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday here to get featured. Next week we will be showcasing rigs with Rear Cargo MOLLE Panels to help inspire your future modifications. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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