Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE System & Accessories For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE System

Up Your Cargo Organization Game With The Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE System & Overhead Tray

There’s no doubt that the 4Runner has a decent amount of storage space. Its squared-off dimensions make hauling items a breeze. What it does lack, however, is the ability to organize all of your gear and accessories.

That’s no longer an issue with the Cali Raised LED cargo MOLLE system, which features the most extensive panels in the game. In addition, there are available cargo and overhead trays for endless organization possibilities.

Don’t get caught with a cargo area that looks like a garage sale or leave potentially dangerous gear unsecured. Cargo MOLLE panels will keep you organized and looking tacti-cool.

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R4T Molle Mounts (must-have for all molle panels):

  • R4T Mounts: Check Price
    • Size: 1″x1.5″ or 1″x0.75″
    • Fits: Cali Raised Panels

Accessories (great for heavier items):

What Are Cargo MOLLE Panels?

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It’s a lightweight and modular carrying system that keeps all of your gear securely mounted for easy access.

The name of the game with MOLLE panels is organization and versatility. Unlike keeping everything in storage bins such as Plano trunks, MOLLE panels allow you to fully utilize vertical space that’s otherwise unused. Being able to strap everything down also keeps items secure during transport – something that’s also overlooked.

Cargo MOLLE panels, at least in the case of the 4Runner, install over the rear cargo windows. They utilize factory mounting points and require no additional drilling or modification to your rig for installation.

Cargo MOLLE Panel + Tray For 4Runner

Your organization game really steps up to the next level with MOLLE panels, especially if you’re hauling items for the whole family. Once you start using them to mount various bags (toddler supplies are currently my jam) and accessories, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Not only are they versatile, but also extremely stout. As long as they’re securely mounted, the panels themselves can hold an impressive amount of weight, even air compressors.

In addition to a ton of added organization possibilities, they also provide added security to your cargo area. While they won’t help your rear sliding glass, having two out of three windows guarded by metal panels is certainly better than nothing. That can be enough to make a potential thief move on to the next vehicle from yours.

What Makes Cali Raised LED Different

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel Comparsion

Compared to my previous “MOLLE” panels, the ones from Cali Raised LED are made of heavy-duty steel versus flimsy aluminum. You’ll also notice how the latter also contours to the window cubby rather than just hanging down from it. I wouldn’t say that my previous panels met the standard for MOLLE webbing, but they got the job done for a little while.

The most notable difference with the Cali Raised LED cargo MOLLE panels is their extended surface area. Unlike almost every other cargo MOLLE panel brand, the ones from Cali Raised LED extend over the 4Runner’s side storage cubbies.

This serves two purposes:

  • Added organization area for gear, especially items you may not want displayed front and center in the windows.
  • Covers the storage cubby area to keep items in place when the trails get a little rough.

The latter feature is something that I can really appreciate as I’ve finished many trails and come to find those contents spread all over the cargo area.

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel Compared To Generic

I’m guilty of running some Amazon special cargo MOLLE panels prior to getting these.

In the photo above, the generic MOLLE panels with excessive nuts and bolts for its mounting bracket are on the left, with the much cleaner-looking Cali Raised LED mounting bracket on the right. In my experience, the more nuts and bolts there are, the more likely I am to cross-thread some of them. I’ll gladly take fewer pieces of hardware to minimize assembly user error.

These are solid, quality panels with a combined system weight of around 50lbs. Compared to my previous ones that weighed in at a mere 5lbs total, I have way more confidence in these panels’ carrying ability.

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel Passenger

Cali Raised LED cargo MOLLE Panels are designed and made out of steel in the USA and powder-coated black. There are specific options for 4Runners with or without 3rd-row seating, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel Bottle Opener

It’s a small detail, but I appreciate the inclusion of an integrated bottle opener. There is one on each panel, so purchasing both the driver and passenger side panels means that you can double-fist those brews.

Since Cali Raised LED produces its own comprehensive cargo MOLLE system in-house, its value is unrivaled. You can purchase each component individually, or bundle them together. The more you bundle, the more you save. If you buy both window panels and trays together, you’ll save $140!

Installation: Cali Raised LED Rear Cargo MOLLE Panel Installation

Cali Raised LED MOLLE Tray System

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Overhead Tray

Cali Raised LED currently offers two tray options that are compatible with their cargo MOLLE panels. Each has its pros and cons, which we’ll briefly discuss. If you really want to go all out, you can mount both and have nearly limitless organization.

Cargo Tray

The Cargo Tray option sits about level with the top of the 2nd-row seats. It has raised lips on both the front and back sides to help keep items in place and is height adjustable to suit your needs.

This is a great option if you don’t need to haul any taller-profile items or want to keep items secured and out of sight from the outside. With it, it would be near impossible for thieves to reach anything underneath, even by breaking the rear sliding glass.


  • The tray is 54.24″ across
  • Depth: 15.625″
  • Height from tray to ceiling: 17″
  • Height from tray to bottom of vehicle: 21″

Installation: Cali Raised LED Cargo Tray Installation

Overhead Tray

The tray pictured above is the Overhead Tray option and sits about five inches from the roof. This gives just enough space for items like pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags. It keeps non-frequently accessed items out of the way, without making them too inaccessible when you do need them.

If you’re worried about these items sliding forward towards your rear passenger’s heads, Cali Raised LED has you covered. They’ve designed the Overhead Tray with a wall towards the front-facing side to keep everything in place.

This option was perfect for me as I still need to haul a baby stroller. It wouldn’t be possible to carry this in its vertical position with the cargo.


  • The tray is 44″ across
  • Depth: 14″
  • Height from tray to ceiling: 4-6″ depending on position due to the roof curving
  • Height from tray to bottom of vehicle: 32″

Installation: Cali Raised LED Overhead Tray Installation

If you opt for either of the trays, having a second set of hands for installation is extremely helpful. I attempted this on my own and while possible, it’s much more difficult. The Overhead Tray alone weighs in at 34lbs!

What Type Of Gear Can I Store On MOLLE Panels?

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel Organization

You can mount almost anything on the Cali Raised LED cargo MOLLE panels with the wide assortment of compatible accessories that are currently available.

The great part about the MOLLE system is its universal compatibility. It’s a standard that was first developed by the military and later adopted by civilians in the form of metal panels, rucksack webbing, and even seat-back covers. With such wide adoption, you can imagine how many different accessories and mounts have been created over the years.

Popular gear that overlanders and off-roaders mount to MOLLE panels include first aid kits, shovels, flashlights, and even paper towels.

It’s much easier to quickly access these items via straps like the ones pictured above from Agency6 versus digging them out of a storage box. Whether you’re grabbing gear to help yourself or someone else, minutes can make a difference.

Universal MOLLE Mounts

Runnin4Tacos MolleMounts

Using straps isn’t the only way to mount gear to MOLLE panels. Runnin4Tacos (R4T) has come up with an innovative way to mount nearly anything with a screw or bolt to your MOLLE panels. Their MolleMounts are simple in design and provide an easy way to secure items without the use of straps or bungee cords.

This is an excellent alternative to mounting heavier items like fire extinguishers via Quikfists or the like.

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel With Runnin4Tacos MolleMount

MolleMounts pair perfectly with the Cali Raised LED MOLLE cargo panels for simple and secure organization. Not to mention, they’re super affordable.

Cali Raised LED Center Console MOLLE Panel Fitment

If you have the Cali Raised LED Center Console MOLLE panels, the MolleMounts are also perfect for mounting radios. The webbing size on all of Cali Raised LED’s interior MOLLE panels is the same. That makes it way easier to mount gear and switch them up between panels if need be.

Specialty Mounts

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel With Agency6 Shovel

If you’ve ever wanted to mount a stout recovery shovel but didn’t like the look of an Amazon special one, look no further than Agency6. Their shovel is built to last, and made in the USA.

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel Secure Shovel Mount Red

In addition to a shovel that almost looks too good to use, Agency6 offers a pretty slick mounting solution for it. Their Secure Shovel Mount secures the shovel to your MOLLE panels with zero rattles. To access the shovel, just undo the two aluminum knobs for quick access. The mount is made from solid billet aluminum and is offered in black, grey, or red. The mounting bolts and washers fit perfectly in the slotted openings of the Cali Raised LED panels.

4Runner Cargo MOLLE Tray

In addition to the Secure Shovel Mount, Agency6 also makes quick-access velcro straps that are universally compatible with many accessories. I carry tarps on my MOLLE panels for emergency roadside use, and these straps are the perfect solution for securing them.

Final Thoughts

Cali Raised LED Cargo MOLLE Panel + Overhead Tray

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit OCD when it comes to organization. Cali Raised LED’s cargo MOLLE panels are a great way to keep my cargo area organized and everything easily accessible.

If you’ve ever taken a camping or road trip, you know how quickly the cargo area becomes jam-packed. Plus, if you have my luck, that one item that you need to get is going to be buried right in the middle.

With the cargo MOLLE panels and tray system, that situation can easily be avoided. I really like being able to mount individual items and maximize space in my cargo area. The Overhead Tray is also a game changer because I can store items both high and low while maintaining rearward visibility.

If you’ve been looking for a complete MOLLE panel system for your 4Runner, look no further than Cali Raised LED. Their MOLLE panels are some of their most popular items and for good reason. With solid quality, a 2-year warranty, and reasonable prices, it’s an easy choice.

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Ian Sioux
Ian Sioux
1 year ago

Great article. The amount if use from these with R4T’s MolleMounts makes me want to switch.

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