Top 5 Maintenance Mods For The 5th Gen 4Runner

4Runner Top 5 Maintenance

Top 5 Maintenance Mods For The 5th Gen 4Runner – How These Will Make Your Life A Little Easier

We all have to do routine maintenance on any of our vehicles, it’s a fact of life. Why not make these mundane chores a little easier for ourselves? These top 5 maintenance mods definitely follow the motto of “the right tool for the right job”. They range from making your DIY oil changes way easier to giving you better visibility while out on those muddy trails. Take a look at our list below to decide if these mods belong on your rig or in your kit!

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DIY Maintenance Vs. A Dealer?

Oil Change 5th Gen 4Runner

While I totally agree not all maintenance jobs are ideally DIY (especially the larger ones), simple tasks like an oil change can wreak havoc if not done right.

I’ve seen numerous reports of shops stripping bolts on skid plates to access the oil filter/ & valve and even stripping the plastic oil filter cap. Not only that, sometimes they will overfill oil or just simply get oil all over your undercarriage.

Outside of oil changes, you’ve likely seen how much a dealer will charge to replace air filters and windshield wipers.

The reality is that dealers are all about getting through as many cars as possible. This haste is what leads to unnecessary damage and added cost to you. Now, I am not saying that all dealers are like this, nor are all service centers or certified Toyota technicians. What I am saying is that if you browse through the internet tutorials of Toyota service, many owners prefer to do their own service because it’s more affordable and you can almost guarantee it’s done right the first time. That is, as long as you’re not an absolute moron.

Toyota’s are actually very easy to work on and thanks to sites like, it’s become even easier. I have a ton of respect for good Toyota techs and good service centers that pride in their work but at the end of the day, I always prefer to do my own work.

Performing these simple tasks yourself will ensure care was taken, and that they were done properly.

Here are my top 5 maintenance mods that I prefer to tackle myself in my garage. If you have any additional maintenance mods, please add them in the comments section below.

J&L Oil Separator (Catch Can)

J&L Oil Catch Can

J&L makes one thing, and they make it well. Available for tons of vehicle makes and models, the J&L OSC oil separator keeps oil vapors from cycling back through your engine, causing build-up and reducing its efficiency. It contains a filter made of a fine mesh stainless steel screen that traps the tiny oil vapors. Once the droplets are heavy enough, they fall down into the catch can through two additional honeycomb filters to prevent the oil from being sucked back up.

The J&L oil separator kit comes with everything in the box you’ll need for installation, with the exception of a little automotive grease (you’ll need this to fit the new hoses). Installation takes less than 30 minutes or less!

An oil separator is not one of the flashier ones where you see instant results, but instead an investment if you plan to keep driving your vehicles for many years down the road. 4Runners are already notorious for their longevity, this mod will take that reputation even one step further!

MotivX Oil Change Tool Kit

MotivX Oil Tools

MotivX Tools manufactures specialty automotive tools. We’re not talking about just standard socket sets, but some unique tools that are really geared towards the DIY enthusiast and/or weekend warrior.

The MotivX oil change tool kit is awesome! I thought their oil filter wrench was a game-changer. Their entire oil change kit, however, is on another level.

It includes an oil filter wrench that’s compatible with either a 3/8″ ratchet or 27mm socket and an oil filter drain hose for easier and cleaner filter removal. In addition, they include an oil filler funnel with a clear window that actually screws into your engine block for secure filling.

MotivX really thought of everything with this kit, and you’ll immediately notice how much easier oil changes can be with it.

Fumoto Oil Valve

Fumoto OIl Drain Valve

The Fumoto company has been making oil drain valves since 1976. They aim to make products that make DIY oil changes much cleaner and more manageable.

If you’ve ever changed your own oil, you’ll know that it’s a game of finesse. First, you stick a drain pan under your vehicle’s oil drain plug (which is usually a bolt with a washer). Next, you use a wrench to loosen the bolt and when you remove it, hope that all of the gushing oil makes it into the pan.

The Fumoto oil valve installs in place of the oil drain bolt and remains there permanently. Once installed, it’s essentially a faucet for draining your oil. This gives you total control while draining your oil and best of all, zero mess. This is an awesome maintenance mod that will make your DIY oil changes way easier and for not a lot of money.

TRD Air Filter

TRD Air Filter

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is no stranger to making OEM quality performance. When it comes to their engine air filter, this is no exception.

Engine air filters serve a simple purpose, to provide your engine with clean air while preventing foreign debris from damaging any of its critical components. There are tons of aftermarket options in this space, but the TRD air filter hits the sweet spot of OEM quality/reliability and performance. Sure, there are oiled filters that can in theory provide more performance, but their reliability is always put into question.

The TRD air filter allows for better airflow to your engine over the stock air filter, which translates to better fuel efficiency and more power. There’s a fine balance between airflow and filtration. If a filter claims to have a ton more airflow, it likely comes at the cost of worse filtration. As we mentioned above, it’s critical that your engine gets clean air, not just a ton of it.

Scrubblade Windshield Wipers


Scrubblade created something special out of a maintenance item that typically gets zero attention. They are the #1 wiper blade in the trucking industry, and for good reason.

If you drive through anything more than rain, you’ll quickly realize how cheap windshield wiper blades will fail you. Once you cake your windshield with anything that has weight to it such as mud, standard wipers tend to just smear it all around. Scrubblade uses dual patented wiper blade inserts that effectively scrub any debris off your windshield. There is one wiper blade for getting the more stubborn debris, and a secondary one for normal water.

The HD version features top-notch steel construction for the frame, while the Platinum version achieves a classier, low-profile look. They’re about the same cost as any other wiper blade you would find, so you might as well get the ones who can handle whatever you throw at them.

Final Thoughts

4Runner Top 5 Maintenance Mods Final Thoughts

We like these top 5 maintenance mods because not only are they extremely functional, but also don’t break the bank. Oil changes, air filters, and windshield wipers are those maintenance items where a dealer will charge you an arm and a leg. Protect your wallet and get better value out of these quality parts, you’ll be surprised at how simple they are to use on your own.

When it comes to mods, we know how quickly the costs add up. Make sure to set some of that budget aside for these, you won’t regret it!

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Phil Romano
Phil Romano
2 years ago

Remember to lube your propeller shaft, check all fluids, check cabin air filter, and air up your tires.

Clayton Jones
Clayton Jones
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Romano

Just did the prop shafts a couple weeks ago after confirming with the dealer they hadn’t touched them in my rig’s 36k miles… used the article for reference too. Great guide!

2 years ago
Reply to  Clayton Jones

Shit I dont think mine have ever been touched and I’m at 80K. Where is this write-up?

Brenan Greene
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Romano

Good tips, thanks!

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