Introducing Luno Life: The 5th Gen 4Runner Specific Air Mattress

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Meet Luno Life: A Vehicle Specific Air Mattress Designed Just For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Are you like me and would rather sleep inside your 4Runner than in a standard ground tent while camping? Is spending thousands of dollars on a rooftop tent out of the cards for you? If so, the Luno Life Air Mattress 2.0 designed specifically for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner may just be your answer to a comfortable night’s sleep while camping. This product will elevate your Overland camping to the next level for a fraction of the price of a rooftop tent.

Easy To Use

Picture a typical air mattress that your house guests might sleep on if they need a place to crash for the night. Then, think of how easy it is to properly inflate. It’s as simple as taking the mattress out of the bag, laying it out on the floor, and then turning on the pump to fill the mattress with air. Within minutes, your guest has their own bed with little to no effort.

That’s exactly what we’re talking about here, but for your 4Runner! Not only that, but this is essentially a mattress that when deflated, rolls up into the size of a sleeping bag. This saves precious space for all of your other gear. The Luno Life Air Mattress takes up minimal space inside your rig when stored away and inflates to fit either half or the full width of the cargo area based on the user’s needs.

As far as installation, this is one of the easiest pieces of camping equipment for your vehicle that you can get. Now, let’s get into this.

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Main Features

Luno Mattress Packed

  • Tailored to the Toyota 4Runner
  • Comfortably sleeps two people up to 67″ tall
  • Durable, 300-denier Oxford fabric is made for years of use
  • Packs down small so you can take it anywhere and keep it in the car
  • The dual-sided mattress allows you to adjust the firmness to each camper’s preference
  • Just one side of the mattress can be inflated for solo camping
  • Inflates in just a few minutes with the included electric air pump and packs down quickly
  • Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Luno Life has 3 different options for the 5th Gen 4Runner when it comes to selecting the right mattress for your rig. There are options compatible with or without the factory sliding cargo tray, or if you have a third-row seat equipped with your 4Runner. The mattress can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds, and the setup time is less than 5 minutes.

Air Mattress vs Rooftop Tent (RTT)

Luno air mattress half filled in toyota 4runner

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of the Luno Life Air Mattress over a rooftop tent or a normal ground tent.

Protection From The Elements

The main benefit here is that this inflatable mattress allows you to sleep inside of your vehicle and be protected from all elements. Personally, this is how I like to camp; especially when the weather is not cooperating while you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. I live in Florida, so we have our fair share of bugs and other critters that may want to snuggle up with you at night. For this reason, I prefer car camping 90% of the time.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is something special about sleeping in a tent. You feel the breeze at night or wake up and unzip the tent to a beautiful morning. Still, 9 times out of 10, I would rather sleep inside my 4runner, even if the weather is really nice. I’ll just roll the rear window down to achieve that same ambiance. Also, car camping beats setting up a ground tent any day, in my humble opinion.

Space And Money Savings

When rolled up, the mattress takes up about the same amount of room as your standard ground tent but sets up in a fraction of the time. This mattress is super durable, and you can even inflate only one side if needed, very cool. This is ideal for those that limited cargo space in their 4Runner. Imagine you have a drawer system or some other overland gear inside your vehicle taking up valuable cargo space. With the Luno Life mattress, you can inflate only one side and still have room for everything else that you packed inside your 4runner.

A rooftop tent only helps your 4Runner suck down even more gas when trying to get to your camping destination. Plus, they’re honestly not incredibly practical if you daily your 4Runner. A decent rooftop tent will also run you about 10x as much in price vs the Luno Life Air Mattress 2.0.

Super Easy Set-Up

Luno air mattress Inflation 4runner how to

Guys, installation is super easy! Here are the simple steps needed to have your Luno Life Air Mattress ready for a great night’s sleep.

  1. Fold middle seats down
  2. Take the mattress out of the bag
  3. Lay the mattress out in the 4Runners cargo area
  4. Plug the pump cord into the inverter that is in the back of the 4runner
  5. Place the pump into the designated inflation hole
  6. Flip the switch on the pump and inflate to your desired firmness

Alternatively, you can also plug it into the cigarette lighter upfront in the 4runner cabin. Either way, make sure that the mattress deflation valves are closed before inflating.

Luno Life Airt Mattress Installation in a 4Runner

That’s literally the easiest setup and installation for your vehicle possible. Once fully inflated, you can use the release valves to adjust the air level for comfort. These valves are located at the head-end of the mattress.

Overnight Torture Test

Luno Life air mattress Torture Test

To test the mattress, I left a little bit over 200 pounds of weight on it overnight. I came out the next morning and saw that zero deflation had occurred.

Next, I purposely put the weights only on one side and left the other completely untouched to see if I would get different results. Still, there was no loss of air pressure.

The material that this mattress is made out of is super thick and helps resist punctures from gear inside your vehicle while you’re out camping. This thick material also helps with keeping the air inside the mattress so you aren’t needing to use the pump to air back up halfway thorough the night.

Final Thoughts

Luno Life air mattress Final Thoughts

This is a really solid option for those that are looking to save a bit of money or don’t want to sleep outside when the weather is less than ideal. Yes, you can 100% get a much cheaper solution at a big retailer. However, you’re not getting 4runner-specific measurements or the unique half mattress feature. Those cheaper options will also be nowhere near as durable as this mattress.

Personally, I would prefer the Luno Life mattress to a $3,000 rooftop tent any day. In addition, the effort that it takes to install a rooftop tent on top of your vehicle and the drastic MPG loss makes them less than ideal for most. I also like to park my 4Runner in the garage; you can say goodbye to that with a rooftop tent for sure!

Compared to a ground tent, you don’t have to worry about the elements with car camping. Rain, snow, mosquitos, snakes, bears; nothing will be getting to you while you’re sleeping comfortably inside of your 4Runner.

The only pitfall of the Luno Life mattress is that you are limited to the length of the 4runner. I am 5’11” and do have to curl up a little bit. This is obviously at no fault to Luno Life, they are just working with the 4runner’s dimensions; which are just a little bit too small for taller individuals.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this mattress for those who are looking for an in-car camping solution!

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Fred Jaeger
Fred Jaeger
1 year ago

Looks like you have the sliding cargo tray that flattens the sleeping area. I’m looking for a pad/air mattress that works without a leveling solution for the back.

1 year ago

It seems you have built this for little people. I was about yo purchase until I seen the hight of 5’7″ and a combined weight of 300 pounds. I just wonder why you would waste time building a product with such little ability. You should always overbuild for reliability.

1 year ago

Is there a product available that works when second row seat bottoms are removed? Tall man asking

1 year ago
Reply to  jason

I usually take out the second row seat bottoms and then use the airbedz. I’m 6′ and it fits perfect that way.

Ryan L
2 years ago

For a more budget-friendly (albeit less custom fit) option, check out this mattress as well:

2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

The only reason why these mats lose over an air mattress is that they don’t pack down well. They take up static space no matter where they are. It’s just more material that you have to find a home for somewhere. Luno is better IMO because you can suck the air out and pack it down in a small storage box. You can’t do that with these large pads. Yeah, they’re cheaper but they’re also not very user-friendly. To be honest, there is no way I am packing all those pads on a camping trip in my 4Runner. I barely have enough room for my recovery gear, fridge, storage boxes, sleeping bags, and everything else, let alone 6 additional mats that take up that much more space. I am running out of room how it is, I am not looking to add more material to the mix. If I were to buy one though, it would be the Deep Sleep Overland brand. The quality of those outweighs the one you linked like most Amazon brands.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

That one is okay but if you want the actual sleeping pad that’s worth a damn, this is the best option: The one you linked is also on Amazon for a lot cheaper.

2 years ago

For the price of this air mattress you can get a gazelle tent.

Dave L
Dave L
2 years ago

What would be really nice is an air mattress thick enough to level off with the back seat edges, thereby providing enough sleeping space for those of us taller than 5’7 who don’t sleep in the foetal position. I lived in the back of my ’14 Outback for about six weeks and had boatloads of room but I more or less had to sacrifice the ability to do that when I traded it in for my 4Runner, which has always been a bummer.

Josh H
Josh H
2 years ago

I’ve been using my Luno set up for my 5th Gen for months now and love it! Incredibly durable, comfortable, and I love the option to only fill one side for solo camping trips. Fits perfect and packs down easily. Luno hit a homerun with this mattress. Also, it’s comfortable!

Colin H
Colin H
1 year ago
Reply to  Josh H

Where do you put everything else carried in your truck when you lay the air mattress out? That would be my biggest issue.

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