Tools for DIY 4Runner Oil Changes from Motivx

Toyota 4Runner Oil Filter Tool List for DIY Oil Change from Motivx Tools

Based out of Puyallup, Washington, Motivx Tools is a family-owned and operated tool manufacturer that makes great quality tools for the DIY and professional oil change market.

They offer a variety of hand tools, like socket & ratchet sets, deep/long/flip impact sockets, universal joint sets, and more. In addition, Motivx Tools builds some vehicle-specific tools that make the job of changing engine oil much easier and cleaner.

For the Toyota crowd, that includes an Advanced Engine Oil Funnel, Toyota & Lexus Half Turn Adapter, Oil Filter Drain Tool & Hose, Toyota 2.0L – 5.7L Oil Filter Wrench, and Universal 2.5″ – 3.25″ Oil Filter Wrench.

Individual Tools and Bundles

If you’re not already in the know regarding how to change the oil in your 5th Gen 4Runner, check out Clint’s 5th Gen 4Runner Oil Change article for the full scoop.

Removing the oil filter housing  – oil filter wrench

Besides draining the used engine oil, you’ll also need to change the oil filter, which is a cartridge-style filter that resides in a plastic (or metal) housing.

Removing and reinstalling the oil filter housing requires a specialized filter wrench. For this, Motivx Tools has you covered, with their MX2320 oil filter wrench. It fits all Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles equipped with 2.5L, 3.5L, 4.0L, 4.6L, and 5.7L engines that use the newer cartridge-style oil filter system.

The filter wrench is made of forged 6061 T5 aluminum, and won’t crack or flex like cast or plastic filter wrenches made by other manufacturers. It has 14 flutes and indexing tabs that securely grip the base of the oil filter housing, and allow easy removal of the oil filter housing from the tool, with no sticking or damage. The wrench can be operated using a 27mm / 1-1/16″ socket (recommended) or a 3/8″ drive ratchet.

Draining the oil filter housing – oil filter drain tool

Before removing the oil filter housing, you’ll need to drain it, to prevent making a mess. This can be done using the plastic nipple that is included with replacement filters, but they’re not very robust and don’t allow for draining oil in a direction anywhere other than straight down. To go the easier/cleaner route, use the Motivx Toyota Oil Filter Drain Tool (MX2341).

The oil filter drain tool consists of a three-piece steel body/fitting, that connects to a three-foot-long PVC drain hose. The hose can easily be trimmed, if a shorter length is desired.

Using the drain tool is simple.

First, use a 3/8″ drive ratchet or extension to remove the metal cap that is at the bottom of the oil filter canister. Next, screw the drain tool into the bottom of the oil filter canister where the cap used to be, route the hose into a drain pan or storage container, and then tighten the knurled nut to drain the oil from the housing. Once the flow of oil stops, loosen the knurled nut, and unscrew the drain tool from the bottom of the oil filter canister.

Refilling the oil – Advanced Engine Oil Funnel

After the rest of the used engine oil has been drained from the crankcase, and a replacement filter has been installed, you’ll be ready to add 6.6 quarts of your favorite 0W-20 synthetic oil.

This part of the process is where my favorite of the Motivx oil change tools comes in; the Advanced Engine Oil Funnel (MX2301).

The upper portion of the funnel is constructed of flexible polypropylene, is mated to the lower section made from heavy duty clear polycarbonate, with two parts threaded together and sealed by an O-ring.

The funnel threads directly into the oil fill port of all Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles with threaded oil filler caps. Another O-ring seals the connection between the end of the funnel and the oil fill port.

Using the Funnel

To use the funnel, remove the Toyota factory oil filler cap, insert the threaded end of the funnel into the fill port, and pour away.

The wide neck of the funnel allows for easy pouring into one-quart bottles or five-gallon jugs. You don’t even really have to aim, and you’ll be surprised how quickly that the oil flows into the engine.

Other Tools – Toyota & Lexus Half Turn Adapter for Advanced Engine Oil Funnel

If you have another Toyota which has a half turn style oil filler cap, the Motivx Advanced Engine Oil Funnel Toyota & Lexus Half Turn Adapter (MX2301A1) can be screwed onto the bottom of the filler neck, and then attached to the oil filler port via a half turn.

Other Tools – Universal 2.5″-3.25″ Oil Filter Wrench

Speaking of other Toyotas, if your garage includes a Toyota that uses a metal, spin-on style filter, the Motivx Universal 2.5″ – 3.25″ Oil Filter Wrench (MX2330) is the ticket for removing those filters.

The chromoly steel jaws and heavy springs are capable of removing filters with an outer diameter from 2.5-3.25 inches, including ones that have been over tightened.

Motivx cautions that this tool is only for removal, and it can NOT be used to install a filter. Only use it on disposable spin-on filters, not on cartridge style filters that use a metal or plastic re-usable housings as the sharp teeth will cause damage.

Warranty and Customer Service

Motivx Tools include a 1-year warranty, that provides for repair or replacement at no charge.

I found out how well Motivx stands behind their products when I encountered a problem with my oil filter wrench. I stripped the 3/8″ drive center of the wrench when trying to remove an impossibly tight oil filter housing.

A call to a friendly Motivx Tools customer service representative resulted in advice to use a 27mm socket, instead of a 3/8″ drive ratchet for very tight filter housings, and a warranty replacement was quickly on its way to me at no cost.

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9 months ago

How do you store things like the filter drain tool? It’s a great device with the caveat that at the end of the change, you have a plastic tube with oil residue that drips out over time.

Mike D
Mike D
4 years ago

It’s interesting that I noticed on my 2016 I have a plastic oil housing. It shows in the there is a metal one.
I’m wondering what year that comes feom, im always worried that I’m either going to crack mine or strip it.
Thanks in advance for any comments.

Eric Ellis - @57HotrodVW
Eric Ellis - @57HotrodVW
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike D

Hey Mike. Those pics of the metal oil filter housing are after a swap from a plastic one. I wrote a related article, which you can find at

Mike Dufrenne
Mike Dufrenne
4 years ago

Thanks for the info..looks like a decent upgrade. I did not know it existed.

David W.
David W.
4 years ago

The Oil Filter Drain Tool may be the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for sharing this info!

David W.
David W.
4 years ago
Reply to  Eric Ellis

Alright you just sold me on that too. Challenge accepted next time my oil change comes up!

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